Michael Geary

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Hello! I am a working professional Actor, Voice Over Artist and WeAudition MVP with 28 years experience on numerous film, television, theatre, commercial and video game projects.
I was also an audition reader for the West End productions of Spamalot and Hairspray.
Trained at LAMDA.
Based in London.
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Please email or DM if you would like to schedule a session in advance :
@MikeGeary73 -Twitter
michaelgeary1973 - Instagram
or visit my website - michaelgearyactor.co.uk

Michael is a professional Actor and Voice Over Artist having worked on numerous film, televsion, theatre, commercial and video game projects.
He trained at LAMDA
He was born in Cardiff and lives in London.

McLean-Williams Ltd, Unit F22B, Parkhall Business Centre, 40 Martell Rd, London SE21 8EN +44 (0) 203 567 1090 info@mclean-williams.com

290 Reader Reviews

" As always, amazing. He makes me feel really comfortable and he always gives nice feedback for you to feel good and go deeper! "
" Michael is FAB!! One of the best readers on here. He's so patient and kind when I've done no prep and he had the best ideas to elevate my tape! "
" BRILLIANT. Michael is a PRO. A+++. BOOK HIM "
" Fantastic! "
" My knight in shining armour! Always so patient and thorough ! Thank you for being amazing! "
" Michael is the best! Always soo suportive and kind! You could honestly not wish for someone better to read for your tapes! "
" Always a pleasure to work with. He is my go to reader. It was fun creating with you today Michael! "
" I had so much fun! "
" Just so lovely and helpful in breaking down the sides and finding the right moment before to bring life into the scene. "
" What a gift!! Michael is so trained and so experienced. A wonderful scene partner and he has great ideas. Yay Michael! "
" Fantastic actor with great voice, too! "
" Amazing session. Thank you! "
" I always read with Michael cause he is just amazing! "
" Thank you so much Michael! You took my audition to a whole other level. Book Michael! "
" Michael was so amazing and helpful with my British accent. I was so insecure and self-conscious about doing one and he was reassuring sweet and patient. And made it all be so much fun thanks Michael I will definitely look you up next time. Book him! "
" The real deal y'all. great reader and insight on script, all around pro. BOOK him when u can. "
" Amazing , as usual! "
" One of the best readers/ actors anyone could hope for! Thank you. "
" Wonderful, wonderful, Thank you for everything. Michael is patient and encouraging with terrific notes. But most of all willing to do what he can to help me get what I need. "
" Excellent "
" Wow, what an experience. Delved into Shakespeare with an American actor. "
" Very sweet patient and good redirect "
" Michael is a blessing for me and my auditions. His insight and contribution is invaluable in bringing to life each character presented! First rate. "
" Excellent reader and really helped with the scene! "
" Excellent session. Michael took a keen interest in the text and my understanding of it, we broke it down bit by bit (especially helpful for Shakespeare!) and he offered some great direction throughout the takes. A super friendly and insightful gentleman. Will be sure to work with him again. "
" Thanks! "
" Instinctive, generous, talented reader who really helped to unlock the scene and created a great atmosphere to work in. "
" A+ reader. :) "
" Absolutely Terrific! Such a great reader, voice, and actor to work across from. Highly recommended, 10/10! "
" Just splendid!! It's so wonderful working with Michael and chatting about nuances of the scene and characters. I value Michael's insight tremendously! "
" Gosh, I love working with him! He makes it such fun, simple and quick. "
" COME TO MICHAEL . STAY! Thank you, Michael!! "
" I can't recommend Michael enough! Pleasant, encouraging, and SO helpful. "
" Michael -what a treasure! Absolutely LOVED working with him and learning from him! "
" Great personality. Very encouraging and easy to work with but more importantly he gives a great read. Thank you Michael Geary. "
" Always lovely to work with you Michael! Again, thank you! "
" Lovely, as always. Michael helps bring life to the character on the page. Thank you!! "
" Simply amazing. 5 stars! "
" LOVE MICHAEL! He is soo thoughtful and kind and smart! Such a wonderful person to have as a reader! Thank you! "
" Michael was extremely helpful and gave me such wonderful suggestions for my self-tape. I will definitely work with him again! "
" Lovely, friendly, great ideas about how to play with the text "
" Such a patient reader and a great coach. He made me feel so comfortable and took the time to try out different things and had great suggestions. Great energy! "
