Greg Poppleton

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27 years film & TV experience and training. US and Australian award-winning self tapes. 13 feature films, 20 TV series, 11 short films and 63 TVCs.

Calm, supportive and respectful, I'm here to help you rehearse & make a compelling self tape. Australian accent only - US & UK actors book callbacks and roles when they self-test with me.

Acted 1-on-1 with Academy and Golden Globe award winners Adrien Brody, John Goodman & Nicole Kidman. Two other Academy Award winners, Howard Berger & Elka Wardega, have painted and decorated my characters.

Recently filmed 2 eps in a guest TV series plus a role in an indie feature. In another indie feature shooting now and another shooting in December. Just booked a webseries role. Recently booked 2 TVCs. In an online TVC in the US (Sendle).

Now studying by invitation with an award-winning film and theatre director. Previous study of note: 2 years Atlantic Theatre Co Sydney Annex with Karen Kohlhaas, Melissa Bruder & Robert Bella. Studying Chekhov.

Professional singer and band leader specializing in jazz from the 1920s and 1930s ( - a trained actor voice.

" Wow, Greg is an extremely good actor and reader. Absolutely wonderful in-depth script and character analysis that didn’t feel prescriptive... a great dialogue on understanding the scene, moments, relationship, trying out fertile choices. Can’t wait to work with him again! "

" Greg has such a skill for shaping moments in scenes from beginning, middle to end. However what is even more impressive is that he has a way to get you let go of the need to "show" or prove anything with your work and get back in touch with your own instincts. Book with Greg! "

As a good reader, I play down my performance to keep the focus on you...
- I read to prompt your reactions and responses,
- I read to justify your choices,
- I read to highlight and reveal your skills and range,
- I read without unscripted pauses between dialogue or within dialogue that leave you hanging,
- I read long 'other character(s)' sections with feeling and speed so you're not left hanging,
- I read without adding breaths, extra business, ums, ahs and additional dialogue that take away from your story-telling,
- At your request, I can quickly help you analyse scripts, create moments before and after, build an arc to your story, and help you frame your scene to create place, relationships and character.

Is your script medical or science based? No problem. I was a chemical engineer in my 20s (leaving the industry age 28 as a self-employed consultant). In medical communications training I'm a highly skilled, in-demand improv.

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Hello, I worked in heavy industry before beginning my acting career in radio, stage and then, film.

I'm in 13 movies (including Backtrack, Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader & Moulin Rouge!), 20 TV series, 11 shorts & 63 TVCs.

Acted 1-on-1 with Academy Award and Golden Globe winners. Voiced award-winning animation, movie trailer, and radio ads. Australia’s only authentic 1920s-30s style singer with 8 albums and over 1.3 million YouTube views. Host of the a multi- award-winning swing radio show, The Phantom Dancer.

My scene with Emma Booth in the TV show, Underbelly (2008), spawned its own Facebook fan page.

I was used as the prosthetic design and costuming model for the Dufflepuds in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010).

In Hunt Angels (2006), I became one of the many actors (including Mick Jagger) who has portrayed Ned Kelly in movies.


Actor & Voiceover: Smith and Macdonald Management Contact: 1920s-1930s singer and band leader: OzManagement Contact:

