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20 years I living in Ireland
I trained as a theatre actor in college in Dublin City,
After some years on stage, I ended up working as a stunt performer due to my high level of Stage Combat fight performance skill.

I have been self taping for many years now.

If you need any help with script reading, sides, self tape auditions and anything that you might think of,

I can read across, give feedback, ideas or advice.

If you're happy with my help and can spare it, I appreciate your contribution. Ta

Stav Dvorkin is known for Cocaine Bear (2023), Mary Queen of Scots (2018) and Vikings (2013).

Hello, I am originally Israeli, (and a Dutch national)
I've move to Ireland in 2003 and have been living there ever sense.
I've joined a youth theatre in Galway in 2003 for a 2 year first grasp at acting.
There I got a first glance at a Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' - it had moved something in me and I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I then moved to Dublin where I found the Gaiety School of Acting,
I've taken up acting for camera, a 2 term course and Stage Combat,
Stage Combat became a passion and I have never stopped engaging in it, training weekly and eventually becoming an Instructor in 2015.

In 2007 I had decided to look for an official actor training course.
I got into 2 college's and when I had realised that 'Bull Alley' where putting on theatre productions twice a year and the first year my second play would be 'The Crucible' , well, naturally it was my pick and I got to play John Proctor on stage in front of 70 people for 6 shows.
That was Bull Alley theatre training program at The Liberties college in Dublin.
Between 2007 and 2011 we performed numerous plays on stage in front of an audience as well as musical productions.
In 2011 I got some professional work on stage in the Marchant of Venice as Shylock as well as being a fencing stunt double on a TV movie, An Old-Fashioned Christmas.
My fight performing skill lead me to then work on the hit TV show 'Vikings' and that's where I had a career shift into stunts. I am featured in the opening scene and worked on 70 episodes of the show, with a short acting role in season 6.
I've been a stunt performer over 12 years, during the time I have been self taping for auditions.
I only discovered this platform now and I think this could have been a great help through my time self taping and trying to find people.

So I'm here to help too.


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