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“Let’s get down to business…” — Mulan

I'm a Broadway and NYC based actress with experience playing 20 different characters in one show. I also do TV/Film, Voiceover, and Commercial.

“Dig down deep inside yourself, you’ll find out what you need” — Princess and the Frog

Actors love working with me because I give them variety in my reads. Or if you want dry reader…well, I've got that too. Whether you just need practice for an upcoming live audition or you need assistance with a self-tape, I try to help you create the best and most authentic performance. I am also happy to provide feedback or tips, if asked.

“Whistle while you work…” — Snow White

I have taken VO, improv, commercial, and tv/film classes in both NYC and LA. I love the craft, to learn, and to play. I teach English to nonnative speakers and I'm a singer; I can help with American English dialects and acting in song. Let's do this!

IG: @tshyvonnestewart

*DM me for appointments or contact me via my website*

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (Original Broadway Cast and 1st National Tour)

T. Shyvonne Stewart is an actor, known for Partner Track (2022), Power Book II: Ghost (2021), The Blacklist (2021), Diabolical (2018) and In Pursuit with John Walsh (2019). She was also in The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Original Broadway Cast and 1st National Tour. VO Actress.


Upon graduating from Spelman College, I went to Graduate School at The George Washington University. At completion, I started work at Georgetown University as a college administrator while doing singing gigs on the side. I found myself loving my side gigs more than my day job so I left and moved to NYC. 4 months later, I was working on a cruise ship. 5 months after returning, I landed 3 musical theatre roles at the same time. 3.5 years after moving to NYC, I found myself finishing a 1st National Tour and making my Broadway debut in an Original Broadway Cast...with some VO and TV work somewhere in the middle of all of that because they are just as important for what I want out of my career.

I'm a testament to following your passions and making your talents your strengths, by putting in the work. I love my journey and I only look forward to what's next.

Take 3 Talent Agency-646.289.3915 / Apex Talent Group Management-clientinfo@apextalentgroup.com

