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I am an English actor based in London. I began acting in youth groups and have continued to develop my craft in amateur and fringe theatre. ThreeWeeks nominated me as a stand-out male performer for the Brighton Fringe Festival 2006. I also won an Expressive Arts Shield for my role in a school play.

I would love to help you with your readings and offer advice where I can. Sessions can be requested instantly or booked in one of the following ways: You can DM me on one of my social media channels (see below for links) or email me at oliverwillsactor@gmail.com

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I am an English actor based in London. I began acting in youth groups and have continued to develop my craft in amateur and fringe theatre as well as two notable short films. ThreeWeeks nominated me as a stand-out male performer for the Brighton Fringe Festival 2006. I also won an Expressive Arts Shield for my role in a school play.

I would love to help you with your readings. At present, this is a free service I am offering.

Carol Gilby at Empire Kids Official Ltd ek@empirekidsofficial.com 01773 775348

631 Reader Reviews

" Yet another great session with Oliver for which I am very great full for his patience, ideas and commitment. "
" Oliver let me lead the session, and we ran through the scene multiple times. Solid reader! "
" Wonderfully helpful, grounded and perceptive! Thanks Oliver! "
" Great partner! thanks so much "
" Super helpful and collaborative! "
" Oliver was so kind, patient and wonderful reader! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure having Will as my reader. "
" Solid and so patient. Thanks Oliver "
" So sweet! "
" Just lovely! "
" Olilver was very helpful as a reader, and gave me some great advice on auditioning for multiple roles in a project. "
" Helped me get off book for an audition with patience and a great read. Thanks Oliver! "
" Great! "
" Very helpful =) "
" Super professional and a great reader! "
" Wonderfully helpful. "
" Lovely, kind, present! "
" Very kind and helpful reader! "
" So kind and talented. Oliver gives great feedback, is patient and a really good actor to play against. "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Oliver was absolutely incredible to work with! He gave great advice and was incredibly insightful! I look forward to working with him again in the future! "
" Oliver was great! Just what I needed for an RP-requiring audition. :) "
" Very helpful :) "
" Thank you, Oliver! :) "
" Creating working with Oliver, as always :-) "
" Wonderful scene partner. very much enjoyed working with him. "
" Thanks Oliver "
" This is around my fifth time reading with Oliver...fantastic as usual! "
" Always great to work with "
" Great reader and energy "
" AmaIng "
" Love reading with oliver! "
" Lovely! Very professional and kind! Would love to have as a reader again! "
" OLIVER was AMAZING!! He truly jumped in and was a terrific scene partner! "
" Great reader. super patient, great feedback "
" Oli is fantastic as always. A great reader and a gentleman. "
" The best! So nice working with Oliver as always. "
" The best!! always great working with Oliver. He gives great direction! "
" Oliver is great. hes so kind and such a present reader, really there for you and supportive. will definitely be working with him again! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing! "
" Great reader! So easy going and did a fantastic job helping me with my comedic scene. "
" Super patient and encouraging! "
" Very easy going and friendly reader with helpful notes! "
" Oliver was excellent. Very accommodating and willing to help do as many takes to get it right. "
" Generous, brilliant reader, thanks Oli! "
" Really friendly and great to work with. Managed to film a great tape with great feedback and assistance :) "
" So helpful!! and very patient as well. very nice working with him "
" Amazing really took his time and jumped right in. Asked for an American accent and gave it with no problem! "
" He is wonderful!! "
" Oliver is a gent! jumped in and read great and really helped me rehearse my audition piece. "
" Great reader with great input "
" Wonderful working with Oliver. He has a great instinct and delivers notes in a wonderful way. Thank you! "
" A real pleasure, Ollie. Thank you! Oliver was the perfect reader -- supportive, kind, and chimed-in when he saw that I was questioning some things. Thank you again, Ollie...I look forward to our next read together!! :) "
" Awesome. Thanks Oliver "
" Really great reader! so helpful. "
" A great delight to work with and has great energy "