594 Reader Reviews

" Always great fun working with Greg. "
" He is so consistently GREAT!! Always delighted to work with you! "
" Amazing! Sweetheart! Caring and so, so helpful! "
" Always so supportive and helpful. Thanks again buddy. "
" Experienced reader! "
" Truly fantastic!! Really. Speaks the language of the actor. I was amazed at how many discoveries I made while working the scene with Greg. I say "working the scene" because he went beyond just being a reader, he clocks your "Actor BS". He helps you find YOUR in the scene. Easy to work with. "
" Very helpful, wonderful reader and person. "
" Wonderful human, actor, and reader! Thanks! "
" Wonderful reader. "
" Wonderful, wonderful! Gives great tips and notes. "
" Greg was great! he really help me work through the scene! "
" Get and helpful insights put me right on the road to success! Thanks so much! "
" The real deal, fabulous "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Really patient and helpful, some great tips, and grounding "
" Great reader. Gives great notes! "
" Awesome dude, great reader! "
" SO AMAIZING !!!!!! "
" Fantastic "
" Great notes "
" Great notes "
" Greg was fantastic! He was very patient, had excellent suggestions and provided very valuable feedback! Will always look for him! "
" Greg is the man!! Great reader and good insights. "
" Another great read from a great teacher "
" I look for Greg every time I'm on. "
" My go-to! "
" Amazing!! loved working with him! "
" Very kind and willing to help me make sense of a cryptic scene! "
" What a great reader, and person. Definitely my go to "
" THE BEST!! "
" Always a pleasure working with you. "
" Brilliant notes as always, direction and true care of the craft! "
" Greg is fantastic! Amazing cold reader, and incredibly personable and supportive. Thanks! "
" Someone who asks the right questions. A coach who calls you out on what is and isn't your truth. Never not worth it to work with Greg. He is a true master in the most intelligent, honest, and gentle way. "
" Amazing as usual. Creative. Supportive. "
" Honestly hands down helped me explore an amazing self tape! "
" Incredible reader and an incredible actor with great visualization. He really gets you to be in the space and connected! "
" Great as always. "
" Gives great notes and very helpful! :) "
" Excellent reader! "
" I absolutely LOVE working with Greg! He’s so intuitive and supportive. Excellent reader. Highly recommend! "
" He's one of the best. Hands down. "
" WHOA! PRO PRO PRO!!!! Super fun! Loved the session!!! "
" Wonderful reader love how in-depth he goes with analyzing the script and asking pertinent questions "
" I love working with Greg! "
" Love the support and attention to detail I get when working with Greg! Highly Recommend! "
" Always great "
" Fantastic reader! Great collaborator too. Thanks Greg! "
" Always so great to work with. A fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful actor "
" So good!!! Really appreciate Greg's demeanor. He's fun and patient and gives very thoughtful, helpful, and insightful notes. Highly recommend. "
" Thank you Greg! "
" Great! "
" And again to the rescue! Greg's great! Book him! "
" Always intriguing working with Greg! We dig deep into scenes and characters to give them life and have fun doing it. "
" Great direction "
" Fantastic reader and actor, massively helpful. Recommended!!!! "
" Fantastic reader!! he was so natural and gave me so much to work with. So happy with the results "
" So great! "
" Brilliant tips as a reader! "
" Amazing and kind reader! So much fun and really taught me a lot in the process! "
" Just a fantastic experience reading with Greg. "
" A true delight to work with every time!!! "
" Awesome as always "
" Really great energy and commitment ! Enjoyed doing my self tape with Greg as a reader ! "
" Greg is such a pro and insanely patient. Nothing but great things to say about the reader as we trudged through terrible connectivity issues. Never once did he lose enthusiasm and continued to bring fresh energy every single take "
" Love his energy "
" Really lovely working with Greg. We dug into the nitty gritty of the scenes I was working until it was specific and seamless. He is excellent to collaborate with! "
" Greg was very helpful and patient as I worked through a very lengthy monologue "
" So helpful. Great notes, really good reader... creme de la creme of We Audition! "
" Greg is so good! Must be one of the best on here! "
" Great reader and tips as always! Thank you so much!! "
" I always enjoy working with Greg!! He's brilliant! "
" Greg was lovely to read with. So calm and relaxed. Thank you Greg "
" Really fantastic reader. Great openness and easy to connect with in the scene "
" Greg is a wonderful reader. Patient, kind, helpful with a lot of wisdom. I enjoy working with him. "
" Excellent! I bring him a "small" two line co-star, he finds an entire 3 act journey for my character. Will definitely work with Greg again. "
