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**FYI: Sometimes the website would still show us readers as "available" even though we're already in session with other actors. I'm sorry if I'm MIA for your request.

**Please send me a message via Instagram instead of ringing me online if you plan on reserving a session (base fee $25/hour). I check my phone constantly and we'll be able to plan things out much more effectively through those mediums. If you wish to keep your Instagram handle private or do not have one, please use the link below to reach out:
Available for scheduling future session. Rate: $25/hr minimum

*Available for coaching Mandarin/Chinese lines (Not Cantonese)

Whether you're looking for someone who can give you honest feedback or you just need a person to drill the lines with, I'm the reader for you. After years of working and studying in classes specializing in audition preparations, I want to share what I've learned and help you feel comfortable and confident with your materials. Let's help you book that room!

Flexible read: emotionally-invested scene partner, neutral reader, or flat reader you might encounter when you're in the room with casting - we can help you get used to that so you don't get tripped when you're auditioning!

• native Mandarin speaker / Taiwanese
• UT Austin Acting MFA w/ teaching experience
• Recent credits include shows on CBS, ABC, Netflix and more

**A kind reminder to my fellow actors: I can 100% relate and understand that sometimes the material can be tricky to memorize, but the more you're able to be off-book, the longer time we can take to explore the sides and really get into the nuances of the character/scene, especially when you're submitting a self-tape. May the Muse of Verbatim be always on your side.


Personal website: https://jasonkoactor.wixsite.com/home
Acting reels available at:

Jason Ko (he/him/his) was born and raised in Taiwan before coming to the United States when he was 16. His passion for acting led him to study theatre in University of California, Santa Barbara before heading to University of Texas at Austin for their M.F.A. in Acting program. During his time at Austin, Jason received an opportunity to perform at Seattle Children’s Theatre, the second largest theatre in the United States for young children, as the lead character in the world premiere of "A Single Shard", an adaptation of a Newberry Award-winning children’s novel. That same year, Jason also got to work at Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for their exclusive invite-only summer intensive program.

Jason has been living in Los Angeles, CA since finishing his degree at Austin, and works as an actor mainly for television, film and voiceover.

Commercial / voiceover agent: DDO (Currently looking for theatrical representation and managers)

