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*If I'm not online and you'd like to schedule a coaching session, feel free to email me at jackiedallas123@gmail.com*

I am a former medical doctor, now SAG-AFTRA actress best known for my roles on Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, NCIS: New Orleans, The Resident, Fear The Walking Dead and The Young and the Restless, among dozens others, with the MAJORITY of roles ALL BOOKED ON SELF-TAPE AUDITIONS!

I've been self-taping for years and working in all major markets across the US. I love working with other actors for rehearsing scenes for workshops or classes, as well as preparing for audition. I offer my coaching services as requested to help breakdown the scene, character, relationships as well as how they fit in with the final film/show. I've got experience in both comedies and dramas.

I would love to read with you and give any feedback IF requested as I also work as a private acting coach and consultant. In regards to industry knowledge, I work very closely with a management company and very familiar with how the LA market works, as well as the Southeast and some minor markets in the US such as Chicago and San Francisco. I am also very involved with the new Covid-19 protocols having already worked numerous productions since reopening. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding representation, SAG-AFTRA, Covid Protocols, new auditioning standards and more.

My clients have gone on to book series regular and recurring guest star roles on hit primetime and streaming shows, as well as book major blockbuster motion pictures!

- facebook.com/jackiedallasconsultant
- jackiedallas.com/coaching

Thank you so much!

I am a SAG-AFTRA actress best known for my roles on Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, NCIS: New Orleans, The Resident, Criminal Minds and more!

I play a convincing age of 28-32 but as a Korean-American, can range an additional 5 years in either direction. As a person, I'm very cheerful and optimistic which has granted me fun opportunities to play comedic roles in independent productions, but I've also mastered the "RBF" and due to my first castings on recognizable dramas, I've been most commonly cast as a young professional or assertive character, such as a strict teacher, tough detective or a demanding employer.

One fun fact about me is that my background is medicine. I am a medical doctor trained in both surgery and pathology from NYC and Chicago, respectively. This has given me numerous opportunities to play medical characters such as nurses, EMTs, paramedics and doctors with realism and confidence.

I am currently based in LA for opportunities, but have lived in NYC for 6 years and my permanent home is central Florida where the entire rest of my family still live. I am able and willing to work as a local hire with extreme flexibility to travel on a moment's notice. I have a valid passport through 2024.

jackiedallas123@gmail.com LA Agent: Tangerine Talent Sueanne Edan 310-494-6124 (office) sueanne@tangerinetalent.com 5250 Lankershim Blvd, Suite 500, North Hollywood, CA 91601 Southeast Agen