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" This was my first time using WeAudition, and I definitely lucked out meeting T.Shyvonne. She is really kind and genuine, and took the time to get to know what I was looking for with our session. I had a great experience working with her. We ran my scenes a few times, and she was really present and connected - and offered some really great suggestions to dive deeper/try something different. She's also just a really dope human - I am very grateful to have connected! "
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" T. was fantastic! Super patient, great read and take on the characters, timing and field involved. Even stayed with me through technical difficulties with the site. "
" Shyvonne was just amazing. As a first time WeAudition user, she as so helpful with aiding in the process of breaking down how to use all the different features. I had a 2 line costar audition, and we she great with offering different takes as a reader that really helped me play with different choices. I would highly recommend her. :) "
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" I needed a reader but got so much more. Wonderful and Giving energy and the wisdom to elevate my audition taping to the next level. Thank you Ms Shyvonne for helping me!!!! "
" Awww shes the best! "
" B.O.M.B. (90s... Look it up lol) "
" She's an amazing reader and is so so patient. She really helped calm my nerves and gave me helpful suggestions that improved my performance. "
" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has. Thank You T. Shyvonne. I stand here a better actor today than I was yesterday. Salute. "
" Friendly and supportive, great reader and present with you. "
" She is simply THE BEST!!!! "
" T.Shyvonne is a delight!! Grounded in her read and gives wonderful feedback to guide you for a different take and POV. "
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" As always, T. Shyvonne was amazing!! Such a great reader provides great feedback and has such a beautiful spirit & energy. Will definitely book her again! "
" Sometimes you learn more by just having a conversation about acting. We end up helping other more than we know. Thanks T. DC "
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" Awesomeness! Great Time! "
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" T.Shyvonne was my very first reader on WE AUDITION. She has a genuine spirit and calming energy. She also helped to navigate through the features of the platform. A real sense of community, T.Shyvonne radiates! Grateful to have found this platform and T.Shyvonne! i'll be using this service regularly! "
" So happy to finally read with her. Such a generous and kind presence. And a great reader, to boot! Thanks T.Shyvonne. I'll be back! "
" So patient and great to read with. "
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" Always a great scene partner "
" I love T.Shyvonne! She has a deep understanding of the craft and is both insightful and constructive as a reader. she knows her stuff! I would love to work w her again! "
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" So amazing! Gave great feedback to correct my lip singing technique Lol. She is the best! "
" Fantastic reader for my upcoming co-star role, had a blast working with her! Also had a TON of terrific tactics to try for the scene!! "
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" Perfect. "
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" Thank you. "
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" Understanding Teacher "
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" T. Shyvonne is amazing! She made my first self tape on WeAudition an absolute joy. Great to work with!!! "
" T.Shyvonne is an excellent actor and a great personality which made her the perfect reader for me. She is experienced on this platform and was able to give this newbie several tips on how to use it better. "
" T.Shyvonne is AMAZING!!!! So friendly and such a great talent. Thank you! "
" T. Shyvonne is my ROCK!! Alway so dependable. And always so available and generous with her artistry and craft. "
" Excellent,! "
" She saved me today! "
" I can always count on T. Shyvonne! "
" Awesome reader, lots of helpful tips, and fun to work with! "
" Super Helpful !! Thanks soooo much !! "
" Sooo awesome and gave great notes! thanks so much!! "
" Such good reader! Game for whatever you need to get the job done. "
" Great session we had some tech issues but she was very helpful "
" Hands down the best. Very talented and incredibly helpful. My forever #1! "
" T.Shyvonne was the first person I worked with on here that I didn't know IRL and I definitely struck gold! Highly recommend this kind, creative, and talented soul for your next rehearsal, audition, and reader needs! Thank you!!! "
" AMAZING reader and person. So much fun to play with and such a giving acting partner! "
" T. Shyvonne was wonderful as always. A truly dedicated, professional artist. My highest recommendation if you're needing a pro. "
" She is fantastic. You would be lucky to tape and read with her "
" T. Shyvonne was helpful and gave very useful direction to maximize my audition. "