569 Reader Reviews

" Thank you, Jason! "
" Jason is a FANTASTIC reader!!! Excellent notes- really helped me find the shape of my scene! Thanks Jason :) "
" Jason was a fantastic reader and provided valuable insight while working with me on my self-tape. "
" Great reader and director! Love the collaboration. "
" He was great and supes patient! "
" Great as always! "
" Jason is always amazing!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I always love working with jason! "
" Awesome Reader!! "
" Super helpful and patient reader. Highly recommend! "
" Solid actor with a great eye. Thanks for your help Jason! "
" Thanks so much Jason for being so patient with me! Especially with fine tuning my Mandarin! "
" Awesome "
" Jason was great to work with. Thanks! "
" Exxxcellent Reader!! Great feedback when and where I needed it! "
" Lots of great suggestions. Hope to read with Jason again soon. "
" Great reader. Total pro. Jason will get you there! "
" Excellent Reader!! Excellent pacing! "
" Always great working with Jason. "
" COMEDY PROOO WOW love him "
" Brilliant to work with, well attuned and gives great suggestions and offers. Highly recommend. "
" My fav WeAudition reader. he's a gem for real!!! "
" Such a fantastic reader!! Jason gives great feedback for playing with alt takes and making it my own. "
" One of my favorite readers! "
" Always great. Thanks for being supportive, Jason!! "
" Jason is a pro! Thank you so much, fantastic reader "
" Jason is amazing! "
" Super great reader! Supportive and gives great ideas and insights "
" Second time working with Jason on a comedy script, and I laughed a lot during our session! If you're game, he's always willing to throw some ideas out there for you to try, and I have so much fun working with him. "
" Jason is a fantastic reader! Great energy and eager to help! "
" Absolutely amazing will book him again "
" Super helpful reader! Even with a kinda silly script he was able to help me make it feel more grounded. Highly recommend!!! "
" Great! "
" Jason should be your go-to!!! Such a generous reader with grounded notes, there to get the take you want without a time constraint!!! "
" Amazing ! "
" Jason was the best. He was patient and had a lot of good ideas. "
" Super helpful and clear as always! "
" Great reader, great energy, loved working with Jason! "
" Jason was incredible! The notes he gave were extremely in-depth and helpful and improved the quality of my tape. "
" Jason was great, he had some great notes and feedback that took the scene up a notch! "
" Great. Notes great patience "
" He is amazing at scenework development and really motivates you to dig deeper into the character. it really was an excellent experience!!! "
" Boom! Lucky Me, Jason was available to work with me today!! "
" Jason is so great! He is so detailed in his notes and tips. I grew immensely from my first take to my final take! "
" Great per usual! Thanks Jas! "
" Very professional, great pacing, excellent cold read and a stickler for text. Will definitely read with again! "
" Great advice! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very helpful and fun reader "
" Super awesome notes and so fun to play with! "
" Gave me some excellent adjustments and is a wonderful actor! "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Best I've worked with yet. I'm gonna be using Jason for all the big auditions. "
" Always always always a wonderful time working with Jason - seriously the BEST. Thank you, Jason :) "
" One of my favorite readers! "
" He was wonderful to work with! "
" Always love working with jason! one of my favorite readers "
" Amazing reader with great ideas and lovely way of working "
" Jason was one of the best readers I have worked with. He took the time to go through the scene and dissect it with me before we got started which is exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend him! "
" Awesome reader! Gave great notes and adjustments. Very respectful and supportive. "
" Jason was terrific! What an insightful, intuitive, connected reader. Thank you! "
" Jason, I will look for you every time I need a reader. YOU ROCK! "
" Thanks, Jason! MVP! "
" Thank you! "
" Quick and delivered the lines for my self tape perfectly! "
" Jason helped me conquer a last minute fast paced comedy self tape - he helped me elevate the scene in such a short amount of time. It was incredibly helpful. "
" I know positive reviews are all abound on this site - and for good reason! Many readers here are nothing short of amazing! - so while this is yet ANOTHER positive review I'm leaving for Jason, I genuinely mean it when I say he is an AWESOME reader/actor/artist/human being to know and work with - kind, creative and full of fabulous ideas to elevate your work *that much* more. Get your butt in gear and work with Jason and discover your best work yet! Thank you, Jason! I'd add ALL the star emojis if I could! "
" Awesome, loved working with him. "
" Jason is a great reader! Book him! "
" Great reader ! Very flexible "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great, as always! "
" Very very helpful. Book him and you'll be all set "
" Great as always!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason is always on the mark. Book him! "
" Always great!! "
" Awesome coach and reader! Willing to let you run the scene through your way then help you make other choices! Definetly book Jason if hes available! "
" So glad I got to work with Jason again! He is so helpful and insightful! Thank you for your patience and feedback! "
" Wonderful as always! Sharp eye, attention to ALL the details, helps build the world of your scene/script, and always brimming with so many fabulous ideas to play with - highly recommend always - thanks Jason! "
