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Actress, voiceover actor and singer with over 20 years of experience! My first experience in an acting class was over 20 years ago in a Meisner class and I fell in love and never looked back! I have trained with many fantastic teachers over the years..different techniques (Meisner, Adler, Uta Hagen, Cold Reading, On Camera Auditioning...)

I want to provide a safe and engaging space to allow you to do your best work. I will give as much or as little feedback as you desire. I am happy to make adjustments to give you what you need to work off of as well.

If I am not online and you want to book a session you can DM me on
IG: stephanienbergman

I look forward to working with you ! :)

Venmo: @stephbkre8
PayPal: @bergman888 (to avoid fees)
Thank you!!!

Stephanie Bergman is an American actor/singer from Los Angeles. She sings in the James Taylor tribute band, "Taylor-Made". Stephanie entered her first Meisner class over 20 years ago and fell in love with the craft of acting and has been studying different styles of acting since. She started in the commercial world during the pandemic and landed a commercial agent! She looks forward to continuing on this journey and what creative endeavors it brings!

Currently seeking: Theatrical Representation

Commercial: Pacific Talent & Models Jeff Christina 310.321.7670

386 Reader Reviews

" Stephanie was a great reader and gave great tips! "
" Awesome tips! "
" Stephanie was very helpful and a solid reader. I will use her again. Thanks Stephanie! "
" Stephanie was great! Accurate, sensible suggestions and nuances given. A pro's pro :-) "
" Great reader. Thank you Stephanie "
" Great "
" Fantastic - professional and easy to read with! "
" Stephanie was very helpful. She has great insight and specific feedback to help your work "
" Stephanie was great! I asked her for feedback and she gave me such insightful notes and really helped me figure out what I was doing. Thanks so much Stephanie! "
" Always lovely to read with Stephanie! Such a great reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing "
" Great "
" Great reader. Matched the tone of the project perfectly. "
" Great - lots of good notes. "
" Really nice and helpful "
" FUN! "
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" Great reader! "
" Great direction and notes and FANTASTIC reader! "
" Great reader had a blast. "
" Amazing reader! She made me do a much better job! "
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" Very supportive and gave helpful feedback when asked. "
" Awesome Reader! Thank you for your notes "
" Excellent feedback! "
" Wonderful reader...full of positive energy!! "
" Very helpful and easy to work with! Thank you so so much! :) "
" Thank you! So giving and helpful. Appreciated the feedback. "
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" Stephanie is an amazing reader and gave me really great notes. Thank you so much for your work :) "
" Stephanie is a pleasure to work with! "
" Stephanie was lovely and I highly recommend her as a reader! Hope to work with her again in the future! "
" Thank you, Stephanie! "
" Fantastic! Stephanie is certainly a phenomenal reader, but she was so helpful with her notes and ideas too. My performance is much enriched with her help. If she'll have me I plan to work with her again! "
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" Stephanie was patient, a great reader, and had very helpful gentle encouragements! Thank you Stephanie! "
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" Stephanie is great she puts you at ease and reads smoothly. Highly recommend her! "
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" Great "
" Stephanie was great. Thank you Stephanie! "
" So easy to work with. Thank you, Stepahnie!! "
" Great! Thank you so much!!!! "
" Stephanie was PERFECT for the tape I just did. would highly reccommend! "
" Absolutely wonderful! She helped me create a few takes that will be perfect for submission. And she helped me connect with the character. And as a reader, she matched my pace. I really appreciate that! Thank you, Stephanie! "
" Stephanie is such a warm, and supportive reader! thank you! "
" Great "
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" Awesome scene partner and great feedback! "
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" Stephanie is so thoughtful and helpful. Such a great scene partner! Thank you! "
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" As always, she is a great reader. I love working with her "
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" Warm, open, easy top work with! "
" So great and fun to read with! "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you! "
" Great simple feedback under a time crunch "
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" She never showed up "
