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Hi Everyone!

My reading support is on sale :) Let's get you that gig!

My name is Beth Rollan. I"m an actor-singer-voice actor-writer from New York.
As an actor, I've trained in various studios in NYC including improv classes and masterclass at The Actor's Studio at Pace University. I've also studied under several acting coaches - most notably with a London based coach (Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen). At present, I'm studying the Ivana Chubbuck Technique. My experience includes modeling, mc/vj hosting, and musical theatre. I 've booked several commercial, music video, feature film and television roles.

My credits most notably include the feature length Thriller 'Grand Piano' as Emma's Publicist which stars Elijah Woods and John Cusack (directed by Eugenio Mira and written by Damien Chazelle). I'm crazy for comedy and I've studied under an Emmy award winning sitcom writer from LA. So, if you're looking for that rhythmic delivery, go ahead and inquire within.

Along with voice acting and acting, I write & perform soulful originals, Pop, Jazz & Blues. I've worked with several Dj's in the House music genre, most notably with Dj Tekin on the international release, 'WAIT FOREVER' - Defected Records (UK), as well as working under the alias of Naidre York on the minimal tech anthem "Open Up ". Of late, I've added feature film music to my credits by lending my singing voice to several feature films as lead and secondary characters.

Special Skills or Training: Guitar, Piano, Singing, Scatting, Improv, Accents, Song & Lyric, and Script Writing.

Languages: English, Spanish, French & beginner Mandarin.

I can coach you in accent and offer lots of smiles, skills, insight, fun and positive vibes to help build up your confidence for your casting. Please let me know if you'd like any feedback or not at the start of the session. I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you book that job today!

Actors have booked or called back for roles with my support on productions such as:

And Just Like That
General Hospital
CD auditions
The Border
SAG Film
and various other film projects.

*If the call doesn't connect, please try back. You can mark it as unconnected. If we've worked together already and you're looking to schedule a special session, email is the best way to reach me. (For feedback - you ask and I'll contribute - otherwise, I'll just read for you. Up to you. Just let me know ;)

Beth Rollan is a seasoned recording artist, song-writer and actress from New York. Her talent reflects a versatility in acting, voice acting, accents, & singing.

As an actor, she's been cast in commercials, music videos, short and feature films. Most notably, she's appeared in the Feature Length Movie Thriller 'Grand Piano' as Emma's Publicist which stars Elijah Woods and John Cusack (directed by Eugenio Mira and written by Damien Chazelle). Always inspired to voice diverse cartoon characters, as a boy or a girl, she's dubbed numerous animations & live action films. She's lent her voice to publicity, documentaries, corporate videos, international radio and television (BBC, PODCASTS, TV3 , FG RADIO, and many more).

Along with voice acting and acting, she writes & performs soulful originals, Jazz & Blues. She's worked with several Dj's in the House music genre, most notably with Dj Tekin on the international release 'WAIT FOREVER' - Defected Records (UK), as well as, in the Minimal Tech genre working under the alias of Naidre York on the minimal anthem "Open Up ". She has added feature film music to her credits by lending her singing voice to several feature films as lead and secondary characters.

