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I'm a Swedish screen actor with excellent English, and have played characters of different nationalities in international productions including supporting and guest star roles in Snowpiercer, Crossing Lines, and others and been in independent features and short films. I have formal training in screen acting and techniques such as Meisner and others. I'm also the host of the podcast Inglorious Artists that ran between 2017-2021. Find it via the link below or wherever you find podcasts.

As a reader I strive to provide a safe space for playing and exploring and give you what you need to get to where you want to go. Being a reader is fun and I view it as a great opportunity to work out those acting muscles and be able to lend a helping hand. Plus, I'm known for providing great sound!

I can do English (General American, Standard British and some others) and Swedish parts and texts.

Let's get you cast!

If you want to schedule for a specific time just email me or send me a DM:
Instagram: @thepeterhallin

Greetings! I’m an actor from southern Sweden focusing on the screen. I started acting professionally in 2012 after graduating from film acting school and was cast as the nasty, overzealous soldier in director Bong Joon-ho's science fiction feature Snowpiercer.

The year after I portrayed the antagonist in an episode of the show Crossing Lines and later showed up in Swedish/Danish noir show The Bridge.

Throughout the years I have been on stage in several plays, both classics and originals in my native Sweden. And of course several short films, sketches and smaller projects in both English and Swedish.

Between 2013-2017 I periodically produced, wrote and directed my own comedy web series Sorry I’m Late on a shoestring budget with friends and colleagues in the business. In 2017 I also started the podcast Inglorious Artists, were I talk to other creative professionals about their life and craft. It ended after three years and 50 episodes in early 2021. That year also saw the release of my first short film, Act Like It.

Check out my various social media accounts to see what I’m up to at the given moment.

