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Hey There!
My name is Kayla. I'm based in LA and have experience in film and theatre. I'm a graduate of the University of San Francisco with my BA in Performing Arts and Social Justice. I'm currently taking acting classes, submitting for projects, and auditioning so, I understand the struggle.

I would love to help you rehearse lines, self-tape for your upcoming audition, and offer suggestions for as long as you need!

You can also shoot me an email to schedule a reading.(kaylaadrielrobinson@gmail.com)

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My name is Kayla. I'm an actress living and working in LA. I'm a graduate of the University of San Francisco with my BA in Performing Arts and Social Justice (Concentration in Theatre). I'm currently taking acting classes, submitting and auditioning for several different projects and looking for representation both commercially and theatrically.

My biggest accomplishment to date is my senior thesis project. I had the opportunity to write 3 different scenes about being a black woman in America, direct the piece and perform in it. I also received several compliments from my department's faulty and staff on how well written and executed it was.

My ultimate goal is to book a series regular role in a major television production and continue to grow as an actress in my craft.


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" Great energy! "
" Love reading with Kayla! Always fun and great support. :) "
" Great energy! Super fun to work with! :) "
" Wonderful reader and so patient. "
" Always amazing, and has the ability to be just the right amount of support to keep me grounded and out of my head :) Thanks Kayla! "
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" Kayla was great! Helped me with a last-minute audition and gave great notes. Definitely working with her again! "
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" Kayla has such beautiful and radiant energy. We were really feeding off of each other during my self tapes and she helped me catch some inconsistencies in my original read. Very grateful to her and can't wait to work again! "
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" Always a pleasure "
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" Kayla is always ready to play with me. And I LOVE IT and I'm grateful. "
" I can always trust Kayla to work with me through my process. Her energy and presence really helps make the self taping process a JOY!! "
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" Amazing reader! Super professional, great vibe, and pacing was spot on for the genre. Couldn't have asked for a better reader. This was my first time using WeAudition, and Kayla even took some extra time to walk me through - Many Thanks! "
" Best on the website! "
" Kayla is a great reader! "
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" Always so fun and easy to work with! "
" Kayla helped answer all my questions on the business, self-tape practices, and gave great suggestions on my scene! She's so professional and easy to work with. "
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" SOLID. MVP for sure! "
" Kayla is a wonderful reader and has such great energy "
" #1 Reader "
" Always a pleasure! "
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" Always a pleasure to work with-professional, friendly, gives great comments "
" A very capable reader, friendly, easy to work with, gives excellent input, "
" Great reader. Patient. Good instincts. Thanks, Kayla. "
" Helpful as always "
" Thank you "
" Thanks again! "
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" Awesome reader and thanks for the notes! "
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" So easy to work with and excellent cold reader! "
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" I loved working with Kayla. She is fast, efficient and knows how to jump right in on a cold read. She also has a lovely personality! I will definitely use her again. "
" Kayla is soooo amazing! thank you! "
" Great suggestions and so easy to work with! "
" Phenomenal person to play with. It was one of this sessions where I left hoping I get to work with them on a project in the future. She was such a vibrant and natural reader. Thank you Kayla. "
" Got the CALLBACK thanks to Kayla's amazing presence!!! Thank you for sharing your gift and presence with me! "
" So lovely to work with. 5 stars. highly recommend. "
" So kind! "
" Always a Pleasure working with Kayla! "
" Great energy "
" Great reader and great energy "
" Kayla= Patience, Nurturing, and Epically Giving. Thank you again for Rocking with me to Rock out another audition. "
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" I love reading with kayla, she's my happy place :) Thanks Kayla "
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" Kayla was incredible! Super helpful and chill, I'd definitely work with her again. "
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" Kayla was great and offered me a great alternative note on how to read the script to get me out of my head. "
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" Always jump into the work! Has a great attitude, and is a great cold reader! "
" Per usual, great scene partner! "
" Excellent! def will hire again. Easy to work and great reader "
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" Always a great time working with Kayla! She's one of my go-to's, for sure! I'm relieved whenever I log in and see that she's on! Don't hesitate to book her! :) "
" Kayla was encouraging, patient, and emotionally generous! I enjoyed the fullness with which she gave her energy and attention. Thanks! "
" GREAT reader with an amazing spirit! "
" The BEST!! "
" Kayla is great to work with. Such a natural. Thanks again. "
