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Hi, my name is Yemie. I am a Nigerian, Canadian, and American, West End Actor. I have a MA from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire with professional experience in Film, TV, Theatre and Voice-Over.

People who have worked with me say I am encouraging and I aim to build an environment of support and empowerment.

I love working with other actors. I am available for rehearsing scenes, workshops or classes, as well as auditions. I am happy to give feedback if wanted as well as break down scenes, character, relationships, and atmosphere.

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I can help you with your West African accents

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*Featured in IndieWire Magazine’s top 50 Podcasts to listen to in 2020 for my portrayal of Ally Lonergan, in the audio sitcom Next Stop!

BOOKED FROM SELFTAPE: The Boys, Odd Squad Mobile Unit, Jann, Working the Musical, Swiffer Commercial
PINNED FROM SELFTAPE: Jann, Guilty Party, Petsmart, Kind Bar, Scotica Bank

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Social: @yemiesonuga
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Yemie Sonuga is an international performer with Nigerian Canadian and American roots. She is a singer, actor, model and writer who holds a master’s degree in Theatre Arts from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire.

She has been in 2 Original Casts; Ghost the Musical, The Book of Mormon. 2 World Premiere Casts; The Little Prince, Ghost the Musical. Yemie understudied and played the role of Bess in the Olivier Award Nominated revival of Porgy and Bess. She toured with The Lion King US National tour, and the international tour of Fame the Musical. You can listen to her on the Ghost the Musical Broadway Album.

Recently Yemie got a nod in IndieWire Magazine’s top 50 Podcasts to listen to in 2020 for her portrayal of Ally Longergan, in the audio sitcom Next Stop! In 2019 Yemie starred in a world wide released short film for Peloton and can be watched on their website as well as other digital media platforms.

Yemie teaches Yoga, and works as a Fitness Model. She has shot for Spring Place, Caravan Wellness, Classpass, and much more. Her written pieces on wellness can be read on Yemie is the latest voice for Headstrong Meditation, take her class on the Varris App.

