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Hi everyone! My name is Kristina (she/her) and I am an actress based in Los Angeles. I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I love the sense of community this platform offers! I look forward to connecting with other actors, giving feedback when necessary, and helping out with self-tapes and running lines. Let's book the job! (IG: @kristinademora__ with two underscores).

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Hi everyone! My name is Kristina and I have been acting since I was very young. I recently moved to the LA area to pursue new opportunities and further my career. I joined WeAudition to connect with other actors, get feedback from one another, and help out with self-tapes, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We are in this together!

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" Technical difficulties "
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" Excellent reader. "
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" So great! 10/10 "
" Always a pleasure! Fun suggestions, quick study! "
" I had a great time with Kristina. I've seen her online a lot and finally got a chance to rehearse together. She was the perfect "Emily" in my scene :D "
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" Kristina is one of my go-to's! Non intrusive, just full support for you and always a positive energy that keeps you in the zone. "
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" Kristina is effortless talented. I needed a teenage daughter character to read with as her Mom and she nailed it. Her acting was so great that I didn't have to act at all!! I just got to be in the scenes with her. She also gave me some great notes, tiny, specific and right on genre! Booking her again immediately! "
" So great and super helpful! "
" Very helpful, was able to hit a gear with my audition that I couldn't reach on my own before reading with Kristina. "
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" Always so wonderful! "
" Great attitude! "
" Last minute audition and Kristina was there to help! She has such a calm demeanor about her which relaxes you! She is also so encouraging. Thank you! "
" Super patient and helpful - let me run through several times to get the take I needed. Thanks so much Kristina! "
" Kristina was such a great spot! Had so much fun with her "
" Kristina is kind, helpful, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her! "
" Kristina always comes through! She is the BEST. "
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" Thank you "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Kind and patient reader! Felt no pressure to rush through it. Definitely recommend Kristina. "
" Wonderful spirit! It was great working with her on this last minute callback, "
" Thank you for always bringing it, Kristina!! "
" Kristina is such a great reader! She is friendly and flexible and laid back. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" A wonderful reader! Really enjoyed working with her :) "
" This was my first time on the platform and Kristina was a great reader for me! Totally put me at ease while helping me out :) "
" Kristina was so very helpful. I had to do a self-tape and she was excellent. "
" Great, like last time!! "
" Thank you "
" Kristina was wonderful, she run a rather emotionally tiring scene over and over and stayed for an extra 15mins, always giving me full energy! Thanks "
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" Thank you so much Kristina!! Always great to work with! "
" Great reader!! "
" Very friendly and helpful! "
" She was a really nice help! "
" Kristina gave me so much to work with and she was super nice! "
" One of the best readers! "
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" 2nd round, great help! Thanks so much! "
" Really helpful and supportive reader with some solid script tips thank you! "
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" <3 "
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" Got a callback with this girl! Book her =) "
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" <3 "
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" Kristina knows how to bring the funny! Great, easy-going reader and a joy to work with "
" So much fun, very helpful and patient, generous , thank you! "
" So wonderful! Highly recommend! "
" Super nice!! Amazing reader and tremendous help! "
" Had a great brief rehearsal with her. Love that she is on the 'night shift' on the site! So appreciate many different flexible options. Thanks, Kristina. "
" Wonderful reader! She had to play so many different emotions opposite me for so many characters, and she nailed it--helped me nail my side of the story! "
" LEGIT SAVED MY booty. Thank you Kristina!!! appreciate your time and patience. Helped SO MUCH! "
" She is really great to work with. Kristina is kind, patient and talented! I highly recommend her! "
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" I loved working with Kristina. She was professional and dove right in to help me work on my scene. Thank you so much! "
