Mason Michael Moore

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I promise to be patient, energetic and passionate for your read. My job is to get you booked so let's knock it out of the park! Versatile; comedy, drama, etc. Accents? I'll do my best :) Second City improv...

Based in Louisiana - Time Zone - CST

Please find my resume at the address below:

If you would ever like to schedule in advanced feel free to email me at

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p.s. If we've read together and you do indeed book the role, please share back with me! I'd love to hear of your success!

Please find my resume at the address below:

Manager: Caviar Entertainment - Wendy Peldon LA: Aqua Talent Agency- Courtney Peldon Southeast: Del Corral Talent Agency delcorraltalentagenc

608 Reader Reviews

" Energetic and kind! Thank you, Mason! "
" Mason is a phenomenal reader! Super attentive and gives great feedback. Will definitely request again! "
" Awesome as usaul "
" Good Talent "
" Good to go. Helpful, patient, fun! "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Great reader, thank you so much!! "
" Great "
" Thank you "
" Man, Mason is such a great reader!! Thank you for putting in so much unexpected energy and effort! "
" Excellent read, great pace! "
" Super gracious with his time and effort. I gave this man a script in Spanish with Cuban dialects and Mason gave it his all to make my self-tape come to life. His notes helped me fine tune my audition piece until it was ready. SUPER GRATEFUL FOR YOU MASON! "
" Such a great reader. Would always get him if he's on! "
" Mason was a great help today!!! Thank you sir.A+ "
" Mason is the best person to work! He has an ease about him that makes you comfortable right away. We jumped right into the script & he gave me a great read along with insight on a subject I was not too familiar, which really helped my understanding of the text. Love working with him & as he knows, I will definitely be working with him again! "
" Very awesome reader and super helpful with notes :) Thanks again! "
" Such a generous, patient, and thoughtful reader. Felt so supported and grounded during our session. Thank you so much! "
" Such a fun reader and amazing feedback. Really sets you at ease! Thank you! "
" MVP!!! Highly recommend. A+ "
" Mason is very easy going and comfortable to talk to. I'm glad I selected him, he's low maintenance. Thank you, Mason. Yvette R. :) "
" HIs Notes are Dead on. Good Work! "
" Awesome as usual. "
" Super helpful and patient!!! He help me through my trouble spots "
" Wonderful and so fun!! Grounded and in the scene right away. Thank you, Mason! "
" An excellent patient talented cheer leader. "
" Always a very good reader! "
" Mason is the goat! Stellar reader "
" AMAZING!!!!! Absolutely amazing! Mason is a GO TO for me! He is super patient, encouraging & a great reader! I was in a cram and he really helped me pull out the best in me! Will def. continue to work with him!Thank you Mason!!! Book HIM! "
" Love working with Mason! Such an amazing energy & great actor and reader! Woop! "
" Mason is an excellent reader and was a big help with my challenging audition! He was super helpful with talking me through the mood and needs of my lines and helping me make adjustments. Thank you for making my first WeAudition read a fun one! "
" Great reader. super grounded. Great insights on characters. def will work with him again "
" Mason is always great! MVP! One of the best "
" Such a great reader and person. A pleasure working with him. "
" Great reader. Patient. Fluid. "
" Great reader. Mason played 3 different characters for this audition. Nailed each one. Thanks again! "
" Great read. Thank you! "
" Mason is a joy to work with "
" Amazing "
" Very patient and helpful. Thanks Mason! "
" Mason was great! He was able to go with the flow on a rather unconventional audition and pick up on what I needed from the read. "
" Wonderful suggestions and a lot of patience that helped me get a great take for my audition. Thank you Mason for your help! "
" Amazing Director and Reader!!!! Book him!!!! "
" Thank you, Mason. Good as alway to read with. you, and congrats on leveling up! "
" Mason is a truly phenomenal reader/coach! His guidance, patience, and ability to create a comfortable environment allowed me to do my best work. He is truly a stellar talent and I'm so grateful for his help. I very much look forward to working with him again!! "
" Great "
" Mason has great pace. Didn't need any direction, dove right in. "
" He is always soo great!!!!! "