" Lovely guy, friendly and amenable. A little off the pace with the selftape read. "
" Once again a totally excellent reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you Oliver! I really appreciate your patience and insight! "
" Thanks for the read "
" Excellent reader! Kind, sharp, professional. Great attitude. "
" So great and patient!! Highly recommended!! "
" An extremely patient reader with great advice re: eyeline and use of props! "
" Great feedback for a quick audition tape ! "
" Great "
" Great guy. Very helpful critiques, and patient and attentive. "
" Great reader, kind human! Thanks Oliver! "
" Awesome reader! Super kind and patient, really great to work with "
" Wonderful reader!! Gave great notes and very insightful and present. "
" Great reader!! "
" Like Oliver a lot, gave great feedback. "
" An incredible reading partner. Super patient, focused, and warm demeanor. :) "
" Oliver was outstanding helping me with my tape! Thank you so much Oliver! "
" Strong reader, would definitely book him "
" Wonderful and helpful !! Thank you Oliver 😁 "
" Just a joy. Stalwart. Professional. Kind "
" Very Kind and Patient. I had a great experience. "
" Oliver gave a great read with nice reactions to play off "
" Awesome reader as always! "
" Thanks to oliver , great reader was a pleasure working with you "
" Thank you is much xx "
" Great reader. Would be happy to work with Oliver again. "
" Oliver helped me so much with my audition! It was a long one and he was a great support "
" Oliver is fantastic!! "
" Thank you! "
" Oliver was so helpful and gave me awesome notes to add life to my scene. Those pesky “make it your own” scenes are not a problem for him! "
" Oliver was great to work with! Helpful, patient! Will be using him for future for sure! "
" Super patient and accommodating. I will use him again! "
" Oliver was great, and made my first Weaudition experience very comfortable! "
" The best reader ! Thank you so much "
" Oliver was great, gave me his time to find the feel of the self tape audition. "
" Awesome as always. Patient, kind, open and listens and takes reading direction super well. Excellent site reader! "
" Patient and helpful! "
" Oliver is very easy the work with and he gave great feedback and suggestions when I ask for them. Thank you!! "
" Good reader! "
" Patient, great notes, overall great reader! "
" Oliver was so patient and kind and helpful. "
" Great reader. very patient "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" So kind and helpful! "
" So helpful and gave a great read as always. Thanks! "
" Great notes and feedback! "
" Awesome reader. Super flexible and great energy. "
" Oliver was very helpful with being a strong, consistent reader so I could run through my scenes! "
" Excellent reader. A great resource for audition help. Will use him again in the future. "
" Great reader/listener "
" Really awesome to work with. Great notes and very generous. "
" It was a pleasure working with Oliver again. He is always great! "
" Oliver was great. He was so kind and patient. He gave me suggestions that were very helpful. I would love to work with him again. "
" Oliver was awesome!! such a helpful reader. Thank you mate! "
" Excellent, great energy and kind and excellent reader too, smart. "
" Awesome thank you!! "
" Wonderful and very helpful! "
" Thank you . Great reader! "
" Great reader, and really supportive! "
" Great! "
" Brilliant reader, professional! Thanks Oliver. "
" Excellent. Thanks for the help "
" Thank you again! really nice meeting you! "
" You are awesome! Thank you for being so quick with the sides in a pinch! You saved me. "
" Thank you Oliver "
" GREAT! "
" Oliver was extremely patient and open to feedback!! Thank you!! "
" Great Thank you! "
" Great ! thank you "
" Just terrific. "
" Oliver is one of my favourite readers on here'; especially because of his patience and excellent attention to detail with the script. He reminds you of small moments and lines you've missed to make sure you get it perfect. Last time I worked with him I booked the job which was a lot to do with him making me feel so relaxed. Thanks Oliver! "
" Oliver is an excellent reader!!!! "
" SO sweet and patient ! and just said everything i needed to hear. Also had a little play with accents which is always really fun "
" Thank you tremendously for the great notes! "
" Great reader! "
" Lots of patience and good suggestions "
" Sweet and kind! Great reader. "
" Oli is one of the best readers I've encountered here. Not just a great reader but amazing actor and partner. "
" GREAT reader, gave some nice feedback, super cool great actor! And did a killer American accent! "
