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Berry Newkirk is an actor with 20+ years of experience acting on both stage and screen, known for Under the Dome (2013), Triggerfish (2015) and 40 Fears (2011).

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Berry's first act in life was a piece of performance art, literally spilling his guts onto the hospital floor and thereby setting the stage for what he'd figuratively do the rest of his life.
Following in his mother's footsteps (and her father before her) he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but much to her initial dismay, focused on theatre instead of something dependable. The blow was softened when he was awarded the Richard and Christopher Edward Adler Scholarship. There he would spend years training under Emmy Award Winning Director Joan Darling.
Upon graduation he left for the Big Apple to pursue theatre, training under Michael Howard and Patsy Rodenburg, and studying improv at the PIT, while appearing in the Obie Award Winning play The Brig with The Living Theatre under the direction of Judith Malina.
He returned to North Carolina following the financial collapse, only to see more work come his way. He appeared in Under the Dome and Mercy Street as well as a couple of indie films, several commercials and numerous plays. During this time he wrote several shorts, a couple of pilots, a feature film, and a whole season of an animated series, and even co-wrote a comic book entitled Decimation Earth, before moving out to LA just prior to the pandemic.
He's been working with other actors as a reader, perfecting his own craft while getting a lay of the land and looking for representation. He has also just begun production on a self-created webseries tentatively entilted Quality Illicit Goods.

Currently looking for representation.

493 Reader Reviews

" Amazing, so helpful and kind! "
" Berry was very easy to read with and gave great layers to my scene. "
" Lovely man. Very good reader and ready to help. "
" A reader who's constantly giving with his time, energy, and wisdom! Thanks, Berry! "
" Great Reader. Patient through some lag I had, and were still able to a great tape. "
" I emailed Berry cause of a stellar 1st experience...he jumped on the site and helped me feel great about this one too! Thanks again! "
" Berry is an excellent reader and gives GREAT feedback or te best possible scene "
" Great reader, very present, and easy to work with! "
" Berry is such a great reader and gave very helpful notes "
" Great reader ! "
" Highly recommend, patient and present! "
" Awesome reader and actor, very insightful "
" Holy moly what a GEM - FANTASTIC actor and super grounded energy - Sooo glad to have discovered Berry !! "
" Fantastic! great energy and I will TOTALLY book him again! "
" Berry is lovely and helpful and a great reader. "
" I really enjoy working with Berry! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" The best reader ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Berry was very thoughtful, offered good insight and comparisons between takes! "
" Berry is an awesome reader!! On top of it and a great actor! "
" Great reader "
" Fun fun fun. So down to play and dive into the crazy sides. Always offers really specific ideas. We love Berry!! "
" Great enregy and notes. Really went above and beyond to help me nail my audition "
" Berry was great as always, I highly recommenD. "
" Amazing reader!!! And gave great direction for my scene!!!! "
" Amazing "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great direction and patience! "
" Great read. "
" Berry is great to work with - great actor - solid instincts - great feedback - I will book him again!!! "
" Berry was so helpful with my selftape!! Highly recommend "
" Awesome as always! "
" Excellent reader - no nonsense straight chaser. "
" Fantastic. Highly recommended "
" Super awesome. Thank you so much for your insight, Berry! :) "
" Freakin' fantastic! Berry went above and beyond and helped me work through my sides. My tape went next level for sure! "
" Went along for my ride and made GREAT suggestions to create a better ride...when requested! "
" Great reading with you, thanks! "
" Berry was so excellent and really helped me think about and work through a lot of text. Would absolutely work with him again! "
" Great! "
" Barry was great! "
" A great reader and active listener "
" Berry was awesome! Great reader and great ideas too for different takes. Highly recommend! "
" Excellent! "
" Berry is a really good actor, and reader! "