" Amazing coach and reader, really gets to the heart of the scene, thanks so much Jason! "
" SO nice! Will use again "
" Great, grounded, and very helpful! "
" Amazing as always "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason is incredible at breaking down a scene! He is very helpful, and gave me a lot to play with! cant thank him enough! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" FAB AS ALWAYS. Jason is most excellent at reading, acting, giving feedback, script analysis, all the things! You gotta read with him! Thanks Jason! "
" Always great! Thank you!! "
" Jason knocked the read out of the park and gave me invaluable direction and input along the way. Exactly what I needed, thanks so much! "
" Excellent reader, very knowledgeable and gives great feedback and adjustments! "
" Amazing as always. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason was absolutely incredible! "
" Jason was awesome. He was so patient and insightful, great with script/character analysis, and gave great notes. Really grateful for the time he spent with me! Thank you, Jason! "
" Awesome as always!!! "
" Wonderful ease, and great scene partner! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader, thanks Jason! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason is Amazing "
" Amazing! So helpful "
" Hes so great! "
" Jason gave great notes and redirects! I'd read with him again. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason was amazing to work with. He's an excellent reader and offered a lot of helpful acting advice. "
" Lovely, great ideas! "
" Thanks Jason for capturing the tone of the sides with me! "
" The real deal, seriously! The best feedback all the time, always a great session with Jason - if you haven't read with him yet, what are you doing with your life?!? "
" Incredible. 5 stars. Life Saver. Thank you so much "
" Patient, great feedback, and supportive! Thank you!! "
" Another excellent session! Love working with Jason, thank you! "
" Seriously the BEST. Always the best feedback, ideas, suggestions, adjustments, and is there to make sure you're doing your best, honest work no matter the circumstances! Thank you, Jason! "
" Super helpful again, as usual. Jason is a pro and star human being. Work with Jason if you get the chance! "
" Great reader. Great scene ideas. "
" Amazing notes and redirections, a perfect reader! "
" ALWAYS awesome! Thank you!! "
" Amazing reader always patient "
" Great reader flexible ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason is truly the best - always a pleasure! He will bring out the strongest, best choices in your work! Thank you, Jason! "
" Jason was SUPER helpful! I was feeling challenged by these sides, partly due to lack of time, but sometimes the connection isn't quite there yet when the deadline to tape comes around. Jason helped me get closer and closer to this character. Thank you so much! "
" A joy to work with! "
" I am so grateful for my friend, Jason, who is always dedicated to helping actors put their absolute best foot forward. Thank you so much, man. Appreciate you. "
" Jason had the BEST notes! He really helped me elevate my tape to a whole new level. "
" Ahmazing! "
" Jason is a great reader! Very patient and appreciated his feedback and suggestions! "
" Jason was very helpful and willing to work ideas with you. Enjoyed working with him "
" Jason was a great reader and very patient thank you!! "
" Killed it. "
" Amazing reader and very patient! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I LOVE JASON! I knew he could help me get through this difficult and awkward audition with ease and humor. I trust him and his skills implicitly and will keep coming back for more whenever he is available to work with- thank you!!! "
" Always great. Love working with Jason! "
" Jason is great -- very patient and insightful; extremely inspiring "
" Great to work with! "
" Jason is awesome! He's a total pro; jumps right into the material with ease and helps create a perfect working environment. I'll be booking him again in the future. Thanks again, Jason!! "
" Super supportive with well informed notes. Will book again! "
" Great reader, super patient, awesome feedback! "
" Jason is a most valuable player--and gives most valuable feedback. A+++ "
" Thank you Jason! You really know your stuff! "
" I mean, just rad. Super helpful and really fun to work with. Thanks dude!! "
" Always always ALWAYS a fabulous time reading with Jason - he's helped me feel confident with some difficult auditions, and always a solid reader and scene partner - most definitely recommend reading with him! Thanks Jason! "
" Jason was fantastic! Really grounded, gave a great read, and had incredibly helpful comments that elevated the scene. BOOK HIM! "
" Such a great reader and offered such helpful insight into the character and scene. Thank you, Jason! "
" Thank u! "
" Thanks Jason!! Great reader! Super great clear voice and great energy and also has greaaaatt notes!! He will take your work to the next level! Thanks again Jason! "
" Wonderful to work with Jason! Helpful notes and supportive scene partner. Will definitely request again. "
" What else is there to say about Jason besides the fact that HE'S THE BEST!!! He's helped me out with so many auditions and helped me find my personal spark in each of scenes - highly recommend! Thanks Jason! "
" So patient and gives thoughtful feedback! "
" Jason helped me out with a quick self tape and he was nothing short of amazing. I can tell he is a very talented actor. I would book him again in a heartbeat. "
" Great reader! Very good at giving just the right amount of support! "
" Great energy! "
" Always a pleasure with Mr. Ko. "
" One of my new go-tos! "
" AWESOME!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Really friendly and great to work with! "
