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Award winning comedic actress. UC San Diego graduate. Theater and Linguistics Minor, she is extensively skilled in accents including BRITISH, RUSSIAN, SOUTHERN, FRENCH, BELGIAN, IRISH, and NY.

She is the Founder of Feeling Lucky Films, a filmmakers community committed to producing one film every month. As an advocate for gender parity, she seeks to produce films and theatrical events with at least 50% female casts & crews.

Easy laugh and smile. As comfortable on the set of Schitt’s Creek as she would be on The Handmaid’s Tale. Series Regular on New Media and Guest Star Roles on Network Television. Her lead role in the dramatic thriller Admana was the TOP RATED film on The Digital Ticket.

I truly want you to get those callbacks and bookings so my goal is to create an environment where you feel comfortable and supported to play around and find yourself in your characters whether you just need me to read or want to get more in depth. I hope to work with you soon!

Feel free to reach out via IG (@meganzerga) or email ( to set something up if my beacon is off :) Venmo @meganzerga

Award winning comedic actress. UC San Diego graduate. Theater and Linguistics Minor, she is extensively skilled in accents including BRITISH, RUSSIAN, SOUTHERN, FRENCH, BELGIAN, IRISH, and NY. She is the Founder of Feeling Lucky Films, a filmmakers community committed to producing one film every month. As an advocate for gender parity, she seeks to produce films and theatrical events with at least 50% female casts & crews. Easy laugh and smile. As comfortable on the set of Schitt’s Creek as she would be on The Handmaid’s Tale. Series Regular and Guest Star Roles on Network Television and New Media. Her lead role in the dramatic thriller Admana was the TOP RATED film on The Digital Ticket. LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES. LOCAL HIRE IN SAN FRANCISCO.


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" Very patient and fun to read with "
" Megan always makes me feel so at ease and able to have fun in my scenes! "
" Great reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Megan is awesome! I needed to ask some industry advice and she was wonderful in giving her thoughts. Thank you so much. "
" Perfect reader :) "
" Megan is wonderful as always! "
" Always awesome. "
" Superb, fluent, professional and very helpful. "
" Giving 1 star because I have to.... didn't like her attitude while I'm trying to play a cheerful character. If i wanted a negative casting director vibe, I wouldn't have come to this community, which is usually full of positive actors that support each other. During the read, she had a "stank" face, then proceeded to remind me we were running out of time. I was planning to add time or give a large tip. Simply not my kind of reader. "
" So grateful for Megan's patience! Thank you. Another self-tape down! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So great! "
" Great reader, supportive! "
" Love Megan!! I've actually taking classes with her at Jon Shear Take Action Workshop in LA and NY. She great a coaching and helping you figure out the energies of a scene. :) "
" I love working with Megan. Fantastic reader. "
" Great reader! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Lovely and patient and great instincts! Excited to connect again. "
" Really really lovely!! "
" One of the best readers on here! "
" Thanks Megan! "
" Great and kind reader! Highly recommended! "
" Such a pro.... I use her anytime I can. Thanks again, Meg "
" Love working with Megan! She's super patient and makes me feel so comfortable during the tapes! "
" Fun!! Great reader, full of encouragement and insight. "
" That was fun! Megan is easy to work with. Fresh manner and ideas! "
" Brilliant "
" A+ reader & wonderful person to run lines with! :) "
" Fantastic! "
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" Awesome, per usual! "
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" Great reader! "
" So awesome, really love working with her "
" She's funny and kind and patient! "
" Megan is awesome! Always on point! "
" Great reading partner for my audition!! Hit all my beat notes perfectly. "
" Thank you Megan. Thank you for all your help with my self-tapel "
" Great time reading with Megan! "
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" Very insightful reader. "
" Perfect and compassionate. Love working with Megan!!! "
" Always so appreciative of her notes..great energy. "
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" Love megan so much! "
" Megan is amazing! Great reader, grounded and terrific "
" Megan is great!!!! "
" Megan was super fun to work with and a wonderful actor! "
" Wonderful :) "
" Two days in a row. Clearly, I'm a fan of Megan's. GREAT reader and actor. "
" Great ! "
" Megan. Always fun to read with her. Great actor + reader and always willing to offer notes, if you'd like. "
" She's amazing! "
" She was amazing. "