Special Skills or Training: Guitar, Piano, Singing, Scatting, Accents


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" 5 stars ✨ cause my reader Beth was simply Amazing!! "
" Friendly, charismatic, and helpful. Willing to input suggestions which is something I appreciate. Thanks again! :-) "
" Very Patient and willing to run it as much as needed. Really appreciate how flexible she was letting me check if everything sounded good technically and was in frame before we end of the call! "
" Great, reader! A really lovely collaborator "
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" Beth is so cool, so laid back and helpful and just one of my favorites on here! Great reader as well! "
" Always a fabulous reader! "
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" I appreciate you Beth!!! So kind and helpful x Will definitely be working with you again xxx "
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" Beth is great! "
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" FAV!!! So cool, so smart. Absolutely finds the diamonds in the text that I miss. Game changer,. "
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" Excellent as Always! Thank you Beth! "
" Been too long <3 "
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" Beth was so so so helpful for my self tape! She gave me some great tips and she was so dedicated to helping me get the best take possible. I would absolutely work with Beth again! "
" Always a joy to have Beth as a reader! "
" She is the G.O.A.T.! She really worked with me through a difficult self-tape that had problem after problem. She was patient, kind, and helpful. She gave a great cold read and was incredibly encouraging. The more anxious I got, the calmer she got. Terrific reader and a wonderful person. "
" Always great, thank you! "
" TY BETH!(: "
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" Beth is simply the best. She's always my go-to for auditions! Do yourself a favor and book her!!! "
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" Wonderful coach and reader. Helped me with the Southern Accent. Highly recommend "
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" Phenomenal, Great listener, coach, extremely helpful with helping you get centered and script analysis. "
" Emmy style reader. wonderful. "
" Another great read with Beth! She was extremely helpful in helping me explore my range and trying new ways to bring the character to life. Thank you!!(: "
" A sweetheart to work with and made it effortless. "
" Always great to work with! "
" Great as usual! Excellent work and feedback! "
" Beth is sweet, talented, and a fantastic reader and knows what she is doing! "
" I love working with Beth! I booked the last selftape she helped me prepare for. She's incredibly sweet and helpful and encouraging and always has great ideas. Thank you Beth!! "
" Awesome as always! "
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" Beth is awesome! Quick and to the point but did a great job. Thank you! "
" My go-to reader! She's kind, sweet, and has great notes! "
" Beth is SO fantastic. She really put me at ease and had such helpful suggestions when I asked her for extra feedback. just excellent! "
" She has the eye, the ear, and the skills to give you what you need. "
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" Amazing as always, thanks for all the laughs tonight Beth! "
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" Amazing reader. Gave so much in the audition. Thanks Beth! "
" Great notes, get adjustments, understood the material and was extremely helpful "
" She was great! Fun, patient and easy to work with. Also great from a reading standpoint, she acted with me without taking over the scene. 10/10 would recommend. "
" Thank you Beth. Great feed back and character suggestions. "
" Beth was an amazing reader and a great help! "
" Beth is a great reader. I booked a TV series with her! "
" Outstanding! Cool demeanor, perfect reads. Choose Beth. "
" Really fantastic. sharp, game to play, and excellent reader. thank you "
" Beth is a wonderful scene partner! Great instincts, great reader, very generous with her knowledge "
" Patient, wonderful reader, crazy adorable! Thank you so much for your encouragement and great talent. "
" Positive, professional, and great reader "
" Beth made the audition fun and offered great suggestions. Also, her ability to use an Italian accent while reading was a tremendous help! "
" Great Reader! Very Helpful! "
" Thank you Beth! So helpful and patient. "
" Beth is a box of surprises. A gem at Weaudition!! Thank you so much Beth and see you next time :) "
" The best always!! Thank you so much "
" Great reader! "
" So wonderful, patient and helpful! "
" She was so great! "
" Pulled off a SUPERB Indian accent for my self-tape, thank you!! "
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" Thank you so much!! You have been so helpful!! See you next time "
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" Beth is the best!! She helped me rehearse and run lines this morning. Always so patient and kind!! "
" Beth was such an amazing actor to read with she gave me insight on how to read the scene in a different tone as well as a tone that was true to me. Very great feedback, I'm extremely confident going into this audition. TY Beth!! "
" Thanks so much Beth for helping me rehearse my callback and being patient with me while I was setting up tech! "
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" Beth was great!! Such a fun improviser to work with. Always willing to go for another take, and super patient. Thank you, Beth! "
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" A fantastic reader who always has your best interest at heart! "
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" Um JUST THE SWEETEST HUMAN!!! <3 thank you beth! "
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" Beth was so kind and patient, she really fostered an environment for me to knock out a quick self tape and get back to my day job. Thank you for all your help! "
