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Hello fellow actor, I Love to be a reader with fellow actors. I can just read or if you are open to any feedback or suggestion upon request. Each actor is at a different stage so I am here to help regardless of the time or what you are needing from the session. I have worked in a casting office to see what the successful actors did to get called in and book and why others did not. I can help break down a scene and help you find the intention behind each line if that is something you need help with. I am great at comedy and have done both Stand- up and improv and can help actors find the comedic timing. I also am great at helping actors react and listen to truly "BE IN THE SCENE" and to not just sit and wait for the other lines to be read. I would love to help you find what works and to make the scene your own!!! I have several exercises and techniques i use during the sessions and will find which one works for you if you are open to it. I you just want a straight read no input I am totally ok with that too!!! I will do what works for YOU!! IF MY INSTANT READER BEACON IS OFF, PLEASE AND YOU NEED TO REQUEST ME< PLEASE email me . CALL OR TEXT !!! or send a DM on social media.
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Denice Riddle A cross between Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy Denice is a San Diego native that began her acting career at age 6. She continued acting in various plays and commercials until junior year of high school. After graduating at the top of her class she married and had two Beautiful girls. She raised her children always knowing that she would go back to acting when the time was right..... and that time is now! She has been in 25 films, t.v shows, webseries and voice over. I worked as a casting assistant for a large production and am producing, acting and wear many hats in the entertainment industry. Denice has worked as a casting assistant, producer and is driven , and always looking to help out fellow actors,

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" Thank you "
" Great reader with good character ideas! Very helpful for me in bringing the scene alive! "
" Denice is so warm and gave great feedback! Thank you, Denice! "
" Friendly and fun! "
" Denice is a terrific reader and offered great feedback on my performance and script analysis. I highly recommend her. "
" Great energy "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing as usual. "
" Really helped me with a tough scene. thank you "
" Denice was so kind, patient (as I was still getting offbook), and incredibly encouraging. Made the self tape very relaxing. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great! "
" Great to work with, patient and had fun ideas! "
" Great! "
" Denice was a great reader! Highly recommend for comedy. Will definitely read with her again. "
" Simply the best. She's the comedy QUEEN. "
" Denice was patient and kind! She offered great feedback, and gave a great performance! Thank you so much! "
" Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Awesome at comedy. "
" Denice was great again, as always. Will certainly read with her again! "
" Denice is perfect! One of the best on WeAudition. Thank you!!! "
" The best! Thank you. "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you "
" Finally got to work with Denice. Well worth the wait. She's a real pro and brought just what I needed for the scene. She's an MVP for good reason! "
" Denice was Patient and lovely as always! Thank you! "
" Wonderful with comedy. SO helpful. "
" Awesome. Got the tone on the first read, really friendly, highly recommend. "
" I feel like I really found a gem with Denice. It's rare to find someone like her that genuinely gets it and consistently gives amazing reads. 👏 "
" Thank you! "
" Denice is amazing. So kind and patient and excellent feedback. She was such a great help. Just perfect for what I needed! "
" Denice is awesome as usual. My second time coming to her! This was my first time doing a self tape for an Industrial and she had great advice! "
" Always a treat when Denice pops up as an available reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing person to work with, super kind, and patient throughout the entire process. 100% Recommend. I was out of my comfort zone but she made me feel so safe. I loved having her as a coach. She really finds the little things that change up the scene for the better! Thank you so much Denice:) "
" Great suggestions, and extremely encouraging! "
" I LOVE Denice! we had such a laugh working together and she introduced me to some of her own memorization techniques, which I am taking with me! Thanks Denice! "
" If you haven't read with Denice yet, I highly recommend it! "
" One of the best readers on here! If you have the chance book with Denice! "
" She helped me find so many new moments. I would recommend her 100% Wonderful experience! "
" Great reader "
" Awesome! "
" Denice was so so wonderful to work with!! I'll be booking her again for sure. "
" Thank you! "
" Always great working with Denice :) "