" Stayed with me and was extremely patient with me throughout. Thank you so much! "
" Stefanie is great. She has a good eye for detail and makes helpful comments. "
" Helped me rehearse and tape and was very flexible with what I needed! "
" Ready to roll with it! "
" Loved working with Stephanie, gave the scene exactly what it needed and gave some great notes to try. Thank you so much!! "
" Thanks Stephanie!! Great Read! "
" Super supportive, thanks Stephanie! "
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" Stephanie is so wonderful. Not only is she talented but she's so thoughtful and helpful in the audition process. She pushes me to get the best take I can. thank you!! "
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" Stephanie was so helpful! I will definitely book her again! "
" Love her! "
" Stephanie was great! She was extremely patient and knowledgeable. She allowed me to take my time and even coached me through when I needed it. I highly recommend her. "
" Stephanie was so helpful, compassionate, and warm. Very supportive! Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Very insightful comments. Helped me deliver a performance I was very happy with. "
" Stephanie is always one of my go to readers on weaudition. BOOK HER!!! "
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" Patient and supportive! "
" So lovely and easy to read with! "
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" She was so honest about the scene and her re-directs were spot on. "
" So helpful!! would use again in a heartbeat "
" Thank you so much!!! "
" Super helpful. Good reader. Supportive. Good notes when asked. "
" Stephanie was fun to work with and gave helpful suggestions! I got the takes I needed :) "
" Always wonderful working with Stephanie, especially with some of this VO auditions I get, thanks so much! "
" Wonderful to work with, thank you! "
" Very helpful. Really good directorial comments. "
" Stephanie was patient to work with me on an audition I received with a quick turn around! She encouraged me to find my centre and be calm! Thanks, Steph! "
" Stephanie is awesome! I had pretty emotional scenes, one of which I felt stuck on, but Stephanie gave incredible notes when I asked for them and helped me get the take I wanted! One of the most productive experiences I've had on here, highly recommend! "
" Always love working with Stephanie, she's got such a great voice for strong women characters and she was perfect for this VO audition I had, thanks Stephanie! "
" Very professional! "
" I loved working with Stephanie! She is so patient, kind and collaborative!! "
" Wonderful, friendly, fun! Great reader! "
" Stephanie's great! She helped me get off book on a scene and provided valuable notes! "
" Amazing such a calming voice "
" Great reader ! Easy to work with. "
" So patient and very helpful! Highly recommend! "
" Stephanie is a great reader! She really helped me out "
" Great reader. Thanks Stephanie. "
" Great to work with. Gave great suggestions. "
" Excellent! Very generous with her input and insights. "
" Lovely energy. Offered some good feedback. Patient. Great reader. Would work with Stephanie again! "
" Great reader, very patient and offered useful feedback! "
" Very helpful and generous!! "
" Stephanie was very good at helping me feel more secure with my lines! Thank you!! "
" Good reader "
" Amazing! a great reader and gave me great adjustments. thank you!! "
" Fantastic. A simple one-line audition. She was a huge help. "
" EXCELLENT reader. Very useful feedback and wonderful to work with! Thank you Stephanie! "
" Great Reader! Fun to work with! "
" Wahooo wonderful! "
" So great to read with Stephanie again. Always very helping! "
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" Really sweet and helpful! Highly recommend!!!! "
" Really helpful with great notes! Made me feel super comfortable for my audition. "
" Exactly what I needed for a short tape! "
" Super present and had a great read on the scene that helped me see it from a fresh perspective. Loved working with Stephanie :) "
" Just as great the 2nd time around "
" Kind and supportive! Great feedback. Thank you! "
" So lovely!!!! "
" Awesome "
" Stephanie was amazing!!!! ♥️ "
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" Such a joy to read with...Finally! Thank you "
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" Great read. thanks. "
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" On point! Sharp reader. Doesn't miss the details. "
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" Very good reader "
" Detail oriented, love that. "
" Always great at reading and giving feedback! very patient! "
" Booked her again for my 2nd scene & it was so helpful! "
" She got the scene right away & was so helpful with eyeline notes "