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" Very helpful ! "
" Excellent actress and very very good coaching. Opened me up to a layer of an already very layered piece and we constructed something new to add another flavor to the gumbo! Thank you, Jackie! Shall work with her again! "
" Great redirects and just an awesome reader! "
" She helped me bring out the best! "
" Jackie is very helpful. A real Pro! A+ "
" Had the best insight! Worked with me through the script and had amazing notes. Will definitely request again!!! "
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" Always can count on her notes. Thanks, Jackie "
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" Had a lovely consultation session with Jackie. She is truly genuine and supportive! Helped me understand more about the industry regarding representation. "
" First time working with Jackie today on a short scene and she was great ! very helpful suggestions and kind patient energy. Look forward to working with her again on a bigger role "
" So Great!!! Enjoyed working with Jackie. She gave amazing feedback and was very present for our rehearsal. Would definitely recommend. "
" So knowledgable, fun, and helpful! Such a pleasure to work with! "
" Jackie's an awesome reader and coach! She gave a lot of excellent pointers, including helping me with tips on how to deliver/memorize my lines. She even advised me on how I can display multiple personalities in my self-tape when acting out different characters in one audition. I would definitely recommend Jackie to everyone! "
" The best <3 <3 "
" Always great thanks so much ! "
" I love working with Jackie. She gave me lots of tips and different layers to add to my scene and character, and I found much joy in doing it. Thank you, Jackie. "
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" You probably can't book Jackie because I am hogging all her time. But if you see her pop up, book her. For your health and mental well being and great artistry. "
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" Jackie is fantastic. Helping me brush off my comedy cobwebs. "
" Awesome "
" Booked an hour, but with her brilliant notes, I nailed it in about 20 mins. ThxJackie! "
" So awesome & helpful!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Was in a rush after a couple readers couldn’t tape and in in a matter of 15 minutes I found Jackie. She is a wonderful and responsive reader who is able to immediately jump in to a scene. So nice working with you ! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Jackie is fab! Book here when you see her online. "
" Wonderful actor and coach and reader. "
" Always great to work with Jackie Dallas. This time she was extraordinarily efficient with our time together. She gave me a note that opened up the whole scene for me. The note used her knowledge of the style of the products of the different networks and how to play into them differently. "
" Jackie is a rockstar. Great actress and phenomenal director. She gave me great insight and some key moments I actually missed. I really trusted working with her. Gave me great freedom in my vulnerability. "
" I worked with Jackie as a life coach and she's inspiring and knowledgable as she is talented. Thank you Jackie. "
" Always a great coach and a very inspiring actress. "
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" The best. "
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" An amazing experience. Jackie is awesome!!! I will def use her many times in the future. A great find!! "
" Jackie was an incredibly helpful reader. I had a script with a lot of medical terminology and her background as a doctor was incredibly handy. She was also very easy to work with and gave great notes, bringing in her insight as both an actor and a former doctor. Highly recommend working with her! "
" Working with Jackie was an absolute pleasure. What a gift of a reader & a brilliant actor. The notes were bang on for tipping the scene into exactly the place it needed to be. An awesome, patient reader. I am so grateful. "
" Great feedback! Thanks for reading with me! "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" Thank u "
" Awesome reader. "
" Starting the year strong thanks to you "
" Loved my read with Jackie, she gave me some great direction. She is a solid actor, really knows what she is doing. "
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" Great reader Thank you so much Jackie! Brooke Timber "
" Jackie was great to work with and very supportive! "
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" Jackie is so patient, and is the most amazing reader!!!!!!! "
" It's ridiculous how great she is. "
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" I really needed someone to help me run the script before the self tape and Jackie had some awesome ideas to help me flush out the scene. Highly recommend! "
" Jackie is simply the Best!! She instantly figures the tone of the script and helps you bring your character to live truthfully. "
" Thank you thank you "
" Such a fabulous coach to work with. Jackie really helped me shape my audition and bring my character to life. She's patient, has great ideas and fun to collaborate with. Highly recommend! "
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" I always learn from Jackie. She is a talented actress and coach. "
" Thank you "
