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Hey you! I'm an OG MVP here on WeAudition.

I am a Jersey born, NYC-based actor and career coach with an
MFA in Acting and clients all over TV, Film, and Broadway. I've been a coach for years and really do love empowering you all with that.

Recently I made it to the final 25 actors out of 15,000 as a Finalist in the 2020 ABC Discovers Showcase and also as a finalist in Erica Arvold's Take 2 Challenge. Prior to that I made a splash in the pilot of DIETLAND, shot an Oscar shortlister's feature, and appeared this June in Derek Cianfrance's acclaimed I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE for HBO.

Soon I can be seen opp. Dan Bakkedahl in the indie feature PUDDYSTICKS and in THE LIST opp. Clark Backo.

*I am a reader for casting directors all the darn time
*I am happy to give advice on leveling up in the industry
*I am available to schedule sessions virtually anytime

Please reach out here or to
(And please don't hesitate to reach out of $ is tight- ...I'm a helpful sort)

Looking forward to it!


I am a NYC-based actor and career coach with clients all over TV, Film and Broadway.

I most recently made a splash in the pilot of DIETLAND and next am working opp. Mark Ruffalo for HBO.

I am a reader for casting directors all the darn time and can't wait to HELP YOU BOOK IT!

NYC-based Take 3 Talent (legit): 646-289-3915 or Take 3 Talent (Commercial/ VO): 646-289-3915 or Currently seeking rep in the SE (work local)