" Thanks Mason! I appreciate your patience and willingness to give me what the scene needed!! "
" Thank you "
" Ez pz "
" Terrific all around "
" Very helpful and patient! "
" Mason was a wonderful help to me in breaking down the script and getting the best read possible! "
" Mason is incredible to work with! Great reader, energy & super patient! I appreciate you so much! Thanks man! "
" Thanks Mason! Nice!! "
" Mason is AMAZING! I had a really heavy and emotionally driven scene...he allowed me the space to be vulnerable and he was very patient! I can't wait to work with him again!!! "
" Great reader. Super patient and attentive scene partner. Willing to take the time until I felt I really got it right. Thank you so much, Mason! "
" Mason is positive and brings passion! "
" So grounded and ready to play with anything !!!! "
" The BEST ! "
" Mason is my guy! Always great, phenomenal reader! A+ "
" So very kind and gracious to offer me great insight and tips! In my session, Mason offered a lot of helpful information and answered questions that I had. It is great to see that a genuine love that he has for acting and gaining valuable, one of a kind experience in his career has brought him to this platform, where he also gives a lot of grace toward helping other actors grow in their career as well. Hope to see his career carry forward with great momentum and consistency as an actor! "
" Awesome reader!! Helpful notes. "
" Mason was such a huge help with breaking down the specifics of my scene and giving me some wonderful nuggets to use in preparation for this role! "
" One of my favorite readers. "
" Great! "
" Mason was super patient with the PERFECT energy! He did everything with such ease and skill !! Great reader all around ! Thanks !! "
" An absolutely wonderful reader, who subtly varies the other characters' voices as appropriate. THANK YOU! "
" Always great to work with him! "
" Great at trying to dissect the role and give feedback "
" Great reader and super helpful! Thanks Mason! "
" Mason is a great reader! "
" Always the best!!!!!!! "
" Always fun to work with him! "
" Wonderful and patient reader! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Always fun to read with mason! "
" Mason was amazing with reading exactly how the writer wrote it! "
" Always great! MVP! "
" Great actor!!!! Patient, kind awesome "
" Just wonderful all around! "
" Great as always "
" Great reader "
" Mason is awesome and chill. And can say the word "wow" like champ. Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader as always "
" What a delight!! My first time working with Mason and it won't be my last! All of his insights were right on point. "
" Awesome reader "
" Mason is the best!! Thank Mason!! "
" Always a pleasure working with Mason! "
" HIGHLY RECOMMEND this PRO !! Super easy to work with and gives amazing scene work tips ! "
" Mason, as usual, was a pro! He has helped me multiple times as a reader and each and every time, he’s stayed game and ready to give me exactly what I needed, along with really great advice. He’s patient, talented and a star in his own right. Definitely book with him, you’ll be so happy you did. "
" Great reader!!! Kind, a wonderful scene partner, very positive, gave helpful feedback and all around a great experience. Highly recommend! "
" Mason is a fantastic reader! I had an audition with a quick turnaround and he gave me exactly what I needed, along with really on point performance feedback. I will always seek him out when I need a seamless self tape process. Thank you so much, Mason! "
" Thank you! "
" A gem! "
" Mason is an ace!!!! Thank you! "
" Mason was awesome! He jumped right in with me and helped me to knock out my sides. Very friendly and listened to my needs. Will def use him again! Thank you so much Mason! "
" Came throouuuuugh!!! As always! I specially requested him because he's so amazing, and he delivered. Thank you so much, Mason! "
" Made me feel at ease and did everything that I needed in my reader. "
" OMG so intuitively gives you the grace and space to do your thing. HIGHLY recommend. "
" Thank you! "
" Awesome reader! "
" So fun and engaging! Will book again! "
" Mason is so great! Always find myself going back to him for new perspective on a scene. "
" Cool Vibe! Easy to work with! "
" Mason was patient and kept a great pace! "
" Great cold read! Thanks for the help! "
" Amazing "
" Always AMAZING!!! "
" Always SO fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
" Great! Helpful and patient! "
" Great again! "
" Great reader and coach!!! "
" Mason is an awesome scene partner - he's relaxed, present and open to giving some fun notes! Thank you Mason :) "