" Patient reader :) "
" Really chill! "
" I love reading with Megan...very chill vibe and easy to bouce ideas around with too! She does a great job reading as well. "
" Awesome "
" Always so great to work with! Offers great ideas and insights. "
" Yay. Great reader. Happy I found her. "
" Great reader "
" So patient! Thank you for bearing through that session! "
" Excellent ! "
" Very friendly and helpful. "
" This is probably my 10th session with Megan. Always spot on. Thank you, Megan. "
" Excellent! Thank you, Megan!! "
" Great! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Megan is so supportive and reminds you to have fun! The best! "
" Great Feedback..amazing patience "
" So fun and helpful! Amazing ideas too! "
" Awesome! "
" Rock star. Thank you Megan for a great cold read and a professional, efficient time! "
" Always a fantastic reader! Megan helped me really focus on the truth of each moment and break down the specificity of what the scene needed. "
" Love working with Megan! "
" Amazing. So warm and lovely. "
" Awesome. As always. Thank you, for putting up with all my accent changes. :-) "
" So supportive and lovely! I will definitely work with you again! "
" Always great "
" Amazing as always! Patient and super helpful to get what I need! Thank you!! "
" The best of the best! "
" Megan is always da bomb! "
" Great reader and really nice! "
" She was extremely patient and helpful. I will definitely use her again. Thank you so much!! "
" Megan is fantastic, patient and kind. She raises the bar. "
" Great reader. Great feedback. Shifted my character. "
" Thank you so much! You really helped me reunite with my creativity and artistic freedom after a long and stressful day. "
" An honest angel! "
" Lovely, insightful and easy to work with. Dreamy! "
" Megan was ready, professional, coached when asked and added value to my work! Thank you! "
" Incredible actress / reader / human! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Incredible actress. So grounded and present. Really supportive and generous. "
" So kind and supportive! "
" Megan is a diamond in the rough. Glad I had a chance to work with this All-star again "
" Amazing thank you! "
" Amazing, as always! "
" Thanks! "
" Megan was awesome! Very professional. "
" As always, Megan stays consistently great and shares her talent so that you can elevate your audition. 10/10 recommend! "
" Megan is a solid and helpful reader with great ideas to help elevate your audition. Highly recommend! "
" Wonderful reader and person. Megan creates a very comfortable space and gives insightful feedback. Thank you Megan! "
" Very grounded, chill — great with ideas! "
" Gave me great ideas! Jumped right in and gave me great stuff to work off of. Thanks Megan! "
" Terrific and super fun to work with! "
" Awesome as always!!! I think I am #375 and #450 and #498 and #510 and #521 of her reviews. :-) The point of it all - Megan is awesome and worth your time and money. "
" Megan is awesome, great reader, great feedback! "
" Megan is great! "
" Super cool! "
" Lovely Reader "
" Love reading with megan! thank you! "
" Megan was great! Extremely patient which allowed for me to get the takes I needed. Thank you!! "
" Loved reading with Megan! "
" Big thank you to Megan for creating space for me to memorize my lines. Book her! "
" Great, thanks :) "
" Great reader! Highly recommend "
" Megan is smart and sweet! Hear easy-going attitude will help you be natural and relaxed in your tape. "
" I love reading with Megan. Always supportive with great notes and ideas to try. "
" Thank you! "
" Love Megan! Always so helpful! "
" Great reader! Super patient and ready to just JUMP IN! Thank you Megan!! "
" Such a great reader! Good direction too! I will be booking her again! "
" Awesome reader!!!! thank you Megan! "
" So grateful for Megan rolling with the punches and getting this done swiftly with me!! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing reader! had some great ideas as well! thanks Megan :) "
" Megan is great and lots of fun! "
" Such a great reader! "
" She's very intuitive! "
" Great! She was really helpful with it being my first time and dealing with connectivity issues...and a great reader! "
" Excellent reader and gave great notes! "
" Absolutely delightful! She gave me so much to work off of <3 "
" Megan is always so friendly and ready to go! "
" Always fun, super collaborative, smart feedback! "
" Great "
" Great reader "
" Great with awesome feedback "
" Amazing! Knows her stuff and great pace for comedic scenes "
" Great "
" She was awesome "
" Fantastic reader "
" Super helpful! "
" The BEST!! Thank you! "
" Chill, supportive and knows her stuff :) "
" Megan was lovely to read with and had some helpful insight to provide when I asked for it as well. I will try to grab her again when I need help. Good luck at your table read today Megan! "
" Megan Rocks!!!! "
" Megan is helpful, patient, and very fun to work with! "
" Great reader and she got the rhythm of the sides quickly!! Thank so much!! "
