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I promise to be patient, energetic and passionate for your read. My job is to get you booked so let's knock it out of the park! Versatile; comedy, drama, etc. Accents? I'll do my best :)

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If you would ever like to schedule in advanced feel free to email me at or my Instagram is @masonmichaelmoore

*Free/Tips Only - please don't feel that you have to though. This platform is gives me a chance to interact with all of you amazing people and improve my acting skills. You getting booked for the job is payment enough for me!

Please find my resume at the address below:


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" Mason was so supportive and patient with my work. Highly recommend!!!! "
" He is patient, generous and gave great notes!! "
" Thank You "
" So great! Mahalo Mason! "
" Super awesome! A great reader, very nice and helpful! Work with Mason if you can! "
" Excellent reader, came in feeling unsure, left ready to put it on tape! "
" Always a warm, generous reader and human. Appreciate you, Mason!! "
" Mason was such a pleasure to work with! "
" Good comedic timing. "
" Thank you, Mason! Played a great "cute doctor" for my scene. :-) "
" Favourite reader!!!! He is sooooo patient and on your team and happy to assist in any way to be able to get you the best read. He stayed wayyyyy longer than the time I had requested him. He even pushed me to get another take when I said it would be the last take and we got gold! I will definitely be booking him anytime I get the chance. Hes a lovely human being that makes work feel like play. Appreciate you and looking forward to working together again!! "
" Awesome fun. Thank you, Mason! Highly recommend this fine reader. "
" MASON!!!!!! I'm THRILLED to have worked with Mason twice in one night! He's truly a supportive partner and I so appreciate his time, patience and generosity as a reader in the scene. THANK YOU!!!!! "
" Mason is an AWESOME reader - really appreciate his note as it injected a different energy that was needed. Thanks so much! "
" A wonderful presence, very calming and generous. "
" Best! "
" Such great energy!!! "
" SO kind and comforting. Beautiful reader. Offered grounded advice and helped give a sense of direction. "
" Loved working with Mason!!! He's very talented and gave me everything I needed for my read. "
" Such a great reader! Patient and gave some solid notes. Thank you Mason! "
" Super chill and great reader "
" I love working with Mason. He's a great reader and gives me the human interaction I need for my self tapes! "
" Mason is an amazing reader. So kind and patient and helpful!!!! Such a good actor. "
" Mason was great to rehearse with. Easy-going and patient. Definitely working with him again! "
" Great reader! Helped me relax and get into the fun of the scene. "
" Awesome job! Mason really took his time with me and made sure I was happy with the final product. Lets hope for a booking! "
" Mason gave me SO MANY different colors in a character as a cold read. He's wonderful. And I can't wait to work with him again! "
" Mason was super helpful. We jumped right in and made some great discoveries together. On top of that, he was very friendly, so I felt comfortable playing around. Thank you, Mason! "
" Great reader! "
" Mason's got great energy and is fun to read with! Good stuff! "
" Amazing brother! Thank you kindly! "
" Energetic, patient, flexible reader. "
" Mason is the best!!!!! Going to him for all my scifi/fantasy. He is so easy to bounce ideas off of. Really patient, really smart, all in all an amazing collaborator. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! "
" Thank you "
" Wonderful reader and actor! Kind and understanding :) "
" Excellent reader! "
" Mason is terrific! Absolutely perfect for the roles that he was reading as. Made the scene relaxed and a great pace for it. "
" Mason is so much fun to work with! "
" Mason was awesome! Super friendly, patient, and a great listener! He was exactly what I needed for my self tape, and I got a great tape out of it, BOOK HIM! "
" What a star. Knew exactly how to dive in and give his all. Thank you Mason. "
" Great reader! Reliable and patient! "
" Thank you, Mason for your help in my first WeAudition session! I was nervous and your friendly relaxed manner helped me to relax. I will be back! "
" Great reader "
" Really helpful and a great reader! "
" Great to work with. A real pro. "
" Grerat guy, My wifi went down. Sorry. "
" Mason was an amazing reader and a great help! "
" He is super kind and helpful! thank you!:) "
" So great! So kind, gave a great note for scene work. "
" Awesome! Great sense of humor! So fun! Great reader. "
" Loved Mason! It was so satisfying working with an actor who "resembled" the character in the script "
" Great reader! "
" Mason was very professional, made me feel really comfortable and was fantastic scene partner! "
" Mason was a good reader and gave great feedback! "
" Mason is such a pleasure to work with! "
" Another wonderful session. Mason is a delight to work with! "
" Such a joy to work with. Great suggestions! "
" Wonderful! Very fast & fun! "
" Mason is super sweet and helpful! Thanks a ton for your help!! "
" Mason was AHmazing!! such a good reader, So kind and Patient. "