" Superb! Was down and ready to work, very patient and supportive "
" So wonderful. My favorite reader by far. Patient, kind, with solid advice. "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" So kind, patient, and helpful. Appreciate you Oliver! "
" Great reader as always. Thanks Oliver! "
" Awesome reader, perceptive and adaptable. Really helped me get what I needed. Thank you! "
" Thanks for reading! "
" Oliver is a great reader and very patient and friendly. Thank you Oliver! "
" Oliver was so very kind and helpful, gave great direction and allowed me to be confident during my taping! THANKS AGAIN!! "
" Oliver is a fantastic, level reader. There were a couple moments that needed to be timed off actions rather than back-and-forht line readings and his awareness of timing and pace for those beats was seamless. I'll be returning to his services and I highly recommend. "
" My favourite reader !!! "
" Very helpful and quick and pleasant to work with! Definitely recommend Oliver :) "
" Really nice and supportive! "
" Very generous reader. Goes above and beyond. Try him! "
" Great "
" Thank you "
" Thank you. "
" Oliver was wonderful! His British accent worked perfectly for my audition. "
" Awesome! "
" Great "
" Oliver was great to work with! Thank you for your help!! "
" Super nice, great reader "
" Great reader! "
" Oli is amazing friendly and everything right on track exactly what you need in a reader "
" Great "
" Generous reader! "
" Awesome reader!! super insightful and knowledgable on different rehearsal techniques ! "
" Really great and helpful!!! "
" Lovely reader!! "
" Excellent reader. Natural read and some good notes! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reader and extremely patient. Thanks Oliver! "
" Great reader, flexible and accommodating and on point! "
" Great "
" Outstanding! Very polite and a good actor! "
" He is always very generous with his time and notes! A great partner to run material with before a big audition or callback! "
" Such a lovely reader and person! "
" Really a great reader "
" Wonder reader! full of ideas :) "
" Great reader! Really patient and fun! "
" Oliver was great. I really appreciated it. "
" Oliver was a gentleman and a pleasure to work with! "
" Oliver is great! Very calm and meticulous detail. Book him! "
" Thank you Oliver!! GREAT reader "
" So kind! "
" So patient and helpful. You are the blob Oliver! "
" Oliver is one of my favorites! So professional and a great reader and actor. "
" Very patient and generous with time and feedback! Look forward to working with Oliver again "
" He was very generous with his time and talent! And gave great feedback when I asked! "
" Oliver was generous with his time and attention! "
" He was great! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Such an awesome dude! "
" Loved the tip of "normalize" a word by googling and saying that in an article or interview context! amazing reader! "
" He was great. "
" Awesome reader! Very efficient and professional "
" Great reader ! book him ! "
" Great! "
" Oliver was great! "
" Was good! "
" Oliver was a great reader, he gave some really solid notes, I am very happy with my tape thanks to his help! "
" GREAT! "
" Wonderful!!! "
" Very good reader, gave insightful ideas and helped read the script in various ways. "
" Might be useful to learn that people work differently in a read through. Intense session. PLAY! "
" Great reader! "
" Oliver was awesome. he was great reader and gave excellent feedback "
" Thank you "
" Gave great suggestions! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Oliver is lovely! Super present and willing to play. "
" Thumbs up! "
" Another great session with Oliver, as always! "
" Oliver took my audition a lever higher again, thank you so much! Book him. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Such a patient, helpful reader. I really appreciate your help! "
" Great! "
" Thank you!! Let me do so many takes. I appreciate your help. "
" Great to read with and awesome energy! "
" Thanks so much! "
" Made sure I nailed my audition. Very Mindful of script and my delivery!!:) I appreciate you Oliver!!:) "
" Great reader! Very helpful. "
" Excellent working with Oliver! "
" Oliver was fantastic! Super helpful reader! "
" Great, thank you ! "
" Great Reader! "
" Oliver was so awesome! It was my first time using WeAudition and he answered my very basic questions and had great advice for shooting the scene. Very helpful reader! "
" So nice! Gave me time to explore my scene and helpful direction/notes between takes "
" Oliver was so reliable and incredible! Perfect, pace, tone and a dedication to details which is so valuable. One of my best experiences on We Audition! "
