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I love this! I love our craft and the connection we create. I’ve had the pleasure of working with different casting directors in Los Angeles, and seeing what it’s like on the other side. I remember being out of town for an audition and got the callback for later that day. While out to lunch with another actor auditioning for a one line role, she asked how to break down sides. I helped her using my sides. The catch, the director thought I was the wrong look and she booked the role I read based on my coaching! It was then I realized this would be a blast to do too! I have improv training through the Groundlings, and have studied with various teachers in Los Angeles for everything from cold reading to deep scene study.

I'm currently the Audio Description Narrator for this season of Grey's Anatomy and Station 19. I love it! I'm also about shoot a film with a bunch of actors I have long loved including Eric Idle!

If you are a Performer with Disabilities, please know that there is now a SAG-AFTRA LA PWD Committee and I am the Chair. We are here for you! Reach out any time!

I hope to help you book that next exciting gig! Happy to read as many times as you’d like, with as much or as little coaching as you desire. It's all about you!

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IG: @nicole.cyrille
*DM me for appointments or contact me via my website*

I earned my SAG card on a Bon Jovi video in '95. I started working on everything that shot in Vegas, before moving to LA. I got the lead in an indie called "Red Lightning" and was ready to hit the ground running when life took me to Nashville. But I'm on my way back, already booked in another indie with a large role along name actors. We start shooting as soon as it's safe!

I tried that thing where they say, "if you can see yourself doing anything else", so I moved from LA to Nashville (for a boy...don't do that) and opened a yoga studio. Yeah, can't. I'm an actor. I still love helping people with yoga, but my passion is the connection we find telling stories. I sold the studio June of 2020 (seriously, who buys a yoga studio during a global pandemic?) sold the house and moved home to LA...during a pandemic.

I also love expanding people's ideas of labels. I don't "look" disabled, or I'm "too pale" to be Lebanese, but I'm both. As a person with a hidden disability, (most people think I'm drunk or my shoes hurt) I feel even more pulled to tell stories of those who aren't understood to help us all connect and realize we are all basically the same. At our core, we all want to give and receive love.

Oh, and I am always this cheesy, but usually laughing like crazy at the same time while doing something nerdy.

Kimberly Strauss - Manager Next Level Entertainment 310-435-9445 Dori Crivello Firestarter Entertainment - Commercial 213-531-0547 ext 711 phone

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" Nicole was wonderful! She had the advice I needed to excel in my audition and was a great reader. I'll definitely be coming back to her for future auditions :) "
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" Awesome reader with very helpful notes! Thanks again! "
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" Nicole is a delight! Incredibly helpful and lovely to chat with about actory things. "
" LOVE! Read with Nicole. She's fantabulous. Great notes. Super patient. "
" Fantastic reader with incredible insight and direction. Read with Nicole if you want to book. "
" Thank you for the fun session, Nicole! "
" Fantastic reader! Helped me hit my marks the pacing was really good! The added benefit of working with her is that she has tons of experience as an actor and with auditions! and helped me perfected a tape in a genre that I typically don’t audition for. "
" Nicole was awesome! She's very professional and supportive. "
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" She is hilarious and warm such a seasoned pro!! "
" Nicole really supported me in MY process. And she gave great coaching, feedback and adjustments. Very positive. I felt challenged and nurtured at the same time. A great combo that allowed me to be free in my work. Thank you, Nicole! "
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" All I have to say is that she is a seasoned pro! Magnetic and playful! "
" Nicole is an absolute joy to work with. She made the sides so much fun to work on and she gave me really great pointers and feedback to make the scene pop. I am excited to work with her again!! Thank you so much!! "
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" Simply the best! "
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" An absolute angel!! so patient, ran lines and helped me find my main intention in the scene in an AWESOME way and now I feel confident and prepared with the scene. Thanks so much Nicole!!! "
" One word....AMAZING. Nicole was so amazing. She made me super comfortable and helped me get into meat of the scene without feeling rushed or pressured to "perform". Top notch, five out of five stars. Thank you Nicole. "
" Excellent reader with good ideas if you ask:) Really fun. "
" Super sweet and skilled. She didn't miss a beat during our session! "
" Fantastic! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Is my new go-to person "
" Excellent reader and very patient. Has good clear ideas if you ask for them! "
" She's really great. Gives the BEST direction. "
" Nicole was amazing!! So helpful and patient. She had great energy and was willing to provide me with feedback/notes when I asked. I highly recommend her as a reader & coach! Thank you so much for your help Nicole :-D that was an amazing first WeAudition experience! "
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" She was great! I haven't used a reader here before and she really did a great job helping me out. Will definitely use her again. "
" I felt like I was talking to a casting director!! Great feedback! "
" Incredible! Great energy and understanding of tone & story. "
" First time using we audition and Nicole was awesome! She was super sweet and gave me some really useful notes. THANKS NICOLE! "
" Wonderful, very kind and offered great suggestions! "
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" Amazing! She is so talented in bringing out the arch of each scene. Such a pleasure working with Nicole! "
" Great reader, Thanks so much!! "
" What a joy, Nicole is awesome. "
" So wonderful! Great reader and very helpful notes "
" Nicole helped me with a super simple Commercial audition and she made it so easy. Thanks Nicole! "
" She's Great! Really knows her stuff. Helped a lot with making choices and building the character "
" Absolutely amazing! Excellent coaching and suggestions. Breaks down scripts with you and does so so with a keen eye. "
" Nicole was great! Just the right tips and insights at just the right time. "
" Nicole was so helpful! She had some great input for the scene I was working on. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Station 19 (multiple episodes)
Audio Description Narrator
2022 [added]
Grey's Anatomy (multiple episodes)
Audio Description Narrator
2021 [added]
Dubbing - AD Helene, Olivia, Letitcia
2021 [added]
Paris, 13th District
Dubbing - AD t Nora
2021 [added]
Huda's Salon
Dubbing - AD t Huda
2021 [added]
Dubbing - AD t Benedetta
2019 [added]
Film Lead
2018 [added]
The Hit
Film Lead
2017 [added]
Where Three Roads Meet
Internet Lead
2010 [added]
Haunted Nashville
Documentary Guest Star
2005 [IMDB]
Red Lightning
2001 [added]
Zanie's Comedy Club
Stand Up Comic
2001 [added]
The Cantina
Comedy Club Comic
1998 [added]
Sunset Beach
Television Day Player
1998 [added]
Shooting the Baxters
Television Guest Star
1997 [added]
Austin Powers
Film Featured
1997 [added]
Pt Mugu Airshow
Television Host
1996 [added]
World's Greatest Magic
Television Co-Star
1996 [added]
Cutty Whitman
Television Co-Star
1996 [added]
Warped TV
Television Guest Star
1995 [added]
Too Hot To Skate
Television Co-Star