" Super nice and helpful "
" Super helpful and go with the flow! "
" So kind and really invested in helping me understand the material I was given. "
" Superb! The perfect reader. Patient, considerate, and knowledgeable with great insight. "
" Jason was so fun to read with. He has great energy and gives awesome suggestions. "
" OMG!!! I cannot recommend Jason enough. He is an incredible reader and coach and gave me so much amazing insight for an agency audition. What a STAR!!! "
" Wow! Jason was really great and fun to work with it. I will use him again "
" Jason is great and so thoughtful. He always has the best ideas! "
" Jason is THE BEST! Seriously one of my faves on here - he knows how to find hidden gems in your scene, a different perspective on playing the scene, aaaalllll the great ideas, and a great actor to boot - you must absolutely read with him! Thanks Jason! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason was a pleasure to work with! We immediately jumped in and started working. He's quick on his feet, super helpful, and a wonderful scene partner. "
" Steven was wonderful to work with! He asked all the right questions to make sure he understood the scene and relationships, provided all sorts of useful advice, and gave me plenty of options to work with for each take. "
" Great! he's very patient which is invaluable to me. "
" Really dives into the material. "
" Amazing reader and coach. Fantastic feedback. "
" Jason is the best. He's always ready to dive in! "
" Jason is very kind! He had a lot of great ideas and I had fun collaborating with him on my sides. "
" ALWAYS a pleasure reading with Jason! Such great ideas, great coach, great scene partner - always will highly recommend! "
" Great insight and breaks it back down to the fundamentals!! So fun to work with :) "
" GREAT! "
" Thank you so much!! Helpful notes and thanks for staying a little later "
" Jason is great "
" BY FAR THE BEST READER I HAVE HAD! THANK YOU JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give 10M stars. He helped me with character work, was patient, kind and gave great feedback. Book him. You welcome. "
" Let's hear it for JASON! Such a great, thoughtful scene partner. THANK YOU! "
" Always great working Jason. "
" Jason was fantastic and very patient and available. So impressed with his work! "
" Jason was great as always! Thank you so much! "
" So lovely to work with! "
" Thank you so much!!!! Jason was helpful, insightful, patient! Loved working together! "
" One of the best readers in life. "
" Jason was amazing! He gave a lot of helpful guidance and direction! "
" JASON! is the real M.V.P. like holy SMOKES! so patient, so wanting & willing to give his full attention to get the take that slaps! and great notes to keep a performance grounded in character’s truth. thanks for the reminder — don’t judge your character’s feelings or if their reactions are appropriate— JUST FEEL THE FEELINGS & REACT ! "
" Professional. Professional. Professional! "
" What a great Reader and Guy!! Got out information for my scene that most people would have overlooked. Thank you Jason!! "
" So helpful! "
" Super positive and great feedback! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great energy and really took his time to help me. Addressed all the questions I had as well! "
" Just so wonderful!! Such great energy and a great reader! "
" Very patient and present "
" Thank you Jason. you've been absolutely helpful! was able to work through and breakdown the scenes and give a performance that came from a truthful place. You gave Insightful advice and I came out of it feeling reassured. So I'm very thankful to have a reader like you! "
" You know those moments when someone gives you a suggestion or feedback or an idea to play with that you didn't see before that makes so much absolute sense that it makes your mind explode with joy and happiness?? THAT is what working with Jason is like, each and every time I've worked wit him! Cannot recommend enough! Thanks Jason! "
" Jason is such a great reader with fantastic advice on how to get your scene to the next level! "
" Jason is a legend. He helped me book an agent by coaching me on a scene. He has great insight. "
" Jason was such a great collaborator, and great reader. Book him! "
" Jason is just the best, I had to hire him again. Such a natural reader and brilliant ideas. "
" Great Reader! "
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" So knowledgable and helpful! Thanks Jason! "
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" Great reader. Thank you! "
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" Alright, where do I begin? Jason is a rockstar! Insightful, knowledgeable and puts the work first! I had a blast working with him and I highly recommend that you do the same! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jason is AWESOME - if you need someone to really break down a difficult scene with you, he's your guy! He takes the time to talk through the interpretation and direction based off all the written clues in the script and is a fantastic actor to boot :) Definitely recommend - thank you, Jason! "
" Super friendly, helpful and definitely a WeAudition pro! Really appreciated all the help and tips! "
" Super helpful and friendly "
" Great notes! Patient! Great energy! "
" Great reader! "
" I trust Jason so so much. He will get me to where I need to be. Grateful, every time. "
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" Can't express how incredibly thorough and helpful Jason is to work with. BOOK HIM! "
" Another GREAT Read with Jason! "
" Jason went above and beyond to help me break down my audition. He is incredibly intuitive about the technical and deeper emotional aspects of a scene. Truly I walked away with gold!! "