" Epic feedback. Fantastic Reader. Will work with again for sure. "
" Berry is super patient and has some great ideas in terms of transitions and tactics for self-tapes. Thank you. "
" Berry was such a great reader and gave me a lot to work with! "
" Insightful notes on how to vary the scene up, thanks for being my reader Berry. "
" Thank you berry! Im always learning something new, appreciate your work! "
" So helpful! A great reader and gives great incite! "
" Spectacular reader!!! "
" Really really enjoyed working w Berry, excellent reader, excellent adjustments! "
" Super helpful, patient, kind, smart, supportive "
" Another good session down! "
" Great! "
" Super helpful! "
" Great reader! "
" Great Reader! "
" An excellent reader and an even better coach. Berry has amazing insight and is so fun to read with. "
" Berry was AMAZING! EVERY SINGLE note he gave me was SPOT-ON and brought my performance to the next level. He was super-patient and really cared about me getting the perfect take. Berry was so encouraging. I will definitely be asking Berry to read for me again! THANK YOU! "
" He was AMAZING!!! I had the best time working with him, but also, just chatting and spending time with him was lovely. His enthusiasm, honesty, and encouragement was so helpful but also, just a welcomed gift which made our session so. much. FUN! Just felt like having a great chat and doing a scene with a friend. Will definitely be working with him again. "
" Great experience all around! Great reader, great at taking notes. Sign up with Berry now if you like booking. "
" Great guy! Gret reader. Thanks so much "
" Superb reader! Great notes to improve scene. "
" One the best readers, puts you at ease, has great insight. "
" Great reader. Calm. cool, collected. "
" Great reader! Patient and helpful "
" Berry is a great reader. Highly recommend!!! "
" AWESOME! SMOOTH- An actors actor "
" Great instincts, great energy. THANK YOU! "
" Lovely reader. Ready and willing to give notes, suggestions, or his interpretation of the scene. Thank you Berry! "
" Great reader and suggestions "
" So great! And had really helpful suggestions! "
" Super helpful, patient, and gave great energy to work off of! "
" I have missed him! The best! "
" Berry is great, he brought a lot of ideas and insight to the scene which I really appreciated. "
" Great notes. super helpful especially in a pinch of time! thank you berry! "
" Amazing! Has great insight and approach to the material. Thank you so much! "
" Berry was an excellent reader, I highly recommend! "
" Amazing! So helpful "
" Awesome, thanks for the quick read! "
" AMAZING!!!!! Super Helpful and extremely professional. Thank you so much "
" Berry was very helpful in my audition, Great helper "
" Berry gave me some simple, yet incredibly helpful notes to think about for my audition, and was incredibly kind. What a great person to have in our community! Thank you for your warm energy and for holding space to play! "
" Super helpful notes and great reader :) Thanks! "
" Berry nailed it! Picked up the scene right away. Great Session! Thank you, Berry! "
" Berry really came through for me with a MARATHON of auditions today, super on top of things, able to jump in quickly. All around amazing reader, THANKS BERRY! "
" Berry has been great helping me get through a myriad of auditions for the same project, really appreciate his patience. "
" Awesome and incredible reader!! "
" Berry is great! Always ready to jump in with foley and whatever is needed to set a scene and create cues. "
" Berry is a great colder reader, ready to immediately jump in! "
" This dude should be an acting coach if he's not already! Great reader with great notes! Thank you Berry! "
" Wonderful reader and person! Good solid insights and knows when to be helpful! "
" Very good at getting to the heart of the scene. Great personality to work with too. "
" Great reader "
" A genuine pro. Really gives you what you need. "
" Great Reader "
" Super helpful reader...gave ideas when asked which was really appreciated. "
" Great! "
" So great working with Berry again! Proactive reader, gives great advice, and someone I will be reaching out to again! "
" Berry is super kind and a great reader! "
" Very insightful coaching and super efficient too! Thank you so much! "
" Berry is such a pleasure to read with!! "
" Always excellent. "
" Always great to work with Barry. Thank you sir:) "
" Wow! So glad to have worked with Berry! Gives great notes, and definitely strengthened my scene work. Will be definitely reaching out again. "
