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Hi, I'm a British Actor / Presenter / Writer who trained at Birmingham School of Acting and The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. I've worked across theatre, film & TV for over ten years.

I've worked in Theatre including in London's West End; The Royal Opera House, The Queen's Theatre, The Hope Mill Theatre & The Young Vic Theatre (twice), Embarrassing Sex Story of the Year currently on Channel 5 / 5Star. I've also worked as a presented for some of the biggest brands in the world.

I am an excellent sight reader & always put the utmost effort into assisting anyone I read for. I've self taped with friends for years for an array of projects & genuinely enjoy doing them. I love unearthing the subtext of the scene and helping my fellow actor hone their objective, exploring the essence of the scene & playing with the characters.

I'll approach working with you in the same way I prepare my own texts for auditions & jobs; with care, thoughtfulness & giving you exactly what you need to react to. I have done numerous tapes for myself & as a reader using WeAudition so I know my way around (I'm also an MVP for my sins).

I look at self taping from either side as a learning experience and a strengthening of my own skillset. I'm easy going, like to think I give helpful advice & am always happy to play around & get the best out of any texts , be them Shakespeare or the latest TV show. My aim is for us to nail the perfect tape & for you to leave happy. Hearing back from community members who have booked jobs from working with me brings me so much joy.

If you want to book in, hit me up on social media (links below) or email me at jdhunt@jdhunt.co.uk & I'd be happy to make time to suit you as best as possible.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to working with you.


JD Hunt is a British Actor / Presenter / Writer, represented by Iternational Artists Management who trained at Birmingham School of Acting and The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and is best known for starring in the Fixers for ITV short film 'Who Cares?', being the face of Lloyds Bank & Macmillan's 'Cancer Support Service' campaign and for his recurring appearances on 'The Chrissy B Show'. He has featured in numerous feature and short films, some of which have been submitted to international film festivals as well as coming TV projects.

Off screen, JD has appeared at The Young Vic Theatre in London twice; first as the co-lead in a Fresh Direction production of Brad Birch's The Protest & in the 2017 Actor's Touring Company's acclaimed production of The Suppliant Women, directed by Ramin Gray, which appeared in The Guardian's Top 10 Plays of 2017 list.

His recent credits include starring in the Royal Opera House's sold out revival of La Forza Del Destino, directed by Christoph Loy, Kept Under Wraps which was shortlisted at the Mobile Film Festival & Embarrassing Sex Story of the Year on 5Star.

JD has presented at numerous live and recorded events for Microsoft UK, The BBC, Coca - Cola GB & Samsung UK.

Felicity King International Artists Management Office 2.31, Wac Arts, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP UK +44 20 7794 3705 felicity@internationalartistsmanagement.co.uk