" Mason is awesome! He's patient, works with you and makes you feel comfortable. I genuinely mean that. I highly recommend him! "
" Mason was extremely helpful and patient. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you "
" Great as always!! "
" My guy! Everyone knows at this point lol Book him! "
" Great "
" Mason is a great reader! "
" Mason is great! Works quick and asks good questions. "
" Mason is fantastic! A pleasure to work with, and great suggestions! Plus he was happy to jump right in and improvise with me, and he was very natural. Looking forward to working with Mason again! "
" Always A Pleasure! "
" As always so helpful and patient!! Book your session with Mason ASAP! "
" My go-to!! As always. Thanks Mason!! "
" Mason was exactly the perfect reader that I needed!!!! "
" Mason is an absolute joy to work with! So kind and fun. 10/10! "
" He was great! I was in a rut, he's very patient and helped add some choices!! "
" Great working with Mason again! Picks up the material quickly and always gives a great read. Thank you!!! "
" Mason was great! He gave a great read and helped me brainstorm a different choice in the scene that I ended up really liking! Thank you!! "
" Mason is my #1 reader on WeAudition. Solid. MVP. Thanks Mason! "
" My go-to reader! #1 on here! "
" Fantastic! Always up the challenge "
" Always great to work with mason!! "
" Great reader! Super helpful and gave me a new perspective on how I could approach a scene for my self tape audition. "
" Excellent reader its was great working with you again today. "
" Mason is great and very patient!!! "
" Great as always thank you "
" Great stuff, with you all the way! "
" Always love working with Mason, great with the reads and jumping right into the scene with me, thanks so much Mason! "
" Great read! "
" Mason is super dope to work with! His laid back vibe combined with his sharp instincts makes for a comfortable space to be play. Thanks for another amazing session! "
" Mason is a great reader and very supportive! Definitely book! "
" All of the reviews are 100% correct, Mason is the BEST! As someone new to this platform, he was extremely helpful and patient in helping me navigate all of the functions and then finally getting started. His skill as a reader is wonderful, he gave me everything I needed and then some for my audition, along with incredibly useful feedback. I will definitely be using him again in the future. "
" Mason is awesome! His advice and input were priceless!! "
" Quick and easy! Saved my skin when my reader backed out last minute. "
" He was so great! Patient and funny and a Sac native. All wonderful things. "
" So kind! "
" Such a treat! Perfect co-actor! I was lucky enough that he knew the material already, too! "
" My go-to!! "
" Mason is a wonderful reader! "
" Great strong voice, helpful & quick to join the session! Thanks Mason :) "
" Mason was so wonderful to read with and he was quick at the copy! Will book again! "
" Excellent as always! Great with comedic scenes as well. Thanks Mason! "
" Solid Dude. And wants to help. Book him! "
" Mason is the man. always a pro. "
" Great!!! "
" Mason was incredible and available for a last minute audition! "
" Very kind! Asked me pertinent questions that deepened the scene. "
" Super helpful and productive! "
" Always awesome... "
" Had a great experience doing a reading with this gentleman. I hope to work with him again soon. Enjoy using this website a whole lot where everyone is professional, and consistently growing. "
" Mason is the best! "
" The best!!! "
" Mason is awesome! "
" A++++ . Amazing Reader. Quick Insight. Really cool person. "
" Such a great Reader!!! Thank you Mason! "
" Amazing as always man!! Awesome reader! "
" Mason was amazing and energetic! I look forward to reading with him again!! "
" Awesome reader, per usual!! "
" Mason is the man!! Patient, great reader and amazing improv during the moment, highly recommend! "
" Mason rules!!!!! Always love working with him. He has such good notes and I really respect his eye. THANK U! "
" Mason is the BEST! "
" ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! SO TALENTED! He gave me so much in the scene it completely changed my performance. I'm so grateful for experiences like this on We Audition. Thank you Mason "
" Lovely Mason is the best "
" Mason is such a great collaborator and reader. He stayed on longeer and just did some improv with me for my comedy scene and I had such a blast!! Love his ideas and energy! "
" Great reader! Very passionate! "
