Greg Poppleton

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Actor, voiceover, singer. Australian. (Australian accent only). Age range 45-65.

Film and TV work includes Backtrack (2015), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010), Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (2015), Black Comedy (2018) and Moulin Rouge! (2001).


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" great "
" Greg is really Nice, Talented and Imaginative ! "
" Fantastic help with breaking down my sides to make them more personal! "
" Greg is Awsome!Thank you so much!!Johanna. X "
" Always has a different take on the scene. "
" Outstanding. Challenged me with so many choices "
" Always a favorite to work with. Great notes and ideas, always supportive. "
" Excellent actor and reader! fantastic ideas as well! "
" He's the best. Always kind, thoughtful, really fun to try ideas with. "
" Fantastic reader!! Thank you :) "
" simply the best "
" the best! "
" Always a fun time! Great pointers. Thanks Greg! "
" Excellent!Thank you greg! "
" Excellent!What a fantastic reader.Great energy, direction and full of ideas.Thank you Greg!X "
" Great working with Greg, he's full of great ideas to bring out the best in the material. "
" Greg is great I would recommend him to anyone "
" Fantastic! "
" WOW!!!! So amazing, patient, and creative! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! "
" Very Helpful! "
" Greg was a great reader. He gave me plenty of insight into the script and character. I'd use him again. Tashna "
" A tremendous help! "
" Totally Awesome. Excellent reader.Thank you Greg! "
" Super helpful! "
" Always my lifesaver :) Thank you for being the best ready for self tapes! "
" He was great! "
" Greg is always a great help and so much fun to work with! "
" Superb! "
" One of the best! Thanks Greg. "
" One of the best on here. So kind! So helpful! Always spot on!!! "
" Excellent! Always a pleasure working with Greg! "
" Greg is an absolute saint. So grateful for him. "
" A+ "
" Always great! "
" Fantastic as always :) "
" Greg was very helpful Id recommend him to anyone who uses weaudition "
" Greg was great would definitely read with him again! "
" Awesome!Awesome! Awsome! Thank you! Xx "
" Greg is everything his reviews say he is. We had lot of fun and Greg gave me some excellent pointers for getting something different out of my takes. Will definitely use again! "
" Greg was beyond words AWSOME!!!!!!Thank you!!!Xxxx "
" Greg is an absolute superstar. So patient, and kind, and gives great ideas. It was my first time working in an Oz accent and I felt a bit out of depth to begin with but he was so thorough in helping me, and in such an encouraging way that I felt in a good place with it before we got into taping. Then we just had loads of fun doing different tapes! He's generous with his time, and helpful as he suggested I bring in aspects of previous characters I've played, which created a variety of options, and was also a fun little journey through my career! What a great coach and reader. Will use again for sure. "
" Greg was great as always. this is my second time reading with him and for the first time, he helped me get a callback! "
" Wonderful reader and coach to get different and interesting takes! Thankyou Greg "
" Very uplifting and generous with his help "
" Great stuff :) "
" Greg is very good, he's a very good actor, patient, and caring. Honestly he's a great teacher! "
" Good "
" Good "
" Wonderful and very helpful! He had really great feedback that forced me to be present (which I'm finding to be a challenge during quarantine!) Thanks Greg!! "
" Super friendly and super helpful! Love reading with Greg :) "
" Fantastic again! Greg really works with you on the character. Thank you! "
" Greg is fantastic, great reader and gave me lots of ideas! Thank you. "
" Greg was amazing! His direction and tips brought my performance to another level. And of course his reading was great. Thanks so much Greg! "
" Intuitive and upbeat. Drops right into a scene like butter! "
" One of my favorites!! He's become a real real pro of Weaudition, one of the best, knows exactly what to say and always makes it fun and me more comfortable. "
" Amazing! Thank you so much! "
" Nice work! "
" One of my favorites! Kind, generous and exploratory every time I work with him. "
" great! "
" Great! "
" Always a pleasure. Always a pro. Thanks, Greg. "
" awesome as always! Greg really cares and makes sure we get the best tape possible. Thank you! "
" Sometimes Greg comes up with suggestions that seem weird but are brilliant :) He totally helped me get through a block I had on the scene we worked on. So cool! "
" Greg's my go-to guy! "
" Can't say it enough. Greg is one of my go to peeps. We always have an amazing exploration and come out the wiser for it. "
" I always have fun working with Greg! He's one of my go to peeps! "
" Greg is an amazing reader and coach too (if you're looking for some tips). He also is pure positivity. Always a pleasure. "
" Great! "
" Excellent reader, as always! "
" Such a great pleasure to work with Greg. Great insights and fun to boot! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" One of my favorites!! Always a pleasure and a comfort and genuinely fun to work with Greg. Thanks! "
