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Happy to help read/rehearse for you free of charge when time allows it. Good luck out there!


Luke Stratte-McClure is an actor and producer, known for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015), Truly Blessed (2009) and Dr. Kahn (2014).


197 Reader Reviews

" Amazing!!! merci beaucoup Luke!!! "
" Lovely, generous, and great reader and suggestions "
" Fantastic reader, present, strong, and sensitive "
" Great analysis! Gave me tips and corrections and has an easy going personality "
" Very present person and great reader!! Thanks for playing Luke! "
" Super helpful, great reader! "
" Always excellent! Thank You! "
" Thank you Luke for your patience. Will definitely book again! "
" Wonderful reader and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much Luke!! "
" Fantastic supportive energy! "
" Luke was so helpful with my self tape! HIGHLY recommend "
" Excellent, fast, and an absolute joy to read with. "
" Luke is a WIZARD!!! I can't wait to work with him again so professional and kind. Please Book Him !!! NOW!!! "
" Did a great tape with Luke - so helpful and awesome actor "
" Such a cool reader! Really enjoyed working with him. Thank you! "
" Great reader and actor - thank you times a million! "
" Such a great reader! A Real Pro. Always great rehearsing with Luke. A+ "
" Amazing to work with !! "
" Luke is always fantastic! Love working with him. "
" Great insight and very helpful! "
" Luke is very nice guy and professional in what he does, MVP! Thanks Luke! "
" Very helpful, and very quick to pick up the details of a scene! "
" Great. really quick to pick up on things and jumped right in! "
" Luke is one of the best readers! Thank you "
" Great guy "
" Phenomenal reader!! Luke is like a mentor. It's truly a collaborative experience with him as your reader. He provides suggestions at the perfect time. He is there when you need him. Also super kind and supportive. MVP for sure. "
" Luke's a terrific scene partner! Very natural and grounded read, so that helps you be the same. Great notes too, to bring out your best. Book him! "
" Great reader. Friendly. Funny. Great energy. xo! "
" Mvp for a reason yall thanks luke! "
" Super great. SO friendly, so helpful. He has a real easiness about him. Hire this man! "
" What a champ! So nice, so good. "
" I just need to walk through/talk through a one word audition and Luke was more than helpful with various perspectives to think through. Highly encourage anyone to take time with him for the help! "
" Awesome reader super nice!!! "
" Always great! Use him! "
" He's great. "
" Luke is a fantastic reader! 100% devoted to helping me book along with great feedback. Thanks Luke. "
" Luke is such a great person and awesome reader! Love this guy! Thank you again my friend! "
" Always fantastic "
" Luke is an incredibly patient reader with such obvious skill in insane sight reading ability! Not a single mistake without any rehearsal on my million takes that he helped with. Thank you LUKE x 10000 "
" Wonderful help "
" Super helpful and patient! thank you (: "
" Thanks again Luke for being such a natural reader! "
" Luke is a fantastic reader! Very helpful notes! Thanks Luke :) "
" Fantastic actor, quick study, great reader, affable guy. Very much appreciate! "
" Excellent work. Exactly what I needed. Thank you Luke! "
" Luke is so amazing and gave me some helpful tips! "
" A great reader! "
" Great personality and reader! "
" Fantastic reader. "
" Great to work with! Will use again. Great tips and coaching. "
" Thank you for helping me with this bizarre audition. "
" Luke was awesome, efficient and really help me put together an amazing scene. I was super comfortable and was able to give an authentic performance. Highly recommend!! "
" Always excellent! "
" He's so good!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" So great. Awesome reader and very personable! "
" Thanks again, Luke! A great read of sides with a loot of moving parts. "
" Luke was so professional and friendly. This was my first experience with WeAudition and he made it painless and fun. Great actor and chill person! "
" Great reader. "
" Favoriting Luke!!! He's so present and gets right into the role real quick which is incredibly helpful, thanks so much!!! "
" Luke was ready immediately and allowed my self-tape to come together with no pressure. I was very happy with the result! Thank you, Luke. "
" Luke always delivers. Great reader. Very helping and so so patient. Thank you sir. "
" Amazing reader, very clear, great connection and gives good feedback and pointers! "
" WONDERFUL reader !!! I had some pretty interesting sides and he made it very easy and seamless to work with him. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader. helped a lot! "
" He's SO GOOD !!!! Got me just where I needed to be ! "
" He got me there !!! Great reader and collaborator !! Thank you so much !! Hope to see you again soon! "
" Sorry for the lag issues thanks for patience! "