" FABULOUS! Big time recommend - talented, friendly, professional, gave smart feedback when I asked! "
" Awesome reader! Such a great scene partner, came thru on a really technical fast paced scene, wonderful experience! "
" Jackie is present, open to giving as little or as much feedback as works for the actor, authentic, specific, very at ease and confident in a warm and inviting way. Highly recommend. "
" Always professional. Would work with Jackie any day. "
" Jackie was great. Good notes. Collaborative listener and coach with good ideas and a confident outside perspective the fed the work. "
" Jackie was super efficient in helpful with a very last minute theatre audition I had. She helped me find pivot points/shifts in the scene and had great energy to work with. Thank you Jackie! "
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" THE REAL DEAL! She always has amazing feedback and is super professional! "
" Such a good reader I hesitate to even call her that. She is an experienced actress who knows what works and what doesn’t work in auditions, and gives suggestions that make sense to the actor’s process and to the writers’ intentions. She also quickly gets what the scene is about. Very facile and knowledgeable. You are lucky to get Jackie. "
" Always helpful and thoughtful and pro. "
" So nice and helpful! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Thank you "
" Awesome always "
" So wonderful to work with. I will definitely work with her again! "
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" Really understanding and great guiding me through my first we audition "
" A+ reader! So supportive and engaging. "
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" She's incredible! Jackie really helped me make the scene come alive and had really great notes. Loved working with her! Book her! "
" Cannot recommend Jackie enough!!! She is hands down my favorite reader - so kind, generous with time and energy, and gives the most amazing, judgement free direction. She makes it an amazing space to play and explore the materials. I always look forward to working with her!!! "
" Jackie is amazing! the perfect reader for a medical episodic. Will definitely try to work with Jackie again!1 "
" SO SO many great things to say about Jackie!! She was ready just jump in and hit the ground running with me! She has great instincts and offered great advice that I felt took the scene to the next level! She's great with script analysis and also has a super kind and generous energy! BOOK HER!! "
" Wonderful !!! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Great working with Jackie!! "
" Jackie is one of my favorite readers! She is awesome. "
" Great energy and presence . "
" Another great self tape session for a Medical Drama TV show. Jackie Dallas is especially good coaching Medical shows because she actually has a medical degree. "
" Gives great ideas and honest feedback! "
" Consistently one of my favorite readers!! BOOK HER!!! "
" She's always great! "
" Jackie is amazing She is so helpful, generous, and very patient.she's great at giving suggestiosn adn with script analysis. I really love working with her. Thank you so much. "
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" OMG !! an amazing reader she really helped me trough a audition I was struggling with! very patient and honest and gave great feedback !! "
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" HIGHLY recommend Jackie!! She was so friendly, encouraging, and offered amazing insight. She really helped me take my scene to the next level! "
" Love working with Jackie, she's absolutely amazing and a quick read. "
" Another successful self tape session with Jackie. this was a bear. we had 10 pages of dense fast pace dialogue. I really appreciated how efficiently Jackie works. We got through it fast. didn't waste any time or energy. As always Jackie gave some great notes and her reading was spot on and flawless. Jackie is a VERY talented actor and a terrific coach. "
" Super playful and awesome "
" Thanks again and again "
" She is SO Generous, and supportive! "
" Thank you twice "
" Squeal :) "
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" You can read all my reviews for her already. All I can add for now is that anyone who reads with Jackie has made a good choice. :) "
" Jackie was great and adaptable "
" Jackie is amazing to work with! Incredibly patient and super helpful!! "
" Another great session with Jackie Dallas. This is the 3rd time we'v3 worked these scenes for CD Scott Genkinger. Jackie has been invaluable in coaching and reading with me to help me realize the CD's notes. "
" I just did a callback self tape with Jackie Dallas. I was given notes by the CD and Jackie did a great job coaching me and helping me make the adjustments. Jackie is always great to work with. excellent reader. Excellent coach. "
" Very helpful! We went through scene, focused on analyzing, and then did several takes! I really love her approach! Book her "
" Jackie is the best. Love working with her. Do yourselves a favor and book her. "
" Love the timing "
" I had an audition for a Guest Star role on The Resident. Jackie Dallas was the BEST person to work on this medical drama with me because not only is she a great actor, a knowledgable coach and a great reader but she is an actually Doctor. Yes, Jackie Dallas is a surgeon. so she's really helpful for medical jargon and making choices about how to play specific conditions. Also, Jackie Dallas has actually been a guest star on this show so is she's well aware of the style and tone of the show and the CD, Scott Genkinger. I highly recommend Jackie Dallas as a coach, reader and acting partner. "