" Jason helped me breakdown the scene and get into the details. A very thoughtful, talented reader. THANK YOU! "
" Great reader, patient and actionable feedback! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader "
" Great notes and great reader! Def will request him again. "
" The best! "
" My go-to reader! Always so fantastic and helpful. THE BEST! "
" So down to work and willing to play. Definitely gives really great notes. Highly recommend! "
" Super great, very insightful, great notes. "
" Great and very helpful with coaching as well! Super professional. "
" Jason was SO helpful as my reader. Gave fun suggestions and knew his stuff! Easy to talk to and bounce ideas off of - would totally re-book. Thank you!! "
" This was my first time using this app and Jason was beyond helpful! He helped me dissect the scene more which allowed me to make different choices that I had not explored before! I would highly recommend Jason! "
" Terrific. Excellent reader and on point. "
" Great, professional reader! "
" Another awesome session! "
" Great "
" Superb reader and actor. "
" Kind, patient, easy to work with, and great feedback. "
" Awesomeness! Great reader. "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Always a great reader! "
" Great session. Good ideas. Helped a lot! "
" Wonderful as always! Gives excellent feedback! "
" Always a great reader. I love when Jason is on! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Such a PRO! Notes were on point...he is an ACTOR...a DIRECTOR...he gets it. There's a reason he's an MVP "
" He's wonderful!! "
" He's so kind, patient, and incredibly helpful "
" Jason is an awesome reader and coach! Great ideas communicated thoughtfully and effectively. Highly recommend! "
" SUCH great notes, so attentive, and cares a lot about you nailing the scene to submit a good take. DEFINITELY work with Jason!! "
" Jason was SO helpful with my audition! Gave me super helpful feedback when I asked, and I am very happy with my final product. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Awesome reader "
" Thanks Jason! Super friendly reader and gave me lots of good tips! "
" He is a real PRO! "
" Fantastic energy, really took the time to get to know the show. "
" Super great ideas and so nice and helpful!!! "
" Great reader. Was very helpful and gave feedback when I asked. Thanks again! "
" GREAT!!! "
" Jason's awesome!! "
" Great reader and great energy, thank you! "
" Ya'll! Book Jason!!! He is an absolute pro and really helped me dial into some extra ideas and nuances for this character and script. Just fantastic all around!!! "
" The finest reader here! A go to. "
" Jason was so incredible. He asked me stimulating questions and really helped me deepen my understanding of my character. I feel way more prepared for my audition now! "
" So lovely! Gave great direction! "
" Jason was an awesome reader! We rehearsed the scene a couple times and felt super prepared by the end of our session! "
" JASON WAS AWESOME. He was so playful and willing to commit to whatever the style and tone of the sides you have. Truly a joy to work with! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" Jason was the BEST. He offered SO many fun & insightful thoughts to play with. Would 100% recommend!!! "
" Great reader! Wonderful energy, great active reading, really easy to work with. "
" Great reader. super helpful "
" Great "
" Supportive, well-schooled, always gives you all he can... Thanks, Jason!! "
" Awesome reader and great direction "
" Jason is fantastic. Great reader. Excellent script analysis and notes "
" Jason is amazing!! Cannot recommend more. His questions and guidance helped me delve deeper into my scene and become more emotionally connected. But he still gave me the space to be myself and do my thing. Plus he is a perfect reader. Thank you so much!! <3 "
" Jason gave great notes and feedback and is an excellent actor. "
" Fantastic reader with great energy! Thanks! "
" Wow. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with you Jason. I'll definitely work with you again when I have the chance. "
" Literally one of the most insightful and helpful readers I've ever had! Amazing! "
" Really great reader! "
" Brilliant. "
" Wow. Very insightful. Jason really dug deep into my scene with me and gave invaluable feedback. Thanks, Jason! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Jason was amazing. He had terrific advice. I was a nervous wreck about this self tape and he brought me right down to earth again with his humor and his professionalism. Really can't speak highly enough of him. Fantastic first experience with this site! "
" Another great session! "
" Patient, Understanding and just gets it! "
" Great reader great notes "
" Great advices! Friendly! "
" Sooooo nice. And a great reader. Jumped right in! "
" I mean... Jason is just the best! I can not recommend him enough! "
" Best reader I've had on here! Jason is so kind and an amazing coach as well. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Great help to work through a scene "
" Jason was an absolutely incredible reader who worked with me to get the best take possible! "
" Thanks for your time and thoughts this morning, Jason! I look forward to reading with you again. "
" Great reader and great direction and feedback "
" Loved working with Jason, was able to give me some great notes that really helped the scene! "
" Great read! Thank you! "
" Thank you! "
" He is awesome. Don't miss him! "
" Jason is awesome - he's such a great actor, and brings brilliant suggestions to the scene. I highly recommend working with him! "
" So good! Enthusiastic, great reader, and so engaged with feedback (which I always ask for). Had many smart comments and ideas, and was patient and kind - thank you Jason! "