" First time using WeAudition. Luke was really chill and helpful. "
" Very easy to run lines with! "
" Super Professional, and very patient!! Excellent Reader!! "
" Thank you!!! "
" ABSOLUTELY THE BEES KNEES! Loved working with Luke - will defo read with him again - helped me get some great takes down for an audition Thanks LM! "
" Can't thank Luke enough for being willing to play and helping me get a great read. "
" Great experience ! super cool notes given! "
" Awesome reader, great ideas on scene "
" What a gem! Grateful for the help and such a solid reader! "
" Professional, relatable, warm, kind, positive. thank you luke!! "
" Was easy working with him. Got the job done! "
" Luke was great, efficient and we got the job done! "
" Excellent reader! Wow! "
" Thanks again! "
" Thanks for the hep with the tapes! "
" Luke is great at breaking down a script and I was happy he was available to help me work an important audition "
" Luke was very generous with his time. Helped me translate a script into French and really worked with me to pare it down to a workable dialogue for a non native speaker. Thank you! "
" Highly recommend! Would work with again in a heartbeat! "
" Luke was an awesome reader--quick pacing, easy grasp of material, professional and patient! It was my first time on here, and he showed me the ropes a bit. Would definitely want him to read with me again. "
" Luke is awesome. Amazing partner. Very experienced "
" Great reader with constructive help!! "
" Awesome reader, generous with notes! Would definitely read with him again "
" I love Luke! So positive, caring and really patient! Thank you Luke!! "
" Great Reader! Great Experience!!! "
" LUKE is everything. He spent so much time encouraging me from every angle, and I truly feel his collaboration made my scene elevated so much. I love bouncing ideas off of him and hearing his insights about story, circumstance, and technical staging. Would love to work together again!!! "
" Just the best of the best of the best. Truly so so patient and really held the space for me to work through a very challenging scene. "
" Aces. Thanks man. This dudes an MVP for a reason "
" Luke's natural reading ability is stellar, and we had a great chat about getting deeper into the scene as well as some shop talk about the industry. I would not hesitate to work with him. "
" Luke was so helpful with his feedback and brought the perfect energy to the scene. Thanks, Luke! "
" So wonderful, made me feel really good about my choices. Thank you! "
" Luke always delivers. Great reader and such a nice person too. Always a pleasure self taping with you. "
" Luke was so wonderful! Super upbeat and gave great feedback and suggestions! "
" Great reader & great energy! "
" Always amazing. he's a favorite of favorites. "
" Sorry for the abrupt ending!! Google chrome crashed. Thank you soo much for your help ◡̈ "
" He is wonderful!! A really great actor and gives so much for you to play with. "
" Clutch! Needed to get my tape done, Luke was there to help deliver. RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT LUKE. THanks bro "
" Luke is terrific- very smart with the material, perceptive, kind, patient and a great reader. I feel so lucky that he was available since I had to retake a scene. Grateful for him "
" Great as always! "
" Luke is one of my favorite humans in the entire world; he's incredibly talented, very generous, and just an overall amazing reader and coach "
" One of my favorites! Always phenomenal cold reader. Thank You! "
" Loved working with Luke! Will definitely book him again "
" Friendly and great to work with. "
" AWESOME!!! Can't thank you enough for helping me interpret the scene!! "
" Amazing reader! I was kind of all over the place with lines but they were really patient and understanding - which helped me focus and stay present. Thank you so much again! "
" One of the best! Able to help me with a last-minute audition. "
" Super fun and awesome to read with! "
" Amazing reader and super nice! Definitely will be using Luke again. "
" Just the best! Made it so easy for this quirky character to flow right out and gave me a great perspective on the script. Thanks so much! Always a pleasure :) "
" Wonderful reader! Super patient, helpful, and has great energy! "
" A+ reader! "
" Luke was awesome! He helped me be at ease and gave me some great insight into my character. "
" Awesome reader!! great feedback ! Thanks Luke! "
" Awesome reader. Great work. "
" Always a gem! Thanks! "
" So wonderful! Saved me on this one. "
" Lovely chatting & working with Luke! "
" An awesome reader and very supportive and helpful. Highly recommend. "
" Luke is always awesome and hits the road running. Book him as your reader, or to help you break down a scene. A true pro! "
" Excellent ideas to work the scene. Thanks so much for your help! "
" Excellent! Excellent. Thank you LUKE!!! "
" Great! "
" Really great reader! Thank you so such!! "
" Luke is a dream to read with! So present, great listener. Book him as your scene partner! "