" Always a great reader! "
" Very lovely reader. "
" Oliver is so present and lovely!! Amazing reader. "
" Extremely helpful! ---A great reader, "
" Available! Willing to work with me, open to rescheduling! "
" Thanks Oliver! Great help :) "
" Oliver was great! "
" Great "
" Great reader! "
" Nice reader! Gives great notes. "
" Helpful thanks! "
" Oliver was great, so patient, and helpful notes. Highly recommend! "
" Excellent reader! Definitely a MVP! Great direction and willing to go the extra mile! "
" Very generous with his time and his knowledge. We did a dry run of the scene, he had specific notes which enhanced the actual take and I felt confident after a nice rehearsal. Thank you Oliver! "
" Great reader ! Kept up with Pacing and the since of urgency. "
" Very helpful "
" Great reader! "
" Super friendly pro-active professional Actor. Looking forward to take many classes with Oliver. "
" Really patient and easy going reader. Thank you for your time. "
" Oliver was wonderful. Thanks so much for your help! "
" Oliver was so helpful and patient with teaching me a british accent for an audition! "
" Thank you so much! you were awesome! and love your voice :))) "
" Oliver's wonderful to work with! "
" App error- previously reviewed (and tipped). Lovely reader- very helpful! Thank you :) "
" 10/10 "
" Always the BEST! Had so many good insights that helped me make the character even better. THANK YOU!! "
" Very nice and accommodating reader! highly recommend! "
" Oliver is wonderful to work with! Very helpful!! "
" Super helpful feedback. Open to everything I threw at him, like sound cues. Pleasant to work with and ready for anything. Thanks Oliver! "
" Excellent reader "
" Thanks so much Oliver for all of your help! Really appreciated your RP accent guidance for my audition! "
" Great reader very professional and helpful! "
" Oliver was a great reader! I appreciated his calm demeanor. "
" Oliver is a very good reader. Careful and helpful. "
" What a sweetheart! So accommodating and easygoing, and was good to bounce thoughts and ideas between us. Thank you for being an excellent reader! "
" Lovely reader, brought great energy, supportive and a real thoughtfulness. Thank you! "
" Great working with Oliver! Had it dialed in right away. Thank you! "
" I always love working with Oliver. He's so great and patient! A true MVP "
" Great reader!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great direction! "
" Great "
" Wonderful and very patient. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Oliver is fantastic! "
" A great reader. Thanks "
" So supportive and great timing! "
" Oliver is a great reader! He is patient while I was figuring my setup. "
" He was so patient as I had a very long audition scene to film. It was great working with him! "
" Oliver is an awesome and very patient reader!!! Definitely will work with him again! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Thank you "
" Thank you! "
" Lovely. Supportive. "
" Great reader that really came in to save the day! "
" Great Technical Advice "
" Great Reader "
" So generous with his time and a wonderful reader! "
" My favourite reader!! "
" Awesome reader and very patient! "
" Really amazing reader especially to help you get off book and word perfect! "
" Lots of help and very patient! "
" As always, a fantastic, supportive reader. Such a joy to work with him! "
" SUCH A PRO jumped right in and is a lovely reader to work with! "
" So sweet! thanks oliver! "
" Good job "
" Well done, they were patient and helpful "
" Amazing reader! So great to work with and so helpful! Book him!!! Thanks Oliver! "
" Amazing reader, great collaborator!! "
" Great guy! "
" So helpful and ready to work! Thanks for a great session. "
" It was good! "
" Good working with him as usual "
" Very detail oriented! "
" Thank you so much Oliver, you were very helpful :))) "
" Amazing "
" Oliver is detailed and helped me nail the punctuation in my audition. "
" Super good "
" Brilliant "
" Great fantastic "
" Great partner for learning lines "
" Lovely specifics "
" Amazing "
" Oliver, was a huge help and a great reader for my last minute audition. I highly recommend having him read for you! "
" Oliver is kind, a good reader and gave good suggestions for my scene. "
" Thank you so much for your help!!!! Really appreciate it Mate!! "
" Fast on his feet and a great partner! "
" Wonderful reader, calm and thorough, great notes and patience. Will definitely book again! "
" Great Reader. "
" Great, super supportive. "
" Awesome reader "
" SOOOO GREAT!!! Always the best reader ever!!!!! "
" Super helpful reader thank you! "