" The best and #1 go to reader! "
" Wonderful as always :) "
" Great rehearsal and tape, Meg had some great fun ideas to play with ! "
" The best "
" Great!! Thank you! "
" Thanks for you help! "
" Megan was very patient with me and gave me great tips as well. Thanks Megan. "
" Top notch!! "
" Megan is such an amazing reader! She gave me so much in her reading and helped with dropping me into the scene. Thank you! "
" Am I #500 now!? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! "
" So awesome! Adapts to everything and anything - So well! Was I number 500!? "
" Great reader "
" Fantastic as always "
" A+ reader! So positive and fun :) "
" Megan was awesome! Great thoughts on quickly mastering an Irish accent. Thank you so much! "
" Nice reading with Megan. "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome and an enjoyable person to read with! "
" Easy to work with! "
" Great reader, super patient and encouraging "
" So sweet and very talented! "
" Grrreat !! "
" See last review "
" Always so great reading with Megan! She's the best! "
" Had some really lovely thoughts and was super helpful and FUNNY. "
" Do i really have to review every time 😂 - she's my go to! "
" Megan is an awesome reader definitely will be back. "
" A+ reader as usual! "
" A++! Amazing direction, super friendly! "
" So wonderful - super patient and on board and kind and talented and and and! "
" Megan was so helpful and gave great feedback and advice! "
" Helpful reading through an audition. "
" Very professional and nice! "
" Awesome reader! thank you for your time ! "
" Megan was awesome and very helpful! "
" Megan's great, always gives her best read and always ready with helpful advice if you need it! Would definitely book her again. "
" Megan was super kind and helpful for my class self-tape. it was really lovely working with her! "
" Great notes ! "
" Wonderful reader. Wonderful notes. "
" Always great working with Megan "
" Great help! "
" She was so nice and helpful!! "
" Megan was so great. Can't wait to work with her again. Thanks, Megan. "
" Love her "
" Bestest "
" The best "
" Awesome "
" So much fun to work with & great comedic eye! "
" Always such great notes …great patience. Thank you. "
" Great reader! Will use agagin "
" Always a pleasure!! "
" Very patient, and great notes! I ended up extending the time because she was so good. Thanks, Megan. "
" Awesome! "
" A joy every time "
" Thanks for being available during this heat wave! "
" Great reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always great working with Megan! Thank you! "
" Awesome. Thank you! "
" Soooo patient "
" Such great notes "
" Awesome reader!!! "
" Great to play with! "
" Wonderful! "
" Megan was kind, patient, professional, and gave me that "lil summin" extra I needed! "
" The freaking best! "
" Megan was awesome! "
" Great! Easy going-warm encouraging vibe "
" Always great to read with Megan, lovely and always on point! Thanks for the notes! "
" Thanks "
" Awesome! Love Megan! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So much fun to work with..Thank you. "
" Wonderful!! "
" Megan was very helpful and put me at ease. I recommend to other readers:) "
" We got right down to it and I was able to do several takes on the three characters, I was being asked to play. "
" Yes! "
" Awesome "
" Awesome!! "
" Just flat out wonderful!! And VERY patient! 10/10 "
" Great! Easy to work with and great read "
" Megan was fabulous. She was good with cold reading and went right to work with me. I appreciate that! Thanks Megan!! "
" Amazing as always! top reader! "
" Great! "
" Megan gave great feedback and was a joy to work with! "
" Megan went above and beyond! Calming, smart, fun reader, helped me figure out the mechanics of the business in the scene. Helped me to settle into the work! "
" The best :-) loved working with Megan again! "
" I would keep booking her over and over again!! Thank you!! "
" Never a doubt with Megan that it will be a great read and I really appreciate her amazing help and patience!! Look forward to reading with her again!! "
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" Thanks for being patient with me! "
" Excellent reader..Thank you! "
" Thank you! "
" Terrific as always, schedule her. "
" She was great! "
" Megan was a great choice for my self tape. I would highly recommend her and will use her again! "
" Megan was absolutely lovely to work with. She's a great reader and gave me some great direction for my self tape. Thank you, Megan! "
" Friendly, thoughtful, and responsive. Doesn't get much better! "
" Always such a pro "
" Amazing "
" Megan was awesome! She made me feel really comfortable, and gave me great redirects and notes. "
" Insightful, quick to catch the character and amazing to work with! "
" Love reading with Megan! So great! "
" Really supportive, great cold reader. Thank you, Megan. "
" Megan is super sweet and patient. Thanks for the help! "
