Hunter Phoenix

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Classically trained Actress, Voiceover Artist, Writer and Model
* Have trained & worked in New York, London, Toronto and Los Angeles
* Studied with legendary acting coach Uta Hagen - last Master Class she taught
* 10 Years of Vocal Training & Breath Work
* 2 years at Second City Improv and one season live performances with them
* SITCOM Training in LA
* STAND-UP Comedy is my newest addition

Feel free text or DM if you would like to set up a time to read :)
FB: realHunterPhoenix

*Scene Study *Audition Prep *Voice Overs and *Dialect Reduction

Other ways to get in touch, if you’d like to connect...
FB: realHunterPhoenix
Twitter: @hunter_phoenix

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Los Angeles

Classically trained Actress, Voiceover Artist
* Worked & trained in New York, London, Toronto and Los Angeles
* 20 yrs in the biz - lots of commercials and print in Europe
* Studied with legendary acting coach Uta Hagen - last Master Class before she died
* 10 Years of Vocal Training & Breath Work
* 2 years at Second City Improv and one season live performances with them
* LOVE COMEDY! Scott Sedita training in LA... ask Scott or Tony... I'm oh SO GOOD at it! 😀🤣
* Currently doing Stand-Up around town <<< EVERYTHING is here! Pics, Resume, Video, Press