" Hands down one of the best readers on here !!! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Excellent!! so helpful and quick to build "
" Greta as usual thank you "
" YA "
" Great rehearsal! "
" Thank you Mason!! The best!!! BOOK HIM!! "
" So great! "
" Favorite "
" Another great session "
" Thank you Mason, SO much!! Great feedback which really shifted the scene and gave me somewhere else to go! "
" Amazing to work with! I had a silly audition and Mason brought the EXACT energy to the read! Definitely would work with again! "
" Book him! Thanks Mason :) "
" Mason was such a generous reader. He went above and beyond to help me dissect my scene - much appreciated!! "
" Mason was a pleasure to work with! Great reader and good energy! "
" He is really nice reader, great support and great energy "
" Mason is the man! Excellent reader and scene partner. "
" Thanks Mason! Enjoyed working with you getting my short scene filmed. Will do it again! "
" Mason was a calming presence full of warmth, insight and patience as he aided in me being able to explore my scene. Thank you greatly!!! "
" Thank you "
" Mason was fsbulous! Such a gem! Thank you Mason "
" Mason is always killing it. Giving me all he's got, always patient and helpful. "
" Great reader!! Thank you!!!! "
" MVP!!! "
" Soon to be MVP! Wonderful actor, very patient and supportive. Thanks Mason! "
" Great working with Mason! Very patient! "
" Perfection! wonderful reader. Great personality! "
" Mason was so freaking awesome! Totally patient with my process, great reader, great energy! "
" He was super helpful! "
" One of my go to Favs. Always the best reads. "
" Mason is a legend and helped me get a self tape done late at night. Highly recommend Mason as a reader! "
" A pleasure to work with! Book him! "
" Mason helped me with a super short, super cheesy commercial audition but gave me great energy which helped keep my energy up! "
" As always, Mason was amazing! Had a very very strange scene and Mason was great to work with and made it fun/funny. Will definitely book him again! "
" AMAZING reader, super professional, super on it, loved taping with Mason! "
" Great as always "
" Mason is a kind and responsive reader! "
" Excellent! "
" Mason is great! Such a good reader. "
" Mason was amazing!! Full of knowledge, very encouraging, and made rehearsing super fun. Thank you Mason!! "
" Awesome reader !!! plays character well "
" Lovely reader, jumped in and did an accent for me! "
" Mason is an absolute JOY to work with. Thank you for your patience and for sharing your gift with me!! "
" Loved working with Mason he is amazing and gave me some great tips for my self-tape. Can't wait to work with him again "
" Great reader! super patient and helpful. will definitely use again "
" Thank you "
" Thank you "
" Great reader. Patient and professional and gives helpful feedback to make your performance stronger thanks so much! "
" Fantastic reader! Very patient and consistent! Would recommend! "
" Great reader. Very nice as well. "
" I just needed to run lines, I appreciate the help! Mason was a great reader and very friendly. Would definitely use him again. Thank you Mason. "
" Mason!! Thank you so much for your everlasting patience!!! holy moly. You are in great hands with Mason. Best energy and also so funny!! You're the best!! "
" Thank you "
" On point excellent!! Great feedback and throwback of lines@ "
" Great Reader!!!! Thank you Mason! Great energy!!!! So sweet and helpful and patient!! "
" Great reader and great notes!!! "
" Thanks so much! "
" So sweet, generous and a strong reader! "
" He was a great scene partner. Very fluid and flexible. Kept the energy light and fun! Would definitely work with him again! "
" Such a good reader! He gave me so much to work with in this short script. Thank you Mason. "
" Mason is so great! Easy, relaxed - excellent reader. Thank you! "
" So patient and friendly. "
" Amazing Thank You Mason! "
" Wonderful reader, great energy! "
" Great reader "
" Marvelous Reader!! "
" Great reader and so helpful. "
" Mason is a very kind and go-with-the-flow reader! Loved working together. "
" Great again as always "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Excellent reader! Present, professional, and patient! "
" Mason is an awesome reader! "
" He is a rockstar reader and positive personality! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Mason is a godsend! He is so patient and a stellar reader!! :-)))) "
" It's always a pleasure to read with Mason! He really gets into character. "
" Really awesome and grounded human energy - Made it a breeze to read with him and create authenticity - Thank you, Mason! "