" So skilled, so supportive, great notes. I always feel good when I work with Michael "
" Absolutely a dream. Wonderful guy and wonderful reader. "
" Always a pleasure to work with! My go-to reader and today when I couldn't reach my reader for a short audition, he made time for me. So so appreciated. Thank you Michael!! "
" Michael is a true gift of a reader. I love booking him cause I know I'm always gonna get his best, my best & be in a relaxed & fun environment. "
" This was my first time using We Audition and I was a bit anxious to be fair. I couldn't have had a better reader for this. He put me so at ease and is so knowledgeable. It was well out of my comfort zone. I've been an actress for 20 years and I don't know WHY I haven't used this before, his tips were fantastic! I struck lucky with Michael! if you are wondering whether to use Mike, do it! Wonderful actor to boot. "
" Michael was extremely supportive and helpful with the choices made. Really helps you make the scenes nuanced. Thank you. "
" Just a joy! "
" I just love working with Michael. He's such a talented actor and a great listener. He is one of my go to's for accent work as well. Gives excellent feedback, and is just so incredible. "
" Michael gives really great notes and he's a fun reader! "
" Fabulous!! "
" So so kind and patient, excellent notes that encourage the best out of you! Could not recommend more! "
" Wonderful reader; great notes, gentle, patient kind and supportive! Professional coaching in spades! "
" SUCH a great reader and gives amazing suggestions and feedback "
" Always such a treat to work with Michael! Great reader, great energy, fun play! Thank you :) "
" Fantastic reader!! "
" Provides a comfortable environment to explore. Patient and filled with insightful wisdom for character and scene breakdown. A true gem!! "
" What a lovely guy! What a fantastic reader. Superb, thank you Michael! "
" WOW! I will definitely request to work with Michael again! He is an amazing actor and has the eye of a director. I appreciated his help so much! "
" Michael was awesome! Great timing and super playful and kept it fun! Def going to get him to read for me again. "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Excellent, supportive, great notes, top notch reader. "
" He is a dream. I feel like I'm supported by the muses when I work with him. "
" Michael is the best. Truly do yourself a favor and book him. "
" Wonderful reader with tons of great advice. Really helped me flesh out a minor role and get an interesting take to send in to my agent. Very grateful for his calm and confident energy. Book Michael! "
" Wonderful reader! Provides great feedback and notes! "
" I was absentminded and forgot to record one of our scenes. Michael was a rockstar and made himself available at the last minute. We got it done and he made sure I was comfortable with our work before we moved on. Extremely thoughtful. Thank you again Michael! "
" Working with Michael is a treat! It's not often that we come across actors who just get it. Not only does Michael get it, but he offers up incredibly useful and articulate advice. I will absolutely be working with him again. So patient, and very kind! Book him! "
" Truly phenomenal reader and scene partner! so generous and amazing to work with! "
" Great read! "
" He should charge way more for his services. He's a great reader and a guy!! "
" The best! Always fun. Thank you. "
" He is very warm and kind energy, and a wonderful reader. Thank you! "
" Loved working with him! Thank you! "
" This man knows his stuff and an help you! "
" An absolute delight to work with. I look forward to play again Michael. Thank you!!! "
" Michael is amazing! Fantastic reader and human. Highly recommended! "
" What a great time working with you! "
" Another great rehearsal! "
" Great job "
" Oh such a sweetheart!! And super helpful! "
" Always a pleasure. Great attitude, super positive and gives out bang on advice when asked "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Michael is an MVP for a reason. I’ve gotten multiple callbacks from taping with him. He’s so good at assessing the scene and bringing out your best. Highly recommended!! "
" Tremendously superb artist! Such a pleasant “play!” Highly recommend Michael!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love working with Michael! "
" Michael was just superb! Kind, patient, considerate, helpful notes and really fun to work with. Enjoyed every second and forgot to be nervous about the audition. "
" Michael is super helpful offering tonnes of great advice to help me access the character and the scene. Excellent pacey intuitive reader too! Can't wait to work with him again soon. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolute magic, every time. One of my favourite readers on here. Professional, dropped-in, great notes, flexible, generous!! Will never recommend him enough "