Social: @yemiesonuga

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159 Reader Reviews

" Awesome!!!! Thank You! "
" Yemie is SUCH a gem!!! She pushed my choices from good to great and I feel SUPER confident with my audition. Book her immediately!! "
" Great energy! With you every step of the way! "
" Ahhh...Yemie's such a gem. She gets you going emotionally and physically to help you get into the scene! "
" Oooohhh!!! Yemie is so good in a pinch!!!! "
" Yemie is an excellent reader and had some great suggestions that clearly helped my read! "
" Excellent reader! Really helpful scene ideas and very supportive:) Looking forward to working together again. "
" Gotta love a session with Yemie!! She's super encouraging and really helps you get into the emotional reality of the scene! "
" You simply cannot do better. Do yourself a favor and book Yemie!! "
" Again! Such a joy to work with! Gives amazing notes and fights for you! "
" Just an amazingly connected and intuitive artist and scene partner. Would work with her for every self tape if I could! Book her if you want your work to pop! Thanks, Yemie! "
" Great notes!! Amazing reader! "
" A pleasure as always!!! "
" SO Wonderful so amazing and so patient she definitely spoke life into me. I will be back!! "
" Yemie is just always the best; she really pushes me to make strong choices and I am so eager to book her everytime I can! "
" Yemie is an excellent reader. Great energy and brings so much to the table. She definitely helped me shine in the best way possible. "
" Great "
" Amazing energy, notes, and reading!! Love Yemie!! "
" Amazing coaching notes. Beautiful spirit "
" Great! "
" 100 "
" Always wonderful to read with. Helped me with a Trinidadian accent! "
" Great feedback. Thank you Yemie! "
" Great reader! So helpful! Will totally use Yemie again! "
" Always great! "
" Yemie is amazing! So patient and gives great advice. Really sat down and helped me find myself in the character. Will 100% be reaching out again. Left session feeling so much stronger in my work! "
" Yemie is so fun to work with! Great notes, very specific :))) "
" Yemie provided great suggestions and was so fun to work with! "
" She's the best reader I have worked with on Weaudition. Just amazing and a kind soul. "
" Wonderful ideas. So encouraging! "
" Yemie saved me big time!!! Her linguistic/accent expertise got me through a self-tape audition that I was overly stressing about. Thanks for laughing with me and imparting your knowledge! A true professional! "
" Amazing. Yemie is an actors actor. She has an incredible way of helping you navigate through a scene, and a keen insight on developing important moments and beats. She is my go to girl when I need to self tape or rehearse scenes for auditions. If your looking or haven't found someone you click with yet, I would highly recommend contacting Yemie for a session! "
" Yemie is an AMAZING reader! I loved all of her welcomed feedback as well as the many exercises that we did that truly got me into the character! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will definitely be booking her again!! "
" She was so amazing. She helped me take my audition to the next level. I will definitely be back to read with her. "
" Yemie is a gem as always!!! We get the work done and we get a few laughs in as well. :-) "
" Yemie has a deep well and a vast toolbox, and I was floored by the experience of her connection. I am so grateful for her vision. "
" Is it possible to have an ecstatic connection with your reader on WeAudition? With Yemie it is! I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play with you. Feeling blessed. "
" So, SO glad we got to work together--these scenes are so much stronger thanks to Yemie's notes, ideas, and generosity as a scene partner. Thank you!! "
" Excellent feedback and insight. I appreciate the engagement and attentiveness. Spot on! "
" YEMIE!!! What a BLAST it was to meet you. Thank you SO MUCH for your work all the incredible constructive, thoughtful feedback. "
" Five stars as always!!!! "
" Yemie is a GEM!!!! I love reading with her. Even in the shortest scenes, she gives great notes and really helps me dig into the back story of the scene! "
" Such good coaching. Amazing actress, too. "
" Great direction and fun to work with! "
" Thank you Yemie for the different approaches! "
" Yemie was patient and very collaborative ! She asked me a lot of great questions & we found some really cool stuff in the work. Highly recommend. A+ reader !!! "
" So incredibly patient and such GREAT notes to help me find nuances! Recommend!! "
" Great! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Fantastic! "
" Yemie is great! So present and she gave incredible feedback and was super supportive in helping me get a take that I'm happy with. Couldn't recommend her enough! "
" Thank you Yemie! "
" Always one of my go to's to get off book and into the character! Yemie has a great eye and ear for this work! Thanks Girl! "
" It always seems impossible until it's done. Thank you Yemmie for your continued support and nurturing of this working actor DC Glenn. Your way, proves to consistently make me better. Salute! "
" Awesome! As usual! "
" Great reader! "
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" Yemie was so reassuring and such a calming presence. She helped me a lot with my audition! Thank you "
" She is the best! It was my first time using WeAudition and I was nervous. She is incredibly smart, knows what the scene is asking of, and can really help you in building your world and getting you out of your head! LOVED IT! "
" She helped me with a West African accent for my audition and gave great acting advice. "
" Wonderful!!! Great insight and suggestions! "
" "Yemie is a true professional through and through. She was very patient and gave me SO MUCH feedback through her educated direction. LOVED working with her and will definitely book her again and again!!! "
" Once Again, The Best :-) "
" Thank You! "
" Yemie is a PHENOMENAL COACH, who understands how to help an actor get grounded to do the work. She is patient, knowledgable and encouraging! Will recommend her to any actor who needs a reader, for self-tapes or just to work on their craft! I'd give 10 stars if they allowed us! :) "
" Always amazing! "
" FANTASTIC READER. Gave wonderful notes and direction. Couldn't have done it without her. Thanks again! "
" Favorite reader! "
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" Truly love working with her so much! She is the sweetest person and gave me such different ideas to play around with. I would use her to tape over and over and over again. "
" Yemie is a gem as always!! Great notes, calming energy, fun and supportive!! "
" Yemi is awesome! Great energy, loved reading with her. Had nice feedback as well. "
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" Awesome reader! Great feedback! Wonderfully supportive energy! "
" Love working w/ Yemie! "
" Yemie is amazing!! I love her insight, her light-heartedness, and her support. You'll be lucky to have her as a reader and coach! "
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" Love working with Yemie! "
" Excellent "
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" She's amazing and gives great feedback! "
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" She is here to play and help you bring your work TO LIFE! We collaborated and got three solid contrasting takes on a co-star audition that I'm very proud to send in! Thanks, Yemie. "
" 10 Stars!! Always on point! "
" Such a phenomenal reader. Really present, and intuitive... A++ Thank you Yemie! "
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" Tasked with a difficult audition that had a lot of action. Dived into and she helped me understand scene better. Thank you! Always a pleasure working with her "
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" WoW! Yemie is incredible!! I have a very important audition tomorrow and she really helped me to hone in on this character and who she is. "This is a gift for them to spend time with me." Thank You Yemie! Book her! "
" So good under a time crunch! She's my go-to!! Thanks Yemie! "
" Excellent as always "
" YES! YES! YES! Yemie is a God send! One of the best readers that I have worked with on here. She really helped me settle into the character and gave me everything I needed, plus her coaching skills are on point! she helped me discover things I didn't see at first. Thank you so much Yemie! "
" Amazing! She provided me with some really great feedback; Totally appreciate you Yemie!! "
" Great "
" Simply wonderful. A knowledgable, well-trained comrade in acting. "
" Yemie is so amazing! Thanks, girl! "
" "Super helpful!" "
" Awesome reader "
" She was amazing and very patient showed me great ways to feel comfortable playing a role. Loved her energy look forward to working with her again. "
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" WOW!! Today was my first time using WeAudtion and I couldn't ask for a better coach than Yemie! I think she needs to welcome every first-timer in here. Great energy and packed a lot of suggestions into a short amount of time. Try your best to work with her, you will come out loving life!! "
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" Such an amazing session!! Not only was Yemie super supportive and encouraging, she was also a wonderful reader and gave me some great coaching on my accent. I'll definitely book her again. She's awesome! "
" She was really encouraging and gave great advice. "

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2021 [added]
Eye Of The Vale
2021 [added]
The Boys
TV Series
2021 [added]
TV Series
2020 [added]
Next Stop Show
Ally Lonergan Voice
2019 [added]
2019 [added]
2019 [added]
2017 [added]
The Lion King
US National Tour
2016 [added]
The Little Prince
Original Cast
2015 [added]
Porgy & Bess
Revival Cast
2013 [added]
The Book of Mormon
Original Cast
2011 [added]
Ghost the Musical
Original Cast
2010 [added]
Fame The Musical
International Tour