" Thanks so much Stephanie for always being a great reader and loved your beat note for this scene! "
" Had a great time!! Thanks so much :) "
" Amazing reader! My go to! "
" Thanks for a great read Stephanie. Thanks for all your help. "
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" Had a super emotional scene and she was so awesome and helped me every step.. wonderful to get to share my 1st breakthrough with her. Super thankful "
" Great with feedback and being on book "
" Wonderful experience "
" Loved working with stephanie!! thanks so much for the read "
" Thank you! "
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" As always, a rockstar reader. Patient, supportive, and helpful! Thanks! "
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" Once again an incredible session! Stephanie is so kind, generous and incredible with her notes and look at the work. Always helps me dive in and get deeper and more personal. Thank you so much Stephanie! "
" An absolutely incredible coach, reader and actor. Stephanie has helped me book and time and time again really helps me dig into the scene. Also so incredibly generous with her time and feedback. Thank you so much Stephanie!! "
" One of my faves! Thanks again Stephanie! "
" Awesom "
" Great reader, totally recommend! "
" Stephanie was great at giving helpful advice when I asked. Loved her input! "
" Thanks! "
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" BOOK HER! She's everything you want in a reader and an awesome human being! Thanks! "
" Stephanie was great! I am out of the county with limited resources and we made it work! "
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" Fun and easy! "
" Stephanie was great, would definitely read with her again "
" Super helpful and patient! "
" Thanks so much for your help for my callback rehearsal! "
" It's always a pleasure working with Stephanie. She is ready to go offers great feedback to help my self tape be 10 times is amazing. She's fine and has such a good energy. I hope to keep working with her for a long time!! :D cheers Stephanie! "
" Enthusiastic and helpful! "
" Thanks Stephanie!!!!! "
" She was patient and helpful. It was my first time getting a reader and she was a big help. "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Stephanie was so super kind and sweet. She gave really great feedback and made useful suggestions x "
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" Thank you! "
" Lovely and helpful! Patient and clear reader! "
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" Kind and easy to work with "
" Very professional and very easy to read with "
" She's such a patient reader. Thank you for your help! "
" Solid reader! Patient "
" Just one of the absolute best! A saint to gracefully and patiently handle the sinful scene I just put her through! Thanks,'re a rockstar! "
" Thanks Stephanie! "
" Great comfortable read. She brings her warmth and joy to helping you get the best scene you can! "
" Nice job.. good reader good ideas for the character "
" Fabulous! Picked it up immediately and nailed it in the first take! So fun. Stephanie will definitely be a go-to when available. Thanks so much! "
" Very friendly and patience :) "
" Stephanie is a great reader, very personable, and friendly! Thank you for your help! "
" Stephanie was a great reader! "
" Excellent reader. Helped me run lines! "
" Stephanie was great! really helped me work though two scenes! "
" Great Reader "
" Phenomenal! This was actually my first ever We Audition session and Stephanie was so easy to work with and gave great advice. "
" Super fun and gave great notes! THANK YOU! "
" Thanks a ton for your work and help! "
" A true pleasure working with Stephanie! We got great takes!! "
" Great reader! Picked up on the scene really quickly. Good feedback. "
" Great work! "
" Great work! "
" Just love Stephanie! She's great! "
" Great reader, so patient and easy to work with! "
" So helpful! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Very helpful despite technical issues!!! "
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" The absolute best reader ever. Improv'ed and was able to help me work through some kinks. 10/10 would read again. "
" Very patient and kind! "
" Read the lines perfectly and was very patient! "
" Great quick read. "
" Great reader as usual. Thank you! "
" Stephanie rocks! So great to work with and is passionate about the work. "
" Phenomenal reader! "
" Absolutely incredible!! Reached out to her specifically to go over a very deep and large callback and she immediately brought it to an amazing place I feel really happy with. Immediately knows exactly how to dig in to the piece and and so kind, giving and cool to work with. Thanks so much Stephanie! "
" Great reader, great notes! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Very patient and helpful "