" Great reader! Super patient and worked around technical difficulties "
" Super great! "
" Great reader! "
" I really love working with Oliver! "
" Amazing work! Big help! "
" Great working with you "
" Always great to work with Oliver! "
" Wonderful! Gave me great stuff to play off of and was patient and kind and smart. His acting was natural and made it easy to read with. "
" Oliver is an amazing reader! I really enjoyed his welcomed feedback! I HIGHLY recommend!! "
" Very helpful reader "
" A really terrific reader-- and person! "
" Oliver is a great reader, got me through an emotional scene multiple times! Great guy, cheers! "
" Oliver so helpful and so kind as my reader!! "
" Oliver is so friendly and such a great reader. My self-tapes with him are always my favorites "
" An absolutely fantastic reader. "
" Had an excellent time reading with Oliver. His input and patience were highly valued. "
" Great reader! "
" Very patient and optimistic! "
" Wonderful! I recommend Oliver 100%. Not only for great insight on the work but also on being a human. "
" Good job! "
" Great reader, very patient too, stayed on with me for more than an hour "
" Fantastic! "
" Fantastic! So natural. "
" SO SO GREAT! Very patient and amazing reader! Made me so calm by his energy and very positive vibes! Thank you soo much, truly helped me A LOT! "
" Oliver was amazing and extremely helpful we were able to knock out a couple of takes and patiently waited for me to change characters (He encouraged it). Thanks Oliver for the feedback and great read(: "
" Oliver is so generous and patient! Thank you, Oliver! "
" Fantastic reader. Very helpful. "
" Great reader, and he gave me good notes. "
" So fun! Loved working with Oliver! "
" Wonderful! "
" Excellent experience--such a thoughtful reader, and gave it all the time it needed! BOOK HIM!! "
" Oliver is super helpful and was open to doing multiple takes for my self tape audition. Great reader! "
" Oliver is a lovely person and a good reader. "
" He's amazing. A lot of presence and so kind. Thank you Oliver! "
" The best reader on this platform! "
" Thanks Oliver! "
" Once again, Oliver has given me super helpful advice and feedback. Auditions are always a little bit nerve-wracking, even under ideal circumstances. Add to that i am still new to We Audition. Delighted to report that with Oliver's help I went from nervous to confident in one session. Thanks! "
" I was a newbie. oliver was very patient and informative. feeling ready to record great auditions! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Thanks Oliver!!Very helpful and good reader! "
" Oliver was so fun to work with & he really got the pace of the scene. I appreciated all his positive encouragement & patience. "
" So wonderful and patient and generous! "
" Thank you! "
" Oliver is a wonderful and patient reader. Appreciated his feedback! Thanks, Oliver! "
" Very helpful, good energy, sweetheart! "
" AMAZING .. So patient and uplifting. Would totally want to work with Oliver again. "
" Oliver is a very patient and talented actor to read with. He really made my self-tape work perfectly "
" Was exactly what I needed, thank you Oliver! "
" Oliver is awesome! He was a great reader and gave great advice too! "
" Great reader! "
" 10/10 Great reader! "
" Thank you so much Oliver. Patient and read the many characters clearly and with ease. Much appreciated! "
" Very helpful and such a pleasant chap!! "
" Amazing....great reader and listener too. "
" Nice reader "
" Amazing Reader!! "
" Oliver was an incredible reader! I had a huge last minute audition and he was very kind, thoughtful, and intuitive as a reader and collegue. Highly recommend reading with him! "
" Excellent reader!! "
" Very thoughtful! "
" He was great! Very patient - I had some technical difficulties and he was extremely patient. Gives great advice and has an amazing voice to read with. Thank you for your time today, Oliver! "
" I ended up passing on this audition opportunity but thank you so much for being right there to read with! "
" Great reader! Thanks Oliver! "
" Oliver is a great reader and very flexible. "
" Very helpful and a pleasure to have as a reader! "
" Oliver is so easy to work with! So glad that I found him! "
" Very lovely and friendly!! "
" Very thoughtful reader. "
" Oliver was a great help and helped elevate my performance. Highly recokmend him "
" Loved working with Oliver "
" Great to work with! "
" Great reader! Very kind and helpful for my self-tape! "
" Very nice reader! Thank you! "
" Very helpful notes! "
" Very nice! "
" What a lovely guy. Very easy to work with, would work with him again and again. "
" Excellent! "