" Great Again!!! "
" Always a pleasure "
" THANK YOU so much Wonderful Wonderful Reader!! "
" A+ reader! :) "
" Always a great reader, and great feedback! "
" So AMAZING! Helped me go through the entire script with very specific notes and choices. Thank you! "
" Joy to read with. Very helpful! "
" Excellent reader! "
" He's great!!! "
" So helpful! Thanks Greg! "
" Brilliant reader as usual! "
" Greg is absolutely amazing!!!! I cannot say enough how he helped me to create two characters and bring them to life. He made the script and the world of the character fun to play and he completely helped me to see the material in an entirely new way and to appreciate the material that I was struggling with. I am grateful. Thank you so much!! "
" Wonderfully reader. Incredibly insightful, patience, and seasoned. Greg clearly knows his stuff and knows it well. Looking forward to another session with Greg. "
" Greg is the best! He's super game and gives you so much to work with. I highly recommend working with him! "
" Awesome as always! My favorite reader! "
" OMG, Greg..Is so much fun and what a great actor. A gift of a scene partner. Thank you !! "
" Great as always "
" Great as always! "
" Greg is terrific. Wonderfully helpful feedback. Just the right professional encouragement... Greg has a wonderful sense to get right at what is the most important thing about the scene. "
" Greg is a wonderful partner in creating a story and he brings excellent ideas and direction to a scene. Can't wait to work with him again! "
" Can't say enough amazing things. greg is just the best. such a gift to work with. really helped shape a gorgeous truthful funny scene. above and beyond. "
" What a wonderful reader. I loved Greg's specific questions, they allowed me to really sink into the experience of the character. Can't wait to play again. Bravo! "
" Greg has such a skill for shaping moments in scenes from beginning, middle to end. . However what is even more impressive is that he has a way to get you let go of the need to "show" or prove anything with your work and get back in touch with your own instincts. Book with Greg! "
" My first time having Greg as my reader, wonderful, talented and very kind. "
" Greg was so lovely to work with!! "
" Very Insightful "
" Great Reader! "
" Really kind. Generous. Creative. Loved his input. Nurturing. "
" Greg is super helpful and gives great notes! Thanks so much! "
" Just one word AMAZING "
" Had a great time working on a very challenging tape with Greg. He had so many suggestions and I definitely got a chance to work on my stuff. "
" Amazing!! "
" Awesome reader! Will definitely read with him again. "
" Awesome reader, I took notes! Valuable feedback, gave suggestions on prop, action and pov on scene before it starts, and and a multitude of different colors for my scene! Thanks so much! "
" GREG IS THE REAL MVP. A wonderful ally in creating the most dynamic tape possible alone in your house. "
" Wow, Greg is an extremely good actor and reader. Absolutely wonderful in-depth script and character analysis that didn’t feel prescriptive... a great dialogue on understanding the scene, moments, relationship, trying out fertile choices. Can’t wait to work with him again! "
" He always gives his all. I so appreciate you, Greg. Great reader, always! "
" An absolute delight to work with and a terrific reader. "
" Greg is seriously my favorite!! Such a kind soul who wants to sincerely help. 5 star!!! Book him!!! "
" Excellent help and fun! "
" Greg is always a pro. Always kind, warm, talented, professional. Has a big heart. "
" Greg knew exactly what I was trying to do and got me there in under 8 minutes. What a pro! "
" Really helped me discover and play. Neither of us knew where this was going and it was so fun! "
" I’m always pleased when I see Greg is available. He’s a GREAT READER. Has positive energy with helpful notes that take your audition up a notch! "
" Thanks again "
" Love Greg! Always make sure I give an honest and truthful take. Thanks Greg! "
" Great Reader and Scene Analysis "
" Great energy, and professional tips! "
" Greg was lovely. He will help you to create great characters! Highly recommend him. "
" I had a great read with Greg!! "
" Kind and supportive "
" A true lesson in acting. He mines the depths. Thank you Greg. "
" Amazing:) "
" Tnx again Greg! great tip and insight that helped my scene! "
" Always great working with this Greg. Productive and fun :) "
" THE BEST - if hes online your answer is obvious "
" A+ reader! "
" So patient! Great advice!! An expert!! "
" Favorite reader so far! good incites and easy to work with "
" A great experience, highly recommended. "
" Brilliant. so fun. "
" Great reader as usual "
" Great "
" Always a pleasure! He really helps me open up my imagination! "
" Super friendly, great reader and very helpful!! "
" Excellent "