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" Great Reader! "
" Awesome working with JD! "
" Great experience working with JD! "
" Was very patient and efficient to work with! "
" JD was a pleasure to read with! He made me feel immediately comfortable and connected. He has a great presence, is calm, and is a great reader. I would recommend JD ! "
" So willing to help! so full of energy "
" Very professional and great reader! "
" Jay is the best! So informative and helpful x BOOK HIM! "
" Great Help as always "
" Great reader, super kind and patient. I really felt like he was rooting for me. "
" This was my first WeAudition with Jamie! I met Jamie at a networking event in London a few years ago. Jamie was absolutely friendly, pleasant, professional and he also showed me how the platform works. I'm already looking forward to my next session with him. I can definitely recommend him. Thanks Jamie! "
" JD was great!! "
" Was very helpful and patient! "
" Very good and helpful!! made me feel really confident in my scene and I will for sure be taping with him again. "
" Can't recommend highly enough - accent work, scene breakdowns. One of the best on this site for a reason. "
" JD is spectacular! So much fun, so easy and pleasant to work with, and an amazing reader with great comedic chops! Would work with him again in a heartbeat!! "
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" Top rate actor. Very smart with material. Very valuable coach. "
" I love JD!! "
" GREAT! Easy going and supportive energy! "
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" Awesome! thank you "
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" Wow thanks for your direction that last take is bomb 🙏🏽🌸 "
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" Fab as ever "
" Just what I needed thanks pal again "
" Always lovely to work with JD! He's so kind and a wonderful actor and scene partner. Thank you! "
" Great experience! "
" Knocks it out of the park everytine! Just a joy to work with. THANK YOU! "
" I turned off the camera before could give you "heart hands" Jamie. You know I love working with you!! "
" Excellent as always! Thank you for always bringing the fun while also remaining grounded. Cheers! "
" Excellent!! "
" Great help on a quick turnaround! "
" JD is always such a treat. Such a calm energy and ready to get to work! "
" Amazing as always. Woke up out of his sleep to help! "
" Thank you so much! Joyful, present and lovely as always!! "
" JD is the bomb.com!!! Always a pleasure and a good time having him as a reader! "
" Wonderful to work with! he gives wonderful feedback and is keen into seeing the small details! Wonderful reader! "
" JD was so amazing! I needed a quick last min audition and was super stressed but JD came to my rescue with his calming voice and great notes. Reassured me when it mattered the most! Look forward to working with you again! "
" Fantastic as always and such a great help. Thanks JD "
" Great reader! Super supportive of whatever was needed for the scenes. "
" JD is awesome! So kind and warm; A great scene partner! "
" Wonderful "
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" So much fun! "
" JD is amazing - great actor and his accents with both british and american are amazing! "
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" AMAZING READER!! gave life and energy to the script which is much appreciated. Highly recommend "
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" It was a fantastic session with JD, he gave me new insights into the material, made me feel relaxed and at ease and all in all I really enjoyed the experience and the outcome. "
" Awesime "
" JD was awesome! He was even familiar with the play that I was auditioning for and gave me some wonderful insight. "
" Another great session as usual. "
" JD was the consummate professional. He suggested more than 1 take and seemed eager to ensure that you have the reading that you need/want. "
" Great reader. Very kind, compassionate, and patient. Also good sense of humour. :-D "
" JD is the GOAT! So helpful. Great notes. "
" Thank you! "
" A fantastic reader as always! Thanks a lot for your help JD! "
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" Always a pleasure to tape with one of the OG we audition MVPs! Thanks JD x "
" Thanks for all your help! "
" Always incredible! So patient. Love reading with him. "
" Reader wasn’t bad the quality was i couldn’t hear him at all it kept getting muffled. "
" Really strong actor and great instincts. He was very encouraging and I felt like I had a real scene partner. He does a very solid American accent as well if needed "
" JD is a very talented and patient young man. He dealt with the craziness of me trying to get out 3 auditions all due tomorrow. Thanks JD. "
" Wonderful! Super easy to work with. Thank You :) "
" JD was very generous in helping me learn the platform and sharing his best tips! "
" JD was wonderful! Great suggestions, helpful, fun. "
" Such a sweetheart! so kind and helpful. "
" Great vocal quality - warm presence. Gave a nice authenticity to the relationship between the characters in my tape. Thank you! "
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" Amazing! "
" Absolutely amazing! Couldn’t be better :):) "
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" The best I've experienced. "
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" As always, great reader and helper of advice to my audition "
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" Cheers ma dears "