" So helpful and patient! Thank you, Oliver! "
" Great reader! Gives great feedback! "
" Oliver was great! Thank you again! "
" Great! "
" I had a-lot of fun working with Oliver!! Very Professional. Really a great person to have read. It was my first time using Weaudition and he made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!!!!! "
" He is so patient and gives great advice!!!!! "
" Great energy! Helped get me off book in a rehearsal! "
" Thanks Oliver! "
" Great reader. Gave exactly what I needed. "
" So kind, so adaptable, so on it! 11/10! "
" Great "
" Very kind, thoughtful and perceptive. Appreciate his time. "
" Great notes! "
" Wonderful reader and wonderful actor! "
" Super helpful and kind. Nice feedback and so generous with his time! "
" Great help! "
" Lovely lovely guy to read with!! "
" I really appreciated his help, definitely working with him again, Thank you you were amazing!! "
" Oliver is SO great!!! He always has great notes and is a phenomenal reader. Make sure to request him for your tapes! "
" The best on the site as usual! "
" Lovely to work with! Was really great at connecting with me. "
" Awesome reader and gave me important feedback from my takes! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Lovely kind diligent "
" Super helpful and patient! Thank you so much! "
" He was awesome to work with & very patient! "
" Kind and helpful! "
" Patient and super kind! "
" Wonderfully helpful! Appreciated your kindness very much. "
" A great reader! Thanks for your help Oliver :) "
" Fun and helpful! "
" Excellent reader with great input and suggestions! Would work with again! "
" Absolutely Outstanding "
" Very eager to help and give adjustments, good understanding of script "
" Oliver is awesome! He really wants to give you the support you need to make the scene the best it can be! "
" Very kind and patient reader "
" Oliver is refreshing to work with! "
" Oliver was so kind! He stayed over time with me and was a great reader! "
" Great reader! I've used him multiple of times "
" Great reader, takes his time to understand the scene and partner, really gets into the scene with you. "
" Thanks so much! "
" Thank you so much for all your help & patience! Appreciate you "
" Oliver is so great! He helped me once before and when I saw he was online I knew right away I wanted to read with him again. Thank you for being so professional and helpful! "
" Thanks, Oliver for your notes and your patience and being a great reader!:-) "
" Awesome reader! "
" Very helpful and accommodating. Thanks! "
" Ready to go, insightful, and great reader! Favorited! Thank you! "
" Had to do this in less than 5 minutes and Oliver was such an amazing partner!! Can't wait to work with him again!! "
" Oliver is very patient and kind. "
" Very helpful! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Very nice and very helpful. 5 stars. "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Oliver is AMAZING! Such a great reader. He made my scene come alive! Book him!! "
" Such an attentive, patient, kind reader! Cool, calm and collected. Thank you Oliver! "
" Thank you! "
" Oliver was great. Technical difficulties with the copy unfortunately shortened the session . We rescheduled ! "
" Such a joy to read with! "
" Patient and gave me time to get into an emotional state for a tearful read. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Really like working w/Oliver. He's great. "
" Wonderful !supportive !And so helpful! "
" Oliver was amazing at helping me rehearse lines and tape my scenes! He gave great feedback and was extremely valuable in this process. "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you so much, super kind!! "
" Awesome reader, gave really helpful tips! "
" AMAZING reader!!! "
" Wonderful to work with! great reader! Follows directions well and gives great feedback! Totally recommend! "
" Super supportive and great advice! "
" Thank you!! "
" Oliver was very kind and supportive. Thank you! "
" SPlendid "
" Lovely reader! pleasant to work with "
" Absolutely very helpful, with my learning the lines. "
" Oliver was very kind and supportive! "
" Great and easy to work with! "
" Oliver was fantastic! It was actually my first time reading with someone on We Audition, and he made me feel super comfortable and at ease. Thank you! "
" Oliver might be a pro in theater but his skill set as an actor allows him to be aware of details in different forms of acting. Great working with you Oliver "
" Awesome reader! definitely recomended "
" Oliver killed great energy and excellent timing! "
" Always great with Oliver! "
" Great Reader "