" Rockstar. Thank you Beth "
" What a positive, grounding, lovely energy! Thank you, Beth!! "
" YAYYYY!!! Thanks so much Beth for always being an awesome reader and being a part of my journey! "
" Very helpful!!! "
" ROCK STAR. Every time. Love Beth. "
" Thank you very much "
" Read through a scene tonight and found ourselves talking LIFE. Beth really is such a spiritual warrior. Best person to run scenes with always. xx "
" As always, Beth is a rockstar reader, tons of energy. "
" I can always count on Beth for a fun read, thanks again! "
" Always great! "
" Thanks Beth for always being a gem! You rock! "
" Thank you for the special request time. You're so wonderful. Great ideas! Thank you! "
" Beth is cool as they come, and a lovely actor to read with! "
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" We had a lot of fun working on Cheers sides for a workshop. Beth has good insight into the scene and had a ball playing Rebecca. Thank you Beth!! "
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" Lovely and kind and game.:) "
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" Such a soft soul. Really understood the heart of the scene. Thank you!! "
" Beth is awesome! She provided great feedback that improved my performance. "
" <3 "
" Amazing again and again and again. So much more than just an actor to run lines with, Beth is incredibly adept at quick character analysis and adjustments that really resonate. I would write more about how great she is to work with but then she would never be available when I need her. I have always believed that if you find something that works, don't screw around with it. Beth works for me and I will work with her for every audition. "
" I keep coming back to Beth cause she’s simply THE BEST! She’s always dropped in and brings good energy. Try her. You won’t regret it. "
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" I had a very productive rehearsal with Beth. I feel better about the direction I will take the character Blessings Beth "
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" Thank you! "
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" Always a+ "
" This woman is a Dame, she's phenomenal. Thank you. Until the next time. This was not easy, but we did it. "
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" This woman is THE woman -- sharp and quick and quick witted. "
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" Beth is a gem "
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" Id have to say best reader on here! "
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" Great suggestions, easy to read with! "
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" Always a joy! And some ideas that MADE the scene. Thank you! "
" Fabulous, as always, smart, and to the point, worldly! "
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" She even helped me with a lil' moment-before improv - lovely. thanks, as always. "
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" Beth, was so sweet and open to play with the lines. I really enjoyed taping with her and her patience. "
" Love her...she was awesome! "
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" Lovely and so helpful to read with! "
" Wonderful! So nice and easy to work with "
" Truly fantastic! "
" Thank you for all your help Beth. So many great ideas to add to my work today and I feel confident and ready to go :) "
" Always a joy. And great ideas. (Twice today! yay!) "
" Always so happy when you're on and available! Thanks for always being great! "
" Beth was the sweetest! She said from the beginning she only had 15 min but went over just to make sure I had the best take. So easy to work with, so friendly, I happily look forward to working with her again :) thank you!!!! "
" Wonderful! Very kind and supportive! Thanks for the help! "
" Thanks, Beth. A great read with you. Thank you for your help. "
" Wonderful as always! Thank you for all of your help and support Beth!! "
" Excellent reader! Super supportive and gave me lots to bounce off of! "
" My favorite reader! Warm, giving, present, good feedback and eye. "
" What a joy- what a pleasure. Always exactly what I need- always great ideas. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader. Beth is very good helping you find the authenticity of the character. "
" Awesome Instructor and even better vibes! Would definitely recommend as a scene partner! Cheers! "
" Beth was great! Very welcoming and attentive! "
" Beth is a GREAT reader! Patient, friendly, and gives great notes! I look forward to working with her again. "
" I just adore Beth, thanks for always being so accommodating as a reader! "
" A solid GO TO! "
" Great "
" Amazing reader! Helped me out a lot! Good insights! "
" Beth was absolutely what I needed! A consummate professional who dove right in and helped me bring out the scene. Definitely recommend! "
" She was awesome. Great partner, thank you so much "
" Beth was fantastic!! "
" Listened well to what I needed and delivered the lines with good timing. "
" I'm always so happy to see Beth on here because I can always count on her for an awesome read, thanks so much again! "
" Great reader. Very patient and helpful. "
" Very helpful advice. Great instincts as a coach and actor. "
" Beth is INCREDIBLY patient (especially with all of my technical difficulties) and so giving as a reader. THANK YOU! "
" It was wonderful working with Beth again! "
" Beth helped me so much with my character! And a great reader, too "
" Thank you for everything Beth ! "
" Beth was a great reader and offered awesome feedback! "
" Very helpful! Thanks for the instruction! "
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" Thank you Beth! You have great instincts "
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" So detailed and supportive. Fantastic reader! "
" So warm and a the perfect champion to champion! Very professional and a will to help. Trained and experienced! "
" Always spectacular to work with "
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" Beaauitful reader and helper, on all fronts. "