Fia Hammarström - Hammarstrom Agency

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" Peter is awesome! so kind and patient "
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" Lovely presence, great energy -- thank you, Peter! "
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" Peter was amazing! :D "
" Thanks for your great help. Appreciate especially the feedback on accent! "
" Always solid and on point. Thanks, Peter. "
" Peter is an excellent reader. One of my go-tos, especially when I'm just starting to work on a scene. "
" Thank you, Peter! Amazing, like always. Let's book this one too :) "
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" Great reader with great insight to adding layers that I had missed originally. Thanks Peter! "
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" Peter was brilliant, very engaged and great scene partner "
" Peter. A superlative reader. Thanks so much for your clarity and brilliant collaberation in my endeavors. I will definately be tapping you again. "
" Peter is a great reader! Love the energy from the read. Very great with feedback. "
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" We had such a creative rehearsal! It was also nice to be able to switch between English and Swedish! THANK YOU! "
" Lovely man and very helpful. "
" Peter was very helpful and a great reader! "
" <3 "
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" Patient and supportive. "
" Peter is super on point and delivers time and time again! There’s a reason I keep coming back! "
" Peter had the task of reading nearly all of the lines for numerous characters in my scenes - he was wonderful! Gave me, as the auditioner different voices for each character and played them up to give me lots to react to. Much appreciated! "
" Always a great, calming help to read with Peter! "
" Awesome, kind, solid reader! "
" Perfect reading. Really understood the scene and the character. Great voice! "
" Wonderful off-camera voice. Very helpful. "
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" Peter is lovely. He has a great vocal quality and goes with the flow. He also had good ideas when I asked him if he had thoughts. Thank you, Peter! "
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" Great! "
" Wow! Great Reader! Ten Stars! Fast and excellent acting "
" As always, perfect to read with! "
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" Peter is great! def a reader I work with for big auditions. Thank you! "
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" So patient and gets the vibe of the show immediately "
" Amazing reader, have a mic so the sound is amazing as well. Very engaging and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you. "
" Just so easy to work with. And such a voice! Thank you, Peter :) "
" As always, a stellar reader! "
" Again amazing "
" Awesome "
" Peter is patient and such a well-read reader! It made the entire process so much more enjoyable and collaborative. Highly recommend!!! "
" Love peter! "
" This was my second time reading with Peter. And I would book with him again. Super professional, natural reader, and a very talented actor. Incredibly patient about my crying puppy in the background. thank you Peter "
" Amazing! "
" Always a great reader to work with! "
" Great reader! Smooth and pro, gave me plenty of creative space "
" Great reader!!! "
" Answers quickly and is a Great reader. "
" Great cold reader, definitely recommend! "
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" A gem. So patient, and gave me a note that really helped me where I was struggling. Thanks, Peter! "
" Awesome!!! So fun and easy to work with!!! "
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" So patient. easy to work with. very calming presence. good cold reader "
" Awesome!! "
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" Excellent. Thank you for your help "
" Peter did a nice job. We did a number of takes... made some adjustments. All in all... a good experience. "
" So patient . works easily. catches right on. offers guidance when needed "
" Awesome! "
" Really great reader! Offers nice energy and catches on to the story and tone quickly. "
" Greatttt! so easy to work with! "
" Peter helped me with a full 12 pages with patience, natural performance and consistency. thank you. "
" A great cold reader - I feel so good about this tape after working with him. Thank you! "
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" Very supportive and fantastic actor. Thanks! "
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" A+ reader. Great vibe, great sound quality (he has a nice mic), and his environment is also very calming!! "
" What a lovely, open, kind, smart reader! So ready to jump right into some silly scenes and totally play along with it and give all the support I needed. "
" Peter is always bringing such thoughtful and intelligent notes to the work. His voice is fantastic as well! Highly recommend. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thank YOU! "
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" Lovved working with Peter! thank you! Will be booking again! "
" Peter gave really great notes and feedback. He was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you! "
" Peter was very patient, and helped me troubleshoot some technical issues with the app. Thank you! "
" Great reader!! "
" Straightforward and willing to help with lines! "
" LOVED Peter! Thank you! "
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" I admire how patient you are! Such a great reader and brilliant actor, always helping me get the best takes possible! Thank you!!! "
" Thanks so much Peter!!! "
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" Peter is wonderful! Gives it his all. Thank you! "
" Peter is a great reader! He was patient with my technical difficulties & gave me plenty of takes to get it right! "
" Absolutely amazing - willing to understand and get to the basis of the scene, definitely book! "
" Great reader with great energy! Thank you for your time! :) "
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" Phenomenal reader/direction! "
" Easy and Relaxing. Great Reader "
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" Very kind and helpful! "
" Amazing, once again!! "
" Great reader! Very professional and awesome sound quality. "
" Fantastic, present, easy, fun. "
" Peter is AWESOME! His willingness to help and his patience really played a huge part in me getting what I needed. He gave me notes on what I could fix, which is always a plus. Very natural actor, which gave us chemistry for what I needed as well. His chill/laid back demeanor really took the edge off of my nerves, leading me to relax and get my audition done. It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with you Peter and I'm looking forward to working with you again! "
" Great to work with, thanks Peter! "
