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⭐️RECENT 2021 WINS! ⭐️
A fun role on Episode 5 of the iCarly reboot on Paramount +, and a co-star on the Blindspotting TV series on Starz. I also worked two days doing Total Capture for NBA 2K22 (I'm the receptionist at the Palmer Athletic Agency*). And I just auditioned for my first heavy recurring/possible series regular role!

Hi! I'm Heather. I was born and raised in Hawaii (Oahu), went to college in Michigan (Go Blue!), spent a year in New York (as a rollerskating waitress), then moved to the San Francisco to work in sales & trading for J.P. Morgan (for 18 years).

Now, I'm an actor and voice over artist, avid baker, expert cupcake decorator and foreign language learner. I'm obsessed with dark chocolate, sunscreen, flossing and getting massages.

I'm also an excellent cold reader.

Other favorite bookings over the last year-ish: Several "total capture" roles in NBA 2K21, and a voice role in the Pixar short, "Lamp Life, " currently airing on Disney+! I'm the mom voice starting at minute 1, and the experience was a dream come true. For what it's worth (Hey, Universe!), another dream of mine is to work with Jason Bateman.

I can read with with actors in English and Spanish and can work my way through a script in French and Japanese (romaji only for now although I'm sloooowly learning hiragana).


*It's worth noting that with Total Capture for video games, the animators only have my voice and body/facial movements to work with. They get to make up everything else!

Hi! I'm Heather. I was born and raised in Hawaii (Oahu), went to college in Michigan (Go Blue!), spent a year in New York after college (as a rollerskating waitress), then moved to the San Francisco and worked in sales & trading for J.P. Morgan (for 18 years).

I'm an avid baker, expert cupcake decorator, foreign language learner (Spanish, French, Japanese) and have a treasure trove of Most Embarrassing Stories. Ask me about the time I very publicly rapped some oh-so-wrong lyrics to my favorite L.L. Cool J song, or when a personal garment fell out of my jeans onto the trading room floor.

So far in 2021, I booked my first single-cam network TV role, and just spent 4 days shooting on the Paramount lot for my first multi-cam!

Other favorite bookings over the last year-ish: A Total Capture role in NBA 2K21, and a voice role in the Pixar short, "Lamp Life, " currently airing on Disney+! I'm the mom voice starting at minute 1, and the experience was a dream come true. For what it's worth (Hey, Universe!), another dream of mine is to work with Jason Bateman.

I can read with with actors in English and Spanish and can work my way through a script in French and Japanese (romaji only for now although I'm sloooowly learning hiragana).


Fictious Management: Matilda Comers (310) 658-2627 JE Talent: Katie Cronin Katie@jetalent.com

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" Heather is great! She's warm, supportive, and easy to work with! "
" Really awesome work~! Thank you Heather! "
" Heather is on point, & gave great ideas for trying it different ways w/ nuances. Warm, sincere, & highly skilled. Thank you! "
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" Heather is always very good and extremely pleasant to work with. Book her! "
" Super patient and great! "
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" So incredibly wonderful. would love to work with her again! "
" What a GEM! Super expert coach and fun collaborator. Thank you, Heather, for helping me up my game. "
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" So kind and helpful! "
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" Wonderful and sincere. Thank you! "

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