" BOOK HER!!! "
" She is so fun to work with and REALLY KNOWS COMEDY! Her ear and timing are great! "
" Super informed, thoughtful and gave great insight! THANK YOU! "
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" Awesome "
" Another great session with Jackie. Today she really helped me find the coimedy and the pace of these scenes which is often elusive. "
" Thank you :) "
" Da best :) "
" I had a super emotional scene to shoot, and she was so so supportive all the way throughout! I felt super comfortable to be vulnerable with her! "
" Great reader! Patient and understanding, provided wonderful feedback :) "
" Wonderful! Great reader and provided wonderful advice! "
" She's great! "
" Jackie Dallas is really awesome to work with and I highly recommend it! "
" Just Book her! She is kind, gracious, and talented! "
" Stellar! Full of ideas and super supportive! "
" So incredible as always, great at helping you break down a scene and bring it to life! "
" Very knowledgeable, kind and helpful! "
" Jackie was awesome! A great reader with some really helpful notes "
" We got through my four scenes in fifteen minutes. it was great! thank you jackie! "
" Incredible reader and coach! Would work with her again in a heartbeat! "
" Always brilliant working with Jackie Dallas. "
" WOW, Jackie brought her energy, charisma, helpful attitude, and professionalism to my self tape AT NIGHT and on short notice! She is AMAZING! "
" Jackie gave me some AMAZING notes. Nothing like reading with great talent : ) "
" Thanks, Jackie "
" Another great self tape session with Jackie Dallas. Jackie is my secret weapon. Jackie is always such a great coach. Supportive. Her notes are always on point. she knows how to read a scene and find the beats and the changes. She's great at finding the subtext. And, she is just a really good actor so when you work scenes with her the acting is well crafted and consistent. I highly recommend Jackie Dallas> "
" Jackie is a DIRECTOR! She gave pivotal feedback and elevated my work and the scene. Thank you Jackie! "
" So amazing was always, couldn't recommend her enough! "
" Great working with Jackie , as always. She's always insightful and great with script analysis. Thank you so much. "
" Thank you Jackie "
" Thank you! "
" Always great insights "
" Always helpful and insightful. I really enjoy working with Jackie. "
" Jackie REALLY helped me figure out the scene and get a solid performance. A+! "
" Thank you "
" It's always a pleasure working with Jackie. I appreciate her insight and her analysis of the scenes. "
" I had a huge audition, and she was super professional. Enthusiastic, patient, and gave great feedback! "
" Incredibly helpful! "
" AMAZING! She gave great feedback, and was really really patient! "
" So good! Great Reader "
" She is so heartfelt and talented. A gem "
" LOVED working with Jackie! Book her! "
" Fabulous flash session, so grateful "
" She's great as always. "
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" Jackie was delightful! She offered such specific and helpful feedback and was a wonderful person to play off of! "
" Thank you Jackie! "
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" Awesome reader! great notes! Thanks Jackie ! "
" Excellent! Will definitely be booking again! "
" So helpful and very nice! "
" Jackie was such a great reader for me! Really insightful feedback for a long scene that really helped my navigation of it. I would definitely recommend her! "
" Jackie is a fantastic reader & coach. "
" So helpful!!! "
" She gave great tips for my audition and I feel way more confident in it now! "
" Always amazing!!! I really love working with Jackie. She is simply the best reader and her analytical skills are on point. "
" Jackie was SO helpful with my commercial audition. The advice she gave me was GOLDEN. If anyone needs advice or technique pointers on commercial auditions, Jackie is the one to book! "
" I love working with Jackie! "
" Loved working with Jackie! Great notes! "
" Amazing!! "
" Jackie is AWESOME!!!!! "
" Jackie was a pleasure to work with and so helpful! "
" Jackie is so amazing no lie so patient and encouraging I'm definitely going to read with her again and I recommend her if you need a really phenomenal Reader "
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" Ze best :) "
" Jackie Is Amazing!!!! Will Book Her Again and Again. "
" AMAZING feedback, really helps you get the performance! "
" Always a vibe reading with Jackie :) Thanks so much homie! "
" Sooo incredibly helpful. Jackie has such a deep understanding of how to make a scene work and offered me so many ideas that helped me get to the heart of each scene. Highly recommend! "
" Jackie had excellent notes and was really fun to find the character with! "
" Awesome "
" Can't rave enough about how great of a reader she is! So helpful and also just a great energy! "
" She was incredibly helpful! Highly recommend! "
" Great notes as always. "
" Amazing help, as always. Jackie really helped me with my script analysis and breaking down the scene. I find her feedback tremendously helpful. Thank you so much. "