" Rockstar! great person who jumped right in and understood the scene off the bat! Knows what layers it takes to get a scene on its feet. Thank you so much for reading with me "
" Always a pleasure! Great reader "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Denice was so kind and supportive! Great reader. "
" Denice is so enthusiastic and fun to work with. She also has immense patience! Will definitely use her again. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a breeze and a good time! Thank you Denice! "
" So much positive energy and enthusiasm! Denice rocks! "
" So great and friendly! "
" So so so lovely. wonderful human, wonderful actor. "
" Lovely and so helpful. can't wait to read again with Denice! "
" Denice is always super helpful and has great feedback as well as helpful tips. My second read with her! Always patient always a good time THANKS COACH! "
" Fun reader! Very encouraging and helpful! "
" Denice is FABULOUS!! She made my first time using this platform *so* easy, and her tips and suggestions really helped improve my audition and gave me tons of options to work with. Highly recommend! :) "
" Denice is awesome, a ray of light and a very intuitive reader. I will definitely try to use her again. "
" Denice is a beautiful soul genuinely intent on helping the next person. "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Denice is so much fun to work with. Not only a great human but also the most generous & patient reader. Always a pleasure. "
" Denice was so kind and helpful - thank you! "
" Denice was a wonderful, amazing reader and scene partner! "
" Denice is a delight to work with, very professional, and a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to our next session. "
" Denice truly went above and beyond helping me put myself on tape. It felt very comfortable working with her, because she really cares about helping you put together a solid audtion. Thank you Denice! You are a rockstar. Will certainly be looking for your face on my homepage to help me next time :) "
" Great reader! Thanks so much! "
" Always a great read, with great advice for the scene "
" So sweet and helpful! "
" Denice was great!!! Very helpful and supportive :) She's a good reader and kept the pace up like I asked her to...YAY!!!! "
" Denice always does a wonderful job reading, but her positive attitude, kindness, and generosity are what really make her a pleasure to work with. Thank you Denice! "
" Denise is a comedy pro! "
" Very helpful, great reader!! "
" Excellent reader and very helpful! "
" Thanks Denice. Great read. Thank you for your help rehearing my script for a class. "
" Terrific reader and such a delightful person!!! "
" Great reader. Really knows what she's doing. "
" Always a pleasure!!!! So much joy and insight when we work together. Thank you Denice. "
" Very cooperative person, I got less nervous each time. "
" Thank you so much Denice!! "
" Denise is so warm, complimentary and easy to work with. She's a great actress and we even talked business for a while. THANKS! "
" Excellent reader, really helped me commit my lines to memory! "
" Absolutely fantastic! She's willing to tweak her performance to help enhance yours! Heartily recommend! :) "
" Awesome reader! helped me prep lines for an upcoming film;) I totally reccomend "
" Great reader "
" Very kind, encouraging, patient, and highly capable reader!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful and patient "
" Patient "
" Great feedback!!! Helps you make solid choices! I always look for her when I have a selftape! Thanks Denice!!! "
" What a joy to work with Denice. She is calm, professional and supportive of my audition goals. I will definitely work with her again! "
" Super helpful and patient! Denice was willing to help me read for little bit longer past my acquired time. Thank you! "
" Great feedback and advice! Thanks, Denice! "
" Absolutely LOVE reading w/Denice. "
" As always, Denice is the absolute best! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great read with Denice again. She's always so helpful and ready to read whatever scene I need. Thank you again for your help. Much appreciated. "
" Denice is fabulous! Besides being a fantastic scene partner, she is also very knowledgeable about the industry! Such a pleasure to work with her! "
" A wonderful reader, and great to work with! "
" Denice is so sweet! I had a complicated scene with a lot of physical comedy and she picked it up right away! Thanks Denice!! "
" Short and sweet! "
" Helpful "
" Helpful input "
" Great to read with! "
" First time using the platform and Denise responded in an instant and was a great help both with the site and my first readthrough of an audition scene. Very easy to work with. "
" Denice was a great relaxed reader! She jumped right into the scene ready to go and gave great feedback. "
" Love working with Denice! I booked my last role off the self tape she did with me! So helpful and great suggestions. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very friendly and asked if I needed anything from her. "
" Denice is always fantastic! "