" Amazing reader! Incredibly helpful feedback! Thanks, Michael!! "
" Always the best work with Michael! "
" Brilliant work! "
" Always love working with Michael! He is brilliant! "
" Awesome energy and notes! "
" FAN-freaking-TASTIC!!! Excellent input, insight and suggestions that brought the moments to life <3 "
" Absolutely amazing!! He was so patient and gave amazing suggestions!! "
" Thank you! Enjoyed our work together "
" Used him twice in one day cause he’s just that great. Seriously amazing coach and reader. Helped push my work to the next level. Highly recommended!! "
" Just had an AMAZING session with Michael! He’s a very talented coach and reader. Great energy. Useful notes. Will definitely use him again. "
" Such a great reader. Gives so much to work with and blessed me with a final note that completely elevated the read. Thanks Michael! "
" So helpful! Only thing I can say is...Book him! "
" Ho wow! Michael was so supportive, smart, intuitive, and just great fun to tape with!!! will definitely hit him again next tape!!! "
" Wonderful supremely generous person!! Thank you Michael!! "
" Think I may have just found my favourite reader on here...Incredibly dropped-in, generous and present as an actor, extreeeeeeemely patient, fantastic notes. Can't recommend enough. Truly a marvelous experience. "
" A+ reader as always! SO fun to work with :) "
" Really nice working with Michael! :D "
" BRILLIANT! I have a video game VO audition and Michael was so so helpful in breaking it down with me and gave me some killer advice. Knows his stuff. Thanks Michael! "
" Very creative, intelligent and inviting. Loved working with Michael. Thanks again my friend! "
" Superb reader! "
" Exceedingly kind and generous as both a reader and a being. He gave me the space and comfort to experiment, to fail, and to try try again. Thank you, Michael! Will be seeing you again :) "
" He's bloody brilliant!!!Thank you Michael very much appreciated.X "
" A+ reader!! :) "
" A+ reader! amazing to work with and really fun! "
" Lovely feedback and great energy!!! "
" Did get to Connect but he reached out after the technical difficulties. Great guy!! "
" A+ reader! So wonderful to work with + great ideas! "
" He's such a pro and he listens to you with all your needs and helps you out to be the better version you can be! Thanks, Michael! "
" A+ reader - picks up material very quickly. Wonderful suggestions! Really fun to work with. "
" My go-to reader! He's very fun to work with :) "
" Michael was amazing! Truly, from his energy, to his kindness and even a suggestion at the end to try something different that totally rocked! Thanks Michael :) "
" Michael is BRILLIANT! I loved all of his great notes, I LOVED his energy of really becoming the character! Such an amazing reader. I will DEFINITELY be booking Michael again!!! THANK YOU "
" Working w/Michael was quite refreshing. He's truly helpful. "
" Soo good to work with him, and play around with the scenes! "
" I am amazed that I can get such a great reader on this site! Over the moon! Michael is IT! Lucky me! "
" Michael is great, really easy to work with and super supportive. Thank you "
" Amazing as always! "
" My go to reader! The best!!! "
" He is so good! I definitely recommend him :) "
" I had such a great time reading with Michael! He was really helpful, gave me some awesome advice and I definitely recommend him as a reader! Thanks, Michael! "
" Really great - thank you so much! x "
" Great help for my self-tapes as always:) "
" He always helps me to be calmer and reconnected! So nice "
" He's great! So nice to work with him :) "
" Michael is the best reader!! Always gives excellent ideas for your character to play with. Love working with him! "
" I am so grateful for all the times I've been able to work with Michael, He is soo incredibly supportive and kind and smart and great! absolutely one of the best "
" What a fantastic reader! Great actor! Good man! Lovely to meet and work with you sir. Made my day meeting you. "
" Once again, Michael comes in and saves the day! Thank you for being a fantastic reader! "
" Amazing rehearsal. As always so kind and helpful! "
" Michael is a star! Always love having read for me! Great insights, Lovely person! What more can you want?? Book him! "
" Michael is AMAZING!! RELIABLE. Very patient, encouraging and talented. Thank you for always being constantly great. High Quality!! "
" Michael is the BEST! "
" Michael is fantastic! I needed help with a British accent for a TV audition, and I can't believe how much more confident I feel after just a quick session. But I will also book him again just for coaching: he helped me not only with my accent but with my character. And he made extra time for me when I needed it - on Christmas Eve!! Book him: you will be so glad you did! "
" As always a great pleasure to work with Michael. "