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" Amazing reader! "
" Beth was fantastic, AGAIN!! Thank you so much for all of your help! "
" So patient and wonderful! Great supportive energy. "
" Beth was amazing! She helped me with a last minute tape, and really helped me bring the character alive. She gave me great notes and things to think about, and I am so glad that she was my reader. "
" Great working with ya! Great ideas. Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" Beth is amazing to work with and gave me some helpful tips! "
" Beth was a stellar reader and kept asking how she could improve and what I needed for the scene. "
" Love reading with Beth! "
" Beth was AMAZING! She gave me such good feedback - I don't think I could've nailed this audition without her! Thank you thank you thank you!!! "
" Beth was great helping me out with a question I had regarding a VO audition. Thank you Beth!!! "
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" Beth is super helpful, insightful, and encouraging. I will definitely work with her again. "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful! Amazing to read with. Super smart too! "
" Beth is such a fantastic reader! Not only does she read the script, but she also offers suggestions and does her best to help you give the best performance possible. I highly recommend booking her! "
" A very present reader with a keen eye for honesty in scene work. Created a safe and judgment free environment which is key to bringing out a good performance. "
" Beth filled in on the fly for me and aced the read. I was on a time crunch for a commercial and she asked all the right questions, stayed on cue and had great instincts to offer for the visuals and tone of the moment. She was truly a pleasure to work with and even brightened my day. "
" Beth is sweet and helpful. Gave me some good notes that added subtlety to my scene. Thanks Beth! "
" Omg I can't say enough great things about Beth! She's kind, present, and so so generous as a scene partner. Would work with them again in a heartbeat. BOOK THEM! "
" Beth was very patient. She worked the scene with me over and over until I got it right. Thank you Beth!! "
" She was amazing, great pointers! "
" Wonderful reader and very helpful! "
" Beth was fantastic - great to work with - book her if you can "
" Beth is so great, such specific notes to elevate the work. A wonderful, patient & talented reader & human. Book her. "
" What a kind supportive reader! Absolutely fantastic!!! "
" Beth has such a warm, caring personality and is down to do whatever helps the tape. Thanks so much for your time and energy!! "
" Beth was so lovely and supportive. What a great 1st experience for me! Thank you so much! "
" So friendly and patient! "
" Super fun to work with! "
" Beth is fantastic to work with. Such a great energy & a clear passion for scene & character analysis. A great scene partner. I'm so grateful for Beth's help. She is a gift. "
" Brilliant reader, and excellent notes!! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" I love working with Beth, Thanks a Lot :-) "
" Went straight to work! wasted no time and was just a delight to work with. Helped me correct some words and was game for whatever! Book her if you get the chance! "
" So sweet. Thank you so much for your help! "
" Fantastic, just perfect, so grateful. Suggestions, insights and reading talent all were brilliant. "
" Great reader , thank you so much "
" Beth was incredible! So kind and really applied herself to her role in the scene we worked on! "
" So welcoming and lovely to work with!! Thanks Beth "
" Gave me the best note ever that just completely unlocked the crux of the scene!! 6 stars!! "
" Great energy , great advices Thanks :) "
" Loved her energy, she was so nice and helpful. "
" Great reader "
" Thank you so much Beth! "
" Such a great reader, very friendly and incredibly helpful. Book with Beth! "
" Wonderful to work with! Great energy and gave a lot during the read, encouraging to work with and offered great suggestions- highly recommend! "
" Beth is so warm and a supportive partner in my self-tape, thanks so much! "
" Beth was very supportive and provided great script analysis. Wonderful to work with. "
" Sweet, and patient. very passionate reader "
" Beth is fantastic! great energy and a wonderful presence! "
" 2nd time with Beth, What a wonderful Soul. Can't say enough about her. "
" She is Amazing ! So Helpful :) Thank you Beth ! "
" Thank you! Super patient and encouraging. "
" Stellar!!! 10 stars please. Gives so much! Loved working with her. "
" She gave extra time when I needed it and she went above and beyond when she thought about the script rather than blindly reading through it. When I asked her help on a specific part, she guided me in the right direction. I would say more in my review but I am tired.... "
" Great again! "
" Beth is great, really willing to get into emotional scenes, very available and active reader, super helpful! "
" Beth is great especially for comedy!! "
" Sweet and supportive reader! "
" Great reader! Would work with again! :) "
" Loved working with Beth! Easy to work with and great feedback "
" Such a wonderful reader and really helpful feedback. Thank you Beth!! "
" Great Reader! "
" Beth was lovely! So generous and easy to work with. Looking forward to working with her again! "
" Great reader! Gave me lots to play with :) "
" Really patient while I fixed my lighting and did well with medical industrial. "

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Alice singing
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Hiroku: Defenders of Gaia
Voice of Winona
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Grand Piano
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[REC]³ Génesis: preparativos de una boda sangrie
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Snowflake, the White Gorilla
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The Nutcrackers
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