" She is seriously so awesome! Helps you make great choices, gives amazing feedback! This is the second time I have requested her to help me with my self tape. Thanks again Denice for everything!!! "
" So so wonderful!! Such a great presence. She is amazing at listening which is so important. Extremely present and supportive. I seek her out every time. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I was looking for someone to help me brainstorm on choices, and this was great. Friendly and helpful--thanks, Denise. "
" She was awesome and so helpful! "
" YAY! THANKS SO MUCH DENICE! You have helped so much! She picked out all of my great options for headshots and comp card/lifestyle photos out of over 100 options! You ROCK! "
" Always a true gem! "
" Excellent read! Thank you so much. "
" Great! "
" Great reader and super fun! thank you! "
" Super friendly and really helpful! Had great suggestions for different takes. "
" Thumbs up. Very flexible and supportive reader. "
" Super helpful! "
" Great reader, amazing feedback & super helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader, patient and very helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Denice is incredible! Super sweet, great feedback, and a very attentive reader! "
" Super fun reader! "
" She's great "
" Denice was a GREAT reader and help with the lines in a way i never considered before. Enjoyed every minute of taping with her. "
" Denice is so great to work with. She's kind and open to whatever you need! "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" She was literally the best person I have read with so far. She brought me out of my shell with this scene and reminded me to have FUN! Totally recommend her! "
" Always awesome "
" Consistently great. "
" Dennice is a joy to work with and very helpful! "
" Thanks again Denice! "
" Denice was super helpful! She really put me at ease and was great to read with. She offered some really useful suggestions and helped me to play with the scene. I am happy to recommend her to others! "
" Denice is a true professional. She has the right energy any given time of the day or night. She embraces the scenes and is very patient. I will look for again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Denice is awesome!! Great notes and coaching. Helped me pick strong choices that made the character and scene come to life. Will DEF hire her again :) "
" Just lovely personality. responsive reader and diligent collaborator. "
" Wonderful again! Denice helped me get two very different takes of my audition taped in a very short time. Great reader I would highly recommend. "
" Denice was amazing. Helped me tap into some pretty raw emotions. Thank you!!! "
" Love her! "
" Denice is a sweetheart and she's talented ! I'll definitely work with her again "
" Had her read for my self tape! What a great reader and coach through it!! Thank you Denice!!! "
" She helped me make great choices, and have fun with my audition sides! Thanks Denice!!!! "
" Wonderful, thank you! "
" Once again, a great session... I appreciate her input & direction. She asked during our first session if I was open to it... now she knows it's YES, PLEASE! "
" Shes the best. read with her! "
" She's amazing! deserves all the stars! and then some "
" Another great self-tape session. Because of her experience, Denice offers meaningful advice regarding your delivery... and your eyelines. "
" Denice is great! Really professional. Good cold reader too! "
" Denice is so fun and gives great feedback. I enjoyed playing. "
" Very patient! "
" Denice was so wonderful to read with! Efficient, evocative, and professional. "
" Wonderful. Very helpful. "
" Denice is a great reader! Thoughtful and fun to work with "
" ... "
" This was my VERY FIRST experience with weaudition... great idea when you are cutting it close to your deadline, right? So happy I found Denice. She quickly introduced me to the easy process of uploading my sides, we read the lines and I HIT RECORD. Denice asked before offering the feedback I readily accepted (it was REALLY GOOD feedback). Thank you Denice! "
" I loved working with Denice. She gave me something to play off of and great suggestions. "
" Denice is awesome and will give you some great notes. Thanks again "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So sweet! Patient, awesome, encouraging. "
" Denice is great as always! "
" Was trying to get off book for a next day audition and she was really helpful! "
" Denice is super cool she reads well. easygoing. not hard to work with. i had fun! "
" Such a delight to work with, great notes and so supportive. "
" I learned so much from just rehearsing with Denice. She's incredible! "
" A great reader! "
" Love rehearsing with Denice! She's wonderful, kind and so knowledgeable! "
" Such a great reader! Great with acting out the characters needed for the scene! Thank you! "
" Denice was excellent! Will definitely be requesting her again!!!! Thank you Denice! "
" Thanks so much, Denice is great to work with and gave me some good tips and places to make the scenes pop!! "
" Awesome reader! Great personality, had a blast! "
" LOVE HER....BOOK HER :-) "