" Such a great guy and reader. Thanks "
" Great reader, good sound quality and set up as well. "
" Great reader, thanks! "
" <3 "
" Wonderful reader. thank you so much peter!! "
" He is an excellent reader. Has a wonderful calming manner and is very insightful. Big thanks! "
" Thanks so much Peter for helping me run lights before set! "
" First time working with Peter. Fantastic. He can do ANYTHING! Peter's notes about character arc were spot on. He made my self-tape better. Thanks, Peter! Oh, we will work together again.! "
" Awesome reader "
" Awesome reader! "
" It was a pleasure to work on my audition with peter! He underatood the adjustments that I wanted to make in the scene and helped me make the scene more fun and clear. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Peter is amazing! im coming back! "
" Very patient, and a good reader! "
" Thanks so much Peter for being such a supportive reader! Very grounded and great understanding of pacing. "
" Awesome! "
" Peter was fantastic - very switched on and a pleasure to play with. He made my selftape come alive. Thank you! "
" Great Help Thank u so Much!!!! "
" Fantastic reader and helpful with direction "
" Oops it ended sorry, thank you so much Peter!! an amazing reader! "
" Peter was great! Gave me fantastic notes to take and work on as I was preparing for a scene! Thanks Peter! "
" Great Reader, really worked with me! Would have him help me again! "
" Supportive, Professional, and Understanding. "
" Great reader! great audio too! "
" Great as always! "
" Great reader! Have a pleasant presence. Thank you! "
" Great reader- super helpful and supportive. "
" Great reader! "
" Very generous and open! Peter helped me work out an alternative take for a tricky scene and he was so wonderful to work with :) "
" Perfect for my scene. Thank you so much! Available and present! "
" Peter is a wonderful reader. Thank you! "
" Very patient and helpful. Highly recommend. "
" Peter got me ready to shoot a horror scene when I was feeling really uncomfortable! Great patience and energy. Thank you! "
" Pays attention to the tiny details to keep you strong "
" Peter was excellent! "
" Professional and had a great note. "
" So easy to work with Peter! Great reader! "
" Excellent! "
" Peter was so friendly & kind! Highly recommend. Great sound and connection. "
" Helpful reader! "
" Awesome! "
" Always sooo amazing! Thank you! You are so professional and fun to work with! Great insights! "
" Great reader "
" So glad Peter is a pro. I was down to the last seconds on submitting a tape by the deadline. If he werent absolutely perfect I would never have gotten it nailed in time. Sad I had to rush off the call for the submission, but insanely grateful!! Thank you, Peter! 🙏 "
" Peter's a great reader (and has a phenomenal microphone to boot which helps with super clear reading!) Thanks for your help running Shakespeare lines! "
" So good! "
" Solid reader! good suggestions! recommend! "
" Peter was a great reader! He gave me a lot to work with. "
" Peter, sorry I went down. Last night my MacBook Pro told me this site takes a lot of energy. Sapped my battery. It was a great session. I'm sorry we could not reconnect. "
" Great reader gave me exactly what I needed. "
" Peter is a total pro. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Great reader, will definitely use again! "
" Pateint..and a great read! "
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" Love working with him "
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" Great reader! Very professional setup, and straightforward/efficient workflow "
" Phenomenal reader. I would definitely recommend him! "
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" Kind, patient, and helpful! "
" Loved it!!! "
" Sweet! "
" Terrific, grounded and subtle reader. Was perfect for my scene! "
" Great Reader with direction. "
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" Extremely helpful and fun!!! "
" So great working with Peter!!! We did three takes and I felt really good about all of them. "
" Excellent reader, so thoughtful and present. He helped me with accents and was super patient in our session. BOOK him! "
" SO PRO "
" Excellent directon! Great, smooth read. "
" You are the Best!!! Love your help and the directions were Great!!! thanks a lot!!! "
" Excellent reader! Very patient and calm. Did the other role very appropriately! Looking forward to working with Peter again:) "
" Able to jump right in - great reader! "
" Excellent reader. I was very happy I tried him. "
" Peter was great!!! Thank you :) "
" Gave me exactly what I needed to work with. Thank you! "
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" Peter is amazing, very patient, and has a perfect British accent! Will book him again. "
" Peter was great!! Thank you so much for being an awesome reader! "
" Peter was so patient when my router went dead.....Coached me a bit on my scene which was very helpful.... I would definitely work with him again... "
" Great reader. Grounded, focused and holding space for others to work. Really appreciate you, Peter! "
" Peter is fantastic! Professional, patient and a great actor/reader. Very grateful for his help! "
" Peter was awesome. Just what I needed today for a quick commercial audition. Thank you sir "
" Really patient and kind :) "
" Very focused and responsive. Lovely man. "
" Ease and Delightful Reader. Highly Recommend! "
" Peter was great! Super easy-going and patient, willing to help me talk through parts of my scene that I was unsure about. "
" Wonderful. Professional and made my self-tape process so smooth. "
" Great Reader! "
" Lovely, patient, great suggestions. Thanks again, Peter! "
" Awesome! Thanks for your patience and help! "
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" Best Reader! I go to him all of the time! "
" Excellent reader! very helpful in reading between the lines. Thank you. "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome! "
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" Amazing help Thanks Peter!! "
" Great reader!! Will definitely come back when I have another tape :) "
" Great reader!! "
" Peter is an excellent reader. He's patient and insightful! "
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" So awesome and so giving I would pick him anyday! "
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" Peter is awesome!! "
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" Excellent! Super helpful and kind. Thank you! "
" Great!!!!!!!again! "
" Peter is one of the best! 2 nd time using him. Gives great advice. Helps bring your character to a place where it needs to be. Highly Recommend! "
" Total pro and delight! "
" Thanks very much "
" It was nice working with Peter. I reached out for an urgent selftape and he was able to assist me as a reader with very useful tips. We'll work together again for sure. "