216 Reader Reviews

" Absolutely fabulous reader! Thanks Hunter! "
" Awesome . Thanks a million! "
" Great Reader! Kind and supportive! "
" Lovely, warm reader who made me feel comfortable from the jump. Thanks, Hunter! "
" Fantastic notes. Very helpful! "
" WOW! Found the most perfect reader for this scene: HUNTER!!!! Thank you that you were not rushed in any way! Thank you for your insights! Your pointers! Had several light bulbs come on! Good luck to you as well! Hugs! "
" Hunter truly gives the best notes and knows how to elevate the scene within seconds! Thank you so much!!! "
" Such fun and such great advice! Thank you, Hunter!!! "
" Felt so good about my audition:) "
" Excellent Excellent Reader!! She understands pace and tone and just gave me so much to work off of! 5 stars!! "
" Outrageously grateful for hunter!!!! "
" Fun and productive session working with Hunter. Book her : ) "
" Great reader and gave me some lovely advice as well! "
" Such a gem. Professional, funny, and gave great feedback. Would definitely look for her again! "
" Hunter was fantastic!!!! Gave some great insights into my audition roles...and I appreciate that.... "
" So great. Gives you a ton to work off and great notes! "
" Awesum as ALWAYS "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thanks so much Hunter! MUCH needed help on these sides, which weren't natural to me off the top. So glad for your input :) "
" I am over the moon, after Hunter's help. I learnt so much today from her. She is a very generous Actor and Reader and terrific at giving tips to make my Comedy scene fun and totally alive !! I am very appreciative of her effort in coaching and guiding me today. Thanks so much Hunter !! Cant wait to work with you again !! Awesome. "
" Wow! Hunter was astoundingly helpful. She has a real knack for helping an actor find the core of the scene. Great working with, Hunter and thanks again! "
" Helped pull out my best version of the scene. Thank you Hunter!! "
" I'm SO happy I coached with her! "
" Great coach! "
" Awesome "
" Super awesome reader! Love the small adjustments and notes on my performance "
" Hunter was so awesome. She was super engaged, a great reader, and we played around with directions. Highly recommend! "
" Great "
" Hunter is excellent! She was super hands-on when it came down to giving me notes and she has such a lovely energy/spark about her. Thank you!!! "
" Absolutely amazing reader! Would definitely recommend! Such helpful notes and great energy! "
" Amazing reader!! Really professional and supportive and helpful! "
" Really terrific! "
" So fun and helpful :) great pointers "
" Wonderful reader! Super friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable. Recommended! "
" So great! great feedback and notes! "
" AMMMMMAZING READER! Gave very helpful directions and was patient I highly recommend "
" Very patient and a pro! Thank you Hunter "
" Excellent coach "
" Lovely and helped me with exactly what I needed! "
" Very nice very patient and a great help thank you so much I will work my hardest "
" Such a great accent coach! I learned so much "
" Hunter is always so fabulous!! Always on point to find the nuances of the scene!! "
" Hunter is ALWAYS fabulous!!! "
" Thanks for helping me shine Hunter! "
" Fantastic!! Gave me some great tips to improve my scene "
" Great read with Hunter. Very easy to work with. She gave me great tips for my self-tape. "
" Hunter was great - good notes, good direction. Thank you! "
" Great teacher! "
" She is a lovely person with a kind and generous spirit. She worked with me and gave me the perfect note to let the audition soar! "
" Fabulous!!! "
" Hunter was awesome. She helped me find the rhythm and comedic honesty of the scene I was working on. She's got great energy and presence. "
" Great advice and read! "
" Hunter is awesome! She definitely caught some context clues in the script that I missed and was great in helping me get my most authentic performance. Super patient with me as well, I'll definitely ask her to help me out again. "
" Hunter is fabulous as always!!!! "
" Very helpful and supportive. Good reader! "
" Chef's kiss! "
" Thank you Hunter!!! "
" Hunter is SO helpful, encouraging and fun to work with. You can't do better! "
" Hunter always makes me feel so much more grounded in the scene! "
" Hunter was fantastic, really new the world of the scene and helped me find the funny in the scene. Thank you! "
" So awesome. And helpful. "
" Hunter is fabulous as always!!! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE HUNTER!! She won't let you get away with missing anything in the script! Also, booked my first on-camera gig a couple days ago thanks to her amazing help! Working with her is my new favourite thing! "
" Great reader "
" She gives great advice. Amazing reader!!! Thank you Thank you "
" I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to rehearse with Hunter! And she was absolutely AMAZING! Completely opened me up to the vulnerability in the scene. Can't wait to work with her again in the future! "
" Great assistance really great person "
" Great help! "
" Hunter shared masterful insights and asked intriguing questions that set me up for a one-of-a-kind self-tape, all while being gentle and supportive. "