" Mason is a stellar reader, scene partner and coach. We started off just discussing the scene and reading through it. Next, we dove deeper with Mason giving me notes on sections of the script where I could use context clues to stay on the thought of the line and really hit the changes in thought as well. We worked through certain sections repetitively, really breaking down the emotional state of the character and her re-experiencing of a trauma. Mason had interesting reference points to a similar scene in another movie which I'm looking forward to watching. Highly recommend working with Mason! "
" Great actor and excellent reader. So helpful! "
" Awesome on-the-fly reader! Friendly and active listener! Highly recommend Mason to help you nail your self-tape. "
" Fun to work with! Always has great suggestions to enhance the scene - if requested :) "
" Super supportive!! Great Cold Reader! "
" Thank you "
" Very Patient and gave great suggestions. "
" GREAT READER!!! Listens well! "
" Always so helpful! "
" Mason was awesome! great vibe, energy and he gave me great notes and insights. I had a very positive experience tbh "
" The chillest, coolest, chili pepper on this site! Will be rocking with him again! "
" Really nice reader... Had great energy "
" A pleasure! "
" Mason was great! A very giving and accommodating reader. He's super patient and willing to just have fun and explore the material. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Absolutely amazing thank you so much!!! Great and patient super kind also gives great feedback! "
" Played with different variations and had great ideas!! Highly recommend "
" Mason was great- stepped right in and did the character exactly as as he was written to be played (as expected!). He's so calm and present and gave me a wonderful note to help get me more connected to my own character. Thank you! "
" 10/10 "
" Best reader I have had. So patient and wonderful! "
" Great reader, and a lot of fun to work with! "
" Talented actor and reader, patient and extremely easy to work with! "
" Awesome reader and very patient. "
" Great, friendly, patient reader! "
" Mason was great, patient, and a very good reader to act against! Will book again, thank you "
" Literally so nice and helpful! Jumped right in with my scene and helped me bring it to life! Definitely work with him! "
" Excellent reader! Super laid back, encouraging, and easy to work with. Thanks a ton Mason! "
" Mason is patient and generous with his time. Definitely recommend. "
" Enjoyed reading together! Very helpful. Thank you "
" Mason was very helpful and patient. "
" Great fun! Gave me exactly what I needed. You can tell he's a strong actor. Just open to playing. :-) "
" Incredible experience working with him. highly recommend! This was my first time using the site and definitely will not be my last after having such an amazing reader. Very patient, as I needed to do multiple takes. "
" Very friendly and helpful. I look forward to working with Mason again. "
" See ya later! "
" Awesome reader! "
" A solid, solid human being. Warm smile, open mind, giving personality. Appreciate you! "
" Thank you! "
" Mason was so great! Such a great reader and very patient! Book Him!! "
" Mason was great, gave me some relatable goodies to work with/on "
" A great help "
" Mason was great to rehearse and complete the self-tape audition with as a partner! His demeanor really put me at ease! And he gave GREAT suggestions / feedback to really enhance the scene, specifically my performance! Will definitely use him again! Highly recommended! :). "
" Fantastic! "
" MASON IS THE BEST!!!!! I needed some table work on a hardcore fantasy scene and he really helped me shape the world and character, helped me establish what was true, investigated with me, and had so many killer references that expanded the way I thought of things. Will totally read with him again! "
" Great guy! "
" Great reader! "
" So awesome, thank you! "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you "
" Great! So patient and really gave me what the piece called for. "
" Mason was very helpful and patient. "
" Mason was excellent to work with! Solid reader and gave excellent suggestions to enhance the scene, got right into the character. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Thank you. "
" What a kind and considerate actor/reader. He made me feel completely at ease whilst reading the scene and even played with different actors to get me directly in the scene - book him, you will not regret it! "
" Awesome scene partner. Catches on to the scene quickly and jumps right in. Thank you Mason. "
" Very patient and willing to research the character! "
" Mason's the man! Great reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Mason was such a great reader! He helped me tape not one, but two auditions and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you:) "
" May not be experienced but very insightful. Thanks a bunch. "
" Really helpful. Appreciated the feedback and the space you gave to work. "
" Mason was a fantastic reader for my self-tape audition recording this evening! He was quick to pick up dropped dialogue and keep the flow of the scene going!! Thank you again! "
" Thank you Mason for your wonderfully supportive energy!! "
" A real pro! "

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