" Great! Thanks dude. "
" Great Commercial Reader. "
" Wonderful! "
" Too freaking great! "
" Great!! "
" Berry was super helpful! Great reader :) "
" So informative and knowledgeable. Gave me great technical pointers. You won't go wrong contacting Berry "
" Berry was awesome!!! He gave such actionable advice, it made my take come that much more to life. Highly recommend :) "
" What a bleepin' rockstar. You can tell this dude is super talented. Awesome feedback from him. Thanks, Berry! "
" Whip smart, super funny, great voice – 10 outta 10 would recommend "
" Awesome reader! "
" Berry is a pro! He is the perfect partner for everyone. So helpful, focused, and patient. Thank you! "
" Thanks Berry. Great reader. "
" Berry is fantastic, helped me tweak my American accent. Thanks Berry!! "
" Needed him for a super quick tape and he didn't waste any time. Great reader! "
" This was my first self-tape through WeAudition, and Berry was AMAZING and so very very patient with me. He's a great reader with a wonderful neutral American accent. Thank you Berry - you rock! "
" AMAZING reader! Great at coaching accents too! Thank you Berry! "
" Amazing per usual! "
" Berry is really good. His redirects are game-changing! "
" So amazing and patient! "
" Berry is amazing. Hope to work with him again. Thank you so much "
" Barry was amazing! He offered incredible insight into the scene and character that elevated my performance immensely. Thank you so much! "
" Great reader. Definitely understands multi-cam! "
" Excellent work! Thank you Berry! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So awesome, again! "
" So freakin amazing! Great reader and so supportive! "
" Berry was an awesome reader as well as actor. He had great ideas about the scene and helped me understand the scene clearly! Thanks Berry! "
" Berry is so committed to helping me free myself as an actor and to make the scene sing. Amazingly helpful coach that gets me more in my body & focused on the work, rather than actor thoughts/overthinking. A++++ coach "
" <3 "
" Berry, is an exceptional coach and reader. He inspired me to focus on the work and also gave feedback beyond the technical. He's intuitive, a masterclass! Highly Recommend!!! "
" Sooo patient and talented! "
" Great actor to work with. Will be working with him again for sure. "
" So helpful. THANK YOU. I feel so much more prepared now. "
" Always a fantastic reader. Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Berry was very professional and provided insight only when requested. Highly recommend! "
" Berry was amazing to work with! Great reader, very connected, and helped me relax/get more grounded. He was extremely helpful in helping me make new discoveries!! A+++ reader. "
" Berry has become one of my go-to readers. I can always count on him to be professional, invested, and offer helpful perspective. "
" Easygoing and top notch cold reader. Absolutely appreciate it, new friend. "
" Stellar. A real actor who knows his $*&@! "
" Excellent. Great with providing input/suggestions to improve scene. Highly recommend. "
" Berry is such a great reader. One of my favourite humans on this whole damn platform. He's thorough & a great energy to have in your process. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Awesome suggestions and chillax to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Always the "
" AMAZING! Really took the time to help me get the best self taped. Gave me great notes that really made me live in the moment. Thank you Berry!!! "
" Great_Reader-gave me great feedback that really help me take the scene to the next level. "
" Great reader with amazing notes and suggestions! "
" Really good. quick. nice personlity. "
" Phenomenal ! Will definitely book again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader!! Thank you, Berry. "
" Super nice and patient! And a great reader, thank you so much! "
" Great to work with!! "
" Great reader and v helpful breaking down the sides!! "
" Excellent reader and a fantastic coach!!!! "
" Great reader- Efficient and adhered to all my requests with no issues. "
" Always a pro, always a great reader. Thanks, Berry! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Berry was awesome—chill, committed, and professional. He helped me run two comedic scenes and jumped right into the tone/humor of it all. Thank you! "
" Great "
" Berry - always so on the mark with his notes! Wonderful and patient and well-versed in his references. Thank you!! "