" She was so lovely "
" Pick em up! Put em DOWN! That = she's done it again. Can't wait for the next one! "
" My #1 go to! Great insight and ideas and very kind and funny. "
" Amazing energy! Such a joy to work with and so professional. T.Shyvonne was able to bring to life what I wanted for my audition! Highly recommend! "
" T. Shyvonne is an excellent reader. She gave me great feedback and helped me memorize my scene. I will be booking her again! "
" Always on point! "
" T. Shyvonne is who you go to, when you want a PRO with a heart full of sunshine. I'm a repeat client. Thank you T. Shynvonne!! "
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" Awesome reader! Thanks so much! "
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" I don't know what I would do without her. "
" T. Shyvonne was SO HELPFUL and SO FUN! I highly recommend! She can really give you a lot to work with, and I really appreciate her help. "
" The best best best! So helpful. Has wonderful ideas and thoughts and is very encouraging! "
" Very helpful, insightful, and has a very good energy! My #1 go to! "
" T.Shyvonne was great! Needed a quick brush up, and she was able to jump right in, even though it was written in pretty tough to understand Southern vernacular. "
" T.Shyvonne was everything tonight. Supportive, a great reader as always, with the patience of two saints. Like the post person, she always delivers. "
" The only person I trust when I have to get through 14 pages and 6 scenes in one day! She will hold you down! Hold you together! Hold your hand! And lift you UP. Thank you T. Shyvonne for helping me make it through this day! See ya next time. "
" T.Shyvonne is my ROCK. She helped keep me on track in order to meet my deadline, and she's such a great actor to work opposite. She is an absolute LIGHT! and a GIFT! "
" Simply awesome every time! "
" One of the best readers you have "
" Fantastic reader. Wonderful actress. You would be lucky to get to read with her "
" Lovely and efficient xx "
" Really positive, nice to be able to jump on and get something taped quickly. "
" T.Shyvonne is my Go To person. Hence, these 2 reviews in 1 morning! Thank you for always showing up for me and sharing your gift. Whew! Couldn't have done it without ya. "
" She's my secret weapon! Don't sleep on T. Shyvonne! "
" T. Shyvonne is an absolute PRO. I am always looking for her when I come on here, because she is so dependable. She can do ANYTHING!!! And she does it WELL!! "
" Amazing! "
" T. Shyvonne was awesome! She was patient and full of helpful suggestions that were specific to the show I was auditioning for. Highly recommended. "
" Very patient, gives great advice, and easy and kind to work with! "
" Very helpful, kind, and talented reader and actor! "
" T. Shyvonne is an absolute pleasure to work with as always. Such a fantastic reader from the jump & her insight for boucing choices & ideas is incomperable. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Can't wait to read with you again. "
" Absolutely LOVE her! Every. Single. Time. T.Shyvonne will not disappoint! Amazing actor, equally amazing reader! <3 "
" Lovely "
" Superb performer!! Picked up on the pacing really well, very relatable "
" Incredible reader with fresh ideas! Very patient and always a pleasure to work with! "
" She makes me so much better! "
" Great! again "
" Awesome! very helpful and patient "
" Fantastic! Will work with her again! "
" She is a marvelous reader. If you ask her to, she will give you great ideas and help to move you forward if you are stuck. "
" Great reader and experienced actor to work with! Thank you T.Shyvonne! "
" Excellent reader. Smart, giving and respectful. Wonderful "
" Yep "
" Heart of Gold!!!!!!! "
" CAN YOU SAY.... A LIFESAVER!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Superb!!! Super Personable "
" Excellent coach! "
" Great!!! "
" T.Shyvonne is a revelation. Wonderful actress. Very helpful, smart, kind and supportive. "
" Great reader, so friendly and refreshing energy! Thank you!! "
" She's now my goto! I don't want to do a self tape without her! "
" AH-MAY-ZING reader and scene partner. Gave life to the characters in the scene. "
" She is a great accent coach! "
" So professional. So supportive. So talented. She also just booked a very cool TV role so that's always nice. She's dope. "
" So fun and generous! Always a great time. Professional and a quick study! Thank you!! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazingly helpful and awesome! :) "
" Always an extremely fun time! And I always learn something new! :D Amazing scene partner! "
" My girl is amazing. Always there for me. "
" Always "the BEST" reader ever!!!! Great feedback; great reader; great scene partner period! :D True story!!! "
" She is very empowering! "
" I can always count on T.Shyvonne. Thank you!! "
" T Shyvonne was amazing. She jumped right in and found the energy and style of the scene so quickly - and had some good feedback to boot! Highly recommend. "
" She's my new secret weapon! I want to do every self tape with her! "
" Fantastic! "