" You really can't do much better if you're looking for a scene partner and collaborator to help get you thinking about character and story. "
" Greg brings so much joy and curiosity to the read! I absolutely loved working with Greg! "
" Fantastic as always!! Thanks Greg. "
" Just fantastic!! Thank you for all your notes and direction. Greg really works with you on the scene to find those golden nugget moments! "
" Time incredibly well spent. So many great insights and adjustments to take with me! "
" Greg was fantastic, we really worked the scene and he helped me find great moments. Thanks Greg :) "
" Really great to work with. Very helpful. Great energy. "
" My fav reader on here. The sweetest. Thanks! "
" Great reader "
" Always love working with Greg! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Greg is always the best - great notes and ideas, positive, knowledgeable. "
" Great feedback and excellent reader. Going to use Greg again! "
" Incredible reader and coach! Greg was so passionate about helping me get to the root of the scene. Went above and beyond! Thank you Greg- highly recommend! "
" Always a champ. Thanks, Greg. "
" absolutely wonderful reader and coach "
" Wonderful. So lovely and smart. "
" Amazing! Excellent reader x coach x everything!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Good text analysis "
" I loved it! Wonderful suggestions! Highly recommended! "
" So specific!!! Love working with Greg! "
" Great! "
" One of my fav's! thanks Greg!!! "
" Amazing !!!!!! :) "
" Great "
" Fantastic reader! "
" love working with Greg! "
" Great reader , always a pleasure "
" Always a pleasure to run lines with :) "
" Awesome! "
" This guy has some brilliant tips. I'd love to work with him again. He gave me a lot of help. Pick this guy to read with. Trust me. "
" Amazing, always a pleasure to work with you :) "
" Always the best. Thanks! "
" super helpful thanks Greg! "
" Greg was really great! Super supportive and great ideas. "
" Great reader , thank youuu "
" My favorite reader! "
" Amazing reader "
" So wonderful! Greg had really valuable suggestions for my scene, plus is such a warm and pleasant guy. "
" As usual full of insights and very helpful "
" A+ "
" We've read together before and he is fantastic. Great ideas and enthusiasm. "
" A+ "
" Brilliant reader and lots of help, highly recommend!! "
" Great reader as always, super inventive and really comes from an egoless place of unlocking the fun. Sorry we got disconnected at the end there! Hope to work with ya soon!!!! "
" Wow! No words to describe what a fantastic reader AND coach he is. I loved my read and he took my audition to another level. Thanks, Greg. See you again next time! "
" THE VERY BEST. Favorite, favorite, favorite. SUCH A PRO. Terrific actor, kind human, giving and present. FAVORITE! "
" Greg is a wonderful reader and fully invested in my rehearsal session. "
" So genuinely helpful with the reads...stellar! "
" Helps with voice overs too! "
" My go to reader on We Audition! "
" greg is really great and very helpfull "
" Always the best! So grateful for warmth, professionalism, and talent! "
" The best!!!!!! He really works with you to specify and bring out your best performance. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" What a wonderful reader. Vey specific and great guidance!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader! Great at working through the text. "
" What a great guy to read with! Yay! "
" Greg is sensational! Really commits and gives it his all straight out the gate, creating such a free and safe space to rehearse. Thanks, Greg! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Helpful, friendly and wonderfully aware of the ticking clock. Recommend! "
" One of my favorites and go-to's! Work with Greg!!! "
" Greg was very patient and helpful, coaching me along the way. "
" Great reader! Love Greg's enthusiasm, help and fun! Work with him! "
" Greg is great, very helpful with feedback "
" Very specific and helpful! "
" Greg is a lovely man, and a great reader! "
" Good fun. Helpful adjustments. "
" Awesome-great feedback and suggestions and had a lot of fun playing with the scene. Highly recommend him! "
" Always great, unfortunately our session wouldn't connect. "
" Very helpful and good coaching on helping me specify my choices. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So great! Succinct and just a professional. Kind and generous and so easy to work with! "
" Fantastic actor, very energetic and committed, great reader! Always a pro. "
" Thank you! Appreciate his suggestions and specifics on the scene!! "
" One of my favorites! Thanks so much Greg! "
" Amazing advice and amazing reader thank you so much Greg! "
" Greg is the best as always "
" Fantastic reader! "
" thank you!! "
" the best reader "
" Absolutely fantastic....lots of ideas and a pleasure to read with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Another amazing session with Greg! "
" Always the best! So many great notes. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolutely amazing! So many wonderful insights, tips, and ideas. "
" so helpful! such great feedback! "
" AMAZING reader! Greg is the best! "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" The best!! and available late night PDT "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Just brilliant! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing! One of my faves!!! "