" Great reader! Very personable and supportive! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Denice is great- wonderful actor, easy to read with and understood scene/subtlety needed. She was helpful and a pleasure to work with. Also, very quick. Will definitely utilize her skills again in the future. Thank you, Denice! "
" Denice is phenomenal! She is a great reader, and was really patient. She helped me immensely. Thank you, Denice! "
" Denice is a great reader. Jumps right in, professional yet friendly. I would definitely recommend her! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very fun and good! "
" Super helpful! Her point of view of the reading gave me good ideas for the audition. "
" Very sweet and patient. Would love to work with her again! "
" Denice is a top reader! Thank you so much for helping me run run run lines and then run some more. Patient and insightful! "
" Denise was very friendly and gave great feedback. I'd work with her again. "
" Thanks! "
" Denice is great! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a reader/coach ! "
" BOOK HER!!! She's so knowledgable and helpfull! Thanks, Denice for helping me feel confident with the material! "
" Fab! "
" Very helpful made my first time easy "
" Denise is lovely and gave such great notes! A real treasure. Open, helpful and bright. "
" Denice is so much fun to rehearse with! Love her! "
" Lovely to read with "
" Great Experience with Denice and awesome notes! Looking forward to working with her again. "
" Excellent reader! "
" So nice "
" Great self tape with Denice again. Always easy to work with and very helpful. Thank you again Denice. "
" Denice was a great reader. Very patient! "
" Great reader! Very adaptable to different characters in my script. Great feedback too! Thank you! "
" Denice is one great coach and scene study buddy. She gives great feedback, she understands you as an actor and what I loved the most is that she gave me homework. I'm so grateful to have met her. If you don't choose her than your stupid. "
" Fantastic stuff. Thanks for the read Denice. "
" Amazing, as always! "
" Thank you for your help! "
" Awesome. patient. supportive. "
" Denice, thank you! What a kind reader with incredibly helpful tips! Looking forward to rehearsing with you again! "
" Ohmygosh I LOVED working with Denise! She was a fabulous partner, and I will definitely be asking for her again. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thank you Denice. Great time again. I had a cricket chirping sound in my scene and she offered to add the sound in. The casting director loved the extra effort that I went to with my self-tape. Thank you Denice. Great work. "
" Denice was awesome to read with!!! "
" Great session with Denice. I've read with her before. Great tips and tricks to make the self-tape go smoothly. Thank you again. "
" Super awesome! "
" Great actor, very nimble, positive and supportive. Highly recommend. "
" Denice is my favorite reader!! So sweet and so encouraging!! "
" Denice was great! Very patient, helping me slog through a long scene with lots of lines. "
" Great read again with Denice. She gave me some tips to nail my scene and take it to the next level. Thanks again. "
" Very helpful running lines with me. She even shared some memorization tips. "
" This reader/actor was amazing. She gave me a great tip regarding recording. She read with such conviction - her professionalism is so appreciated and it was a late night - she still gave energy! "
" Denice was great to read with. She was very professional and helped me rehearse my scene. "
" Delightful and so fun to work with! Gave great feedback. "
" Denice is such a gem! She is so sweet and encouraging and I will definitely call her again. "
" Thank You!!! "
" Denice is Great! Have a keen eye for comedy! "
" She is sooooo helpful "
" She was great! Very helpful and kind. "
" Just amazing!! Helpful. A great listener . "
" Denice was so a FANTASTIC reader! Very kind and encouraging!! "
" Awesome! Picked up the scene and what I was going for immediately :D. Highly recommend :). "
" Amazing as always! "
" So patient, and warm. Really appreciated the support, being that my scene was an emotional one. Thanks Denice. "
" Super helpful reader :) "
" A comedy pro. Don't hesitate to contact Denice with your sitcom sides! "
" Such a darling! "
" Running lines with Denise was nice. She gives great suggestions. "
" Denice was super helpful. Before our session I had a total mental block on a heavy scene, and she gave me some ideas that worked really well! "
" Thank you so much Denice! So helpful, supportive, gave a very grounded and natural read, true to the scene. "
" IN-CRED-I-BLE! So patient and wonderful to work with! "
" Denice was a GREAT reader! "
" Amazing! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lovely reader and wonderful, positive energy. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" She was awesome. Will use her gain for sure. "
" Denice is great! And she has an awesome presence! "
" Great reader. Good notes. recommended "
" Amazing. "
" Amazing!!! "
" She is awesome!! "
" Online but no response "

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