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" Thanks for your help! "
" He's a VIP for a reason. Easy read, quick adaption, and very warm. good concise notes! "
" Always a breath of fresh air reading with Jamie. Great notes and helpful tips x "
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" JD is amazing so kind and helpful with great notes! "
" So patient! Awesome reader. "
" Wonderful human and actor, thank you JD! "
" He's the BEST!!! "
" So generous and creative! Helped me get somewhere new and interesting on otherwise uninspiring material. Wholeheartedly recommend, and I will be coming back! "
" Excellent as always. "
" JD was great! Very willing to give suggestions for new choices and gave me just enough to work off of without being over the top. Great energy. Made me feel comfortable. Highly recommend! "
" My eternal favorite! "
" Super helpful! "
" Was very easy going & fun to work with. "
" Thanks again JD! Great as always :) "
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" My eternal favorite! He has such great insight and creativity "
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" Always a treat xxx "
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" JD is an absolute legend and consummate professional. So fun to work with and a brilliant reader. Worth every penny! "
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" Thank you ! "
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" Always love working with JD! The absolute best "
" Jd is the lord of acting, his tech prowess is the stuff of legend "
" Another really great session! JD's excellent at quickly understanding the scene and giving feedback which I feel really helped my performance "
" Fantastic reader! Really great at giving notes to help as went through the lines and quick to really understand the tone of the scene we were doing :) "
" Amazing as always "
" Wonderful time working with JD. Fun, relaxed, helpful. Book this talent, yeah! "
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" JD is always such a pleasure to have as a reader :) Book him "
" The best!! "
" Friendly, insightful and a skillful reader - many thanks JD! "
" Fab! My go-to reader! "
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" JD was a pleasure to work with! He helped me with some dialect work for an audition and I am super appreciative! Thank you JD, I'll definitely book again! "
" Great session "
" Amazing as always! "
" JD saves the day! Thanks for you patience, your kindness, your talent, and your willingness to play. I have a small list of my favorite readers, and he’s on it! Book him! "
" Jamie walked me through my very first time here on WeAudition- he was marvelous and of tremendous help! Thank you so much!! "
" Fabulous as always! "
" So helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" JD is great. Knows what he is doing. Super helping at guiding and allowing the process. "
" Legend "
" JD is an amazing reader and actor! Thank you so much for your help! "
" JD is amazing! Book him for your next audition. "
" Always super helpful! "
" JD is who you're looking for. Look no further! "
" Amazing! So patient and a great reader!! "
" Always the best "
" Thanks so much! "
" Gave me great advice for my commercial audition that I needed help with. He is great!!! "
" JD is a great reader as always "
" Amazing all the way!! Thank you JD "
" He's just amazing. So patient and so nice. Thank you so much JD. "
" Perfect as usual <3 "
" Exceptional, professional person/reader/actor. We read a short scene between mates for an Audition. For sure look JD up! "
" JD was a really great reader for a last minute audition. He is really fun to read with too! "
" JD is awesome and was a huge help! "
" JD is always excellent!! One of my favorite readers <3 "
" Always so helpful and wonderful- totally an MVP "
" Thank you!! "
" Awesome Reader and person!! Loved him! Will call on JD again Thank you 🙏 "
" So great as always!! "
" FANTASTIC Cold Reader "
" JD is wonderful to work with. I needed to be word perfect, and he's great at keeping me on track. Book him!!! "
" Amazing first WeAudition experience - Jamie is such a lovely person and makes taping very relaxed but also focused. The scenes came alive thanks to their input and cannot wait for the next session! Highly recommend! "
" Incredible reader! Has an eye for detail and for quickly breaking down scenes! "
" WONDERFUL!!! JD is King of We Audition !!!! Love you boo! "
" You are such a smart actor with such great insight into the material. Glad we met and looking forward to coffee when you get to la! work together soon i hope! "
" Great reader, easy to work with "
" Fantastic! Good feedback, too! "
" Great! "
" Wonderful actor and reader, very helpful and patient, I can't wait to read with him again! "
" JD ruled!!!! Ran lines with me, was so pleasant, and helped me memorize an entire short film! Thanks so much! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Amazing! "
" Thank God for JD!! You are an amazing reader! <3 "
" Took to the scene right away. Very kind and super thoughtful. Was articulate about feedback and spot on with the notes. Thank you JD "
" JD is an exceptional reader and always a pleasure to work with! "
" Jd was sooo nice. Very refreshing energy to him. It was a fun time self taping with him. "
" I love working with JD! He has such great perspective and gives awesome feedback. He is truly a STAR! "
" JD is always a delight and a wonderful scene partner! "