" He's just great. Very patient and he also gives you what you need moment by moment. Thank you!! "
" Such a great session! Thank you Michael! "
" Great way to start the day! "
" Once again thank you! See you soon! "
" Michael is the BEST! BOOK HIM NOW! "
" Once again! Brilliant session! "
" Brilliant! Can't wait to work with you , Michael! "
" Thank you Mike for being here. So flexible, easy to get in touch. Lovely reader!!! Thanks! "
" Ask Mike. he will give you advice that make's you wann play play play. thanks!!! "
" Michael, again such a pleasure!!! thanks so much "
" My go to rehearsal/self tape person :) Cant recommend enough! "
" Thanks Michael, that was a lovely session. So much fun to work with you. :) "
" Fantastic reading with Michael. He was positive, insightful and helpful! Highly recommended! "
" He's just awesome to work with. "
" Generous, inspiring & as thoughtful as ever. Always a blessing to have Michael as my reader. "
" Always lively and helpful. Great reader!!! "
" Had so much fun, thanks a lot Michael for your tips! Looking forward to working with you soon again. "
" It has been amazing working with him! He has great energy and he helps you feel confident. If you want to he gives you great advise! "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" Michael is so supportive and fun to work with! Also, has great instincts with scripts. "
" Excellent!Thank you for all your great energy and ideas!Xx "
" Excellent!Michael is a first rate reader and actor.Brilliant to work with.Thank you! X "
" Another great rehearsal. Michael is fantastic as always. Helpful and kind. "
" The most patient knowledgeable, wonderful reader I have ever had. Calmed me down, encouraged me and helped me create an amazing audition. "
" Very good very encouraging and puts you at ease "
" Helpful notes , love working with Michael! "
" Michael's such a professional, and so supportive. Excellent notes, good coaching, I love working with him. "
" Michael was great! super kind and helpful with everything. gave me some great notes and we also played around with the material to get some fresh takes from a different perspective. i hope to work with him again "
" Wonderful generous brilliant artist! Michael coached me on a Shakespeare monologue I'm prepping for an audition, and in about 30 minutes my confidence grew ten fold and I discovered loads of brand new ideas to play with in the piece. Can't thank you enough!!! "
" How much I enjoy working with you Michael! "
" Fantastic, professional read, great notes, very supportive, highly highly skilled. Such a pleasure to read with. "
" OMG! BRILLIANT! Thank you Michael! "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Can't rate this guy high enough. Always gives great advice and very patient. "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Always brilliant! I enjoy working with you Michael! "
" Always a pleasure "
" AMAZING! Mike was so helpful and full of great suggestions. We had such fun and got so many good takes I don't know which to use! :) Would highly recommend. "
" Attention people of WeAudition.... Book Michael, he is awesome.... Great working with you Michael. "
" Always a pleasure. See ya soon!! "
" Michael. THANK YOU so much for sharing your positive energy and amazing talent with me. And your patience is a gift. I'll definitely be reaching out to you again. "
" Amazing reader! Always love having Michael coach and help me with a tape! This time for a recall! You rock! "
" Michael. Thank you for being such a wonderful energy to work with. I couldn't have asked for better 1st WeAudition experience. You rock!! "
" Wonderful reader! A pleasure always "
" Oh my god this guy is amazing. Use him. He's super fun to work with, gave fantastic, actionable notes. We did a couple quick exercises where we switched characters and played around with the action and I really found something new in the scene. "
" Always Brilliant! "
" INCREDIBLE Reader! Such great energy and super friendly! Will definitely request to read with him again "
" Another amazing rehearsal/self tape with Michael. Thank you! "
" This is the man you need to nail your audition! "
" He is brilliant! Book him! "
" Once again Thank you Michael! "
" Wonderful rehearsal again with Michael! Will book him again tomorrow to shoot my self-tape. "
" I love working with Michael, he is one of the best readers I have ever worked with. He is kind, patient, and has great input from start to finish. "
" GRate, again! "
" Superb reader! Michael had lots of great ideas to plough through a complicated script. Will book him tomorrow again! "
" Michael was awsome!Lovely energy, helpful and full of excellent ideas!Thank you!X "
" Great to work with you and alllll those takes "
" Excellent reader ! Helpful and was a pleasure to work with. Will use again! "
" Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with!! Will definitely be back! "
