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Director/Casting director/Actor/Producer based in Los Angeles, but currently studying in Scotland.

Studied/taught/and worked in the performing arts for the last 18 years.

Constantly juggling my love of Film/Television and Theatre and the Environment.

Lover of Shakespeare! Currently performing with the Edinburgh Shakespeare Company.

I believe everyone is naturally an actor, I mean we all played pretend as kids, some of us never stopped playing. I have had the pleasure of being on both sides of the table, so I am happy to share the perspective, if you are interested! I have also worked as an acting-coach.

Feel free to message me on Instagram @Jules.OfThe Earth

I am happy to read with you!

Julia is currently on a hiatus during her studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

A recent feature she worked on was sold at Cannes and just mades it's Los Angeles premiere.

Recently in class at Berg Studios, The Annex, and studied Shakespeare with incredible teachers all over the country (including Milan Dragicevich, Daniela Varon, Susan Angelo, Lisa Wolpe, Ellen Geer, and Willow Geer)!

Her goal is to work on historical dramas and period pieces to bring attention to the human condition and try to learn from our past, but also she loves the costumes...

Winner of Best Actress in a Silent Film 2021 Best Actor Award New York


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