146 Reader Reviews

" Helpful and appreciate the breakdown of what the part is demanding "
" Very good. Good redirection and advice. "
" Oh, well, she's amazing and gets it! "
" Love Bethany so much! She's the best. Book her. "
" She was GREAT!! She saw elements of my scene that needed refocusing...and I think they were very helpful in the final presentation. I would work with her again...and recommend her without reservation!! "
" Ugh what a relief to work with Bethany. Pro. Wonderful insight. I was stuck and she got me through it to find some really specific moments. "
" I loved working with Bethany!!! She's awesome and super helpful! "
" Amazing reader & coach, so supportive and great eye direction!! "
" So nice! "
" So great! Amazing reader and coach! Plus, super knowledgable and helpful! I will 100% be working with her again! "
" She was very sweet "
" Bethany was so helpful! She had so much knowledge to offer & helped me with pacing for my comedy scene. "
" Bethany was great! "
" She is terrific! "
" Super helpful! Great feedback, and patience! "
" Thank you so much Bethany! You are a blast to work with! "
" Great reader! Bethany asked great questions that took the scene to the next level. "
" WONDERFUL!!! Loved her energy and great instincts. Def would request Bethany again! "
" Bethany is a wonderful coach and scene partner! You must work with her!! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Bethany! She brings truth into the rehearsal process. Greatly appreciate her skills! "
" Patient, gives great direction! "
" Bethany is an expert. I'm glad I found her. Looking forward to reading with her again "
" Love her. Bethany is killer. Recommend. "
" Bethany is AMAZING and so kind! Not only is she a fantastic reader, but she is also an amazing coach. Amazing and honest feedback. "
" Amazing again! Will definitely book Bethany when I have auditions in the future! "
" Bethany is an amazing reader and great coach! She had some very helpful notes for my scene :) "
" Great, great great. Fun, patient, and present! Thank you! "
" Bethany is the bomb! A great reader and she helped with poignant notes that up'ed my audition. Highly recommended! "
" Bethany was super sweet, gave me great feedback and helped me explore different versions of a co-star! Thanks! "
" Bethany was an amazing person to get on my first experience with We Audition! She was calm, grounded, threw me a couple of super and doable notes/questions and just kept running me through, which was what I needed. I highly recommend! "
" Bethany is just the best:) Loved working with her. "
" Incredible reader! Gave tons of great direction and helped me break down my sides in a new way "
" Wonderful reader and coach! "
" Amazing coach and reader! gave me great insight and so giving as a scene partner. Highly recommend. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So awesome!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!! "
" Awesome!! "
" Bethany was fantastic and kind and patient and gave me some awesome redirects. Thank you!! <3 "
" Bethany was wonderful! She was so kind and helpful, and she gave me great advice. I highly recommend her! :) "
" Soo awesome!! great reader and super helpful! "
" So great! Great reader and very accommodating. I will definitely use her again!!! "
" She was guh-reat! Book her! "
" Awesome energy, approach, and nailing it down towards getting specific. "
" Bethany is so good! Gave great energy and great advice. Thank you so much. "
" Was really fun to work with and gave me some awesome tips getting into my character! "
" Bethany is like starbucks delivery: your daily fix of confidence and coaching will be delivered to your door! Awesome person! So much knowledge! she knows how to play the game! "
" Bethany is amazing as always!! "
" My go to for coaching and comedy =) "
" Great person to work with! "
" Bethany is the Best!!! Such a pro! Thank you so much!!! "
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" The best "
" Bethany is great -- super helpful and fun! "
" Wonderful reader. Fantastic actress. Thanks, Bethany!! "
" Always a pleasure talking to Bethany! A universe of wisdom about everything you need! Thank you for your feedback and advice! "
" Fantastic actress. Grounded in the scene right away. True professional. At ease with the material instantly. Thank you!! "
" Bethany is my go to coach for ALL scenes! "
" Great rader. "
" Bethany was a ray of sunshine. So amazing, helped me work through the scene and really bring the best parts of myself to the scene. "
" Always such a great reader with amazing constructive advice. Thank you girl! "
" Fantastic reader, great energy and direction. Understands everything from comedy to drama. "
" Simply the greatest "
" Excellent Coach! Man, she knows her stuff. I feel so much more confident about my scene now. "
" Always love working with Bethany, great insights! Thank you :) "
" Bethany is super fun. super experienced and brings in ideas that make auditions pop--we're lucky to have her here in the community! "
" So good!! As always! "
" Bethany is down-to-earth, engaging and makes you feel at ease. She's fantastic! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Bethany is a lovely human. She has so much experience in this industry and is an incredible coach! If you want to run things by someone, She is the person for you! x "
" Great reader! "
" YESSSSS everyone should work with Bethany! "
" Amazing "
" Amazing "
" I LOVE WORKING WITH BETHANY!! She's a wealth of knowledge and can help you with anything you need! Need advice and career guidance? She's got you! Need help running lines? Done! Need help building a scene from the ground up because you're shooting tomorrow and just got the script (aka: me)? Stop what you're doing, and call Bethany! She'll work with you and your schedule, and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is--whatever makes you a better actor! Stop wasting your time reading this review and hit that "Instant Rehearsal" button :) "
" Bethany is amazing!! Super helpful and goes the extra mile. Thank you :) "
" Really good! "
" Literal calming goddess. "
" I just met Bethany for a moment as she was having network issues...we agreed to work together another time and I look forward to it! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Bethany is amazing, great coach. Thank you :) "
" One of the best readers on here! Also one of the only few coaches I trust with TV auditions period. Thanks Bethany! "
" Awesome! "
" Great reader and fun to work with! "
" Terrific reader and very patient! "
" Bethany Kay is a ball of joy. She infuses energy into her wealth of experience and direction. "
" Amazing reader! One of my go to's! Thank you Bethany!!! "
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" Bethany is a master. I will book her for comedy rehearsal ALL the time!! Thank you xoxo "
" Fantastic again, so lovely and supportive. Thank you! "
" Bethany is fantastic! Really worked the scene with me and helped me find the character, thank you :) "
" Bethany is a superb self-tape partner, great on cues and gives suggestions that enhance your scene - thanks! "
" Bethany was charming and a great reader! "
" Amazing!! Really helpful. Lovely to work with :) "
" Amazing reader, one of my fav's! Knows the business and auditioning better than almost anyone. Happy Birthday!! "
" Bethany is so much fun! Thank you for reading with me. "
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" Very sweet and doesn't rush or put pressure on you! "
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" Bethany was so professional and such a joy. She had lots of great ideas that really helped improve my scene. "
" Helpful feedback! Fun to work with! "
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" Fabaulous "
" Fantastic! Gave me lots to work from. "
" Helpful and fun! "
" Helpful reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" BRILLIANT!!! Love love love working with Bethany! Can't recommend her highly enough. "
" Such a great coach and reader. If you get the chance to read with Bethany you are very lucky. A real pro:) "
" Great reader! Very warm and supportive. :) "
" Awesome reader and coach! "
" So amazing and knowledgeable! Knows more about TV than anyone else i've met on here. Book her! "
" Great reader, really knows her stuff. Thank you! "
" Absolutely fabulous! "
" Great reader "
" Great! fun and helpful with good ideas! "
" Fantastic actor, warm and professional. "
" Bethany was super helpful, professional, and kind "
" Very professional, good actor. "
" Gave really great careful feedback. Would totally love to work with her again! "
" Awesome ready! Thank you Bethany! "
" Great reader, super knowledgable, thanks so much! "
" Bethany was very present, helpful, and encouraging! "
" Super sweet, honest, and had great insights. Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic Reader! "
" Great reader! Super friendly! Very talented! "

Credits Include

2021 [IMDB]
Every Year on My Half Birthday
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
I Know This Much Is True
TV Series
2019 [IMDB]
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2018 [IMDB]
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2018 [IMDB]
Seven Seconds
TV Mini-Series
2017 [IMDB]
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2016 [IMDB]
Difficult People
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2016 [IMDB]
This Is My Roommate
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2015 [IMDB]
The Catcallers
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2014 [IMDB]
Our Studio
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Cathy Coppola
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The Andy Baker Tape
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