Julie Roy

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
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Hi, I'm Julie... I'll be your reader today. :)

šŸ—£ Bilingual in french & english.

I've been an actor my whole life, and have worked professionally for nearly 2 decades. Also, I've spent years in the casting space, and am skilled at running audition rooms & the self-taping world. I really enjoy bringing the best out of your audition by creating a space conducive to your authentic choices.

Breathe.... We've got this!! I don't appreciate when someone rushes *me, so I am very intentional about the time & energy I invest to the work we do together.

ā‡¢ Does your audition require comedic timing, or a safe space for vulnerability? I gotchu!
ā‡¢ Need a reader with conviction, or someone who can just keep it simple... LET'S GOOOOO!
ā‡¢ If you're seeking a native french speaker? Various dialects? I'm your girl! (also comfortable with some spanish copy)

VENMO: @julieroy (7212)

ļ½“ļ½ˆļ½… ļ¼ ļ½ˆļ½…ļ½’

Originally from a small french village in the Canadian Maritimes, Julie resides between Los Angeles & Vancouver, BC as a dual citizen.

As seen on shows such as "Shameless", "Victorious", "90210", "Parks & Rec", etc.... Julie also loves being behind the camera, and has worked in LA casting offices & workshop spaces.

Play Management Inc. (BC) 604-677-7529 (Vancouver) / 647-404-7529 (Toronto)

