Justin Phillips

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If not online feel free to message me on Insta or email me: justin@stellaadler.com

Hello! My name is Justin, I'm a working actor in NYC. I studied at the Stella Adler Studio. I've been the Studio Manager at One on One NYC and have a good understanding what casting is looking for. Friendly, encouraging, and honest. Would love to work together!

Available for:
- Coaching
- Marketing Consultation
- Existential Reflections

SAG- Eligible
Classically trained at the Stella Adler Studio in NYC. I've worked in Off-Broadway Theatres in NYC and regionally in Boston.

Russian born, I have a background in comedy. Studied improv and sketch at UCB.

I can juggle knives!

Age range: 24-32

Stewart Talent Agency 1430 Broadway Suite 1513, New York, NY 10018 Phone: (212) 315-5505

233 Reader Reviews

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" He is always on point with coaching and ideas for approaches. "
" Great to read lines with! "
" Awesome notes! "
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" Justin is the best. I have acted for many years, but I was having trouble getting through a scene that I was not comfortable with. He was right on point with his advice. I feel much better about the scene for tomorrow. "
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" Thank you Justin! "
" Extremely thoughtful feedback, adaptive reader, helpful and insightful "
" Great reader, really enjoyed working with you! Thanks for the help! "
" Very friendly and efficient reader. Encouraged some play and creativity in the reading and I got everything I needed. Would definitely work with Justin again! "
" Very fun reader - attentive and willing to read it multiple times. "
" Very willing to help and fine tune if asked. "
" Awesome Reader "
" So helpful and a great listener! Helped immensely with filming my audition. Best wishes Justin! "
" My first reader! SO great! helped me breakdown the script and prepare for my audition "
" Thank you Justin! Great reader and great suggestions! "
" Very motivated; clearly enjoys acting. Thank you. "
" Wonderful, helpful notes! "
" Very helpful and knowledgable. Thanks!! "
" By far the best feedback i have gotten. He was patient and helped me to look at my character in a different way. I highly recommend. "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
The Path
Film Soko
2019 [added]
The Whale
Harold Clurman Elder Thomas
2016 [added]
The Boring Misadventures of Apathy Boy
Ars Nova Apathy Boy
2013 [added]
Annotated History of The American Muskrat
Theatre Boston Henry Kissinger/ Pat Nixon
2012 [added]
Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl
Theatre Oberon Pontius Pilot