" Wonderful reader and extremely patient. Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great insights and a supportive reader! "
" Very helpful and on point "
" Berry is a terrific reader and a blast to work with! "
" Berry was incredible to work with! I had a 3 page audition and needed a reader pretty quickly! He was patient and took the time to help me with my scene and whatever I needed. Couldn't recommend anyone better! "
" Very nice and helpful "
" Wow, Berry is a real asset! He asked some extremely helpful questions, and gave good insight that translated to performance. Use him! "
" Working on my American accent and getting gold advice "
" Always a great conversation. Motivational. From my fave reader to my good friend! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Gives great advice and easy to work with. "
" Working with Berry is always a pleasure. Great cold reader, greater human. Thank you. "
" Berry was great! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Awesome "
" Always a gem "
" He'll make sure to get your work done. "
" Awesome and patient!! Great Reader "
" Good dude "
" Thanks so much Berry! He gave a lot of great tips and notes that helped shape the scene--I felt it really came together at the end. Thank you! "
" Very helpful and kind "
" Berry's great! Astute insights and helpful feedback "
" Excellent, helpful and friendly - perfect reader "
" Always a professional. Worked with Berry several times now and I can't say enough good things about him. "
" Great at breaking down the beats! Thank you. "
" So great! And right on with what I needed for my scene! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic, gave me a lot to work with "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolute champ! "
" Fantastic American accent coach, thank you so much!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So great. So present and generous. "
" Berry was so fun to work with ! He gave me great suggestions. :) "
" Great comedic reader! Thanks! "
" Always great "
" Berry is always a great actor to connect with and work on the craft. "
" Thank you so so so much!!! "
" Amazing!!! Thank you Brother!! "
" Berry was great he really helped my out in an emergency! "
" Great! "
" Really deep. great. "
" Always a fun reader to work with!! Very responsive and into the scene:) "
" Berry was really nice and so supportive. He has such a great attitude and knows the tips and tricks to keep you focused in your scene and be the best you can be. Definitely if you get the chance to have him help you! TAKE THE CHANCE!! "
" Berry gave me great specific notes to elevate the scene. Incredible coach, the scene was completely transformed in 30 min. Thanks Berry! "
" Always such a pleasure to read with Berry! Such a good actor and great with giving notes and feedback. "
" Berry is great. One of the most thorough readers on WeAudition. Always a pleasure. "
" Great as always! "
" Hands down my "Go to" and Favorite!!! "
" Great! "
" So great. So helpful and knowledgeable. Berry really helped me hit the notes and tone of the scene/show. Thank you so much!! "
" Awesome work brother!! Always great!! "
" Ah one of my new favorites so far on WeAudition! Had fantastic notes and really helped coach on the scene! "
" Incredible, very adaptable to the scene! "
" I had an intimate scene that I needed to tape & Berry was the perfect blend of generous & thoughtful to work with. Berry rocks. "
" Berry is a wonderful reader! He is very insightful also. "
" Amazing work, incredibly smart actor. Thank you "
" Praise to Berry for his patience & continously great energy. He's one of my favourite readers. "
" Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Berry to the rescue. Great to play with the scene with, great accent help. Always a pleasure. "
" Always helpful. Always professional. Thank you! "
" Berry is the real MVP. Always game for any scene and can easily go comedic or dramatic. Quickly picks up on story lines and plays it true to life. "
" Great actor "
" Always good to work with "
" Very helpful actor! Thank you "
" Great! "
" Love this guy! Great reader:) Thank you again "
" He's now my accent guy. "
" Awesome! Thank you so much for helping with a southern accent for my self tape! "
" Amazing specific work :) "
" I can always count of Berry even when I need direction & General American accent notes. He's so supportive, thorough & thoughtful. One of my favourite readers. "
" Awesome ! Fast. Helpful. Great actor. "
" Fave reader! "
" Fantastic reader, great pointers!! Thank you :) "