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" Amazing as always... Second read together. Just as great as the first "
" I could go on and on about Julie. She's simply all-around amazing. I <3 her, you'll <3 her, because her <3 is just that wonderful. Read with Julie, you and your scene will come to life and when you book I'll be able to say; I told you so :-) "
" Julie is awesome reader and such a kind personality! Fun, professional and helpful! Thank you! "
" <3 "
" Great reader! "
" Julie is a fantastic & super talented reader. Her notes were spot on and it was a pleasure to chat with her! "
" Julie is excellent ---- so helpful!!!!! "
" SHE KNOWS HER STUFF! So happy she helped me with my audition! Thank you! Thank you! I recently moved to LA and she gave me great advice and recommendations! So so sweet and honest! Thank you again! "
" Julie is nothing but good energy and professionalism. Obviously, a seasoned and working actor. Just what I needed for taping. I just feel like I'm booking this one. Can't wait! "
" Julie is amazing!!! She was incredibly helpful and provided great feedback. I don't think I could have taped a better audition! "
" Beyond wonderful to work with! Excellent with comedy, specially multi cam and gave great suggestions to make my audition stand out! Highly recommend! "
" The BEST reader ever!! So kind, helpful, and an amazing coach. Julie was so patient and offered so much insight. HIGHLY recommend!!! "
" Julie was FABULOUS! Excellent reader and great notes for me to work with! "
" Julie is awesome!!! Great reader, beautiful personality and was very helpful with my monologue! Thank you again! "
" Excellent! Super fun reader with fun ideas! Highly recommend! "
" Julie is always great! As a reader she helped me prepare a scene for class. She also gave some great notes on interpreting the script! "
" Great working with Julie on a comedic self tape. Her suggestions were awesome! And, she worked until I felt good about the takes. "
" Julie rocks as always! Such a joy to work with her! Great reder guys! "
" Great reader! "
" I made a new friend! Very knowledgeable reader and lovely human! "
" Julie is always my first choice! Merci A+ "
" Julie was FANTASTIC like always! I'd highly recommend her to anyone. "
" Julie was a wonderful reader for my audition! I loved her energy! "
" Lovely, talented, and helpful!!! "
" Julie is always so great! Such a gem to read with A+ "
" Always fun working with Julie! Plus she's kind, insightful and patient. Win, win, win :) "
" Great coach and great reader "
" So wonderful! And multilingual (hugely helpful). Highly highly recommend. "
" Always fabulous! "
" WOWZERS! A Powerhouse of fun and good ideas and reading brilliance. Will Fergalicious defz read with her again. "
" Julie is a ton of fun to work with, insightful, and supportive, all at the same time. It's a pleasure working with her. Highly recommend. "
" Julie is great you guys! Book her!!A+ "
" Great reader and great coach "
" Julie is always AWESOME !!!! She is a fantastic reader and collaborator! Thank you thank you, Julie! "
" Wonderful "
" Amazing reader! So patient and great suggestions that completely changed the course of the scene for the better. Definitely recommend booking Julie as a reader! :) "
" Great! "
" Julie is great as a reader, and gave some awesome advice about interpreting the scene I'm working on! "
" Super helpful reader who give you a lot to work with! Great session "
" Such a great reader! Loved her. "
" Thanks once again! "
" Amazing, truly a go-to reader for all your comedic auditions! Excellent timing and great suggestions for tactics!! "
" Julie is such a helpful and insightful reader! Thanks Julie! "
" Just try her out and you'll be too busy thinking good thoughts about your work. "
" Julie, Julie, Julie... She is a jewel and like any jewel, your work will shine. ;-) "
" Loved her!!! "
" She was awesome! Very helpful and professional. "
" Julie has been one of my go-to readers for years now. She always has fantastic energy and such a collaborative spirit. LOVE HER!!!! "
" She was so awesome! She is very knowledgeable and a team player. "
" Such positive energy!! had a great time "
" Awesome reader! Great tips! Thank you! "
" Love working with Julie! She has great suggestions. "
" She is a gem. Thank you, thank you. I'm a repeat customer and a grateful one. "
" Great reading with Julie!! "
" Wonderful energy and spirit, fantastic notes that were very helpful!! Not pressed for time, would very much recommend! "
" So helpful and a great reader! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Julie! Super personable and great at jumping into character on a cold read. "
" Julie is so fantastic! She has such a warm presence and gives great feedback! "
" Great! "
" Julie was fantastic!! So fun to read with! "
" Amazing reader and lovely person "
" Julie is such a great reader. Book her guys! Thank you again. "
" The people's champion. One of my favorites on the platform. A joy and a wit and a talent who brings it every single time. Bananas and pajamas for life! "
" Super helpful! "
" Julie is my FAVORITE! She has the best ideas to get you where you need to be emotionally and she meets you where you are at and takes the ride with you till it's done well! "
" Julie is SOOOOOOO enthusiastic about her work!! She is marvelous as a reader....and spo personable. I will definitely work with her again!! "
" She is fantastic. Thank you, Julie! "
" Julie is wonderful. Pleasant, helpful and upbeat. She made working the scene fun :) "
" Great reader! "
" Super awesome! Great ideas really nice and knows how to go with your flow! "
" Julie is always such a great positive reader. Great ideas and so very patient. Thank you again1 "
" Super warm super smart , definitely yall should read with her : ) "
" Fabulous! Brings it. Has great input when invited. A great cheerleader too :) "
" WONDERFUL!!!!!! "
" Julie is a rock star! Such a great reader guys! Book her!!!! "
" Julie is super fun and bubbly, and she's a fantastic reader. I loved working with her! "
" Super friendly. helpful when needed! "
" I loe her!!!! "
" Julie was wonderful and jumped right in to help with a quick technical rehearsal. "
" So amazing! "
" Julie is a gem. Thank you, thank you! Great reader, fast on the uptake, gives you great energy, great read, and is very 'with it'. Thanks! "