" Super reader, really nice enunciation and good distinction between the two different characters that he had to read for me. Great suggestions, awesome personality! "
" Wonderful reader! Great personality, pacing, and gave good suggestions! Highly recommend! "
" Such a great reader and gave good incites !! "
" Yup Mason is def the right one to help you out "
" Can we SHOUT PATIENT!!!! I was all over the place and Mason wheeled me back on in. Book HIM! You're going to get ALL the energy, patience, and scene breakdown you need. THANK YOU so very much :-) "
" So patient. Great reader! "
" Great session! "
" Great energy!! Thank you so much "
" OMG WONDERFUL READER!!!!! he had to read fr 3 characters and was distinct for each one, def made my audition better. "
" Just like always, 1..2...3 easy, peezy! Thanks, Mason! "
" Thanks Bro! "
" Great Cold Reader!! Nice notes!! "
" Patient reader with great feedback! "
" Mason was such an awesome and patient reader. "
" A Gem!!! there perfect reader. is so patient! Did all my acting exercises with me. totally game and lovely! "
" Patient, fun to read with, provides good energy without overshadowing you, AND made a very good suggestion that made a very big difference! "
" Such a generous and patient reader and great actor! "
" Great Reader! "
" Mason is the best! Great energy. Superb dude. "
" Mason was very helpful and patient during out audio delays, but we worked it out!! Thanks so much! "
" Mason always has the best energy. Great reader. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Damn good help! "
" SOLID! Great Reader! "
" Good and energetic! "
" Sweet, patient, great notes. Very generous with his time! "
" Very insight and helpful with adjectives to help steer me in the right direction! Ty! "
" Mason is all the things you want in a reader. He's patient, insightful and great with breaking down text. I highly recommend! "
" As always, super great working with Mason! Great reader and great vibes. Thank you for your help! "
" Great! Patient, helped me through some technical difficulties. Offered a perfect note to cap off the scene. "
" Great read! "
" Mason was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for such a great read and for exploring the text with me. Definitely would love to work together again soon! "
" Mason is awesome. Laid back and friendly. Will use again!! "
" Always great working with Mason! "
" He's the real deal. Patient and passionate. Such a professional. "
" Mason was amazing! "
" MASON you are amazing!!!!! THANK YOU!!! "
" Everytime Mason brings exactly what I need. Today he helped me figure out how to clear space on my phone and was patient while I learned my lines and figured out the scene with him. I was able to give him slight direction and he took it perfectly so that I felt at home in the scene. Always a professional and I cant say enough! "
" Great reader! He gives great direction! My 3rd time working with him! "
" So nice I requested him twice!! "
" Great reader and I love his feedback. He definitely pushed me to bring the scene where it needs to be! "
" Awesome..gave me great direction! "
" Mason was brilliant. He gave me some really useful insights and suggestions. Really happy working with him. Can't wait to work with Mason again! Thank you. "
" Mason was awesome to work with so patient and great energy. Would definitely work with him again "
" Mason was very helpful and patient. I would absolutely work with him again "
" Speaker phone issues on my end. Mason is very friendly and patient "
" Mason is what's up! So patient, so kind, so knowledgeable and great at reading! Generous with his notes and help to make the scene work! I love him! "
" Mason gave a FANTASTIC note that pointed out something super interesting to play with in the scene!! I really enjoyed working with him! "
" Such a professional and gracious reader. I bet he is a joy to work with as an actor. "
" Book him! "
" Awesome energy and great timing! "
" Mason is my go to! Always a great read with him! "
" Mason is wonderful!!!!!!! Will definitely use him again! "
" Mason was the most helpful and pleasant reader! He had an immediate understanding of the scene, and gave the perfect amount of energy and volume. I highly recommend him! "
" Helped me with different options for my self-tape audition and character exploration. I really enjoyed the read! "
" Thanks so much! "
" Good reader best accent ever loved it. "
" Mason was the best. Had a last minute self tape. Very helpful with tips and all. THANK YOU! "
" Thanks so much Mason for always being such a great supportive reader, especially in these fun improv types! "
