WeAudition MVPs March 2023
Meet the WeAudition MVPs (Most Valuable Players) below, and get to know them.

The WeAudition MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are our most exemplary members. They are the Future A-List.

WeAudition MVPs are rewarded with increased exposure to Casting Directors and industry, exclusive benefits & offers, and high-level invitations, introductions and access to the best opportunities, happenings & connections that exist in our industry, to optimize their career.

How Do I Become a WeAudition MVP?

MVP status is achieved through our carefully considered WeAudition blend of proprietary algorithms, statistics & benchmarks, plus a healthy mix of human discernment and curation, and of course a little X factor. Consistent use of the site and championing of the service will make you eligible.

This list is updated regularly.