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New York City
BFA New York University Tisch School of the Arts
SAG/AFTRA Performer

Upright Citizens Brigade Sketch 101 Instructor: Niccolo Aeed
Upright Citizens Brigade Improv 201 Instructor: Caroline Fiona Martin
Upright Citizens Brigade Improv 101 Instructor: Alex French
Private Coaching Instructor: Ted Sluberski

Represented by: Stewart Talent
Accents: Various British, Various Caribbean, American Southern

I’m here to help! The most vital part of being a reader is to… listen to the actor!
It is also very important to analyze each artists’ piece and to understand the reader's character to give the performer access to fully express their true emotions and to follow the arc of the scene. I am a patient reader and I am here to help you with any concern or question about your piece!

I can help advance your skills with TV, Film and Theater sides and provide you with the energy needed to fulfill your goals, tasks and feelings of the particular piece!

Looking forward to working with you!

If WeAudition is having trouble contact me at Mjf495@nyu.edu so we can connect !

Mickalia Forrester Ewen is an actress and writer, known for 20 or Something (2018), New Amsterdam (2018) and A Letter to My Unborn Daughter.

Mickalia Forrester Ewen is an actress and writer, known for 20 or Something (2018), New Amsterdam (2018) and A Letter to My Unborn Daughter.


152 Reader Reviews

" So so helpful and friendly! Thank you so much go book her she's great!!!! "
" Working with Mickalia was so amazing!! She's a fabulous reader and gave me helpful redirects so make sure each take was different. I had a lot of fun working with her, and her energy put me at ease after an extremely long day. "
" Awesome reader, and very patient :) "
" Excellent as always! "
" Very friendly, flexible and patient. Awesome to work with; great with the copy. "
" A+ reader!! :) "
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" Mickalia was amazing and a really great reader! "
" Mickalia was great. "
" She is so sweet and so patient! Pays really close attention to detail. I 10/10 would recommend Mickalia "
" Thank you! Mickalia took the time to help me breakdown my scenes and gave me some great feedback and questions to further look into. "
" Awesome reader again! "
" She was great! Super professional and easy going "
" Great reader! "
" Mickalia is awesome! She's a great reader and super patient! "
" Great reader! Will use again! "
" Lovely reader very easygoing. "
" She was lovely and patient with me as I tried to get off book. "
" Great reader! "
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" Mickalia was very patient and helpful! "
" Friendly, and a terrific reader! "
" Great notes on performance "
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" Mickalia was so kind and gave great feedback. She was super present and supportive as well. "
" I LOVEEEEE working with Mickalia! She always helps me bring out the best in my work! "
" Lovely reader "
" Mickalia is quite the little gem on here. Great fun and awesome reader. Merci!!! "
" Very patient. Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Mickalia was awesome and had super chill energy! "
" Another great taping session with Mickalia! Patient, helpful and kind :-) "
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" Mickalia is dope! Loved working with her! I felt super comfortable , the read was great, her notes and energy !! Book her! "
" Mickalia was a great reader. She does a great job of jumping right into the scene and has a a very patient and calming energy! "
" Excellent "
" 1Really helpful "
" Lovely reader. thanks! "
" Amazing Reader! Thank you so much for your help Mickalia! "
" Great Vibe! Great energy! Instantly knew how to read her parts! Thank you Mickalia❤️ "
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" Fantastic! "
" A1 with the help as always. Second booking and would book again! "
" Engaged and acting during the audition. Had a blast with her! "
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" Great reader. "
" So patient, kind and understanding! Thank you a bunch! "
" Super helpful. Had some great notes and great exercises to get the creativity flowing. Thank you! Book her yall "
" Amazing! "
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" So patient! Super fun to bounce my ideas off of, gives feedback when asked. Will def return! "
" Another great read with Mickalia. She's such a quick read and has a very calming and supportive energy!! "
" Mickalia was a quick read and was able to drop right in. Thanks so much!! "