" Mason is awesome. He asks what you need and gives just that! "
" Great reader. Very patient. Versatile. He read for two characters and I swear he sounded like two different people! Lol. Highly recommended! "
" `Really great read for my commercial audition!!! "
" Mason was amazing!!! "
" Definitely recommend him for comedy!!! "
" Thank you for your insight! "
" Amazing reader and gave great notes. "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Awesome reader! Very patient and great energy. Thanks Mason! "
" Amazing reader. Great acting coach. "
" Super helpful and supportive reader! "
" The most awesome MVP ever! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Great!! "
" Mason has done it again! Super generous with his time and excellent notes! Really got me where i needed to be :) "
" So patient and kind! Mason's energy is off the charts :) Will be booking again! "
" Appreciate him so very much! Incredibly talented, great actor! and super patient! "
" Mason is insightful, kind and fun to work with! Great reader! "
" Mason as always rocked!!! 'Til next time. "
" Always so encouraging, helpful, and a real delight to work with!! "
" Mason was so great! He jumped right into a scene where he had to read a lot of dialogue and did it without a hitch!! "
" Great comedy chops!! "
" My favorite reader… great actor…. he really gets it "
" Mason is as usual a terrific scene partner! He had a couple succint notes that brought out a unique take, so I left the rehearsal with several good options to choose from! "
" The Best! "
" So Easy. Lovely to work with. "
" Amazing!!!! "
" I love reading with you you are by far my favorite reader! "
" Awesome, patient, kind, helpful!! "
" Thank you! "
" So helpful! Patient and kind, and helped pick out some good moments in the scene! "
" Fantastic!!! Great direction and reader. Wonderful actor too. "
" Thank you for being patient!! "
" Great!!!! "
" Mason was awesome. A lot of fun, laid back, and gave me some great suggestions. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Mason was a great reader. Gave great support and feedback. I'm happy with the tape that I got from this session. "
" Mason was very helpful! So many great tips! Thank you Mason! "
" Great reader!!! "
" I'm always relieved to see Mason is online! He is such a great reader and understands story. Mahalo as alwaysss! "
" Mason is awesome to read with! He suggested some really helpful things to think about with my audition and I can't wait to tape this! "
" Super helpful and friendly! Thank you so much Mason again for your amazing work! "
" Excellent! Talented! It was a first rate experience and I’m so happy to tried this app because of him. "
" Awesome "
" Very patient and present! Wonderful scene partner. "
" Mason was so helpful! He helped me figure out how to kick my scene up a notch when I asked for his help! Thank you for being my reader! "
" Amazing. Kind, and fun to work with! "
" The Best Reader I have had. He was 100% in! "
" Brilliant reader!! "
" Excellent, would work with again! Thank you Mason!! "
" Awesome reader! Patient and gave really good insight on a scene. "
" Super helpful and friendly! "
" Always so great!!!! "
" Sooo good!! thank you so much!! Great reader!!! "
" A lovely reader! Thank you so much for your help "
" Mason goes out of his way to help tape a last minute audition! Gives great ideas and helps the scene nuanced! Thank you. "
" Mason is the best! "
" Had a great time rehearsing my side with Mason. He was very helpful and gave me feedback and helped me build more on who my character is. I definitely recommend Mason as a reader. "
" Really great! Got the material and helped me alot! "
" Great man and an awesome reader! "
" Mason was so amazing! He is super kind, generous with his time and energy and an absolutely wonderful reader and actor! Really helped me with this self-tape by being so present and bringing the script to life. Thank you so much, Mason! "
" Amazing reader love the energy!!! "
" So patient, had great ideas, and really helped shape the scene! "
" Great job Mason! Thank you so much. "
" Always a wonderful experience reading with Mason! Highly Recommend! "
" Absolutely brilliant! "
" He's one of the best! A Natural. "
" Really kind and easy going reader "
" Amazing reader with great tone! "
" Mason is excellent! Great scene partner. Present. Thoughtful. Definitely recommend. "
" Mason is AWESOME!! So far my fav reader! "
" Mason is awesome! Really friendly and a natural reader. "
" Awesome reader! Great with lines . "