" Michael is wonderful!!! Really helped me trust my choices and embrace silence!Highly recommend! "
" Great "
" Michael is unbelievable! His encouragement focus and patience within the script is the best. Creates and amazing working space to bring out the best. "
" Once again Michael went above and beyond to help me with a self-tape I can't recommend him enough! "
" Super kind and helpful. Gave me a lot of room to play with the scene. "
" Michael is an excellent reader with a lot of knowledge, he was so friendly and helpful and really put me at ease. I can't recommend him enough if you need someone to help you run through lines for an audition! "
" Excellent reader. Coached me a bit. Very patient very kind. First time actually using we audition. Extremely helpful. Highly recommend. "
" Michael thank you so much! "
" Perfect session! "
" Michael! Cannot thank you enough! "
" Love working with Michael! Once again thank you! "
" Thank you so much again Michael! "
" Twice today , amazing reader! "
" What a great way to start the day! Working with Michael! "
" Worked twice with Michael today! Thank you so so much! "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Once again Michael is brilliant! "
" Michael was such a delight!!!! He gave me fantastic notes! :D And he helped me elevate my scene to the next level! I highly recommend anyone to reach out to him as a scene partner! :D "
" Very friendly and with terrific energy. Can 100% recommend Michael! "
" Michael is so insipiring, patient & a pleasure to tape with. Book him. He's the best. "
" Michael! You are AMAZING! "
" Thanks again Michael! "
" Book this guy! "
" Really helpful and some interesting directions too "
" Once again had an amazing session with Michael! "
" Had a brilliant session with Michael! "
" Fantastic, once again! "
" Thanks Michael for a great read, being patient and generous with your time! "
" Michael you give so much! Thank you! "
" Michael is the greatest. He is so good to read with. He's thoughtful, inspiring & asked all the right questions for me to get the best out of the scene & character. I've already booked in with him to work on taping this. Thanks Michael. "
" Michael was super reassuring to do as many takes as needed, and when tech issues arose, we quickly switched over to Zoom to close off our session. It was great to know my reader was going above and beyond to make my self-tape the best it could be. Highly recommend Michael as your next go-to reader! "
" OUTSTANDING! Read the scene like he'd rehearsed it 20x before! Great guy too, had a blast!!! Will def be working with him again!!! "
" Michael was a great help with my self-tape that I needed for an audition. I will work with him again. Thanks for your help!! "
" Once again! Brilliant session! Thanks Michael! "
" Excellent again, came back due to my tech issues, "
" Such a joy to read with. amazing "
" Perfect! "
" Amazing! "
" Thank you Thank you Michael! Can't wait to work with you again and again! "
" Wow! Michael was amazing! Great energy & playfulness. Really lovely to work with and gave me lots of useful tips & techniques to work my scene! Really helpful :) Looking forward to working with Michael again in the future! xx "
" Excellent! Really took the time to make sure the scene was how I needed it to be. Gave great exercises and advice. Will use again. "
" Michael was spectacular! He gave me such great advice on how to improve my voice over work, technical input and lovely words of encouragement. He's so knowledgable and has great energy - can't recommend him enough! "
" Brilliant, reader and lovely man. V collaborative and helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you, Michael! "
" Very warm, genuine and insightful reader/instructor. At the same time, you'll be comfortable in his presence yet pushing through the uncomfortable limits of your abilities. He'll help you cultivate aspects of your performance that you never even noticed mattered. Go to him!! "
" Absolute pleasure to have Michael as my reader! Great feedback, wonderful suggestions, relaxed and supportive environment. Everything needed to be confident with the performance. "
" Excellent in every way. Great with improv! "
" Always excellent!! "
" Mike always has insight and bring great energy to his reads! "
" Mike is always fun to work with! Great reader and very versatile! "
" This is my third time reading with Michael and OHMYGOSH he is so amazing!!!! He brought an excellent "Mrs. Doubtfire" energy to a scene where I needed him to play a nanny and he was so funny and delightful. What an excellent partner to read with. "