" Awesome reader and super patient! "
" Very helpful! Will def read with her in the future "
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" She was very helpful and a good reader. "
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" She is amazing always love to work with Mickalia "
" Always a good time with Mickalia, shes up for everything! Thanks girl, this one was a bit of a dossy and you KILT it! "
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" Mickalia was so great. Calming energy and super supportive. Thank you! "
" Mickalia was amazing, super helpful I definitely recommend her "
" She did such a great job!! I really enjoyed working with Mickalia. She picked up the rhythm of the scene very quickly and was even willing to help me improvise. She's a talented actress and a positive person. I definitely recommend her. Thank you! "
" Mickalia is amazing and picks up on sides fast!!!! "
" Exactly what was needed. A fantastic reader! "
" This girl is a true gift. I had just gotten a tape through for an American TV show and was PANICKING and Mickalia not only read each individual line so that I could hear how it sounded - but went above and beyond in making me feel comfortable and really sitting inside the character. - an absolute gem, I will ALWAYS be using her when I need help with doing anything American! "
" Amazing, so nice and understanding "
" What an amazing reader! Not only is she full of good energy, she helped guide me in the scene to reach another level! "
" Thank you Mickalia! You're awsome, patient and so helpful :-) "
" Mickalia was relaxed and easygoing, brought different nuanced choices for each time she read. I definitely hope to work with her on the future! "
" First if of all Mickalia, is DELIGHTFUL! I honestly love working with her. She's so easy going, excitable, generous, and funny. I feel very grateful to be able to be myself and express my character development on it's feet with someone so open! Blessings xx "
" Amazing! very patient and gave great feedback "
" Thank you Mickalia for your wonderful energy and patience! You're a gem! "
" Awesome Vibes "
" Great voice and very fun to work with. Would totally work with her again! "
" Excellent reader! Offered different perspectives. "
" She's great, amazing listener, and has awesome advice "
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" Very calm and patient "
" Great! "
" The perfect scene partner, ready to go and support whatever I needed! "
" Mickalia is an absolute TROOPER. On top of being a fabulous and generous actor, she has the patience of an angel. Mickalia, I can't thank you enough for the work we did today!! "
" Mickalia is a very generous and open reader. Thanks Mickalia! "
" Mickalia was great. I needed to run lines for a chemistry read. She helped me get off book and feel the character out better. "
" WHAT A DOLL! Mickalia knows her stuff. She's patient and kind and I would highly recommend her! :-) "
" Great reader great pace, picks up scene fast "
" Thank you for your help!! "
" Mickalia was so patient and read really well! It was as if she was truly apart of the scene. Thank you again for your time! "
" Super nice to work with. "
" Mickalia, it was so nice meeting you!!! Thank you for reading with me :) "
" Patient and professional. Helpful! "
" Mickalia DELIVERS! "
" Mickalia is PHENOMENAL!! Her patience, talent and energy were an absolute gift. Exactly what I need when doing self-tapes. Thank you. "
" She was so lovely and giving! "
" Really helpful as a reader, thoughtful and insightful! "
" Mickalia was super chill and super helpful. Thank you so much. "
" Mickalia was so much fun and ready to jump in and play right away! The story was really unique but she was still able to create a great atmosphere for me to work :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" One of the best readers I've had. She gave me just what I needed without taking over the scene. Thanks so much! "
" Thanks so much so helpful! "
" Mickalia is fantastic! It was a pleasure to work with her. She was an engaging and helpful partner "
" Wonderful reader! Really great command of the text and site reading. Very kind and a wonderful supportive scene partner "
" Mickalia is amazing. She is a PRO! She caught on to the scene quickly, gave me great energy to work off of, was very considerate and patient. Thank you. I'll be back!! "
" Solid reader who has fun acting "
" So helpful and patient. Her availability at just the right time was fantastic too. "
" Amazing reader. Very talented actress and super friendly "

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