" Great feedback! Thank you!! "
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" Great at cold reads and excellent pacing. "
" Super patient really appreciated Stephanie's time with so many things going on was just present and ready to go "
" Wonderful! "
" Stephanie was a fun reader with very calming energy! "
" Great! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Excellent reader. Great feedback and helped elevate my scene. Book her! "
" Stephanie was a WONDERFUL scene partner & reader for my session! Thank U!! "
" Great reader :) "
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" Very professional and easy to work with! "
" Stephanie was such a great reader and partner to work with! Highly recommend!! "
" Stephanie was great! Very patient and helpful!! "
" Amazing reader and coach! So great at jumping in and making these scenes feel fun and good. Thanks Stephanie! "
" Stephanie is an awesome reader! I'll definitely be reading with her again! "
" Great to work with "
" Great reader! Very patient and helps you find different things to explore each time. "
" AMAZING coach!! Took very hard imaginary circumstances and a very difficult piece of text and helped me discover and drop in so quickly. Thank you so much Stephanie! "
" Stephanie was really fun to read with and her feedback gave me a lot of confidence plus she was able to help me talk through the scene so that I could do it a couple of different ways. I really appreciate her and will definitely use her again!!! "
" Pleasure to work with you! "
" Stephanie is professional and wonderful at cold reads! "
" Wonderful reader with soothing energy, really enjoyed doing repetition together! "
" Great reader! Super supportive and kind. "
" Great Reader! Easy to work with. . "
" Super patient! Lovely reader! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVED working with Stephanie!!! She has such a calm, confident energy that is perfect for helping me run this new material. Can't wait to book her again! :-) "
" SO FUN to work with. She is a great listener and her feedback was really on the money. I look forward to working with her again!!! Given a script cold, she has great intuition for character. "
" Wonderful cold reader "
" THANKS STEPHANIE!!! Great Reader, book her guys!!!!! "
" Very nice reader "
" Great reader, thanks! "
" She was awesome, beautiful reader and kind soul "
" Great reader "
" Offers great feedback, patient, and great reader! "
" Stephanie was GREAT!!! She's a really savvy reader and she understands story in a moment's notice!! I will definitely work with her again! "
" Lovely!! "
" Great collaborator! "
" Stephanie is such a bright light and joy to work with! She helped me improve my choices and very ready freddy to go! Def will work with again! "
" Stephanie jumped right into things real fast, thanks so much for rehearsing with me! "
" Takes direction well :) "
" Amazing reader "
" Stephanie was great to work with!!! "
" Stephanie helped me by answering my concerns about self taping. she's a good partner to have. check her out "
" The best :) just the best :) "
" Warm and friendly and gave great adjustments! Will definitely work with her again! "
" Awesome work! "
" Lovely as always! "
" Very helpful and patient great pointers "
" Stephanie is an AMAZING reader and offers great insight!! Highly recommend :) "
" Great energy! "
" Stephanie was amazing as always! "
" She's amazing she really helped me with my scene. "
" So wonderful and helpful! "
" Stephanie was awesome! Great reader! "
" SO helpful and willing to help me discover and play!! "
" Thank you Stephanie!! Awesome reader! "
" Wow. excellent reader! "
" Perfect! Thank you! Great reader :-) "
" Okay. Wow. Super Chill. Quick and smooth! Thank you Stephanie. "
" Perfect! "
" Patient, energetic, fun and she knows her stuff! "
" Super patient, generous, and most importantly, a great reader. Thanks for all your help, Stephanie! "
" Solid! "
" Great reader had a lot of fun doing a cheesy scene "
" Great working with Stephanie! "
" Excellent reader. very helpful! "
" Lovely reader "
" She is amazing!! "
" Stephanie is awesome! She was very helpful, encouraging, kind and her work is honest and specific. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and you will, too! Stephanie played both an FBI agent and a kidnapped woman in my audition and she was great in both! "
" She was a fantastic reader! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader. Thanks for the assist. "
" Great "
" So kind and giving of herself in the work. Thank you, Stephanie!! "
" Great! "
" Stephanie was awesome! Jumped right in and gave me a great cold read! "
" Super helpful and informative! "
" Great timing. Super fun, committed reader. "
" A great experience working with Stephanie! "

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