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I am an actor based in New York with series and feature credits that include LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Showtime), THE GOOD NURSE (Netflix), LAW & ORDER: SVU (NBC), CITY ON A HILL (Showtime), BULL (CBS), THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL (Amazon), THE BLACKLIST (NBC), and Ang Lee's TAKING WOODSTOCK. I won the 2022 Indie Series Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for my role in the acclaimed web series SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE.

I am also a multifaceted writer with produced, optioned, published, and award-winning scripts spanning film, web, and theater. My work in commercials and branded content includes projects and pitches for Samsung, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and Prada. Related experience includes concept development, script editing and polishing, consulting, pitch decking, production, mentoring, and casting.

Want me as just a reader? I'm on the ball. Want some tips or tricks? I've got some ideas. Either way, I can help you deliver a sharp, specific and authentic audition.

If you want to schedule a time to read or record and my beacon isn't on, feel free to reach out: david.a.lavine@gmail.com

website: davidlavine.com
all clips and reels: www.youtube.com/channel/UCgPiKJ7lEIlnWxi7DNaC1pg/videos

Venmo preferred: @David-Lavine-2
last 4 cell digits: 4310

I am an actor based in New York with series and feature credits that include LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Showtime), THE GOOD NURSE (Netflix), CITY ON A HILL (Showtime), LAW & ORDER: SVU (NBC), BULL (CBS), THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL (Amazon), THE BLACKLIST (NBC), and Ang Lee's TAKING WOODSTOCK. I recently won the 2022 Indie Series Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for my role in the acclaimed web series SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE.

website: davidlavine.com
all clips and reels: www.youtube.com/channel/UCgPiKJ7lEIlnWxi7DNaC1pg/videos

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" Great read, amazing insight into the script and character, insanely helpful with diving in deep!! "
" Excellent reader! Would definitely book David again! "
" David is a great reader! This was the first time working with him, and I definitely want to work with him again. "
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" Awesome reader. Thank you!! "
" David is Amazing to read with! Great tone and pacing! Thank you! "
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" The best energy. THANK YOU Bunny;)) "
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" Wonderful to work with! I will hope to work with him again! Invaluable insights! "
" So easygoing and helpful!!! "
" Felt super comfortable right away! Great presence, and notes! Helped me get a better feel and understanding of the piece. Would work with him again! "
" David was super easy to work with! Great reader. "
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" David was super helpful and encouraging! "
" Excellent actor and great with cold reads. Highly recommend working with him! "
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" D "
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" Thank you for your excellent reading of multiple characters and support to help me get thru a tough scene! Also, great tips on blocking and how to handle sides as a prop. "
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" Probably my favorite reader yet on this site. Consummate professional. Handled a very complex set of scenes with me with lots of technical medical jargon. "
" Honestly one of the absolute best experiences with a reader I've had. A guy that is tenured, loves the art, knows how to guide your imagination and reads on point. Highly recommend "
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" Excellent reader! "
" If you can book David as your reader, DO IT. He's phenomenal. His experience shows in the feedback he offers - it's spot on. He's supportive, encouraging, and incisive with notes. I could go on, but trust me when I say - he's phenomenal. "
" Thanks David, and for a 180 note, thank you!!! "
" David is a great reader! Very friendly and easy to work with. "
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" Such a nice guy and great reader!!! "
" So kind and had great ideas for me to play with! Really appreciate you David!! :) "
" Really nice person and warm, patient reader. Thanks, David! "
" Great reader and help!Thank you! "

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