" Amazing Human and PHENOMENAL READER!!! Great ideas and Energy!! A 'must-read-with'. Namaste 😉🙏 "
" Always Great!! "
" Helpful tips! "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Excellent! Quick and efficient! "
" Always a thoughtful, supportive reader. And fun to work with as well! "
" Awesome as always Brother "
" Always a good session with Barry "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Berry was very insightful and provided great suggestions for my audition read! Highly recommended and super helpful! "
" Amazing reader with such insightful notes. So cool to work with. Thanks Berry! "
" Berry asked me all the right questions & got me into the right headspace to nail a really difficult scene when I was having a really weird day & I culdn't get myself there. He is my hero & a fantastic scene partner. Thank you. "
" Clear and helpful. Helped pick up on lines that i was dropping. "
" The best ! "
" Amazing, smart, patient incredible actor to work with "
" Always the best! Thank you sir! Great reader guys!!! Book him!!! "
" Berry is always so great! Thanks for putting my auditions on their feet sir! "
" Great reader :) "
" Such a smart, generous and wonderful actor! Great work "
" Barry is always a delight! "
" Amazing and smart actor "
" Always great working with you! "
" Thank you Berry. Thank you for helping me rehearse for my scene study class. Great read as always!! "
" B̶a̶r̶r̶y̶ Berry was great as always! Nice and helpful, and when the work is done, wonderful to talk shop with as well. Hope to read with him again soon. "
" Thank you! "
" I read with Berry on a regular basis. Thanks to him I just booked a 3 episode arc on a series. Berry is a great, caring and patient reader! "
" Berry was a great reader. Thank you for your help. "
" Excellent reader! Gives so much beyond just the lines. Always a pleasure. "
" Super helpful and generous with his time! "
" Patient and helpful. Great reader "
" Thanks berry! "
" I always request Berry! Great reader, very collaborative and creative. "
" Berry is fantastic! It's like he had a week with the script, right off the bat. Really added a lot. "
" Amazing actor, helps you to nail the scene :) "
" Great with accent work! "
" Berry is my Hero. The greatest. I think him for taking the time with me. "
" Berry is great, full of such great energy & an absolute plasure to work with. Thank you sir. "
" Berry was there for me, although I couldn't be there for him earlier today (Dang you JD!). Always a pleasure and I hope to return the favor soon. "
" Such good questions/ideas!! Understands procedural TV structure. We got solid takes and even some play takes after. Yay fun auditions! "
" Thank you!!! Super cool! "
" Always a freaking blast!!! "
" Barry is an All-Star! Tremendous reader and provides awesome notes! Definitely a go to for me! "
" Berry was extremely helpful working out the kinks in a new scene. Very precise notes, which were greatly appreciated. Thank you Berry! "
" Berry just gets comedy and is wonderful to work with! "
" Berry is always my go to on here. Thank you sir! Love your input:) "
" Super nice guy and gave great notes. "
" Love this guy! Great reader always! "
" Amazing!!! So nice and patient "
" Patient, plays the scene with you, a great listener! "
" Berry's great, very professional! "
" Great session. Very patient and professional! Thank you. "
" Read the scene yesterday, put it on tape today. Berry's dynamite. "
" Berry gave very helpful direction! "
" Cool guy! Thanks! "
" Berry is the man! Great reader and always provides valuable insight! "
" Crazy helpful notes when I asked him for thoughts on a quick self tape and another scene I was practicing. Fabulous, streamlined reader! "
" Freaking kills it everytime!!! Berry is a Rockstar!!!! :D "
" Berry is awesome. Can always count on him in a flash. "
" We'restarting over "
" Amazing reader and gave great notes! Thank you. "
" Berry was fantastic! We tossed ideas back and forth to make different choices for my self tape. He was super helpful. Thank you!! "
" Always a gem! Thanks, mister. "
" Berry always rocks! Such a great reader! "
" Very good reader and lots of fun. Barry always has ideas for bringing the scene to life! "
" The best to work off of! Soooo good!! "
" OMG loveeeeee working with Berry! He gave such insightful notes and helped me bring my scene to life even more. Thank you!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing actor "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always love reading with Berry. he is incredible!!! will be back for more!! "