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" So perfect for this read, thank you Megan! "
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" Kind. Patient. And very talented! "
" Megan is a great reader, really enjoyed working with her! Thank you :) "
" Great!! "
" Absolutely amazing reader! So helpful in squeezing in a quick audition, patient while I watched tapes, and gave great notes. Thank you! "
" Great, thank you Megan! "
" Repeat customer! Ever the lovely reader and person :)) "
" Wonderful, great reader. "
" Amazing reader!! Was super cool to read with and gave me really helpful thoughts for my tape tomorrow. Thanks so much Megan!!! "
" Grrrrreat "
" Megan is such a great actress to work with actors. She's an actor's actor. Definitely a team builder. "
" Great to work with. Committed and a good improvisor "
" She was amazing!!! "
" Fantastic Reader!! Thank you!! "
" Wonderful! She's one of my fave's :) "
" Always Amazing! "
" Super fun reader ;) Thanks so much!! "
" Fantastic reader! Very talented, encouraging, insightful and had great recommendations! "
" Superb! "
" Megan was present and thoughtful in her feedback! "
" Chef's kiss "
" She is very good. Recommend her highly. "
" Repeat customer! And a happy one at that!! "
" Megan helped me book in the past. Its always a pleasure to work with her. "
" Good, calming energy. Megan is a good reader. Thanks! :) "
" Great reader!!! "
" Amazing!! "
" Great reader with good thoughts to play with! "
" Great Reader! "
" Awesome reader, will use again! "
" So awesome to work with! "
" Megan was a great reader! Also had good internet connection! No lag time! "
" Great energy, thanks! "
" A+ reader as usual! "
" Very supportive! "
" Thanks for the smart and fun notes! "
" BRILLIANT!!! My favorite thing about rehearsing with Megan is her quick insight into character, her professionalism and her ability not only to read lines but understand the underlying "narrative". :) "
" I always feel so comfortable with Megan! Thank you!! "
" Megan is a solid go to reader! Love working with her!! "
" Great work, effortless and very helpful! "
" Amazing reading partner. Not only was she patient, she was insightful as to where I was "falling down" as it were. I have a good amount of work before rehearsing with her again, but I feel very lucky that I have found my "reader going forward" so quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone patient, responsive and intuitive. "
" Great energy! Fun to read with "
" Great "
" Great "
" Very easy to work with! "
" So much fun! Loved working with her, would definitely recommend. "
" Fun times! Thank you "
" Lovely reader, thank you! "
" Great reader, chill vibes. Would definitely use again! :) "
" Fantastic job! "
" Meghan is an excellent reader— professional, kind, patient and has helpful comments. Will definitely use her again! "
" Always a pleasure. Thank you Megan! "
" Great! "
" Meg is a gem! Sopatient , helpful, and playful! "
" Megan was wonderful again!! "
" Megan was so patient and gave some great feedback! Highly recommend! "
" Repeat customer. She's awesome! "
" Excellent, friendly reader! Looking forward to working together again:) "
" If I could give her 9 stars I would. She's is a GREAT reader and a talented actress. "
" Thank you - a wonderful listener and scene partner. "
" So helpful and efficient! 10/10 "
" Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! "
" So wonderful! Highly recommend - thank you, Megan! "
" Always a Joy to work with Megan! "
" Another great session with excellent and helpful notes! "
" Wonderful! Patient, conscientious, and attentive! "
" Amazing reader! Provides honest and helpful feedback. "
" Good "
" Fun!!! and patient thank you Megan "
" A+ "
" Good "
" Megan was super fun and thoughtful in her direction of what the scene needs and listens to what you need as well. 10/10 would work with her again! :) "
" I was struggling a bit with these scenes--Megan offered several suggestions and was so willing to help. Thank you! "
" This is so much fun! Megan was excellent-- and had great, insightful feedback :) Thank you! "
" Very good at analysis. Helped me crack the scene! "
" Megan is always fantastic "
" Always fantastic "
" Crazy audition and Megan was fun and easy to work with! "
" Great!! "
" Always wonderful "
" Amazing reader and coach! She really made me feel at ease and smoothed out the process! "
" Fantastic reader, accommodating and patient with great notes :) "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Really helpful! "
" Great!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great direction "
" Great reader, great insights! "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Made great suggestions that helped the scene! "
" Great Reader!! "
" Great as always!! "
" Always super helpful!!! "
" So much fun and great notes for making the scene better! "
" Great reader. "
" Great reader! Has good energy and an awesome voice! Super helpful too :) "
" Great feedback, patient and fun to work with :) "