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" Kristina is so encouraging and patient! This is my first time working with her and I'll definitely be working with her again! "
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" So great (as usual!) - perfect for my comedy scene! "
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" Yeah so like. we're pretty much homies now :) "
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" Delightful! Great pacing! "
" Super breezy working with Kristina! Great reader who immediately got a sense of the scene and what I might need from her as a scene partner. Thank you! "
" Kristina is a lovely reader super nice and genuine !!! "
" Wonderful person, Highly recommended. "
" Thanks so much Kristina! "
" Lovely! "
" Great as always! "
" Thank you "
" Thank you "
" Thanks "
" Very sweet and professional. "
" So yeah she's pretty bomb!!! "
" Super helpful and nice! Great reader! "
" Very sweet young actress. Super appreciate her help in taping at odd hours this evening. "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you "
" Excellent reader with great energy! "
" The force is strong with this one. Great reader and collaborator. DC "
" Wow - Kristina picked up the material so flawlessly and helped by increasing the sarcasm in the material so I had something more to work with. It was a fun first read! "
" Great experience "
" Great reader "
" Great as always. Great working with her "
" Super helpful, generous actor and reader! "
" A most awesome reader! Thanks so much for bringing out the best in me :) "
" Always a blast and easy to read with. Nails it every time, very professional. "
" Actions speak louder than words, and the best way to set an example is to just go out and do a good job. You did that for me helping me with my last minute audition. You are very talented young lady. Gratitude. DC Sprinkles!!! "
" She was super quick with understanding the needs of the scene and really encouraging. Highly recommend :) "
" Always great "
" Great as always, thank you!! "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Kristina is awesome! "
" Great Reader!! Nailed the scene right away and had great timing on first read through. Will definitely work with Kristina again. "
" Such a pleasure to have Kristina as a reader for my self tape. Great energy and a great reader! "
" Kristina made it a safe, free, and peaceful atmosphere and GAVE me so much as a reader and honestly scene partner. Kristina Rocks!!!!! "
" Kristina was so amazing! We got all I needed on the first take, and she did a fantastic read for me! Super glad that she was my reader! I gave her the sides and she was right in it! Super quick, no mistakes! She's great, nice, and so helpful! "
" Thank you Kristina! You are a wonderful reader, I appreciate you! "
" Dope person! "
" Thank youuu!! :) "
" She is so sweet and with a great disposition to help! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Awesome person! "
" She was amazing and a great help. Had fun reading with her. "
" Perfect! "
" Thank you "
" Kristina is a such a versatile actor. Always ready to jump in and give you what you need. And very patient. Thank you. "
" Lovely reader "
" Kristina is the best!! "
" Friendly and patient! "
" Always great!!! "
" Super Helpful "
" Amazing reader , a pleasure to read line with Kristina "
" Kristina was super, super fun to work with, she really pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and explore territory I thought was out of my reach emotionally and helped with the pace and structuring of the piece. She is very supportive as well and gave me lots of extra time : ) "
" Lovely and adaptable as always! "
" Great reader! Loved her energy! "
" Thanks for being so sweet, Kristina. "
" She was very nice amd professional. "
" Always a pleasure to work with! Kristina is awesome! "
" Awesome person! "
" Awesome reader and always brings the energy! "
" Excellent reader! Great motivator - highly recommend! "
" Kristina was pleasant to work with, providing great guidance for the required accent. "
" I had a blast working with Kristina. Super talented and helpful. "
" Great reader and super patient! "
" Awesome reader! Works hard to get the right read! "
" Kristina is so awesome and encouraging 👏❤ Great help on a last min audish "
" Awesome reader! "
" Such a pleasure..super patient!!!! "
" Kristina you were so awesome to read with thank you so much :) "
" Great great great reader Thank you :) "
" Excellent Reader and very helpful! "
" Great reader and easy to work with! thank you! "
" Top Pick "
" Kristina was really great and fun to work with! "
" Kristina is really patient and kind! will definitely be using her again. "
" Great reader! Highly recommend. "
" Always great working with Kristina. Highly recommended. "
" Super helpful and patient! "
" Kristina was super patient and did everything the way I needed it! Hope to work with her again! "
" Great reader, super friendly! Highly recommend. "
" Great reader! Gave me just what I needed, thanks Kristina!! "
" Excellent as always. "
" Thank you! "
" Kristina is fun and the queen of adlibbing buttons! "
" Amazing! I keep coming back. "
" Kristina is a lifesaver. Thank you. "