" This was my 2nd time working with Berry and each time, I leave feeling more confident than when I started :) "
" Always a great reading partner. Helpful insights! "
" I'm a repeat customer. Berry knows exactly what it takes to be a fantastic reader and gives you what you need to get stellar results. "
" Berry was wonderful to work with: very patient, a great reader, and gave excellent feedback. "
" Great! Talented and patient "
" Berry is such an amazing reader!!! His amazing suggestion for my self-tape helped me make my audition so much better, and I was cast! THANK YOU SO MUCH BERRY! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I had so much fun!!! Rehearse with Berry. It'll make your day. "
" Barry was an excellent reader! "
" He is so helpful and easy to work with! "
" EXTREMELY insightful regarding the southeast market! "
" Excellent as always! Berry killed it as my scene partner! Love working with him! :D "
" Great! Berry is so kind and helpful! We ran lines for a solid thirty minutes and really solidified everything I've been working on! Berry helped me feel way more confident in what I was doing--everything flowed very naturally! Great reader! "
" He's the best. "
" Soooo Good! "
" Amazing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader, so many amazing ideas! "
" Professional and solid actor "
" Highly Recommended "
" Loved reading with Berry!!! Challenged me as an artist is what I enjoyed the most!!! Most definitely will read with him again!!! "
" Berry brings great energy to the scenes and is fun to work with. Great reader! "
" Berry is great! Excellent reader and gives amazing feedback! "
" Amazing work, really good ! "
" Berry was great! Really relaxing to run lines with and gave me great insight into characterization and helping me find the direction I would want to go with! Looking forward to working with you again man! "
" Berry, Berry, Berry, always great!!! thank you so so much. Love the comedy you bring to the scene that elevates my performance!! "
" Always the greatest! Thank you sir:) "
" Fantastic reader! He is a great coach if you want and is very easy to work with. "
" Lovely reading with you. good prompts "
" Berry is not only awesome at running lines with but great at giving pointers on a general American Accent too. "
" Berry, provided a lot of insight on the script and was a quick read on what was required to enhance my performance. He gave me valuable input on script analysis and how to project that out on a read. "
" Amazing work :) "
" Great! "
" LOVE THIS GUY. He is great. Hire him. :) "
" Skilled actor. Fantastic reader, Professional, Supportive, Friendly. "
" Barry is a super generous reader. Great insight on story, spot on notes. Thank you!! "
" Brilliant, as always "
" Berry was great fun to read with! So natural and clearly a very experienced reader! "
" Thank you Brother! "
" Very natural read with good voice, patient, helpful, what more can I say! "
" Awesome reader. Great at working with what you need. Getting lines down? Trying ideas? Working some notes? Thank you! "
" Really nice work !!! "
" Well that was mind expanding. Great working with Berry, we worked on my American accent together and I learned so much I had to give myself homework. Thanks Berry! "
" Great! "
" Always a pleasure, a great cold reader!! "
" Good actor, helpful reader, very professional and capable. Thanks! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I'm 'Berry, Berry' happy with my read with Berry. He's great! He gave me different options and references to consider, which helped enrich my read. I'll be booking him again. "
" Berry gave me some incredibly helpful feedback on top of being an awesome reader! "
" Another great session my Brother!! "
" Berry was great to work with, super friendly and helped me get some lines down! "
" Thank you so much for your notes Berry. SO helpful. "
" Great stuff, thanks Berry :) "
" Good Job :) "
" Thank you for being such a kind, generous scene partner, Berry. And an amazing improviser :) You're the best!! "
" Always AMAZING!! "
" Instincts on point, gets it "
" Great! "
" Love working with Berry. He's so patient and has great feedback when I ask him for it. "
" Very smart man "
" Thanks so much! Very helpful, I was able to memorize my lines well. "
" Awesome, real, to the point, and honest! Love that about him. Highly recommend! "
" No-nonsense in the best way! Concise and quick, but when I needed ideas he was helpful with that too! "
