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Self-tapes are stressful, aren't they?! I'm really easy-going and happy to work along with you in whatever way makes you most comfortable and confident. I love being a reader, it is just such fun, and yet another way for me to practice my craft.

I trained as a teenager in England exclusively for the stage. In the past few years, I have returned to acting, adding screen work to my portfolio.
I mainly do drama, (including a lot of Shakespeare) but I have been known to turn my hand to comedy as well.
I am based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Not that it's at all relevant but I have also been a fish biologist, immunologist, meteorologist, naval officer, and underwater wildlife cameraman.

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I trained as an actor in the UK as a teenager and did a lot of theatre. I then did no acting until a few years ago when I got back into stage work and, more recently screen. One short film that I was in, "The Haka", was selected for Cinema des Antipodes Cannes Cinephiles, & the Festival des Antipodes, Saint-Tropez, 2021.
I mainly do drama, (including a lot of Shakespeare) but I have been known to turn my hand to comedy as well.
In between, I have been a fish biologist, immunologist, meteorologist, naval officer, and underwater wildlife cameraman.
I am based in Wellington, New Zealand.


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Red, White & Brass
Feature Film
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Time Bandits
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Feature Film
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2021 [IMDB]
The Haka
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The Understudy
2001 [IMDB]
The Blue Planet
2001 [IMDB]
Bill Oddie Goes Wild
2000 [IMDB]
Natural World
1999 [IMDB]
Blue Peter Eclipse Special