" This man is awesome. Solid, disciplined, kind and patient! 10/10 would book him again! "
" Mason fostered a solemn space to meet the moment. He was patient, encouraging and offered some great suggestions. I enjoyed working with him! "
" Fantastic reader....extremely helpful!! "
" Excllent reader... period "
" Mason is the best! "
" So nice and great energy! Professional, and very helpful. Can't wait to work with Mason again. "
" Quick and efficient!!! "
" Second time using him, this guy is great. A consummate professional. "
" Great reader. great tips and advice given. definitely recommend working again "
" Soooo wonderful with such a calming energy. Mason gave me exactly what I needed for my scene. Thank you!! "
" Mason is WONDERFUL!! Gave me everything I needed in a reader & helped me record one of my best self tapes ever! 10 out of 10 recommend !! "
" Great reader, patient and knowledgable. he helped me tremendously with a comedic scene and will work with him again. Thank you! "
" Fantastic. Simple, respectful, helpful and capable. Exactly what I needed. "
" Thank you mason! "
" Super patient, really easy-going, great energy. "
" Great reader! had great notes as well! "
" Such a positive, upbeat nice guy! :) "
" He was WONDERFUL! So very patient! Knowledgeable! Kind! Very professional! I’m so happy that I chose him. Great service! Tks… Blessings 🌺 "
" Lovely reader!! "
" Amazing Reader!!! "
" So present and supportive and helpful. Mason is a great resource for your self-tape "
" A true gentleman and talent! Mason ROCKS!!! "
" Mason is the coolest and most helpful reader. Book Him! "
" Mason is awesome! Highly recommend! "
" Thank you "
" Awesome! Mason was kind and super generous. Gave great notes and helped me breakdown stuff I needed help with. Oh, and patient! "
" Excellent reader an very patient. Thanks again Mason! "
" Lovely as always! Really meets your energy of the scene. A must book. "
" Amazing reader!! SOOO patient and kind. Will definitely book again. "
" Mason is great to work with!! Thank you :) "
" Mason is awesome and so much fun to work with! "
" Thank you "
" Awesome dude right there! Thanks Mason! "
" Mason's a supportive and friendly reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! Did well with giving me different options each take. "
" Great reader. Excellent notes and feedback! "
" So helpful! "
" Super nice and chill! Great energy about him. "
" Perfect read! Great work,. Thanks Mason! "
" Great reader!! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader!!! and super nice "
" Mason!!! He is super pleasant and willing to jump right in with me on a quick scene! Thank you Mason! Highly recommend! "
" What a great guy! And so helpful for my audition. FIVE STARS. "
" Mason was great! Very patient! "
" I had an amazing rehearsal experience. Mason really dived into the script and helped me realize some moments that would give me a stronger performance. Thank you!!!! "
" Awesome Help! Thank u so much Man!!! Really appreciate it! "
" Thanks Mason!! "
" Thank you "
" Mason is really kind and super helpful! I highly recommend working with him. "
" Amazinnnggggg! "
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" Very fun reader. Great with comedy. "
" Mason was GREAT!!!!! What an energetic reader!!!! Made it so much easier to play and have fun. Made me feel relaxed and he even gave me some great suggestions when I asked him. Will look for him again. "
" Very patient. "
" Fantastic! As always ;-) "
" Mason is amazing! So grounded. Great reader. Will use again. Thank you! "
" Just fantastic. Fantastic reader. Knows what he's doing. Also gave some great suggestions! "
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" Lovely reader, patient, present and strong. "
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" Lovveddd him thank you so so much Mason! He made my audition so fun and it brought out my personality "
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" Really helped me find my way though a scene I was struggling with! "
" Mason is a really good reader! I used him as a last minute practice and he was very helpful! *Highly Recommend* "
" Great Reader. Appreciated his patience. Book him! "
" Feel comfortable bringing style/genre of audition material to work on with Mason. Thank you! "
" Mason was such a delight! Can't wait to read with him again! "
" Great reader, and was very patient, I never felt rushed! Thank you for the helpful tips! "
" Super fun to read with and toss ideas around with!! I felt really comfortable with Mason and we had a lot of fun with the scene. Mason also gave a really good idea for on camera and was open to exploring the scene with me! :) "
