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5 RECENT BOOKINGS FROM AUDITIONS W/ ME: 3 PROCEDURAL COSTARS (FX, HBO) & 2 NATIONAL COMMERCIALS! I understand what it is like to do self taped auditions CONSTANTLY by yourself and I want to be a flexible reader for you to bounce off of, in order to nail your audition! I won't give notes unless you ask. :)
-have been acting professionally for 8 years.
-I've loved hearing back from actors when they book jobs or callbacks based on their self tapes with me. So please let me know if that happens so I can celebrate you!

Fave shows right now: Blue Bloods & Bosch

An honest review is greatly appreciated

We are all in this together!
If you want to work together at a specific time, please email me!
If Paypal doesn't work for some reason, here is my Venmo: @Carolinestoughtonart

My name is Caroline and I have been acting professionally for 9 years, starting in community theatre then learning the world of TV/FILM acting.
Last seen as Amanda in VH1 My True Crime Story
2 short films coming up soon, one lead one supporting, and 4 projects in post!
In the past two years I have also worked on: HBO, A&E, ID Network

Always in class and I love helping my fellow actors. We are all in this together!

If you want to work together at a specific time, please email me!

I am also a professional visual artist, if you like paintings :)

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