" Hunter is the BEST!!!! I always feel a million percent more grounded after working with her!! "
" Hunter was super helpful and friendly, THANK YOU!! "
" Extremely helpful with my self-tape, holy cow! She quickly made me feel comfortable. She is confident and friendly. Knows how to bring the best out of you even if you a little nervous. Will definitely have her help me again next time I need a self-tape. THANK YOU Hunter :) "
" Excellent! Very insightful and great to rehearse with. "
" Hunter was a great reader & very professional! "
" Hunter is FABULOUS!! As always!! "
" Hunter was a very calm and natural reader. Helpful scene ideas! Really enjoyed working with her! "
" Always a pleasure:) "
" Awesome as always "
" Great ideas so much fun thank you! "
" Lovely reader!Thank you! Xx "
" Hunter is excellent as always!! She is so helpful with getting under the text. "
" Great reader, great suggestions! Took the extra time at the end to play some games with the sides. Much appreciated! "
" Awesome reader! Thank you!! "
" "chef's kiss" "
" Great "
" I love working with Hunter! "
" Wonderful to work with!! "
" Great notes! "
" Fabulous as always!! "
" Great! "
" She's Great! Really nice reader, gives great suggestions, Thanks Hunter :) "
" Hunter is the best! "
" Great notes and ideas. Very supportive and flexible. "
" Hunter is great! "
" Hunter is ALWAYS spot on!!! "
" Very helpful and kind. "
" Hunter is always amazing!! She is so helpful when it comes to finding the moments that make the scene pop! "
" Helpful as always in solidifying character. "
" She is lovely. Helpful but not overly. I am grateful! Also knowledeable about the software since it was my first time. Thanks Hunter. "
" Hunter is AMAZING!!! I always feel a million percent more grounded when I work with her. "
" Thanks again! "
" Helpful again with being specific on the "where's" and "who's" "
" Hunter was great to read with! She gave me some great adjustments to consider for this audition. Thanks! "
" Nothing short of BRILLIANT! "
" Amazing!!!!! "
" Super helpful and very quick to respond!!!!! "
" Hunter is a wonderful scene partner! "
" So great as always! "
" Hunter provided great suggestions and feedback during the self-tape. "
" Prompt, helpful, and was the first to respond when my request went out. Thanks! "
" The best! "
" Awesome!tx! "
" Once again, Hunter comes through! Truly the best. "
" Hunter is amazing!! "
" Hunter is SO great and fun to work with! She has great notes and suggestions and I always feel more confident with my sides after working with her! "
" Encouraging, insightful, and a ton of fun to work with! "
" This was my first time using WeAudition and Hunter was the perfect reader to have! She was so friendly, patient and quick to absorb the sides as a reader. She gave insight on the scene and characters that I didn't catch which helps a lot. I would absolutely book her again as my reader! Thanks so much Hunter! "
" Thank you Hunter! Hunter was amazing and provided great feedback and notes "
" Great reader. Very knowledgeable in multiple techniques. "
" Ready to work and I appreciated her insights! "
" Helpful with tricks that she has learned and finding the beats of the scene. "
" Amazing reader/coach! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Hunter! "
" Hunter was wonderful! Incredibly kind and a very smart actor. She had great ideas about shaping the scene, and helped me get a better grasp on the story. "
" Always a pleasure to work with. So insightful with any script and a reader who really cares about your success to nail auditions! "
" Hunter is always amazing!!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Wonderful to read with. Hunter had great ideas for different ways I could do the scene. "
" Such a help with understanding the timing of comedic shows. "
" Hunter is great reader, and super sweet! "
" Great reader "
" Super helpful, dove right in. Thank you! "
" Always a slamdunk working with her! Thank you again! "
" Great job, feedback, and direction ! "
" Helps so much with moment before not just mindfully but also getting it in your body. "
" Hunter was wonderful! She made me feel way more relaxed about my audition "
" Always a great read with Hunter:) "
" Thank you again! "
" Very Patient and Felt Very Confident! "
" Very warm and professional. Thanks so much! "
" Always helpful-helps me see things from another vantage point while remaining true to myself. "
" Helpful as always!! "
" Thank you so much again for helping! Great notes and help making sense of character/scenarios. "
" Faaaaantastic Reader!!! Such a lovely presence too! "
" Always so pleasant to read with Hunter before an audition:) She's clear and precise and you leave confident and ready to perform like a pro! Booke Her! "
" Hunter was an awesome reader. Thank you for you input and your time. "
" Thanks again! "
" Superb! Good eye and was patient while I set up my stuff too :) "
" My go-to before I tape. "
" She was very attentive and helpful and helped me find different options for my audition! "
" Another great rehearsal with Hunter! "
" Hunter, awesome! Once again I am walking away with some concrete plans, Hunter is awesome to bounce ideas off of and get fresh ideas. I'm night and day from where I was before this session. "