" T.Shyvonne was incredibly kind, helpful, and welcoming. I felt so comfortable working with her from the minute I met her. She knows what she's talking about and supports you in so many ways. Highly recommended! "
" T is amazing!! I love working with her on my self tapes and scenes! We always play and find the gold!! Such a sweetheart too! "
" Helpful and insightful "
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" Great American accent coach "
" Great reader! "
" She is so versatile and knowledgeable. Can help and coach in many ways! Talented chick! "
" Amazing as always! "
" T.Shyvonne was absolutely AMAZING! She is such a generous and professional reader. She jumped right into the material and gave me so much to react to and work with. She also has a really great personality, so I felt comfortable right away. I will most definitely be working with her again!! "
" So patient and gracious. I always love working with her. "
" T Shyvonne is AMAZING!!! Super helpful and patient! Helped me talk through the scenes and made sure I made the strongest/most honest choice! I def recommend her! "
" Brilliant. Kind. So great to work with on my scene. She gave me different takes to help me feel more comfortable. I highly recommend!! "
" Amazing instincts! Fun reader!! Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Awesome reader! highly recommended. "
" Love working w T.Shyvonne!! Great energy and super helpful. Friend since minute 1 "
" Such a fantastic, warm, thoughtful reader. Loved talking craft and ideas on how to take the scene deeper. "
" Very helpful and a great scene partner "
" The most wonderfulllllll "
" So great! "
" So helpful and patient! Highly reccommend! "
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" Thank YOU so much T.shyvonne, I had so much FUN working with you! you're amazing. "
" Superb! "
" One of the best scene partners!!!! I've grown dramatically working with T.Shyvonne in a very short period of time! She's much more than a reader...she's also an Excellent teacher! :) "
" Excellent reader / scene partner!!!! :) Highly recommended! "
" Wow, T.Shyvonne was EXCELLENT. She picked up the sides in a heartbeat, was such a good listener, gave great, honest feedback. Can't wait to read with her again. "
" Another great session! :) One of my favorite readers! Extremely helpful and fun! :) "
" T. Shyvonne is such a great actress to work with! I'm definitely one of her regulars! lol :D "
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" Loved, loved, loved working with her and will definitely book again! "
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" Blown away - great way to play and have fun, leading into the reads with an improv! The best! "
" Always a joy - great insights and so supportive. "
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" Another great session!!! T.Shyvonne is an awesome actress to work with / scene partner! Always have a GREAT time! And I always learn something new! ;) "
" T. Shyvonne was so lovely to work with! Helpful suggestions for different reads, including some pre-scene improv. "
" Helpful as always xx "
" Wonderful as always!! "
" T. Shyvonne was absolutely amazing! Fun ...skillful...learned a lot... and simply a cool person to work with and make the process easier and fun! I highly recommend her! :) "
" Always a pleasure, and FUN! "
" Thank you very much! "
" Amazing! Great points and lovely to work with! "
" Always a pleasure to work with T.Shyvonne - a considered, supportive scene partner. Thank you! "
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" T.Shyvonne is my go to reader. I love her energy and she really shows up every time I need her!!! "
" Brilliant!!!!!So much great energy and purpose in helping you get your scenes right!!!Highly recommend T.Shyvonne "
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" Had an audition requesting contrasting takes, and as far as scene partners go I couldn't have been luckier than T.Shyvonne--she gave me so much to work with, and my self-tape is so much better for having worked with her. "
" T.Shyvonne is absolutely amazing at this!!! She leads with patience and a great understanding of this journey we are all on, while trying to navigate in this Covid season. T.Shyvonne took ample time with me and shared some awesome tips. Our finished products left me with great choices to submit. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance. "
" T.Shyvonne was amazing! Quick and easy ready and super helpful "
" T Shyvonne and I briefly connected for a future read. Got all my questions answered. Looking forward to working with her. "
" EXCELLENT!!!!!! "
" Wonderful reader, actor & energy. I wanted to run lines and she gave me many variations so it never became repetitive. Highly recommend! Thanks T.Shyvonne! "
" Always, a pleasure! Active listener, fast cold reader! "
" Patient through my major tech difficulties and self-tape setup. Great Reader! "
" Amazing Reader! She takes the time to help the actor relax into their character and will give small notes if necessary. "
" Great advice & session "
" Super sweet and generous with time and notes! Thank you <3 "
" Lovely, Helpful and efficient as always "