" Wonderful & wonderful to work with! "
" Awesome! "
" Fantastic "
" Always fantastic!! "
" Megan's great. Quick off the ball and super easy to work with. "
" Very friendly, gave GREAT feedback, and really got into the emotions of the character I was reading with. "
" Stellar. Kind, patient, great reader. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Great Reader! "
" The best!!!! Thanks Megan ◡̈ "
" Real good! "
" Megan was so sharp, fun and helped me get a fast turn around on an audition. "
" Superb! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Awesome actor and reader! "
" Megan was great! would definitely use her again! "
" Megan is great. I love how comfortable she makes the space for you to play and have fun. She is very kind and present. I love all of her suggestions. "
" Megan is such a pro and great was nice to have someone to connect with that's truly present like her. Highly recommend 👌 "
" Megan was great! "
" Such a generous and kind person to work with! Megan really helped me break down a super confusing audition, gave me the space to try a bunch of choices, and made it easy to play. Thank you! "
" Great reader - thank you so much! "
" Megan is fantastic! Really enjoyed working with her! "
" Tippity top notch! "
" Top-notch!! "
" Fantastic reader with great "notes"! "
" Perfect reader for the project I was working on! Thank you <3 "
" Professional and I would hire again! Made it very easy to do my scene. "
" Very Helpful, Flexible and Efficient. Very grateful for Megan! Thank you! :) "
" Megan was such a wonderful reader! So helpful in orienting us in the scene and provided great notes. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you Megan! "
" Super easy to work with. I felt supported. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Patient! lol Thanks for dealing with the tech - appreciate your read! :) "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great! "
" WONDERFUL!!! Work with her!!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Megan was so helpful and patient. I felt comfortable enough to play around with my scene with her and was very happy with the end result! "
" Fantastic! "
" Megan was awesome! Super fun and natural to read with! "
" She’s was a really good advice giver "
" Megan is an excellent scene parter! Especially for Comedy. She's generous with her thoughts and insights, and makes you feel like you've got room to play around. Highly recommend working with her! "
" Megan is so great and patient, thanks Megan! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Very good "
" Awesome first read with Megan!! She gave me a very helpful suggestion that worked out nicely "
" She's an MVP for a reason! excellent to work with! "
" A-maze-ing. Such a wonderful insightful reader <3 "
" So nice and helped me figure out a tough scene "
" Thank you so much!!! :-) "
" Awesome reader. Very relaxed and open to work the scene. Gave perfect readings - very real and sincere. "
" Awesome as always! Thank you, Megan :-) "
" Megan was so warm and friendly! "
" Excellent reader! "
" She was brilliant "
" Megan is great and a great cold reader! "
" Great reader and so patient! "
" Megan was professional, and with her suggestion, I got 2 good versions of what I needed! "
" Lovely reader with great coaching! "
" A warm welcome to my universe. Your remarkable skill was just what I needed to get a call back on this audition. Thank you. DC "
" Great as always! "
" Megan was a great actress and reader! Would gladly work with her again! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" So awesome and fun to work with!! "
" Great! "
" Megan is awesome to read with! "
" Thank you!! "
" Thank you! "
" Such amazing energy and super sweet! thank you! "
" Amazing, we explored different ways to present the lines opposed to just doing the taping the way I had rehearsed. Megan is very helpful! "
" She was awesome, we laughed, she gave great suggestions, truly amazing scene partner "
" Wonderful reader, great feedback! "
" Awesome! "
" This was my first time using WeAudition! Megan was very patient as I was getting used to the setup and I appreciated her specific feedback throughout the reading. A great first impression of this fantastic service! "
" Megan, you're the best! :) "
" Megan provided great script analysis and points on the script that were very helpful . Great reader and supportive. Thanks Megan. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Megan was super helpful and jumped straight into a British accent for my scene! "
" So lovely. Great reader and energy "
" Loved it! Very helpful and professional! "
" Great reader. Super fun to work with! "
" Great reader! "
" Easy to work with "
" Such a sweetheart and helped me find a new dimension to the scene I didn't think of! "
" I love reading with Megan! She is so easy to work with and quick to understand the scene. "
" Awesome reader! "
" She was great and can handle SORKIN "
" Megan was great! Kind and helpful... will definitely use her again! "