" 2nd time-just as helpful as the first! "
" Wonderful reader and she gave me so much for my rehearsal! Thank you!! "
" Super amazing, patient and very helpful! Thanks so much! "
" Great reader and coach! "
" Hunter was amazing. She gave me some helpful tips. "
" I love Hunter! So fun to work with and great with advice and tricks to spice up a scene. Feeling so much more confident going into the room now! "
" Hunter was incredible, offered great advice and helped make the performance much better. Highly recommend, she's every actor's, actress. "
" Amazing!!! I am so thankful for her guidance with the material!! "
" Hunter was incredibly helpful! My first time using WeAudition and I'm super impressed. "
" Hunter rocks....nuff said. She has a way of getting the actor comfortable, loose and into the scene. She will keep running it or trying new things, and she has some awesome suggestions. Really really solid. "
" Great notes, really nice and professional "
" Awesome and fantastic "
" Amazing reader! Very patient and good with dissecting the script. "
" So lovely to work with. I was doing a really difficult audition and she was great at keeping me grounded. "
" Many thanks again to Hunter!! I was in a very bad place at the beginning, my head was clouded and filled with anxiety. Hunter worked through a repetition exercise with me that got me almost instantly out of it, and then she gave me some specific ideas with how to visualize the scene. Before and after is a complete 180% turn.... "
" Really nice and encouraging. "
" AHunter is always so amazing to work with! Great reader. Book her!!! "
" Wow, I am really impressed. Hunter is awesome. Positive, upbeat, professional, and really can get into the parts that were tripping me up and uncover it. I am in the right place, which is the opposite of where I was before. Thank you, Hunter! "
" Hunter is so generous and friendly. She is great. "
" She's awesome. Highly recommended! "
" Great reader, and excellent notes "
" "Great coach!" "
" Choose her! "
" What a gem! Awesome reader and great coach. Book Her!! "
" So great and helpful! "
" Seasoned pro! "
" Hunter is absolutely fantastic as a coach and reader! She takes her time and really cares for you to book! Can't recommend her highly enough. "
" Hunter is THE REAL DEAL! Professional helpful and leaves you feeling empowered! "
" Amazing! So good at comedy, great feedback and notes and just a wonderful reader who makes it really safe and comfortable :) "
" Hunter is really knowledgeable and is definitely an actor that supports other actors. I feel far more prepped for my commercial audition than before talking to her. "
" Great rehearsing with Hunter! My first time using WeAudition. She had really good tips and direction, and helped me get off book quickly. "
" I love working with Hunter, she's fun and give great notes! "
" Great feedback and great reader! Would recommend to anyone! "
" Hunter was so sweet and helpful! We practiced various versions of my sides and I am now feeling so much more confident heading into the room! "
" Hunter is sweet and encouraging - I had a great time working with her! "
" Hunter was lovely- A great reader and person! "
" The best! "
" Hunter is fantastic! We had a great rehearsal for my TV audition. She's a solid PRO. And a beyond delightful human being! I see many rehearsals (etc) in our future! "
" Absolutely amazing!! So quick and specific and helpful! Really felt confident that I got solid takes in such a quick amount of time. Highly recommend! "
" So helpful!! Great reader and coach. "
" She is so helpful and considerate "
" Fantastic! "
" Hunter is amazing! She gave me so many great directions, and was super patient with me while I was running my lines. Thank you SO MUCH! "
" Very good coach and reader; she cares "
" Hunter is killa good and helpful! Thanks so much :) "
" Thank you so much. "
" Great reader! She takes the time to ask character questions and dive into characters with you. Thank you! "
" Great! "
" Great reader! fun and friendly! "
" Hunter is an amazing reader. She does not let you off easy and really works the best out of you. Fabulous! "
" WOW! This woman is PHENOMENAL!!! I wish I could take her to every audition I have!!!! Thank you Hunter :) "
" So great! Hunter was very patient and really attentive. "
" Amazing! "
" She's amazing. Such a pro with so many fantastic tips "
" Very nice and giving "
" Great reader. Really encouraging and helps to find the finer details. "
" This woman is AMAAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG! I'm marking her in my favourites! Hunter didn't let me off the hook and really worked me during the scene. So much more than just a reader, a real coach and game player. SO much fun to play with her! I feel invigorated! Awesome!!!!!! "
" Amazinngggg! Great feedback & everything! "
" Excellent, on the ball, quick to get what the scene was about. Thanks much! "
" My first time and I will be coming back to this site thanks to this woman!! Great reader and totally knowledgeable about the craft woohoo! "
" Hunter is the best! She's a fantastic reader and gives excellent, actionable feedback. "
" Great Actress.. Super into rehearsing.. very helpful and great attitude! "

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