" T.Shyvonne was awesome and insightful. Hope to work with her again "
" Love her "
" She’s super helpful! "
" One of my favorites. So easy to work with. A shining star!! "
" 2nd go-round with this talented beauty! OH!!!! And YESSS! WE BOOKED the 1st one. THANK YOU for being an open playbook! SEE ya on the next one. BLESSINGS on the VO! YOU. GOT THIS! "
" Thank you! "
" Great Reader. Great Actor! Thank You! "
" Good session made sure my background was ok "
" T.Shyvonne was absolutely divine! This was my first time using WeAudition and I was nervous on how to use the self tape system. She gave me really amazing tips on how to have a better self tape experience and walked me through how to navigate the site. The material I needed to work on was also really sensitive and she effortlessly slipped into character. It helped me delve deeper into my character work as well. Our chemistry was really great! I will request her for my next self tape and I highly recommend her!!! "
" Great "
" Fantastic work "
" T.Shyvonne was great to work with! To explore the scene, we did improv and had a lot of fun with the material. She's very flexible, easy to work with, and a joy to be around. :) "
" So glad to see T.Shyvonne in the room to read for a callback of a scene we worked on yesterday!! "
" Fantastic and helpful as always "
" In less than 24 hours I was back looking for T.Shyvonne. We had so much fun and got the work done!! "
" Fantastic xx "
" Wonderful! "
" Just lovely! First time working with T.Shyvonne. She was very patient and gave a great note that helped me find the tone of my character in one of the scenes. "
" So great to work with. Will definitely work with her again. "
" T.Shyvonne is a wonderful reader. Playful, generous and supportive, with excellent notes. Thank you! "
" Fantastic as always!! "
" Always on point!! Thank you for your awesomeness. And great to see your face and catch up with you. See you next time!! "
" Wonderful "
" Really cool. Enjoyed reading with her. "
" Excellent reader with good rehearsal ideas!! Will call again. Defniitely! "
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" :) "
" Always a pleasure!! "
" Thank you so much!! "
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" Don't stress yourself, book HER!!! "
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" So fun and friendly! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great reader, very patient, and provided insight into the character for my son. "
" Well trained actor. Very creative and positive "
" Very accommodating, beautiful voice, and actually knows how to read. She's great! "
" Thank you!!! "
" T. Shyvonne was such an amazing reader!!!! It was my first time trying a British dialect, and she helped me so much in the scene! I had a blast!!!! :D By the way, for future We-actors who will book this amazing reader, you will love her. As for her name, T. Shyvonne goes by T. Shyvonne, not only by the letter T. Please call her by her name, T. Shyvonne. Just a heads up. As a person who had my name mispronounced or had part of a name omitted, I always love to honor other people's names. Book her, she is amazing! :D "
" I had to log out and in three times, due to my camera not working. And all three times I requested "T" and THANK GOD I did! So much patience, blooming energy, and a smile that lite up the screen. NOT to mention an exceptional reader that allowed me to play and improv. Our energy matched! That's how auditioning it's supposed to feel. Im most definitely requested this beautiful soul like again and again and again.... "
" Sucks. No camera "
" T. was awesome! Patient and helpful, and they do a great job of giving the actor something to play off of while still remaining subtle as the reader. Thanks so much! "
" Great working with you T. "
" Very accommodating and great reader. "
" Was thrilled to read with T. Shyvonne again! She gave different reads to help me explore the scene, and I made new discoveries in our session. So happy to have worked with her again! "
" T is 100% professional and talented! Excellent service for my rehearsal and audition! "
" Super sweet and always on beat!!! T. Shyvonne defenitely knows her stuff and she made my audition as easy as could be. BOOK. HER. "
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" Very enthusiastic and helpful "
" Great actress and reader. :) "
" T. Shyvonne gave me a workout! She really helped me prepare by changing the pace, reacting to my different reactions, really great work. Thank you! "
" Awesome! "
" Always wonderful. :) "
" Wonderful support. :) "
" Best reader on here! So good at cold reading. Thank you again:) "
" T was so great. Made my first experience with WeAudition so comfortable and easy breezy!!! Will definitely book her again:) "
" T. Shyvonne is amazing!! So warm, patient, kind & TALENTED! Super talented coach and director. T. Shyvonne really helped me drop into an emotional scene that I was having trouble connecting with. "
" AMAZING!!! I felt totally comfortable and she gave different choices and felt like a partner in the room. "
" So amazing! Lovely personality and super fun to read with. Highly recommend! "
" Thanks again! "
" Thank you!! "