" Jumped right in and got to work on a big audition with very little time. Easy to work with, good notes and ready to play. "
" Megan is awesome! Great reader, got her character right away, and gave me everything I asked for. 100% would love to work with her again! "
" Lovely reader and great energy. "
" Megan is lovely. Thank you, Megan. "
" Great!!!! She rocks! "
" Thanks! "
" So helpful! She was happy to help me figure out the scene and raise the stakes. I feel confident with my work thanks to her input and guidance. "
" Great job! "
" Gret reader! "
" Just great. So helpful, so fun, so chill. "
" I highly recommend to hire Megan as your reader! Awesome energy! A great actor - Thank you for your time! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Absolutely awesome to read with! "
" Megan helped me book my last TV audition! Working with her is a pleasure! "
" Great reader and gives good plant advice! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing giving reader "
" Megan was awesome! Highly recommend!! "
" Megan was perfect! Thank you! "
" 10/10 "
" Super fun to read with. Patient as I got my lines down. Didn't just read the lines but embodied the character which is EVERYTHING in helping me nail my self tape <3 "
" Great! "
" Awesome, lot of fun to read with! "
" She is a doll of a reader. so fun - Great with accents and dialect!! "
" Fun as always! "
" Great reader! "
" Really great reader, patient and supportive! "
" It was a pleasure reading with Megan. "
" Megan is a great reader. She also offers very insightful and intelligent notes! "
" Megan is so helpful! "
" Megan was amazing, i was definitely nervous and clearly new to this but she made me feel comfortable and confident. We got through it in a breeze! "
" Megan is great! "
" Fantastic working with her!! "
" Great reader! Fun, positive, helpful and was willing to play around the scene with me. Thanks so much! :) "
" Megan hopped in for a last minute audition tape and it went so well! Thanks, Megan! "
" Great reader with helpful tips. Thank u!!! "
" Megan is awesome! She was a great reader and gave a great note that helped me take my audition to the next level. "
" Megan was great! She had helpful feedback and was patient when I flubbed. "
" Sooooo supportive and fun to work with! "
" Megan was a great help! Thanks again! "
" Great working with Megan. Great actress. great reader. Highly recommended. "
" Megan is awesome. Perfect reader. Excellent feedback and so patient with helping me get my beats down. 5 stars!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Such a pro—highly recommend Megan! "
" Thank you Megan for being so kind and such a good scene partner! "
" Megan is always fantastic "
" THE BEST!! I can always count on Megan to help me get off book and out of my head! "
" Megan was fantastic! Great to read with. Smart insights and a wonderful grounding presence. "
" Megan is always there when I need her. Thank you Again! "
" So much fun breaking down the scene! "
" Great reader "
" Very patient! "
" Megan was great! Lots of energy and had some fantastic ideas. "
" Megan was great, really helpful. "
" Such a strong reader! really let me play! "
" Megan is so fun to work with! Great reader. Super fun. "
" Great reader!!! Non-judgemental "
" Megan was great! Very supportive and helpful. "
" Great reader! "
" Megan is a rockstar "
" Great working with Megan. Thank you for your time & energy. "
" Megan is a fantastic reader - very patient and kind "
" Megan is a rock star!!! Saved my butt when I needed late night help! Thank you so much. "
" Great reader, nice energy "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Seriously amazing! Has awesome tips. Such great instincts!! BOOK HER! "
" Megan is awesome. Wonderful to work with. got exactly what I needed with my read. thank you!! "
" Great. Just needed to do a quick thing. Helpful notes! "
" Even though we had internet connection problems at first we came back and Megan was super helpful! I really just needed to read through the scene thank you! "
" Very pleasant to work with "
" YES Megan YES!! I needed help getting my 10 page audition memorized and your girl Megan came to my rescue! She is an excellent reader. BOOK HER! She will definitely get you right! Thanks again Megan! "
" Thanks Megan!!! "
" AWESOME!! Thank you Megan "
" Ease and Grace. Lovely working with Megan "
" Super sweet and actually took the time to listen and give me feedback. Super appreciate it. 🧡 "
" Great reader! Helped me with a big technical problem also! "
" The best! "
" Meegan was very helpful and patient. Highly recommend her "
" Megan was so great! Easy going and fun to work with. 😊 "
" Megan was great "
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" Megan is so nice and great at reading! Definitely would love to work with her again soon <3 "
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" Really fun to work with and patient! "
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