" Amazing help always "
" Amazing as always!!! "
" So lovely and helpful!! Thank you :) "
" I've worked with Kristina multiple times and they are always ready with the lines, very courteous. I recommend. "
" She is patient and provides wonderful feedback and delivers in the performance every time. "
" She was amazing! Thank you!! "
" Kristina was a great reader! I really enjoyed having her read with me. "
" Lovely to work with! "
" Great professional Reader, thanks for the help! "
" Kristina was super friendly and a wonderful reader! Highly recommend. "
" Lovely reader! Will reach out again! "
" Great! Thank you! "
" AWESOME!!!! "
" Thank you so much! Awesome reader. "
" Amazing! "
" Very animated and lively for the read! Great to work with! "
" Great read as usual! This is my second time filming a self-tape with Kristina. I appreciate the consistency in her reads. :) "
" Thank you Kristina, apologies my wifi was flimsy, you were amazing and all the best for your career and I'm so glad to see you're doing so well! "
" Always awesome ! "
" I Think we just booked! AMAZING "
" Amazing "
" Kristina was great! I never felt rushed, we work together well. "
" Kristina is so amazing, patient and very sweet, and I love the tips she gave me. Definitely book her! "
" Kristina is awesome and super helpful! "
" Great energy and done to help! Loved her cold reading skills they were on point and she has great instincts ! "
" Very nice, great tips!!!!! "
" Kristina was an excellent reader with helpful suggestions! "
" Thank you ! "
" Awesome human! "
" AMAZING READER and such a sweet spirit. "
" Fantastic as always "
" So friendly and great suggestions! "
" This young lady was great gave me some really helpful tips that will take me a long way. A great reader! Great Coach! Thank you Kristina "
" So good and game to play around and improvise! "
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" Kristina was great! She was super responsive and helped give me the energy i was looking for in my scene, asking if there was anything she could add or change and patient with me as I set everything up! "
" I got an incredible self-tape filmed with the help of Kristina! She went fully into character, which helped me maintain mine. Thank you Kristina! I look forward to working with you again. :) "
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" Kristina is great reader! "
" <3 "
" Great "
" Kristina was a helpful and positive reader to work with. "
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" Great reader, very helpful, gave me good insight for different directions I could go for this procedural audition! "
" Great reader !!! "
" SO GREAT!!! "
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" Kristina's such a great reader! She gives wonderful tips, she's got a friendly and calm energy. Very helpful especially when you're trying to memorize a ton of dialogue. I highly recommend working with her :) "
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" Great reader! Professional, patient. Highly recommend! "
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" Amazing reader! Very personable and made me feel at ease within the scene. Thanks Kristina! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Kristina! "
" Always a pleasure!!! Helps me get on my A-Game. Thank you!!! "
" Kristina is definitely one of my go to gals! She is so patient and kind....and offers a lot of great tips to help you get further into character. Thanks girl! xo "
" Fantastic and so patient! "
" Kristina was sooooo helpful today! Thank you so much! "
" Great! "
" Great reader! "
" Kristina was super encouraging and patient :) "
" You were the absolute perfect reader for these scenes. Just having you helped me read the role more authentically. "
" Very Prompt and very helpful in supporting the scene "
" Kristina is helpful! She has a great attitude and is very patient. Lol even when its one of those blooper days. She definitely pushed for excellence! Thank you girl! Highly, recommend! "
" Kristina was great, very helpful in reading lines and helpful! "
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" Kristina was an extraordinary supporter. I wanted to practice and work on my craft and she offered me a safe space. She offered honest and productive feedback when requested as well. Highly recommend!! "
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" Really awesome person! Super helpful! "
" Amazing reader! Kristina is super sweet and worked well with all my random request! "
" Great job. "
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" I used Kristina for a read and I came BACK just because she is such good positive vibes, super nice, sweet, smart and a GREAT and punctual reader who was FAST to pick up the script. She’s great for people on a budget because she does not mess up, she is always on her game and super patient. I used her for my self tape audition for LAW & ORDER and would use again! Thanks Kristina! "
" Super sweet, helpful and PATIENT. This was my first time running the app and she reassured me over and over again that she has no problems while I got it all together. She was readily available if I needed more time which was also great. "