" Great As Always! "
" Excellent with cold reading! "
" Amazing reader as usual. Always very helpful and on point! Thank you sir. "
" Berry read with me for my very first time on we audition and made me feel so comfortable. He gave me great critique and was so fun to run the scene with. "
" So awesome. he rocks. love when he is available! he helps me get the GOLD!!! "
" Berry is AMAZING! He gave so many AMAZING suggestions for my scene, and made the self-tape process easy and fun. Always such a patient, wonderful reader, great energy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! "
" Berry's grounded reads were so realistic that it made it easy to drop into character. Strongly recommend! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great at coaching! "
" Thank you my friend for another great session! "
" So patient and encouraging !! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Berry was incredible. I needed American accent advice & he gave me such precise, actionable notes and tips that gave me a lot to work with. He's also a fantastic cold reader. "
" Berry is great, full of great ideas, super supportive & a awesome guy. Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Always patient and a great reader!! "
" Thank you for another great session Brother! "
" Always brings all the characters to life and is very patient! "
" Fantastic reader! So quick at getting the story and offers really helpful and insightful notes. Highly recommend :) "
" Great reader...sorry the whole thing froze! Again! Not your fault:) you are awesome! "
" Berry was very good. Couple of quick takes, and done! Something about his name I kinda like too. "
" Very smart and talented guy! Gave me an adjustment that I loved! Gave me great suggestions that I agreed with. Very nice guy. "
" Great reader. Thank you again...sorry my computer froze! "
" Great Guy! Flowed really easily! "
" I've known Berry a long time. He's consistently wonderful. "
" Great!!!!! Love working with him "
" Love working with him. Gives Great notes. "
" CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GREAT THINGS!! Found my ideal scene partner in Berry. "
" Berry gave some great notes and was incredibly helpful! Will definitely use Berry again. "
" So kind and great to work with! "
" Barry was an absolute professional. He helped me dissect the scene, get past nerves, prepared me for the audition and gave great advice. I can't recommend his expert advice enough. "
" Great patient guy! Fun to work with and jumped straight into it which was nice. "
" Great!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Superb as always "
" Great reader!! "
" Very helpful and patient, thank you. "
" WOW!!! So many fantastic and helpful notes. Thank you so much for helping me make this scene POP!!!! "
" Brilliant. excellent actor and incredible energy. i think i could read sides with Berry all day long and have fun every moment of it. "
" Always great working with you Brother!! "
" Super nice and helpful! Would recommend to anyone looking for a reader, and would definitely have him read with me again! "
" Berry is amazing! Always nice, kind, patient, and gives great suggestions. Thank you so much! "
" Berry was a wonderful reader. He played with the material with me. He spot-checked me for accuracy and was joyful while doing it. I would be delighted to work with him again! "
" Berry rocks!!! Great reader. Thank you sir! "
" Great, lively reader! Brings lots of energy and useful comments. "
" Always great working with you!! "
" Super kind, patient, and able to pick up direction quickly. Pleasure working with Berry! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Such a great reader. Really liked working with him. "
" Lovely guy. Great enthusiasm. Very easy to work with. "
" Good stuff man "
" Really good reader with great timing! Very calm & patient. Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Thank you@ "
" Berry is an amazing reader! Book him folks! "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome. Super patient, great notes, generous reader "
" Friendly reader, quick to answer "
" Always awesome notes and directions!!! I love tape with Berry!! "
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" I thought Berry was super helpful! He was straight and to the point and gave some good notes -- some coaches really chat about life at the top and I prefer to get straight into it, which he did. I would def work with him again! "
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