" What an amazing first read! I'm new to this site and Jackie immediately helped me see the script in a new way! Joyous and fun and VERY good at what she does! THANK YOU!!!! "
" Jackie is a very smart coach with a superb eye for character analysis. We started by reading through the scene without prefacing it; then we examined the audition ticket with the synopsis and breakdown to get essential character and plot information that I had previously overlooked. We used the character description to analyze the characters and their relationship to each other and in their professional experiences, making sure to bring nuanced layers to the role like conflicting psychological forces (career vs. family, control vs. vulnerability). In order to show more of a change in the character over the scene, we set her up to be very strong at the beginning so that it's more dynamic when she unravels a bit towards the end of the sides. My character is a surgeon and Jackie brought amazing insight to the role based on her life experience as a medical doctor. We applied these insights to the scene overall but also to specific moments, line by line and beat by beat. She had the great recommendation to add a button on the end. I highly recommend working with Jackie! "
" Even though my computer failed repeatedly, Jackie kept trying to connect with me. I appreciated it, but ultimately had to get a better connection. "
" Thank you Jackie. Great help on my self-tape. Thank you again for your help. "
" Me again writing a review because Jackie is a top coach, reader, and actor. "
" Jackie Dallas made my first WeAudition reader experience a breeze! Will be back. "
" Jackie thank you so much! Love reading with you, Great Reader! "
" Always great notes. Thank you! "
" Love, love working with Jackie! "
" Great cold reader! Always try to bring her best, and is accommodating! "
" Jackie is amazing!!!! I can't say enough about how she helped me with my audition and got it to a place entirely different than where I started. I had multiple takes I could submit and I am very grateful. She is very patient had so many wonderful ideas. She is extremely talented and a generous actress and reader. I felt like I was reading with a friend I had known for a long time. Thank you so much!!! "
" Sought out Jackie for her expertise and she delivered. Knowledgeable beyond comparison. Will book again in the future "
" Loved working with her! Very professional, accommodating, and kept an up beat attitude. "
" Awesome "
" Jackie is awesome. Great reader, very helpful and has great energy. "
" Jackie is so fun and so knowledgable! Her willingness to help will improve your tape immensely. "
" Very helpful notes "
" Always a pleasure and great self tape results when I work with Jackie! "
" I read with Jackie every chance I get. She's a successful actress and a great supportive reader. "
" I mean, I’m running out of vocabulary words to describe how much I love working with Jackie! But you can read one of my five other reviews. :-) "
" Oh she's so good: as " a reader" - COACH - ACTOR - ALL OF IT!!! easy and generous :) "
" 4th time working with Jackie! 5 stars! "
" She's fantastic and helped me through various glitches without losing her enthusiasm. Great reader with great notes! "
" Take my word. Jackie is an amazing reader. "
" So helpful honest and frriendly! thanks jackie!!! "
" Thanks for the coaching for my audition. "
" It's always a pleasure working with Jackie, she's a masterpiece in her craft! "
" Great to work with! "
" Jackie is awesome, very positive vibe with great suggestions. "
" Awesome reader! "
" Awesome "
" Jackie was amazing!! I'm so grateful I got to connect with her. She's a total pro and really went above and beyond. "
" Amazing as always "
" Super pro. Always a pleasure. Thanks, Jackie! "
" Great read with Jackie. Thank you so much for your help with my audition. "
" Jackie is always grounded and brings strong ideas to the scene. Got a great self - tape done!!! YAY! "
" Super kind, generous, and thoughtful! Thanks, Jackie! "
" The best breakdown and it changed everything for my audition. "
" Great ideas, connected reader! Thanks so much, Jackie! "
" Fabulous reader with great insight and advice. I highly recommend her and look forward to another session. "
" Lovely—incredible reader. Great notes and creative ideas for really taking my work to the next level. "
" Awesome! Very smart about what they are probably looking for, on it, and sweet! "
" Another wonderful session! Once again so many poignant adjustments and advice! Really gave the scene a lot of clarity! - Thank you again, Jackie! "
" Great help! Awesome thoughts for how to develop the scene "
" Great "
" Jackie is a wonderful and collaborative coach! She has such a clear perspective and was so patient and generous with her energy, time and focus. She communicates ideas clearly and is able to paint the beats of a scene in a way that sticks! - Thank you, Jackie! :) "
" Amazing as always! <3 "
" Jackie was wonderful to work with!! "
" Super insightful and kind! Thanks so much :) "
" Jackie is an amazing reader!!! Thank you so much for your excellent notes, and awesome energy. So thoughtful. "
" Another great session with Jackie Dallas. She gave some really astute notes about the script and helped me make some good choices. I feel that Jackie knows my work after 3 or 4 sessions together and we can work fast and efficiently. the last time I worked with Jackie Dallas on WeAudition she helped me book a Guest Star role on the new Kung Fu (reboot) on CW. "