" Excellent reader!!! Great at direction and at ideas. Honest and kind- will use again!! "
" Greg's awesome! "
" Greg is the beeeest!! So fun and a pleasure to work with "
" Terrific! Greg is a total pro. He's patient and has great ideas. I'm really happy with how the scene turned out! "
" What a great reader. Really friendly, positive and patient with a long scene... gave great notes too. "
" Great notes! Super fun to play with Greg. "
" My first time using WeAudition and Greg was AWESOME! He made me feel super comfortable, allowed me to play around with the character, had great suggestions and he even shared which takes he thought were best! I've already added him to my favorites and I'll definitely use him again. GREAT EXPERIENCE! I can't wait to look at my takes now and submit my audition. Call back here we come :-) "
" Awesome working with this guy. One of my go to people on WeAudition. "
" Great coaching! Really wonderful at finding all the moments and creating an arc and improvising the moment before. Just like his profile says!!! "
" Greg was a terrific reader and gave me plenty of excellent feedback for creatig strong, yet different second takes! "
" Great! "
" Always great! "
" Greg really helped me out! Awesome! "
" Great! Really helpful!!Great with ideas on how to change up the circumstance of scene! "
" Great Reader "
" Lovely bedside manner, great notes, looking forward to seeing Greg again soon! "
" Always a talent, always a supportive scene partner, always a trustworthy person to help you feel on task! Thanks, Greg! "
" Very helpful "
" Awesome reader! so helpful! "
" Great, "
" Lovely Reader "
" Such a talented and supportive actor!!! I highly recommend him!!! "
" Greg is an excellent reader and an even better coach! He really helped me break down my scene and prepare. Professional and knowledgeable! "
" Greg was great to work with. Very professional. Great help with breaking down scenes. Would definitely use him again. "
" Always sooooo good! this was a 2-3 hour marathon ASAP tape I got and he was so patient running lines and taking my notes n what i needed! "
" Great!! "
" Awesome Reader! Highly Recommend!!! "
" Just fantastic "
" Absolutely work with Greg. He brings such experience & perspective from casting's POV. Also super-patient with tech issues. Book him! "
" Great notes! Loved working with this guy! "
" OMG I love Greg & his energy!! His read was so on point, got it in two takes! 🙌🏾 "
" Wonderful!! Give excellent guidance and is so helpful! "
" Wonderful. The best! "
" Thank you so much greg for your patience and help. -Nina "
" . "
" Greg was wonderful! And this was my first time using a WeAudition Reader. I was pleasantly surprised by how he took to the script so naturally. It has helped my audition prep. "
" True pro. Such a pleasure working with him. To the point, good advice, perfect reading partner. "
" Greg is amazing as always : ) "
" Wow. Just wow! EXCELLENT scene partner. Very intuitive and supportive. Everything you could ask for in a reader. "
" Second time working with Greg and he's so good. I love that he really gets into character and helps my audition seem more real!v "
" Greg was a fantastic reader and coach, lovely accent. Helped me get a really good self tape. Highly recommend!! "
" Greg was awesome! with really good insight! "
" Thank you Greg for your wonderful and helpful feedback while prepping for my audition. You helped me discover some new things. "
" Put on a stellar british accent for me! Thanks Greg! "
" Greg is absolutley brilliant to work with.Great knowledge and brillaint with notes and character advice.Thank you! "
" Great reader. Very informative "
" He's incredible! Really Helps elevate your scene with his commitment !!! "
" He had a lot of great suggestions that were extremely helpful!!! He was fun and patient and all around professional!!! What a great actor!! I would use him again for sure!!! "
" Amazing reader ! "
" Greg was brilliant and amazing! "
" Creative, intuitive help "
" This man is so good, he knew my lines better than me at the end. Such a great reader with wonderful tips on getting the best from my performance! "
" FANTASTIC! 10/10 "
" Always superb and such a nice guy! "
" An AWESOME Aussie!! Really, Greg was fantastic...gave some good direction in his readings....(he had to read in some spots 2-3 characters) I wholeheartily recommend him for anyone!! "
" Just amazing, wow. Gave me the best suggestions. Super nice guy that puts his heart into helping you. Thanks Greg! "
" Always great working with Greg. "
" Wow!!! Absolutely brilliant reflection and so much fun!! Could not be more grateful and thankful! Greg is phenomenal to train with - an absolute delight! "
" Not only is he a great reader--he has a remarkable ear and sensitivity so as to give you excellent suggestions "
" Amazing as always. Love booking Greg!! "