" Always great fun work with Jason. "
" A wonderful rehearsal partner! "
" Absolutely strong scene PARTNER. Works alongside you like doing scene study in a class. If you do your best work with a really active, present scene-partner, then definitely he’s the reader for you! "
" Super professional, flexible, collaborative and kind. Thank you! "
" Another great session with Jason! Really enjoy his willingness to dig into the scene. "
" Great advice and direction "
" Excellent ideas for the scene! Great reader. Very patient. Always a pleasure to work with Jason! "
" Fantastically kind human! Thank you so much Jason!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Jason was phenomenal! He gave really helpful feedback, and he was fantastic to play off of in the scene. Thank you, Jason! "
" Absolutely love to have Jason as my reader--the last read we had, I booked the role! He is intelligent, well trained, patient, intuitive, and collaborative. "
" Amazing reader. Really helped me dive into the relationships with the other characters in the film. Jason’s help will make a big difference in my performance on the day! "
" Great reader/actor =) "
" Jason is great! Thank you!! "
" Thank you!!! Great!! "
" Great actor and reader! "
" Jason is encouraging and gave good notes! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Jason was a great reader, he helped me with my selftape, he was patient and curious and looking to make our session as easy as possible for me. And we even ended up having a lovely chat at the end about the scene, the genre and acting in general. "
" Jason was great again! Such great insight into the material! "
" Always great working with Jason, Fun and very productive. Book him. "
" Jason helped me bring my scenes to life and helped me see more into my character through my personal life experiences. Loved working with Jason!! Thank you! "
" Jason is one of a kind! He surely knows how to break down the script with making every character nuanced. Definitely a 5 star! Always! "
" Jason has such positive energy and was unbelievably helpful with my super challenging material! "
" Jason is a terrific reader. Thoughtful, patient, fun, and gives great notes! "
" Awesome! really professional! Great partner! Mahalo! "
" So patient and helpful! Will def use again! "
" Great reading with Jason. Cool character and helpful with coaching a bit during the session. Will definitely recommend. "
" Wow! Jason was so good. I've been on a break and felt very rusty. I shared this with Jason and he was so patient and nonjudgmental. He created a very safe space for me to explore character and pace. My self-consciousness gradually dissolved. Jason has a really good instinct so I appreciated his feedback and also keeping me word perfect. WE did it!! Thank you. "
" Really great work! "
" One of my favorite readers here. Smart, patient, and excellent reading and pacing. I know that I can trust him to help me get there! "
" Really really REALLY wonderful reader! Highly recommend! "
" Jason's enthusiasm and experience will ground you so you can give takes that truly come from the heart. If you want a tape that's spontaneous and alive: Book. Him. Now! "
" Jason is a WONDERFUL reader! His feedback is top notch and helps tremendously too - highly recommend! "
" Wonderful reader with amazing instinct & insight into the script - SO helpful. thank you "
" Great!! "
" Extremely helpful in discovering the scene with you, very very thoughtful! - would work with again! "
" Excellent reader! Very quick with the script and the lines "
" Great guy! "
" Above and beyond! Thank you so much Jason! "
" Great reader "
" Gave insightful notes while being respectful of my process—thanks Jason! "
" Jason is a wonderful reader. Terrific actor and extremely helpful. "
" Super helpful, friendly. I felt safe and supported. Gave me some great suggestions. "
" Jason has some of the best attention to detail I've ever worked with! Truly a fantastic reader! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I'm so appreciative to a lot of readers here and my first time with Jason did not disappoint! THANK U!!! "
" Always great working with this guy. Do yourselves a favour people, book Jason. "
" Working with Jason is always great! "
" So amazing and helpful definitely will be back "
" Absolutely fantastic session with Jason, hugely productive and super fun. Highly recommended. "
" Great positive attitude and very collaborative, thanks Jason! "
" AMAZING READER!!! He helped me sooo much with so many tips and advices. His insights are truly unique and my scene was so much better with him. Thank you so so much, I'm very grateful for your help! "
" Jason was excellent. He read as if we were in the same room. "
" So informative and super helpful!!! really helped me analyze my scene and point of view. "
" It always a pleasure to work with a reader/actor that loves the discovery process and the art of the show. Got so much out of working with Jason. Really appreciated his help and perspective. "
" Jason was a great partner for a last minute tape. He was patient with me and made sure I was able to walk away with something solid in my hand! Thank you Jason "
" Wow, what a voice! He's a very patient, too. He didn't even complain about my OCD-induced numerous takes, lol. "
" Awesome! Lots of feedback, will use again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very nice and creative "
" SO AMAZING! Patient, kind, present, helpful. So grateful for him taking the time to help me with my last minute tape. "
" Jason was great! Super patient & insightful! "
" Excellent reader! Will work with Jason again. "
" Always amazing! "
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