" Awesome notes from an awesome dude- thanks bro! "
" Peter is an excellent and supportive reader! Thank you. "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reader! Very consistent and patient! Thanks! "
" Great energy! Easy to work with, a pro! "
" Peter is so great - he even gave me notes!! will be looking for him again :) "
" Peter was a fantastic reader. Made sure to work until I was satisfied with my self tape. "
" Very helpful. The best, patient, and accommodating "
" Great reader. Patient with my tech issues. "
" Peter was great! Thank you so much! "
" Really nice, great reader. Thanks Peter!! "
" Peter is absolutely one of the best readers I've worked with. It was a fun and intense scene but we were able to put out a really strong product. I highly recommend! Thank you again Peter. "
" <3 "
" Nice reader, very easy-going and helpful! Thank you! "
" Peter is awesome, this was the second time he helped me prepare a scene for class. Great reader and helpful notes! "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent "
" Fab! "
" Great Reader! "
" Super fun to work with and a great reader! "
" Great reader! Very helpful and patient. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader and a person. "
" Peter is always amazing to work with--a patient, generous, supportive actor down to do the work. I keep working with him for a reason! "
" Great reader!! Super helpful "
" Peter really helped me with my selftape!! Great actor! "
" Amazing reader. Really natural and easygoing. "
" Amazing reader!! had a GREAT experience with him!! Thank you so much for all the insights and help!! PERFECT!!! "
" Peter was really professional and helpful. Gave me a really good read and was very helpful. Thank you Peter! "
" Peter was super helpful and generous with his time! Thank you "
" So easy to work with! "
" So patient & helpful this is my first time using we audition and it was a very pleasant experience. After all kinds of technical difficulties we finally got it right ! Peter was just an angel and worked with me and was a great scene partner. Will definitely use him again 😊 "
" Highly recommend! Peter was easy to work with, professional, and very sweet. "
" Peter was great to work with perfect english. "
" Thanks for the help Peter! "
" Lovely reader, brought the perfect energy for my self-tape and had some really good suggestions! "
" Peter was marvelous! jumped in to a monologue like a professional! "
" He was lovely and has great cold reading skills. Thank you for helping me in a quick bind! "
" Awesome reader! Very easy to work with! "
" A great help and fun to read with! Many thanks Peter! "
" Great reader! "
" Incredibly patient, with great direction! "
" Great! "
" Peter was wonderful to read with and a quick study! "
" Peter is great to read with and has a nice, warm essence! "
" Awesome reader! Super helpful! "
" Amazing reader who helped make the whole process seamless. Thanks so much, Peter! "
" Thanks Peter. Great read with you. Thank you for your help. "
" He was great! Really got the feel for the character very quickly! "
" A huge help. Definitly recommend "
" A pro through and through and through. Peter's laid-back demeanor, even as I struggled with jargon again and again, really helped keep me in it throughout the session. Thanks, good sir, and see ya again soon! "
" Great for my quick session. Just what I needed in the nick of time. "
" Fantastic reader! excellent direction! helped me make my character shine! "
" Peter was awesome! Such a great resource for my scene. "
" Great partner to rehearse with. Had some awesome advice and also gave out some fresh pointers on my scene. "
" An accidental find... and just plain GRATEFUL that I did! "
" Thank you so much! Great reader "
" Lovely reader "
" So amazing!! Very helpful scene partner and great cold reader! "
" Patient pleasant solid "
" Peter!! Loved acting with him! Great reader "
" Peter!!! Such a great reader! So supportive! Great tips too "
" Really helpful and a great reader!! "
" He was very helpful! Thank you so much! "
" Great natural reader. "
" Peter was fantastic! Efficient, straight to the work, and gave each of the characters we was reading for me their own variety and voice. Big fan! "
" Peter was a wonderful reader with excellent American English. He is intelligent and gave wise note! "
" Makes a great bad guy or authority figure! "
" Amazing! "
" Peter was great as a reader and with giving notes! He helped me prepare a scene for a workshop. "
" Peter was great! "
" Amazing, such a great guy, Really reliable! "
" Thank you so much! Wonderful reader. "
" Super helpful! "
" Amazing as usual "
" Great reader! very easy to work with. appreciate the patience through a long audition! "
" The best "
" Absolutely the best "
" . "
" Great reader. Very helpful notes and ideas. "
" Awesome! "
" Peter is a fantastic reader! He had most of the dialogue in the scene, and gave me exactly what I needed was connected in his first read. "
" Great reader- very patient and easy to work with. Will definitely book with him again! "
" Peter was great to read with. Super efficient and ready as soon as we connected. I'll definitely seek him out again for self tapes and rehearsals. "
" Great. Gave me the read I needed. "
" Great reader! great redirection as well! appreciate it! "
" Just what i needed! "
" Peter was awesome! "
" Great reader!! "
" Peter was so great. Present, creative, affirming. I look forward to reading with him again! "
" Very friendly and efficient. thanks peter "
" Peter's a great actor and a delight to work with! Fabulous, professional and easygoing--book him! "
" Peter was so great! He helped me figure out what blocking would look best on the tape & got into his character which was very helpful "
" Extremely helpful! "
" Great presence, patient and intuitive! "
" Awesome and fun reader! Easy to play off of! "
" Always so helpful! great reader! "
" Great reader ! great suggestions! Will be working with him if possible again! "
" He was really good at helping me find the true meaning of the scene. "
" Great reader! "
" Peter is awesome! Great reader, handling business from Sweden & he has a great standard American accent! "
" He's a great reader and scene partner. "
" Great personality...reads well - you can tell Peter is a professional. I hope to work with him again! "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Great reader! Picks up scene fast! "
" Great and patient reader! "
" Peter is great! Very open letting me play around and work the character. Very relaxing and fun vibe! "
" He’s awesome and super helpful "
" Peter is a great and patient reader. Thank you. "
" AWESOME work! Thank you! "
" Great reader and really friendly and helpful "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Real great guy. thanks Peter! Great working with you :) "

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