" Such a great reader, always willing to help elevate the work :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader "
" Great read! So kind and helpful. This was a quick turnaround audition and we got it done very quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Thank you Oliver!!! "
" Very helpful and kind! I loved his input on my material, and he was a very animated and fun reader. "
" Such a sweet soul! Thanks for your help! "
" Oliver was lovely to read with! He had great ideas and was super easy to work with. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Awesome "
" Great!! Awesome first time! "
" Oliver is great! Helpful, patient, enthusiastic. Everything you'd want in a reader. "
" First time working with Oliver! He was so great! Definitely will reach out to him again for future reads! :D "
" Great to work with and have good redirect "
" Superlative improve skills etc... "
" Very helpful! "
" 5 star scene partner always! "
" Great support! Thank you so much! "
" Oliver was very patient with me for a last minute reading. Adapted quickly to the scene and was extremely understanding of time. "
" Oliver is wonderful! So patient and kind, with a great understanding of tone and style. Looking forward to reading with him again! "
" Excellent reader and good feedback! "
" Great help with my instant read request - good insight and handy reader! "
" Oliver is excellent! "
" Super nice and easy going to work with "
" Great to work with! "
" Super kind and patient. Gave me a great read for a self-tape "
" Great ! thank you "
" GREAT!!!! "
" Excellent reader. Did exactly what I needed him to and gave me quite positive feedback on my performance. Would definitely recommend! "
" Good energy and eager to help. Thank you! "
" Great reader!! "
" Oliver was very sweet and enthusiastic! "
" Really great reader!! "
" Oliver was great and so easy to work with. He was very helpful and technically aware which helped a lot. "
" Oliver is great. Thank you for your time, your kindness and reading in. "
" What a fantastic reader, picked up on the script immediately "
" Oliver is super patient and insightful and helpful. Thank you Oliver! "
" Very kind and patient "
" Really kind and great reader! "
" Oliver gives you lots to work. Gets into character with you. "
" Great reader! Easy going and super helpful. "
" Fantastic! So generous. Really helped me slog through a lot of audition material. "
" Fantastic thank you! "
" Nice guy "
" Oliver is so sweet! I just needed an active listener for a speech I'm recording and he was brilliant and totally present. Thanks so much :) "
" Oliver was SO lovely. Generous, kind, and skilled in his reads. I will be a repeat customer! "
" Great reader. Was very helpful. "
" Great! "
" Awsome! Oliver is generous with his time and knowledgeable! "
" Awesome! "
" Oliver was absolutely fantastic. He noticed details that I would've missed. Incredibly patient and supportive "
" Wonderful reader "
" Helped with my accent and was a great reader! "
" Great working with Oliver and and also had some great notes to work with "
" Very kind and professional. We got 4 takes in, in under 15 minutes. If you need to work well and efficiently Oliver is your guy! "
" Great reader with a positive attitude. He was supportive and super generous with his help. Thank you! "
" Great actor and reader and very helpful with ideas too! Thanks! "
" Great reader with great insight into the text! Thanks Oliver! "
" He is the Man! Loved our time. He helped me a lot!!! "
" Very helpful "
" Wonderful, so patient and great direction, made my first experience on here very relaxed and comfortable! "
" Patient. Generous. Lovely. Will definitely work with again. "
" Oliver is incredibly nice, patient, very helpful and supportive. He helped me with dialect work and it felt like I was learning how to speak all over again. I look forward to hiring him again. :) "
" A+ reader :) "
" Always a pleasure working with Oliver, such a great reader and super friendly. "
" Awesome experience! Thank you so much for your assistance and feedback. You were amazing! I look forward to working with you again. "
" Great reader with good feedback! "
" Oliver is a good reading partner! Definitely wish to book him again:) "
" Really smooth. We had some great, organic moments in my scene for my self tape. "
" Super fun. Gave me exactly what I needed for this read! "
" Really great "
" Very kind and patient working on British accent with me. Would work with again! "
" Awesome Reader! Very chilled out. "
" Really sweet, patient and kind. Helped me feel relaxed and was great for my scene. "
" Great reader! "
" Oliver was great! Fantastic feedback and reading skills!1 "
" Wonderful, thank you! "