" Greg is an awesome audition partner. He gives fantastic guidance and advice if you need coaching or input on ways to improve your delivery. I look forward to reaching out to him for future auditions. "
" Professional reader! Above and beyond. Insightful. Great quick feedback. "
" WOW i totally went into this session thinking I had it down but Greg really pushed me to get it to a place i was really proud of. He is so great with redirection. Thank you Greg! "
" Greg is the absolute best he pushed me and gave me amazing suggestions. He worked and he worked me and gave me wonderful feedback. You would be lucky to have him. I want him all the time!!!! "
" He's wonderful and gives great feedback! Very good script analysis as well "
" Greg provided awesome resources and really great feedback. He was very patient with me and his notes are very freeing and physically specific. A+ reader & really makes sure you're being your authentic self. :) "
" THE BEST. He helped me so much with memorizing a wordy script and then getting it on tape. "
" Absolutely wonderful! If you want to play and workshop and discover new ways into the text snatch Greg while he's available. Thank you!! "
" Greg is so fantastic, I'm grateful for his fresh ideas and exercises. An actors actor. Thank you Greg! "
" Excellent as always "
" Great session-until it froze--but hope to work with him again soon--great reader. "
" Great reader--but the computer connection froze -hope to continue "
" What a joy. Thank you Greg. Really enjoyed it! "
" GREAT! Amazing scene partner, and great feedback with awesome adjustments! "
" Excellent "
" Greg was great and found some fun discoveries in my audition. "
" Greg is absolutely wonderful. He's a fantastic reader and gives such insightful ideas about the scene. I loved working with him! "
" Greg totally helped me find different ways to play the scene, so I wasn't stuck in one way of doing it. He was a joy to work with! Thanks Greg! "
" Lovely "
" Oh my goodness, what a great scene partner! He's supportive and generous, and has great ideas for creating multiple takes on a scene. Great direction. Forgot I was auditioning and just got to play! "
" Brilliant again! I'll work with him again anytime :) "
" Very helpful notes and great cheerleader through taping. "
" Greg was so fun to work with!! Great notes, good energy :))) "
" Fantastic. Such a great actor. "
" Helpful and fun! "
" Great energy, super helpful! "
" WOW. Just wow. I kept on extending my session. Thanks, Greg. See you around "
" Greg was THE BEST! Not only a great reader, but he made very interesting suggestions to take my self-tape to the next level :) Can't recommend him enough "
" Always a pro, Always Kind, Always excellent! "
" Greg is just a great professional. I love reading with him and will certainly work with him again. "
" Greg is an absolute pro "
" Unbelievably excellent, reminded me of why I love to do this. Thank you Greg.. "
" He is the best. Warmest, kindest, best actor. Appreciate him so much! "
" My absolute favorite on this site thus far. Thank you! "
" Always the best. Always a pro. Always excellent. "
" Willing to do extra takes because we had extra time :) "
" Wonderful in every way! Easy to talk to, gives great notes, and if you are on the west coast; (He's across the Atlantic) he's great for 4am reads! He's a must! "
" Incredible! "
" Great reader and person. "
" Great working with this guy. always fun and amazingly productive "
" Fantastic coach and reader, highly recommend! "
" Always fun and great ideas with scenes. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader, loved his feedback on my audition "
" Always a great experience!! Thanks Greg! "
" Awesome! "
" Amazing feed back super flexible "
" Spot On! Great Read! "
" Incredible! "
" Awesome! "
" Great energy great feedback "
" Greg is an amazing reader!!! "
" Excellent reader and great coach. Really appreciated the dedication in helping me get a great take! "
" Such a strong insight. Gave some very helpful tips for characterisation. It felt like an audition and a workshop combined. Thank you, Greg! "
" Excellent advice! "
" Great Reader! Had a TON of great advice to help with the scene. Would HIGHLY recommend. "
" Always fun with Greg! "
" Amazing! "
" Great tips again how to think of the scene "
" Great help! And a fellow Aussie "
" Fantastic and so helpful!!! very generous with his time and talent and experience! "
" Phenomenal!!! Listened so well - Broke the beats down in the scene so well!!! So much great knowledge! I can't thank you enough for your experience and assistance!!! "
" Great energy and enthusiasm, worked perfectly for the character I was reading opposite! Thanks, Greg! "
" Such a great and fun reader! "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" Greg is a friendly and able reader, with amazingly helpful feedback and suggestions. "
" Excellent "
" Fantastic reader! polite and knowledgeable on how to read a script. thank you Greg! "