" T. is a true professional...very much an actor's actor. T. gives you pointers and is very patient. The fact that she was willing to do two characters in one reading was commendable. I will definitely look for her again for my future self-tapes! "
" She's great! "
" SHE HELPS YOU BOOK! Love her! "
" She was awesome- friendly and patient, great reader support and made me feel totally comfortable on my first time using this site. :) "
" T is really fun to work with. Easy going and quick on her feet. Thanks again for your help T. "
" Always a pleasure. Gave a great read and then advised on accent. 10 out of 10! ;) "
" Excellent reader! Very patience. Lots of fun "
" Extremely nice, incredibly helpful and professional! Highly recommend! "
" Available even at 1 o'clock in the morning , very encouraging and helpful with feedback . Highly recommended. "
" Great actor! Brilliantly talented aside from having good insight into the part we were working on! I recommend! "
" Always a joy to work with! "
" I had no clue how to audition for a theater piece via self-tape. T. not only knew how to direct me in my audition, but she has also worked with the writer and casting director of the production, so I felt comfortable knowing I was in good hands with her as my reader. Definitely give her a go! "
" Awesome reader! Really goes with the flow and non judgmental! Super helpful! "
" So good! I feel like I was reading with a friend I'd known all along. Gave helpful, specific options and had a good read on the material. Thank you! "
" Nailed it from the first read! Great energy "
" Super awesome reader. Really patient and great energy "
" Really book her! Tip her! Love her! You won't regret it! "
" Fantastic!! Loved working with T. Shyvonne!! She helped me to ground the scene in my personal truth very quickly, so it was actionable throughout. Really lovely. What a gift to work with her on this site! "
" Thank you T. Shyvonne! You are a great reader, and the scene went very well. The brief conversation afterward was pleasant as well. I definitely would recommend T. Shyvonne to others. "
" Great reader! I definitely recommend Shyvonne!!! "
" Fun and talented! Lots of energy "
" This girl rocks! Great reader for all genres. Thank you again! "
" Book her! Tip her! Love her! "
" Super high energy....and fast cold reader!!! Gives the lines character! "
" Gave me a great improv exercise "
" OMG THE BEST!!! Such a great reader and an overall joy to rehearse with. "
" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Supreme performer, energy for days, excellent cold reading skills! "
" Love this girl! A real pro:) Thank you for your kind words. "
" T is awesome. "
" Wonderful as always! "
" On point. sincerely grateful!!! "
" A real Pro! Thank you again for helping me put this audition on it's feet:) "
" So helpful and easy to read with! Wonderful personality "
" Best Reader Ever!!! Perfect scene partner fully engaged and excellent cold reader! "
" What an amazing human being and she has magical ears to guide you through the process of learning the American Accent! I so recommend her!! "
" SO GENEROUS! She is so helpful, positive, and an amazing cold reader. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "
" I enjoyed reading with T. Shyvonne very much. I was having trouble with a few blocking issues, and her common sense approach, suggestions, and solutions were a great help. Thank you! "
" T.Shayvonne is great! She's so friendly and is a great reader that brings positive energy. She's definitely going on my favorites. "
" Highly Recommended! "
" Thank God, for this amazing reader. She has great energy, takes direction, gives great advice, and is just a pleasure!!!!!! "
" Always amazing!!! "
" Great session "
" Amazing! T.Shyvonne made me feel so confident and comfortable practicing my American accent. She’s so lovely and giving. Thank you fo all you help xxx "
" What a gem. A real pro ! Thank you for all the advice:) "
" Great! Patient. Lovely. Insightful "
" Amazing Actor. Amazing Reader. Very kind and attentive. "
" Amazingggggg "
" Amazing! Very enthusiastic, polite and helpful. Pleasure working with you. "
" Such a good read. Thank you so much for your help and the amazing chat too;) "
" T. Shyvonne has great energy & is really fun to work with. Thank you. "
" AMAZING! Great cold reader, excellent listener! "
" Fantastic actress and reader! "

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The Lion King Rafiki Tour
Swing, U/S Shenzi & Sarabi
2022 [IMDB]
Partner Track
2022 [IMDB]
Growing Up
2022 [IMDB]
Power Book II: Ghost
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The Equalizer
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The Blacklist
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Meet Cute
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Meet Cute
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The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
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In Pursuit with John Walsh
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The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
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