" Excellent! Lovely and super supportive. "
" Thank you . "
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" Kayla is one of my GoTo's on WeAudtion! I love working with her. She always makes me feel more confident and playful. "
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" She is AMAZING! Worked with me until I got all the takes I needed and has a great personality! "
" She is a doll, super patient! "
" Very positive and encouraging! Thanks for cheering me on this crazy script "
" Awesome "
" Amazing Reader, BOOK HER :-) "
" Always a Pleasure! "
" Kayla was really nice and helpful! "
" Get support, get spirit, "
" Kayla was patient, accommodating and gave me what I needed for my scene. "
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" Professional, easy to work with, gave exactly what I needed for my audition! "
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" Great reader "
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" Another audition and another blessing to read with Kayla who brought the words to life and helped me deliver something real and passionate. Thank you greatly! "
" Excellent! So kind! "
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" So So helpful and Soooo Prepared!!!! "
" Peaceful easy going energy . I felt so AT EASE!!!!!! Thank you greatly Kayla! "
" I LOVE reading with Kayla! She is such a sweetheart and always makes me feel comfortable and confident in my scenes. "
" I can always count on Kayla! She is a phenomenal actor and her presence is exactly what I needed. Thank you as always Kayla! "
" GREAT! "
" Cool Person. Definitely recommend. "
" Fun to work with! "
" Kayla was so supportive. she gave me a note that transformed the whole piece! "
" Amazing patience ..great notes "
" Extremely thankful "
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" Very pleasant, easy going reader. We got the job done! "
" Sweet girl. Really professional "
" So patient and chill. An excellent reader! "
" She's still the best, lol!! "
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" Excellent "
" Super fun and a great reader! "
" Kayla is amazing! Great personality and super professional! The energy she brought to the read helped me have so much fun with my audition! LOVE her! "
" I love working with Kayla. She is such a great scene partner. Her presence alone makes the scene that much better. "
" Awesome!!! "
" Such a great reader! "
" Kayla is THE BEST!!! "
" Amazing to work with! "
" Amazing reader. so warm and friendly. Felt easy to do my best work "
" Kayla is da best!!! "
" She’s ver nice and patient "
" A lovely reader with good coaching "
" Kayla is a ray of sunshine and such a fun reader! I hope to read with her again! "
" Very positive, supportive and helpful!!! "
" Great reader and good listener. Oh yeah, Periodt! "
" Lovely and wonderful reader. Great energy! Thank you! "
" Excellent reader. Easy to work with and patient. "
" Great helpful suggestions! "
" Wooo!! Kayla came through in the clutch! She was so patient with me and helped me work through 3 scenes at 1am! Thank you soooooo much Kayla! Book her! Book her! BOOK HER!! "
" Kayla was SUCH a great reader! She gave awesome tips when I asked for them and was overall a delightful human to do a self tape with! "
" Kayla is always so great and fun to work with. She catches on super quick and gives you exactly what you need. She's a GIFT!! Thank you!! "
" Thank you!! Looking forward to next time!!! :) "
" Great reader!!! "
" Kayla was so fun to work with!! "
" Excellent reader. Great personality and really flowed naturally, I will definitely work with her again. Thanks Kayla ! "
" The most amazing person I have ever met! It was so fun to act with her and she really helped me! "
" Delightful & fun to work with- & very patient! :) "
" She's incredible an easy person to re-were super personable great to me young actresses who are so down to earth. "
" Super helpful at putting me at ease and helping me find the life of the scene "
" She was so patient and giving. She wanted me to do my best "
" She really listens to any requests, and stays positive and focused! "
" Always a pleasure!! great cold reader! "
" Awesome with a capital A "
" She was GREAT READER! Very patient, and accommodating! "
" Kayla is amazing!! She's patient and honest and has tons of acting experience and will guide you to being the very best that you can be. "
" Always a pleaser! So fun to work with. "
" Kayla is always a ROCKSTAR!! I love working with her. She's so easy going and talented! She's a pro! Always dependable. "
" Awesome reader! Friendly, patient and supportive also gave me a good note upon request. :) "
" Thank you so much! wonderful ! "
" Great energy, and always listens to suggestions! "
" Awesome reader! Listens beautifully, encouraging and gives great notes. "
" Great energy, fast cold reader! "
" Easy to work with, and a great cold reader! "
" Great cold reader! "
" Great, jumped right in to help me "
" Great reader! Very patient, and makes great adjustments when requested! "
" Kayla is patient and lovely!! :) "
" Sweet personality! Great cold reader! "
" Super friendly and professional! Great ideas to help with your self tape. "
" Thank you Kayla for sharing your talent and your time. She was the best reader and so fun to work with. "
" This was a quick one. Appreciate your help and focus. "
" Very friendly and patient, excellent reader! "
" Late night read was great! "
" Great reader! Thanks so much! "
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2020 [IMDB]
The Good Teacher
2020 [added]
2020 [added]
Series Regular
2020 [added]
2020 [added]
Maybe You
2019 [added]
Blalex Treblack/Lisa Jones
2018 [IMDB]
Spoken Memories of Em
TV Mini Series
2018 [added]
2018 [added]
2018 [added]
Officer McCord
2018 [added]
2017 [added]
2017 [added]
Sideburns Lady/Store Clerk
2017 [added]