" Once again, Greg was invaluable as a reader and a person to bounce ideas off and cultivate the scenes. Highly recommend! "
" Wonderful and refreshing energy! Thank you for the feedback! "
" Greg was a blast. We improved and spoke in different accents to help my memorization, And it WORKED. "
" Lovely! "
" Greg was such a warm, relaxed and helpful reader. We went through the scenes together and discussed in detail the characters and scene beats. It was a pleasure working with him! "
" Very friendly and full of different ideas! "
" Always illuminating and always a pleasure. "
" Gave me some very good acting to bounce off of. Very present, professional and fun! I really enjoyed having Greg as my reader for my selftape. Thank you! "
" Super fun! we did some great exercises and would definitely work with him again! "
" Really good reader, and super patient! "
" Greg was very sweet and gave me lots of ideas! "
" So wonderful- thank you "
" Always wonderful!!!!!! "
" An angel. Fantastic actor, kind soul, generous partner who holds space for you and patience as you 'do your thing'. Thanks, Greg. "
" Greg was amazing! He gave great feedback, and I really enjoyed working with him. "
" Greg is Fantastic. He's always patient AND most importantly he has a great sense of how to get an actor to relaxe and work through the scene on a moment to moment basis. I learn something new everytime I work with him. "
" Great !! wonderful. willing and helpful to try it in many different ways. "
" So nice! "
" Great as all ways "
" Great read with Greg as usual, pushing us to deliver even better performances! "
" Greg is a rehearsal genius, do your selves a favor and book him :) "
" Book Greg. You will love it! "
" Greg is so nice to work with. A real caring gentleman. "
" Thank you so much Greg! Awesome to work with and really helped paint the picture. "
" Greg is the man! "
" Super reader and wonderful tips! Great energy! "
" Greg was fantastic as usual in bringing the best out of me! Great reader. "
" Absolutely WONDERFUL!! Great actor and reader!!! "
" Greg is the best! He maximizes each dialogue interacting to ensure a great performance. "
" Excellent. Playful. Really enjoyed it. "
" Thanks very much! "
" Greg is one of the best!Always brilliant.Thank you. "
" Greg is so kind smart and pleasant, it's been a real pleasure! "
" Always such a pleasure. A joy, a professional, a kind human. "
" Always love working with Greg! "
" Excellent to work with! Decoded the hardest script ever. Thank you. "
" Greg is so wonderful!! He ran my lines with me over and over and gave great notes that I definitely think elevated the scene. So kind and generous! Thank you, Greg!!! "
" Working w/Greg was really nice. Definitely recommended. "
" Thank you so much Greg! Very meticulous with moment to moment and gracious with the time. Specific with points of view and relationships. "
" As always an absolute pleasure! "
" Knows his stuff. Gratitude. "
" Greg, you are an AMAZING reader. Thank you so much for being such a lovely collaborator and giving such helpful feedback! "
" Greg. Is. EXCELLENT. "
" A true performer, thanks Greg "
" Such a talented actor and coach. Always a pleasure! "
" Thank u! "
" The best!!!!!!!! Amazing to break down a scene with him "
" Great reader! "
" Great direction! Really took his time to help me through the audition. "
" Such an amazing reader who gives helpful notes, pushes you to create compelling characters, be more natural and convincing and is also friendly! I feel like I’ve learned a lot about my script and more confident to try new things. Thank you Greg! "
" Always a pleasure! Great at picking up copy quickly and so much fun to read with. "
" So fun to read with! Gives great notes and offers excellent ideas! "
" What a guy! He really helped me open up the script and FIND the rhythm of the piece. "
" Always great working with this guy, If you see him on line do yourself a favor and book him :) "
" Great input and very nice voice! "
" Great scene breakdown "
" Great "
" The best "
" So wonderful working with him "
" Great inputs, bringing a lot into the reading of the character We even swapped the sides to see different perspective Gave so many tips and practical steps to prepare for the character and the audition Brilliant chap "
" Scene work is perfect "
" Great reader and great energy! Will definitely look out for him in the future. "
" Excellent patient reader who wants to get the best take from you!! "
" Always a pleasure. Great active. Always supportive, always willing to suggest ideas. "
" One of the great lights on here. Happy to call Greg a friend. Sweet and great, work with him! "
" Great "
" Great "
" Greg is always a pleasure. Truly warm, professional, kind, and a talented actor. "
" Great "
" Greg is really Nice, Talented and Imaginative ! "
" Fantastic help with breaking down my sides to make them more personal! "