" Jackie always makes my work better. So glad to work with her here. Such a talent and so supportive too. "
" Lovely presence and brought levels to the read that were nuanced. Great supportive energy and kindness throughout. Would work with her again! "
" Second time using Jackie! She's so great and has amazing notes (if you want them). "
" Jackie was helpful and provided nice feedback while keeping me out of my head "
" Jackie is a great reader and coach! She had lots of fun ideas and was super patient as I learned my scene deeper. "
" 3rd time hiring Jackie because she is AWESOME!! Terrific reader to work with and amazing coach. "
" A perfect reader---and a great director (I love getting input on our performance). I thoroughly recommend her and hope to work with her again soon!! "
" AMAZING! She gave great notes and gave me what I needed so that I was happy! "
" Amazing advice and coach. Can recommend "
" We had the best read. We were both cracking up! "
" She's great. Highly recommend :) "
" Amazing "
" Amazing "
" Just worked with Jackie again on some comedy, and again she brought ideas to my attention that I never would have thought of on my own! "
" Jackie just rocked my world. You know those coaches that can give you just an adjustment or two and you immediately feel like you see the world in color, a la Wizard of Oz? That’s Jackie. She was great. You should hire her. "
" Yay!!! we did it!!! self tape ACTION! great coach/actor/reader and FUN to work with:) What more is there? "
" I’m really happy to have Jackie as my reader. She knew first hand on how to self tape for soap operas and was very insightful with character development and scene breakdown. Thank you for your time and patience. "
" I really like working with her because of her great talent I get a great actor/reader/coach - boom! "
" Excellent passionate actor/reader AND coach - Jackie was a great help with breaking down the scenes and giving me feedback for nuanced authenticity "
" Always great insight into the scene, and gets me excited to audition! Thank you! "
" Awesome notes "
" Jackie is amazing! She’s so talented and smart. She picked up on some moments in the sides that I hadn’t thought about even with previous coaching. I’d definitely tape with her again. She’s a gem! "
" Great reader with good scene ideas!! Always enjoy working with Jackie!! "
" Thank you for all your help with my self-tape. Great read. Lots of great tips to nail a tricky 3 line audition. "
" Great nuanced pointers "
" Jackie is very sweet! "
" She is a great reader! "
" So fun & easy to work with! Excellent! "
" Great reader! Very personable, helpful and gave me some really great feedback. Really enjoyed working with her. "
" Great reader and provides notes that really help you develop the character. "
" Jackie was fabulous! She made you feel very comfortable and gave great advice! I highly suggest her and will read with her again! "
" Always gives the best pointers. "
" Again amazing "
" Jackie was so easy to work with! Gives amazing feedback and is very friendly :) "
" Professional, focused, helpful, supportive. Excellent reader. Highly recommend. Thank you Jackie. "
" Yes "
" Great feedback ! "
" Jackie!!! You were so quick to pick up the scene and had so many smart notes for my character. Thank you so so much!! Looking forward to working with you again :) "
" Fantastic reader! Jackie instantly dialed into the scene and helped me make strong choices that elevated my audition. Would highly recommend working with her! "
" Awesome always "
" Great reader, jumped right into the scene with me! "
" Great suggestions and feedback. Very actor friendly! "
" Jackie helped me add range and variety to my character's arc throughout each scene. Supportive, professional, and insightful. Thanks Jackie! "
" Jackie was fantastic to work with! Good advice and a solid scene partner. "
" Great always. Fun to run comedy as well! "
" Amazing performer and extremely helpful. "
" Fantastic Reader! Gave exceptional notes! Thank you! "
" Helped me a lot with refining my self-tape and working on things like transitions and physical comedy. I feel much more comfortable with the character and confident in my performance! "
" Great reader, and gives excellent feedback ! "
" Awesome "
" Another great session! always a pleasure. Always good work. "
" SUPER SUPER HELPFUL. Gave incredible advice and made me feel super comfortable and gave me room to play. "
" Jackie broke down the script with me line by line and was very collaborative while also letting me discover things that felt right for me. "
" Jackie is one of my favorite people to work with on We Audition. She is very supportive and gives helpful notes. "
" Jackie is amazing as always. Gives great feedback and knows how to get you to the right read. "
" Jackie is always so sweet and her coaching is top notch. I always trust her take on my scenes because it feels right and she knows what she is doing. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Jackie was incredible. She was able to meld her own experience on this same show plus highlight specific things from the character breakdown to help me find the right tone and a more nuanced pacing for my performance. Excellent!! "
" Awesome "
" Jackie you were awesome! "
" Always helpful, supportive and a great reader! "
" Great "