" Very kind and helpful reader. "
" Oliver is a generous reader and actor. Lovely to read with him again! "
" Thank you! "
" Lovely guy! Look forward to working with him again. "
" Such a great reader. Very helpful. Excellent advice! "
" Oliver was awesome! "
" Awesome, made sure i was happy with my read before ending the call. "
" He helped me test if an issue I had just had with someone was consistent (which it wasn't). In case someone's reading this with the similar issues, I had wanted to help someone else as a reader and the other person was getting an echo and the session was not going to work. There was no echo when testing with Oliver, although there was apparently a little intermittent breakup/out-of-syncness. The pre-session test whined about my internet connection (I've never had an issue before ignoring this). "
" Very thought reader. Fun. "
" Lovely, supportive reader! "
" Oliver is hugely patient and generous with his time. He offered to read through with me as many times as I needed and went from being on script to off script just in the 30 minutes with him! Thanks Oliver! "
" Very talented and helpful "
" Great read - pleasure to work with! "
" Thanks for the assist! "
" Great reader, I had lots of fun! "
" Thanks again "
" Once again Oliver you were great "
" Great reader! "
" He really lets you take your time with your work. I was able to focus on my stuff without guilt and eventually stopped rushing :) "
" Great to work with! Thank you! "
" Oliver was great we had some technical issues but he was profession and work through it "
" Excellent. Very patient . "
" Super helpful. Great tips and feedback for newer Self-Tape Audition actors! "
" Very responsive. Enjoyed our read "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Great man very helpful! "
" Excellent reader. Very kind and patient. "
" Great with helping me get off book, super patient! "
" Very patient, and freat reader. "
" Great guy, such a pleasure to work with and talk to. Will definitely work with you again Oliver :) "
" Professional, courteous and generous with his time. An honor working with Oliver! "
" Oliver was amazing and patient. Gave a lot of good tips and was very supportive. "
" Oliver was really fun to work with! :) "
" Brilliant. Very patient, calm and considerate of a sensitive text/scene. Would highly recommend. "
" Oliver is a wonderful reader and actor. Excellent scene partner! Thank you! "
" So helpful & thoughtful. Thanks so much. "
" Very helpful ! lovely person to work with! "
" Oliver was very helpful and thorough "
" Oliver was great was very patient and gave great advice. "
" Awesome! Super helpful and friendly :) "
" Such a delight :) Excellent reader - very in the moment "
" Really wonderful! Thanks, Oliver! "
" Good "
" Oliver has been super helpful with breaking down the script and really worked from moment to moment. Thank you so much!! "
" Oliver was very patient and was great to run lines with! :) "
" Thanks again! "
" Great reader!! good energy. Great notes. I'll definitely work with Oliver again!! "
" Awesome reader - such help running lines and prepping me for an audition! "
" Thanks Ollie! "
" Amazing reader, super patient! Brilliant accent coach as well. "
" Oliver is a skilled reader, really grounded, very supportive. I appreciated his attention to detail. "
" Thank you so much for your patience. Great read! "
" Really lovely reader. Fantastic listener and actor. Would definitely book again. "
" It was my first time, and Oliver was really lovely and patient with me. I really appreciate it. Also, the WeRehearse interface is very clear and intuitive. "
" 10+ Stars! Fantastic. Got the Perfect Take!!!. "
" Wonderful!!! Very lovely actor and human "
" Great "
" Good reader! "
" Fun read. "
" Great work "
" Great working with Oliver, he has such a great energy & is so helpful & supportive. "
" Oliver is great! "
" Really kind and fun to work with xx "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Deep Fake Love
Short film TV Expert
2022 [added]
A Break-Up Story
Short film Jamie
2021 [added]
The Thorny Crown
Rehearsed Read Thomas Seymour
2019 [added]
O Jackie
Feature Film Costas Gavros
2019 [added]
Hitchcock Homage
Stage Bentley
2018 [added]
Nikola and the Wishing Stone
Stage Father Giorgi
2017 [added]
Short film Roy
2016 [added]
Great Expectations
Stage Herbert Pocket
2015 [added]
Dad's Army
Stage Pte. Frank Pike
2014 [added]
Mike Bartlett's 13
Stage Zia
2014 [added]
Billy Liar
Stage Billy Fisher
2012 [added]
Nicholas Nickleby
Stage Smike
2008 [added]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Stage Francis Flute
2008 [added]
'Allo 'Allo
Stage Herr Otto Flick