" Greg is Awsome!Thank you so much!!Johanna. X "
" Always has a different take on the scene. "
" Outstanding. Challenged me with so many choices "
" Always a favorite to work with. Great notes and ideas, always supportive. "
" Excellent actor and reader! fantastic ideas as well! "
" He's the best. Always kind, thoughtful, really fun to try ideas with. "
" Fantastic reader!! Thank you :) "
" Simply the best "
" The best! "
" Always a fun time! Great pointers. Thanks Greg! "
" Excellent!Thank you greg! "
" Excellent!What a fantastic reader.Great energy, direction and full of ideas.Thank you Greg!X "
" Great working with Greg, he's full of great ideas to bring out the best in the material. "
" Greg is great I would recommend him to anyone "
" Fantastic! "
" WOW!!!! So amazing, patient, and creative! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! "
" Very Helpful! "
" Greg was a great reader. He gave me plenty of insight into the script and character. I'd use him again. Tashna "
" A tremendous help! "
" Totally Awesome. Excellent reader.Thank you Greg! "
" Super helpful! "
" Always my lifesaver :) Thank you for being the best ready for self tapes! "
" He was great! "
" Greg is always a great help and so much fun to work with! "
" Superb! "
" One of the best! Thanks Greg. "
" One of the best on here. So kind! So helpful! Always spot on!!! "
" Excellent! Always a pleasure working with Greg! "
" Greg is an absolute saint. So grateful for him. "
" A+ "
" Always great! "
" Fantastic as always :) "
" Greg was very helpful Id recommend him to anyone who uses weaudition "
" Greg was great would definitely read with him again! "
" Awesome!Awesome! Awsome! Thank you! Xx "
" Greg is everything his reviews say he is. We had lot of fun and Greg gave me some excellent pointers for getting something different out of my takes. Will definitely use again! "
" Greg was beyond words AWSOME!!!!!!Thank you!!!Xxxx "
" Greg is an absolute superstar. So patient, and kind, and gives great ideas. It was my first time working in an Oz accent and I felt a bit out of depth to begin with but he was so thorough in helping me, and in such an encouraging way that I felt in a good place with it before we got into taping. Then we just had loads of fun doing different tapes! He's generous with his time, and helpful as he suggested I bring in aspects of previous characters I've played, which created a variety of options, and was also a fun little journey through my career! What a great coach and reader. Will use again for sure. "
" Greg was great as always. this is my second time reading with him and for the first time, he helped me get a callback! "
" Wonderful reader and coach to get different and interesting takes! Thankyou Greg "
" Very uplifting and generous with his help "
" Great stuff :) "
" Greg is very good, he's a very good actor, patient, and caring. Honestly he's a great teacher! "
" Good "
" Good "
" Wonderful and very helpful! He had really great feedback that forced me to be present (which I'm finding to be a challenge during quarantine!) Thanks Greg!! "
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" Fantastic again! Greg really works with you on the character. Thank you! "
" Greg is fantastic, great reader and gave me lots of ideas! Thank you. "
" Greg was amazing! His direction and tips brought my performance to another level. And of course his reading was great. Thanks so much Greg! "
" Intuitive and upbeat. Drops right into a scene like butter! "
" One of my favorites!! He's become a real real pro of Weaudition, one of the best, knows exactly what to say and always makes it fun and me more comfortable. "
" Amazing! Thank you so much! "
" Nice work! "
" One of my favorites! Kind, generous and exploratory every time I work with him. "
" Great! "
" Great! "
" Always a pleasure. Always a pro. Thanks, Greg. "
" Awesome as always! Greg really cares and makes sure we get the best tape possible. Thank you! "
" Sometimes Greg comes up with suggestions that seem weird but are brilliant :) He totally helped me get through a block I had on the scene we worked on. So cool! "
" Greg's my go-to guy! "
" Can't say it enough. Greg is one of my go to peeps. We always have an amazing exploration and come out the wiser for it. "
" I always have fun working with Greg! He's one of my go to peeps! "
" Greg is an amazing reader and coach too (if you're looking for some tips). He also is pure positivity. Always a pleasure. "
" Great! "
" Excellent reader, as always! "
" Such a great pleasure to work with Greg. Great insights and fun to boot! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" One of my favorites!! Always a pleasure and a comfort and genuinely fun to work with Greg. Thanks! "
" You really can't do much better if you're looking for a scene partner and collaborator to help get you thinking about character and story. "
" Greg brings so much joy and curiosity to the read! I absolutely loved working with Greg! "