" Great reader! "
" So sweet and helpful! "
" Kristina is always so dependable. Jumps in quickly to give me exactly what I need to get the job done. Thank you as always!! "
" Fab as always xx "
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" Love reading with Kristina "
" A great reader and sweet person! Thank you! "
" Very helpful "
" Really great reader :) "
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" Such a great reader! And bilingual which I always need for auditions. Loved working with Kristina. "
" I can hear you however you can't hear me "
" The Best! Thank you "
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" Kristina was absolutely wonderful. I loved her reading with her. I got so lucky. "
" Amazing rehearsal partner! "
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" Thank you for your support "
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" I just can't get enough Kristina!! She's awesome. As always! "
" I can always count on Kristina. She is quick to jump in and give you exactly what you need to be your best. Such positive energy and a team player. Thanks, as always! "
" Lovely! Just what I needed! Perfect reader! "
" Kristina really helped me with an American accent. She sent me recordings of herself both in real time and slowed down to help me get my head round it. She was patient, calm and gave so many great ideas for delivery. Thank you Kristina! "
" Kristina offers on point advice. Thank you!! "
" Great "
" Kristina's fantastic! Such a great energy and open to play with scenes and be flexible - thank you! "
" Great As Always! Thanks "
" She was great! Very upbeat and personal. Got a lot of reads done in a short period of time. "
" Kristina is a sweet and helpful reader. She helped me really get a feel for my character and the scene which I so appreciate! "
" I just love Kristina's energy, patience, and she is super reliable. Highly recommend! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Technical difficulties on my end. Kristina was incredibly patient which I really appreciate. Thanks Kristina! "
" Kristina I love working with you. Your energy is so full of LIGHT. And you're so talented and present. Thank you. "
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" Great reader! Very committed to the craft! "
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" This was my second read with Kristina. She is a really sweet girl and an awesome reader. Recommend! "
" So nice working with her. Very talented "
" Kristina, provided good insight on the script and good cold reader. TY "
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" Kristina is a tremendous scene partner. She is kind-hearted, generous, super helpful, and honest. I am lucky to have met her and will look forward to working with her again! "
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" The absolute best! "
" Great help!! She helped me tape 3 auditions and didnt mind how wordy or length they were. And was sooo supportive and positive throuhgout the whole time she helped me! Thank you Kristina!! (: "
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" Super sweet and helpful! "
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" Kristina was awesome and a great reader and scene partner! She was encouraging and patient! "
" So sweet and willing to work and play with me in the scene! "
" Really sweet and fun to work with! Felt like we could've been cast together for this role haha "
" What a great actress and team player. Thank you for your patience with my unstable internet. High Recommend. "
" AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! "
" Kristina was great to work with and very generous with her time. 100% recommended. "
" Amazing reader, so good at improv & comedy and super cool to work with. Thanks so much Kristina!!! "
" Super helpful! "
" Kristina was awesome! My script was short and sweet and she did a fantastic job! Would definitely use her again! "
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" Kristina is super kind and helpful and really helped bring my self tape to life! Definitely wold work with her in the future "
" SUCH AN AMAZING READER second time using her cause she's so great "
" Kristina was super sweet and down to play with the scene! You will definitely feel at ease with her. "
" SUCH A GREAT READER!!!! so patient. Would highly recommend! "
" FANTASTIC reader!!!!! Super easy to work with, a great Actor, kind, and really helpful. I'd give more than 5 stars if that were an option. "
" A fantastic reader, so committed to the scene - thanks Kristina! "
" Kristina was so patient and very nice. She was into the scene and had no problem doing retake after retake! "
" She's such a fantastic, supportive reader. Thank you! "
" Kristina is a great actress! She was patient and was willing to give feedback on my script! She's natural at what she does and very helpful. A great scene partner! "
" SUCH a great reader!! Scene really came alive with her. So happy she was available for my self-tape! "
" Super nice! Very engaging. "

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