" Excellent! "
" Lovely read! Gave it life! Thank you!! "
" Mason was so awesome - I kept stumbling over a few lines and not only was he patient, but incredibly supportive. It's great when you have a strong scene partner that is also your cheerleader! "
" So great! Really nice energy and down to play with the script. "
" Excellent work as a reader! "
" I LOVE working with Mason! He's such a present and giving reader. He's in it with you moment to moment, and his feedback/insight is on point. So glad he was available today! Don't sleep on him! "
" Mason was so supportive and patient with my work. Highly recommend!!!! "
" He is patient, generous and gave great notes!! "
" Thank You "
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" Always a warm, generous reader and human. Appreciate you, Mason!! "
" Mason was such a pleasure to work with! "
" Good comedic timing. "
" Thank you, Mason! Played a great "cute doctor" for my scene. :-) "
" Favourite reader!!!! He is sooooo patient and on your team and happy to assist in any way to be able to get you the best read. He stayed wayyyyy longer than the time I had requested him. He even pushed me to get another take when I said it would be the last take and we got gold! I will definitely be booking him anytime I get the chance. Hes a lovely human being that makes work feel like play. Appreciate you and looking forward to working together again!! "
" Awesome fun. Thank you, Mason! Highly recommend this fine reader. "
" MASON!!!!!! I'm THRILLED to have worked with Mason twice in one night! He's truly a supportive partner and I so appreciate his time, patience and generosity as a reader in the scene. THANK YOU!!!!! "
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" A wonderful presence, very calming and generous. "
" Best! "
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" Awesome job! Mason really took his time with me and made sure I was happy with the final product. Lets hope for a booking! "
" Mason gave me SO MANY different colors in a character as a cold read. He's wonderful. And I can't wait to work with him again! "
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" Amazing brother! Thank you kindly! "
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" Mason is a stellar reader, scene partner and coach. We started off just discussing the scene and reading through it. Next, we dove deeper with Mason giving me notes on sections of the script where I could use context clues to stay on the thought of the line and really hit the changes in thought as well. We worked through certain sections repetitively, really breaking down the emotional state of the character and her re-experiencing of a trauma. Mason had interesting reference points to a similar scene in another movie which I'm looking forward to watching. Highly recommend working with Mason! "
" Great actor and excellent reader. So helpful! "
" Awesome on-the-fly reader! Friendly and active listener! Highly recommend Mason to help you nail your self-tape. "
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" Played with different variations and had great ideas!! Highly recommend "
" Mason was great- stepped right in and did the character exactly as as he was written to be played (as expected!). He's so calm and present and gave me a wonderful note to help get me more connected to my own character. Thank you! "
" 10/10 "
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" Great fun! Gave me exactly what I needed. You can tell he's a strong actor. Just open to playing. :-) "
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" A great help "
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" Fantastic! "
" MASON IS THE BEST!!!!! I needed some table work on a hardcore fantasy scene and he really helped me shape the world and character, helped me establish what was true, investigated with me, and had so many killer references that expanded the way I thought of things. Will totally read with him again! "
" Great guy! "
" Great reader! "
" So awesome, thank you! "
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" May not be experienced but very insightful. Thanks a bunch. "
" Really helpful. Appreciated the feedback and the space you gave to work. "
" Mason was a fantastic reader for my self-tape audition recording this evening! He was quick to pick up dropped dialogue and keep the flow of the scene going!! Thank you again! "
" Thank you Mason for your wonderfully supportive energy!! "
" A real pro! "

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