Nicole Marie Hunt

upto 15 mins : $ 10.00
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Hello! I'm Nicole. I'm happy to help you with:

-reader for self-tapes
-run lines, rehearse scenes

-creating a full life on-camera or stage by establishing specificity and strong choices

-technical (frame, lighting, sound, background)

-Overwhelmed by the logistics of starting an acting career (actors access vs Backstage, casting workshops, agents and managers, reels, classes, commercial vs legit, etc.)? I'm happy to share my experience.

I am a fulltime, professional working actor based in New York. I started in theatre and now do both that and on-camera work.
I trained at William Esper Studio, under Bill Esper. When not working, I continue to do scene study at T. Schreiber.

I'm SO grateful to be able to read with and help other actors. Covid has drastically changed the industry. Now, more than ever, it is incredibly important for actors to have each others' back, and I'm more than happy to be that resource!

Nicole is an Esper Studio (Meisner) trained theatre & film actor and activist from New York. She took a break from acting in 2008 to work with the Obama campaign as a Field Director and later, a Community, Political and Labor Organizer working in and with Progressive organizations like the NAACP, SEIU, OFA and Repower America.
In 2015, Nicole left politics and Washington D.C. to be closer to her very artistic family in Detroit, the Hunts. In Michigan, Nicole's acting career flourished as she performed on over 15 stages in 20+ productions, in 8 independent feature films, several shorts, commercials and joined the cast of the new sketch comedy web series SKETCH, by Chair Gang creator April Washko.
Nicole is especially proud and honored to have been chosen to originate the role of ASHLEY in Lee Edward Colston III’s newest play, Roost with Plowshares Theatre Company in Detroit, under the direction of Gary Anderson.
While being with her loved ones - in art and life - was a soul validating time of growth, her success led her to re-evaluate where she should be as she turns 100% of her time & attention to growing her acting career. After seeing and personally experiencing a devastating loss due to Covid
19, and an administration whose idea of art was the McDonald's Golden Arches, Nicole was reminded of how important it is to make the most out of every. single. day.
In order to better serve her soul and self, Nicole re-relocated to New York City in Spring of 2021.
Always the activist, Nicole is especially drawn to theatre and film projects that are social-justice and issue driven. She says, “…that type of work feels like home… It’s a blessing to get to pursue work that I am deeply passionate about in the company of some phenomenal artists and truly visionary communities”.

Manager: Kimberly Merritt at Serendipity Entertainment, Commercial: David McDermott at JGD, Jillian Hassett at Pr

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" Absolutely a 100% yes. I've never had someone take time to walk me through a whole grounding experience before we even started the scene. Nicole saw that I had a lot on my plate today and was still buzzing with all of that energy, and then chose to help me get back to the ground and bring myself where I needed to be. So so sooo lovely. The most amazing advice. Thank you so very much Nicole. Seriously, you are amazing. "
" Nicole is excellent. Grounded read. Good notes to imagine the scene. "
" Nicole was GREAT! and SO Creative!! "
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" Nicole is a very great reader who quickly understands the scenes. I think she could be a director just based off the emotion she had in mind and the persona she seen in my work during my audition. Please choose Nicole for your au#ition. She's not shy.. She's very much about the work and I would definitely work with her again. D-Jordan. "
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" So sweet and a wonderful voice "
" A GEM "
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" Great pace and feedback, highly recommend "
" Thank you "
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" Wow! Nicole picked up the material and immediately understood what to do with it, how to help me. She was an incredible reader and helped me understand different aspects of it that I hadn't seen. She was amazing! "
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" Nicole was great. We had wifi connection issues, I believe, but no fault on her. Will catch her next time! "
" Nicole is my go to!!!! "
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" Amazing!!! She helped me breakdown the scenes and character so much. Is so kind, and gave wonderful notes and directions!! "
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