" Amazing as always! BOOK GREG!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Terrific reader and extremely helpful! "
" So helpful. Asks just the right questions! "
" Super patient and an amazing reader with great notes. Sorry for the tech difficulties! Please work with Greg! "
" Excellent reader and fabulous direction and suggestions for the takes! "
" Great as always "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely reader! Highly recommend :) "
" Great reader! Thanks so much! Patient, kind and a blast to work with! "
" Wonderful reader and person and actor! Thank you! "
" Very good at getting the best from actors; fun to work with too "
" Positive helpful reader! "
" Greg was super helpful in such a short amount of time! I have some good pointers to focus on for my upcoming audition. "
" Great energy and fun to work with! "
" Greg is great! Really connected and with useful insights about the work. "
" Fantastic Reader! "
" Greg is the man - fine tunes with tweaks & nuances that always add value to my tapes. "
" He helped me get a great audition on tape! Thank you "
" I had an awesome session with Greg! I was feeling alright about my audition before, but now I feel really prepared and excited. He really helped me develop the character and make sense of scene. Thank you so much! "
" He's such a generous scene partner! He offers great insight and is a great coach. He understands camera angles well and helped place my eyeline for mulitple view points specific to this scene. "
" Great experience! Thanks, Greg! Lots of good notes given :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! :) "
" Great reader! Very helpful and supportive. "
" Always amazing! Such a ball to work with! "
" Fantastic! So helpful, warm, and professional. "
" Amazing reader. Very friendly and helpful. "
" Top notch actor and human. Took my audition that I was gonna just phone in because I didn't think I had a chance and now I can't wait to show my work. Book Greg! "
" GREG IS INCREDIBLE! He made my sides come alive in a whole new way! Will request him again "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Greg really cares about fine-tuning your performance with you to make sure you are building color and nuance into your scene. He's very specific with notes if you ask him to coach, and really wants you to succeed. "
" Super awesome reader as always! Thanks Greg! "
" Greg was very helpful and provided wonderful feedback. Thanks Greg! "
" Seriously one of my absolute favorites! So empowering and makes a scene go from worked on to alive. Thank you so much! "
" Positive thoughtful reader with great tips. "
" the best reader "
" Great reader! :) "
" best "
" Greg is the best! "
" Really Great! Helped me a lot! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Greg is amazing! Jumps right in, and plays and challenges you with specific tips and ideas to finesse your audition. Love it - he doesn't allow you to be lazy which helps you get the best take that YOU are happy with. Thanks Greg! "
" Great readere "
" Greg's fantastic. Excellent reader and amazing help with character development for self tapes. We'll definitely use again n "
" Greg is a fantastic actor to work with. He's relaxed and open and had some great insights. "
" AMAZING. One of my favs "
" A great help with insight and tips. "
" Patient, calm and generous. Greg gave me some great nuggets to enhance my performance. Thanks Greg. I'll be looking out for you again! "
" Very good coach "
" One of my favorite readers! Such a nice guy and coach! "
" Again, fantastic rehearsal with Greg! "
" Amazing amazing reader! Gives such insightful feedback and really works with you to get the heart of the scene. Work with this guy! "
" Fantastic rehearsal! "
" another great session "
" Excellent reader with great tips/notes for the scenes. Would use again! "
" WOnderful. Absolutely Wonderful! Gave me jewels which heightened my self-tape. So glad I booked Greg! "
" Amazing and generous reader! Will be booking again immediately!! "
" Great reader! Lots of fun! ;) "
" Really great guy! Good energy! I had a challenging scene and he was super helpful! "
" As always, excellent feedback and top notch help! "
" Wonderfully precise and helpful! "
" Amazing amazing amazing!!! Was hoping for just a quick rehearsal and he went over time with me and really went with me till we nailed the scene and he worked so fast and great that we taped the whole thing start to finish. Thank you!!! "
" He is a fabulous reader and scene partner. He had great suggestions and was so generous and open in his process. I hope to have him as my reader again. "
" Great reader. Really good notes. Very generous with his time and experience. We had technical issues and he was so patient. Thanks "
" marvelous! "
" wonderful!!! "
" Fantastic! Wonderfully helpful! "
" great suggestions!! "
" Extremely friendly and generous. Great to play off. "
" pick this guy! "
" da best "
" keep on rockin in the free world "
" great esp for late nights due to time zone in USA "
" Greg was fantastic to work with even for a short scene. Lots of great feedback and really scene chemistry. "
" great reader and coach. the best "

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