" Very detail oriented and a great reader! "
" Excellent! "
" Wonderful energy, ideas & just lovely overall! "
" An angel on earth! Helped me through a 16 pg audition so effortlessly & SO PATIENT! She's the real deal!! Thanks a million Julie! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Julie was amazing! Great suggestions for the scene and timing and delivery was on point. Will definitely look for Julie again. Thank you! "
" Great Thank you so much! "
" Julie is such a great reader. Fantastic actress with great positive energy. Very helpful ! "
" Great fun with Julie Roy putting together my self tape. Thanks so much, Julie Roy. See you next time, Julie Roy! "
" JULIE! What a gift it was from the universe to have worked with you on this scene. You're so kind, so open to sharing your knowledge and such a beautiful scene partner! Thank you!!! Can't wait to work with you again. "
" Julie is beyond awesome in every department. "
" This was my first audition with a WeAudition reader, and Julie was FANTASTIC. She was helpful, patient, gave great feedback, and took the time to make sure I got what I wanted. A magical first WeAudition experience! "
" Julie was attentive, insightful, and accommodating! "
" Julie is great! Good to work with, understands and contributes to a great tape! Thank you!! "
" Great reader, unique notes and suggestions, also super friendly. Highly reccomend! "
" Julie is a marvellous reader. Invested in the story, fully present, patient, and just awesome. "
" Omg Julie is one of the best readers I've had on this platform. She is excellent at breaking down the script, giving you space, and goes above and beyond to get you the best take possible. I highly highly recommend her! Thanks Julie for your help!!! "
" Huge help rehearsing a scene. Gave me great insight on the character and making choices! "
" Boy, can she help knock out the cobwebs! "
" Absolutely amazing. "
" Wow! Incredible reader :) she's helping me tape later because it went SO well. Book her! "
" Julie was awesome! Gave great feedback and is a great reader and actress! Loved having her read for me! She will be my go to! "
" Thanks Julie!! "
" Super patient! "
" Such a joy to work with Julie! Very patient, kind, and she knows her stuff! "
" Nailed it. Great energy and I also appreciated the advice! "
" Julie is a treasure. Very grateful. Will be calling upon her many-a-time. Thanks, Julie! "
" She is extremely giving and so patient. She gave good pointers and a lot to work with! "
" Julie gave me SUCH GOOD energy and chemistry. Will definitely work with her again. "
" I can't even think of wanting to working with someone else. I guess If I had too! You would be stupid if you don't give her a chance! "
" Julie is a great reader, scene partner, and collaborator. I will certainly book her again, and recommend anyone to do the same! Thanks Julie!!! "
" Thanks again! Very talented, nice and patient "
" SUUUCH a great reader!!! Great for multi-cam auditions!! "
" Alright, Julie is officially my favorite on here. Her energy, mindset, and personality are all just awesome, haha! Please do yourself a favor and work with her :D "
" Julie was such a pleasure to collaborate with! I haven't had a lot of experience with improv and she made navigating through the sides so easy. She's refreshing to talk to and I'd work with her again for sure! "
" Great reader! helpful suggestions. "
" Having Julie as a reader is always a great experience! highly recommend working with her :) "
" Phenomenal actor, didnt bawk at technical issues, recommend "
" HIghly recommend! "
" WOAH and WOW. What a gem. A truly talented reader with amazing energy. One of the best. "
" One of my favorites :) "
" I count ask for a better reader!!! I love Julie already. I feel like we are family. "
" Loved Julia such amazing energy and would love to work with her again "
" Julie is absolutely amazing. Her input and advice is gold and I was super fortunate she was online! "
" Great cold reader! Picks up the beats in the scene really fast. And she is authentic "
" Wonderful "
" Julie was PERFECT as my reader! She gave me so much to work off of, and also gave great advice and tips! "
" Julie jumped right in and was so great! Fully committed and super funny. Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader and had some awesome notes! "
" Julie had wonderful notes and great ideas and I LOVED collaborating with her to bring my scene to life. "
" I just had a wonderful rehearsal session with Julie. She gave me a ton of nuanced pointers from a casting perspective that were incredibly helpful. I'd love to read with her again sometime soon! "
" WOW! Julie is such a great actress. Awesome reader. A real PRO! Merci:) "
" Excellent. We worked the scene really well. Thanks for all the help :) "
" She's soooo fun and adorable and gave great reads right from the start! I highly recommend her! "
" So helpful! I didn't feel rushed at all, she's amazing! "
" I ADORE THIS WOMAN. Repeat client and will be coming back again soon. "
" Julie is a wonderful reader. Very smart and insightful. Thank you! "
" Julie was fantastic. She gave me great notes and so much to work off of! "
" Julie really helped me get the best out of my performance and Iā€™m really happy with what was produced! Definitely use her if you want to get more than just a reading, but also usable tips to improve your audition! "
" She's the best around... nothing's gonna every take her down. Truly a radiant light and helps one to feel comfortable and empowered in the room and space. Makes me excited to act. 12/10 "
" Julie was fun and really elevated my tape today. I highly recommend her! "
" Julie is amazing!!! Great reader and a very positive energy :) I am so glad to have worked with her! "
" Wonderful again! "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful working with Julie and great being a part of her first day! We are both building community here on WeAudition. "
" Julie, what a gem !! "
" JULIE ROY IS THE BOMB DOT COM. Full stop. Fun, insightful, kind, talented ā€“ all the things and all the hair. I appreciate you! "
" Love Julie! Such great energy, flexible, and totally immersed in what I needed from a reader! "
" Freaking fantastic! OMG what a reader! Thank you soooo much! "

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