" He gave some great advice and was real easy and fun to work with! Would definitely work with him again! "
" Phenomenal reader. Really great and specific notes. "
" Loved Luke! He made me super comfortable and was a hell of a lot of fun to read with. We did dark fantasy. 10/10 would recommend! "
" Fun to work with "
" Luke was a fantastic, encouraging, and supportive reader! He made me feel at ease with a scene in french I was nervous about! Highly recommend "
" Honestly an incredible reader, very responsive and easy to play off of "
" Awesome reader, gave me some great tips! "
" Super helpful and easy to work with. Great feedback and suggestion. Definitely would use as a reader again. "
" Excellent Reader!! I saw him and knew he would be the perfect Guy for my Self tape!! I will most definitely be requesting Luke again! "
" Great reader! "
" Luke was super helpful, great reader! Had great ideas about the scene, really patient, and a talented reader! "
" Thank you Luke! Youre a great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Super engaged and gives great direction. "
" I'm so glad I got to work with Luke. Great self tape read. Just what I needed! "
" Luke is a great reader! Kind and helpful "
" Luke was such a giving and generous reader, getting instantly to grips with the scene and being a wonderful scene partner. Thank you Luke! "
" Luke made falling into the scene feel so effortless, such an attentive scene partner. Thank you! "
" Excellent reader and very helpful "
" Love Luke. Excellent reader; really patient too. Nice and fun guy too!! "
" Luke once again delivers! Great reader guys! Book him!!! "
" Amazing reader, connected and really present throughout the scene! Gives brilliant suggestions. "
" Luke is an EXCELLENT reader and coach. Insightful. Succinct. He knows what he's doing. 5 stars. "
" Phenomenal! Thank you Luke! "
" Thanks Luke!!! "
" Awesome reader!!! Very friendly too! "
" Luke was a pleasure to play with; he quickly grasped the material and made choices that were flexible and responsive. "
" First time reading with Luke, and he was great! A very relaxed scene partner, brought a really positive and productive energy to my last-minute self-tape. Would definitely love to work with him again! "
" "Cool Hand Luke" was very personable, knowledgeable and a great reader! The fact that he donates time to help readers is very humbling. Great guy! "
" Great energy and super friendly. I look forward to working with you again :) "
" We had lots of fun with this scene! Thank you Luke!!! "
" Luke was incredibly helpful, friendly and easy to work with! I would love to work with him again! "
" Really great actor and a wonderful reader with lots of ideas. "
" Friendly, easy going, so great to work with. Makes you feel really comfortable. Very natural reader "
" Luke was great! So easy to work with. "
" Luke was great!!! <3 "
" Phenomenal. Use him. "
" Lex was fantastic and so helpful & kind. Gave great tips, looking forward to working with again. Thank you "
" Great attitude, positive, and helpful. Definitely recommended :) "
" He's great! "
" Fantastic! Great input! Would happily work with Luke again. :) "
" Excellent! Great reader and understands pacing. Friendly, open and helpful with questions relating to audition material and character types. "
" Awesome reader and super fun to read with! "
" Really great reader! So easy to work with! "
" Luke was great and an awesome reader "
" Awesome reader, great at jumping in and good thoughts on scene! Thanks! "
" AMAZING! As always. I was so excited to see Luke online when I needed help rehearsing. He gave some amazing and insightful suggestions for how to dig a little deeper into the character for my audition tomorrow. Thanks again, Luke! "
" Super generous and helpful!! Thanks, Luke :) "
" Luke was great to work with. Kept a laid back, positive environment and was clear and precise with his reading. "
" Session never connected "
" Fantastic reader! Fantastic actor. Very warm, supportive, professional, great instincts. Camera did not work but sound was perfect for reading! "
" An amazing reader! Luke gave me some great direction for my self-tape when I needed an idea for one of the takes. Thank you so much :) "
" So amazing as always. Great reader! "
" Luke was extremely kind and a fantastic reader. Thank you. "
" Really easy going and wonderful to read with. "
" Great! "
" Absolutely wonderful! Kind and generous with his time, plus a fantastic reader. "
" Luke is an absolute pro, kind, authentic, and gets straight to work with a perfect cold read. He absolutely energized my scene and was an excellent partner. "
" Easy going, great reader! "
" Luke is AMAZING! Such a great actor and super patient and great energy :-) "
" Such a great reader! Wonderful at the British accent his character had, so chill, fun, and easy to work with. Thanks Luke! "
" Merci mon cher....Awesome reader with great tips! A real pro!! "
" Excellent to work with! "

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