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I am an AEA/SAG-E actor known for:

Love Life s2 on HBO Max
Tarell Alvin McCraney's, CHOIR BOY, at Yale Repertory Theatre
Swing! on Norwegian Cruise Line
Dozens of commercials and National campaigns with major brands like Google, Cole Haan, Jersey Mikes, and Apple.

Love working with fellow actors and coaching scenes from Tv/Film/Commercal/Theatre.
I love exploring the material and helping actors put their unique fingerprint on the material. I'm happy to give tips and coach or if you just need a reader, I can do that too.

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Feel free DM on instagram for a quick response. @_truthordarian

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NYC based actor, can currently be episode 10 of Love Life season 2 on HBO Max.
Also, was in Tarell Alvin McCraneys, Choir Boy at Yale Repertory Theatre.

Love working with fellow actors and coaching scenes from Tv/Film/Commercal/Theatre.

I love exploring the material and helping actors put their unique fingerprint on the material.

Feel free DM on instagram for a quick response. @_truthordarian

Please leave a review !!!!

Agent: MTA


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" Wow! Such beautiful notes, and such a talented actor. Really enjoyed playing and being brave with his encouragement. Thank you! "
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" Amazing reader! Thank you for the great feedback and support through a wild audition, lol. "
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" Very friendly, great reader, good tips "
" Excellent scene partner. Helpful suggestions and a good eye for story. "
" Darian is AMAZING!!!!!!! This is my 2nd time working with him & I LOVE that we go deeper in the work together! He really brings out the specificity in my work & helps me not miss a detail. Great reader, great person! Cant wait to work with him again. "
" You are the best reader!!!! Amazing Directions "
" Amazing Directions, You are the Best!!!! Thanks a lot for your help!!! "
" Great "
" Great energy and great reader! "
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" Darian was great as always! Always coming through with the BEST energy and he gave me great insights and tips Im going to use moving forward. Thank you! "
" Darian is sooo sweet and such a supportive reader. I felt so at ease. Thank you so much! "
" He is great! Darian, I lost connection. Im going to try and exit and re-ping you. fingers crossed! "
" What a great session with Darian! He was a great reader (playing two characters!), and gave me multiple helpful notes throughout that definitely improved my takes. Highly recommend! "
" So lovely and invested!! Will definitely work with Darian again! "
" Darian is great! "
" That was sooo much fun!!! We literally just played and tried so many different groves for the scene and the characters. I truly enjoyed how collaborative and efficient darian is! I absolutely cant wait to work together again! BOOOK HIM if you get the chance! "
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" Awesome, positive reader! Thanks so much "
" Darian was an awesome reader. Very kind and patient and allowed me to feel comfortable during my taping! Thanks again!!! "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
Easy Way Out
Short Film
2023 [added]
Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical
Young Lloyd Price
2022 [added]
Choir Boy
Yale Repertory Theatre
2021 [IMDB]
Love Life
TV Series
2019 [added]