" Great! "
" Jackie is always a pleasure to work with and a great reader. "
" Great reader and very insightful and patient! Worked through the scenes and provided lots of ideas. Highly recommended! "
" Jackie is the best reader, best coach. She has helped me so much. "
" Great "
" Amazing as always! "
" Jackie really took the time to work through the scene with me and bounced of my initial read into a deeper, thoughtful, more 3-dimensional character! "
" Maaaan. I LOVE JACKIE :) "
" Life saver. Work with her if you can. "
" Cool always and knows how to breakdown each line. "
" Very sweet and helpful! Thank you! "
" Jackie is a very good reader and gives insightful notes. a pleasure to work with "
" Great reader "
" Great notes, great ideas, great voice and look What's not to like? "
" Spent so much time for a great self tape. Did a few good runs. What a relief. "
" Awesome "
" Amazing . fun. great reader. good feedback. awesome person! "
" Jackie is a fantastic and intuitive reader, and gives really great notes! "
" Fabuolous "
" Always find the points "
" Jackie is an amazing actress, a supportive and thoughtful reader and a really really good coach. Highly recommend. "
" Second time working with Jackie and always brings the A-game when breaking down the script. "
" Jackie is a wonderful scene partner; always insightful! "
" Really knowledgeable and helpful! Will book again!! "
" Amazing! Thank you so much Jackie - would book again. "
" Great "
" So basically. i love Jackie. She's the dopest. The best notes! "
" 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 "
" Awesome! Great reader "
" Lovely actress. Encouraging and spot on with her direction. Thank you! "
" Great reader-- As always! Has good analysis chops and brings the best out of me:) "
" Jackie was amazing! So dedicated. Can't wait to work with her again :) "
" Always great "
" Great "
" Awesome! Best breakdown person I have worked with yet. "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Fantastic reader with lots of great ideas! "
" Great! "
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" Excellent job "
" Amazing as always "
" Awesome "
" Thank you for being so professional! "
" Great always "
" Always a great reader with good insights and fun to work with! "
" Excellent! Great insight into the material; text, emotional content, and technical bits as well! Thank you, Jackie "
" The best at breaking down a scene. "
" She did a great job "
" Awesome "
" Jackie was so flexible, knowledgeable. and easy to work with! Book her!!! "
" Great!! really helped me figure out the arc "
" Wow! Jackie is great, helpful, and patient. Really helped me think about the nuances of each character. Thank you. I'll be seeking you out again. "
" Highly recommend working with Jackie; great insights, super helpful technically, and terrific script analysis! Thank you! "
" Excellent instincts. Great suggestions and fun to work with!! "
" Great "
" As always, Jackie was a brilliant reader and offered so much great wisdom when it came to script analysis! She made me feel super comfortable and helped me get over some mental hurdles. Thank you Jackie! :)) "
" Always the best. She loves me to breakdown scenes and is real good at it. "
" Very patient with my technical troubles and we got three good takes in the end. Thank you once again Jackie! "
" Thank so much for the extra read Jackie, Youre a fantastic reader that can ACT SO thank goodness LOL "
" Jackie is incredibly professional, very patient and intuitive. Lovey to read with! "
" Brilliant. Highly suggest Jackie. "
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" Great "
" This was my first time and Jackie was great! "
" The best there is! "
" Jackie is a great reader! I'm glad I had the chance to work with her! "
" Jackie did a great job in breaking down the script with me quickly and succinctly. She gave me lots of room to explore and helped me get on track with a script I was really stuck on. Thanks a bunch Jackie! :) "
" I love working with Jackie! Very grounded and really thinks about your scene with you. Great reader:) "
" Great working with her. Multiple times more I hope. "
" Super helpful!! "
" Thank you, Jackie! "
" Great working with Jackie. Supportive, encouraging and easy to work with. "
" Jackie is so fun to work with! She gives great notes and is super sweet. "
" Best reader so far. Brilliant breakdown. A must to nail a role. "
" Jackie is a sweetheart, she gives awesome feedback and super helpful!! "
" Wonderful. Great feedback, I'll definitely go back! "
" Jackie is amazing! She helped me interpret a difficult scene, had great suggestions that we played around with. On top of that she gave me some useful career advice! "
" Very good feedback and suggestions! "
" Jackie is excellent! Super helpful and very kind. "
" Great session. Jackie is awesome :) "
" Jackie was really fun to work with! Good reader and good insight into scene analysis, etc. Looking forward to working together again:) "
" Great feedback! "
" GREAT!! "
" Very useful insight ! I love working with her "
" Excellent reader , great collaborative ideas and just such a kind positive person :) "
" That was so much fun! Thank you Jackie :) Your notes were awesome! "
" What a fantastic empowering Reader "
" She hears it all! "
" She is so good! Amazing at technicalities and characters work! Thank you! "

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