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Carrie Bernans

“WeAudition has been an amazing platform for me to use as I prepare for auditions, rehearsals and performances on screen. I’ve met a large array of actors, coaches and Casting Directors that have given me feedback, advice and support that’s pushed my career forward in great ways. I’ve been offered and booked a few roles through the networking events that WeAudition has offered. I’m extremely thankful to Darren, Rich & the WeAudition family.”

Carrie Bernans, Actor (Black Panther, Luke Cage, Avengers)

Video-chat is the Future of Casting for Film, TV & Digital, and WeAudition is the Technology Casting Directors & Agents Use. Don’t Miss Out!

“WeAudition is awesome. I get to practice acting every day, make money doing it, and network with amazing people. What’s not to love?”

Steve Shermett, Actor (The Chosen)

Nothing short of AWESOME if you need help self-taping or running lines. A great way to meet a growing number of Casting Directors in LA and other major markets”

Carrie Park, Agent (Park Artists Group)
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When that last minute self tape comes in and you need a coach or a reader - we have one for you! As THE video chat rehearsal community we always have people online rehearsing and readers available on demand. We have thousands of private rehearsals running every week 24/7 around the world and if the perfect person isn't available instantly, you can contact the membership for a specific requirement with a Community Request, and readers always jump online immediately.

Here are a selection of recent reviews from the many hundreds of rehearsals happening every day.

Congratulations Josh

13 hours ago

Josh is Excellent!!!

Congratulations Zatcha

17 hours ago

Zatcha was a great reader, very helpful!

Congratulations Kandis

9 hours ago

Just did a short rehearsal and she gave me some wonderful ideas on how to work my scene for when I tape tomorrow. Thank you so much!

Congratulations Kyle

12 hours ago

Thank you for helping me memorize the scene!

Congratulations Oliver

15 hours ago

Oliver is an awesome and very patient reader!!! Definitely will work with him again!

Congratulations Vongai

8 hours ago

Love working with Vongai. Second time using her as a reader and she so helpful with suggestions and very adaptive to the material.

Congratulations Matt

10 hours ago

So wonderful! Book him :) He will help you immensely.

Congratulations Lucy

6 hours ago

One of the best readers I have had. So talented and easy to work with. Lucy is my new go to!

Congratulations Lorianna

15 hours ago

Lorianna was incredible! She helped me hit all of the beats that I was looking for and was a very generous reader. I would recommend her 100%!

Congratulations Jaedra

8 hours ago

So helpful and fun to work with!

Congratulations Kristina

6 hours ago


Congratulations Matt

9 hours ago

Matt was awesome! Gave some great direction to kick off the scene.

“Rowen, you are the BEST reader. Thank you for being so emotionally available and a pleasure to work with :)”

“Sabrina is great and helps get you comfortable and gives very good suggestions to improve your scene. Patient, helpful and makes it all about you!”

“Hunter was incredible, offered great advice and helped make the performance much better. Highly recommend, she's every actor's, actress.”


“Matt was super lovely and professional. He not only helped me rehearse my scenes, he also gave advice and was very encouraging. Thank you, Matt! :)”


“Kadia is a wonderful actress and coach. She was generous with her time and gave me so many great tips on how to make my scene come to life off the page. I will work with her when I have the chance to again. Book her :)”


“WOW! What a gracious and generous reader. Madeleine is an excellent coach and gave me great tips and direction, when I came with little because of time restraints. Will definitely book again. Be sure to book her if you see she's online!”


“So great to work with! REALLY insightful notes on the sides we worked on... really helped me see where I need to tap in more and spend more time on!”


“I had an awesome session with Greg! I was feeling alright about my audition before, but now I feel really prepared and excited. He really helped me develop the character and make sense of scene. Thank you so much!.”


“Super friendly and gave great notes! Would def want to read with Alice again.”


“She is an amazing reader, she helped me re-interpret the script, which gave my audition a whole new dimension! Thank you.”


“Cedric is an amazing reader who takes the time to make sure you're set.”


“Absolute pro. Terrific reader. Neil has to be your number one choice.”


“Shelley is so helpful, kind and insightful! Such brilliant suggestions for how to interpret lines differently and locate the pivotal moments! Thank you so much Shelley!”


“Thanks Jason! Great reader with excellent insight. I highly recommend.”


“Loren was great! She gave me some really good suggestions that gave my scene more depth and direction.”


“Katherine is absolutely lovely! She jumped right into the scene and helped me knock out a last minute self-tape. Thank you!!”