" Michael is an incredibly generous reader and human being. I needed to work on a very difficult/lengthy Shakespeare scene, and he was the perfect person for it. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. It was akin to being in an acting studio really. The work was so rewarding. I can't thank Michael enough for his love for the craft and his time today. Will most definitely book again and would highly recommend to anyone for any genre. If Michael can cold read Shakespeare at the highest level, he can do anything really. "
" Michael's energy is exactly what I needed for the scene. he definitely elevated the work!! "
" Michael is honestly one of the kindest, most invested readers I have worked with on this platform! always ready to work, very generous with his time! Book him! Now! "
" Michael is just wonderful. You can tell right away he has an outstanding amount of experience as a reader and actor. He not only reads perfectly on the first go and infuses the character with life but also can give you incredible useful advise. His energy beams out of the screen and makes you feel like you are reading with a person in the flesh in your room. He made my scene shine and come to life. I felt instantly comfortable which helped me tape this scene immensely. "
" Michael is the PERFECT reading partner. He is a great actor, got the characters right away (both mine and his!) and took the time I needed to get it right. Absolutely brilliant! "
" Michael has such a calming energy! Always ready to direct and give different insights! I have said it before and will say it again: Book him for your readings!! "
" Michael is an excellent reader with so much to offer! Love working with him:) "
" Michael is a terrific reader and always has useful ideas!! "
" Michael is an excellent reader and very upbeat! Love all of his ideas. Helped me bring more to the scenes. "
" Michael is so charming and full of new ideas from what we New Yorkers usually do! Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Really great self tape reader. Makes you feel comfortable so you can do your best work! Thanks Michael! "
" This is my third time going back to Michael, He has such a calming presence and is incredibly well voiced in the art of acting! Book him! "
" Once again, nothing but the best from Michael! He helps you get into the scene and really nail it! Book him! you won't regret it! "
" Michael is such a generous and caring actor/director! very knowledgable and calm! Absolutely will work with him again! "
" Extremely supportive and great fun. I hope to work with Michael again soon! "
" Michael has 26 years experience as an actor, and helped me SO much, acting along side me, giving me things to react to. My self tape is 300 per cent better than if I'd done it without such a good reader. Highly recommend xx "
" I went back to Michael twice in the same day, I believe that says it all. Thank you sir. "
" Michael is outstanding! He clearly cares about helping as a reader and collaborator. It is often stressful to meet someone new to work with online but Michael puts you at ease the moment he says hello. He is right there with you in the scene, offers great insight, and wants nothing more than to help with the success of your work. I will definitely be looking for Michael here in the future, I recommend you do as well. "
" Wow, what a fantastic reader!!! I can't believe he just got the sides. He was amazing, what a professional. Great input and suggestions. So grateful for this opportunity to have him read with me, what an honor. "
" I reached out to Michael specifically, since he's such an excellent reader, and I had a scene where I needed to work on my English accent. He was BEYOND patient and kind, doing as many takes as I needed and then a couple more besides. He gave me great feedback on my accent, and as a scene partner he was grounded and a great listener. Definitely working with him again. "
" Michael's an excellent reader, such a lovely person and great at accents. He makes you feel safe and able to play. Definitely recommend "
" Yeah, Michael is a great reader and does a good American accent too!!! "
" Best auction for a very important self tape. made me feel comfortable and very flexible. "
" Wow, Michael was EXCELLENT! Did a killer American accent with me, (he's based in London) if you want accent work, this is your guy. He can do it all. Can't wait to work with him again! "
" A pleasure to work with Michael "
" Michael was a fantastic reader... It was a great pleasure working with him... Very patient and accomodating. It was so easy to rehearse and shoot my scene. Very happy :) "
" Michael was an absolute gem to work with! He had a "finished" performance on the first go at it and was flexible and adaptable to help me get where I needed to go. He was also able to improv the scene with me upon request and offered some welcomed tips. This was my first time using this site and Michael made me feel very comfortable. I will DEFINITELY be requesting to work with him again! I highly recommend him! "

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