" Fantastic as always!! Thanks Greg. "
" Just fantastic!! Thank you for all your notes and direction. Greg really works with you on the scene to find those golden nugget moments! "
" Time incredibly well spent. So many great insights and adjustments to take with me! "
" Greg was fantastic, we really worked the scene and he helped me find great moments. Thanks Greg :) "
" Really great to work with. Very helpful. Great energy. "
" My fav reader on here. The sweetest. Thanks! "
" Great reader "
" Always love working with Greg! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Greg is always the best - great notes and ideas, positive, knowledgeable. "
" Great feedback and excellent reader. Going to use Greg again! "
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" Always a champ. Thanks, Greg. "
" Absolutely wonderful reader and coach "
" Wonderful. So lovely and smart. "
" Amazing! Excellent reader x coach x everything!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Good text analysis "
" I loved it! Wonderful suggestions! Highly recommended! "
" So specific!!! Love working with Greg! "
" Great! "
" One of my fav's! thanks Greg!!! "
" Amazing !!!!!! :) "
" Great "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love working with Greg! "
" Great reader , always a pleasure "
" Always a pleasure to run lines with :) "
" Awesome! "
" This guy has some brilliant tips. I'd love to work with him again. He gave me a lot of help. Pick this guy to read with. Trust me. "
" Amazing, always a pleasure to work with you :) "
" Always the best. Thanks! "
" Super helpful thanks Greg! "
" Greg was really great! Super supportive and great ideas. "
" Great reader , thank youuu "
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" Amazing reader "
" So wonderful! Greg had really valuable suggestions for my scene, plus is such a warm and pleasant guy. "
" As usual full of insights and very helpful "
" A+ "
" We've read together before and he is fantastic. Great ideas and enthusiasm. "
" A+ "
" Brilliant reader and lots of help, highly recommend!! "
" Great reader as always, super inventive and really comes from an egoless place of unlocking the fun. Sorry we got disconnected at the end there! Hope to work with ya soon!!!! "
" Wow! No words to describe what a fantastic reader AND coach he is. I loved my read and he took my audition to another level. Thanks, Greg. See you again next time! "
" THE VERY BEST. Favorite, favorite, favorite. SUCH A PRO. Terrific actor, kind human, giving and present. FAVORITE! "
" Greg is a wonderful reader and fully invested in my rehearsal session. "
" So genuinely helpful with the reads...stellar! "
" Helps with voice overs too! "
" My go to reader on We Audition! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Helpful, friendly and wonderfully aware of the ticking clock. Recommend! "
" One of my favorites and go-to's! Work with Greg!!! "
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" Greg is great, very helpful with feedback "
" Very specific and helpful! "
" Greg is a lovely man, and a great reader! "
" Good fun. Helpful adjustments. "
" Awesome-great feedback and suggestions and had a lot of fun playing with the scene. Highly recommend him! "
" Always great, unfortunately our session wouldn't connect. "
" Very helpful and good coaching on helping me specify my choices. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So great! Succinct and just a professional. Kind and generous and so easy to work with! "
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" Thank you! Appreciate his suggestions and specifics on the scene!! "
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" Great experience! Thanks, Greg! Lots of good notes given :) "
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" As always, excellent feedback and top notch help! "
" Wonderfully precise and helpful! "
" Amazing amazing amazing!!! Was hoping for just a quick rehearsal and he went over time with me and really went with me till we nailed the scene and he worked so fast and great that we taped the whole thing start to finish. Thank you!!! "
" He is a fabulous reader and scene partner. He had great suggestions and was so generous and open in his process. I hope to have him as my reader again. "
" Great reader. Really good notes. Very generous with his time and experience. We had technical issues and he was so patient. Thanks "
" Marvelous! "
" Wonderful!!! "
" Fantastic! Wonderfully helpful! "
" Great suggestions!! "
" Extremely friendly and generous. Great to play off. "
" Pick this guy! "
" Da best "
" Keep on rockin in the free world "
" Great esp for late nights due to time zone in USA "
" Greg was fantastic to work with even for a short scene. Lots of great feedback and really scene chemistry. "
" Great reader and coach. the best "

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