" JD is a wonderful reader and scene partner. Book him! "
" The best ! As always. Thank you "
" Always a joy working with this guy, do your selves a favour people, book JD. "
" JD you are an absolute lifesaver - thanks a million for being so patient and supportive with me as I got off book for 7 pages in 30 minutes to make the super fast deadline. Would absolutely book JD again! "
" Nice to work with JD again. Always a pleasure! Thank you, JD! "
" Incising in his understanding of text and generous in sharing his knowledge, JD is the real deal as far as readers (and actors) go. So Smart! SO HELPFUL. "
" Awesome reader :) "
" Such a lovely reader with a lovely spirit. Thank you! "
" Hadn't seen JD in a while & what a perfect time to see him again because he knew what we were working on! Thank you for your sound feedback and being awesome as ever :) "
" Wonderful reader, wonderful accents!!! "
" JD is wonderful, so helpful. One of the best!! "
" What an amazing session with JD! Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...! "
" Wonderful and supportive "
" Great reader, very patient and asks very though provoking questions. JD really helped me ground down into the scene, and was willling to keep working until we got it right. Thank you! "
" Great!! Such a grounded reader! Thank you so much for your help! "
" JD is just brilliant. As always. Thank you lovely chap "
" JD is incredible. He's an excellent reader and very thoughtful with notes — I look forward to working with him again! "
" Great! "
" Thanks, JD - ever encouraging! "
" Lovely, patient, kind and gave great adjustments. "
" Fantastic - gave me some really useful direction as well! "
" Always amazing - thank you JD! "
" Endless patience, and one of my favorite readers on here!! "
" JD is the perfect reader. So patient, kind and supportive. He also has quite a few accents up his sleeve which came in really handy in multi person scenes. I would recommend him again and again to anyone. "
" Super patient and great suggestions! "
" Very patient. Great suggestions. Thank you!! "
" So patient and awesome!! "
" Simply the best!! "
" Total PRO - JD really made sure I felt comfortable and supported! Easygoing and generous reader - plus his pace and timing were impeccable. Thank you JD! "
" Exceptional like always! "
" Thanks JD!! "
" JD was very helpful! Gave me great notes, which made my tape much better! And made me confident :) Thanks a lot JD. "
" Fantastic reader as always! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Always great with JD! Highly recommend him :) "
" A gem x "
" Brilliant "
" Been working w/JD for a while now, and he's always great. One of my faves for sure! "
" JD is a legend and great for US accents "
" Always wonderful. thank you. One of my favorites "
" Love him as always! "
" Brilliant reader! "
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" Great!!! "
" A patient and observant reader who gave helpful feedback. Highly recommended! "
" Always awesome! "
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" Amazing as usual!!!! "
" AMAZING EYE!!!! He offers such helpful feedback and will ensure you that you get your best take! "
" JD is a lovely reader. I couldn't recommend him enough. "
" Absolutely the best! Amazing at dissecting the scene and character. His notes truly elevate your work. Highly recommended! "
" A solid actor to bounce off of. "
" What a joy to work with! "
" JD was super helpful and sweet. Will definitely read with him again! "
" Great reader , I love it :) "
" JD is great! He provided me with super helpful feedback, and gave me some new choices to play with in my scenes. "
" Awesome as usual! "
" JD is always a calming but galvanizing force for auditions. Great notes, great energy, great human! "
" Thanks for the help "
" Such a brilliant rehearsal partner! Thank you, JD! "
" Great as always! "
" Simply the best "
" JD was so incredibly helpful with this audition. I’m very happy with the work we did. "
" JD was amazing! just what I needed! he jumped on the first thing with his wonderful British accent! and stayed on for 2.5 hours! made this tape so much fun! great reader! 🤙👌😎 "
" So warm and patient! "
" Phenomenal reader amazing accent "
" Great reader, and he does a terrific American accent! "
" JD is wonderful. Lots of great insight, ideas and observations. Was super fun to play around with my scenes. "
" Superb! Had fun improvising. Thanks, JD! "
" JD was patient and kind. He really tried to help with my rehearsal/navigating this website and helped me with the British accent as well. Super nice reader! "
" JD is a fab scene partner. He always gives me really useful notes that I can take on board. "
" Simply the best! So encouraging and lovely. Even in my manic state. Thanks JD! "
" Thank you for the read and coaching!! "
" Collaborative and friendly reader! "
" Amazing reader! Great notes and great to play opposite. "
" JD is the best!!! "
" JD is amazing, generous, gives great notes and super kind. Recommended! "
" I've worked with JD as an actor and a reader, and he's just delightful! "
" So fantastic!!! "
" Thank you so so much!!! Helped me out a tonne!! "
" He is so great. So patient. So up early ready to get cracking. Thanks!! "
" This human - Actor - He's the real deal. Repeat customer here. 100% recommend JD. "
" JD is always fantastic and so helpful! "
" Brilliant as always, asks great questions "
" Wonderful reader--thorough and kind. And so receptive. We worked two auditions so efficiently. BOOK HIM!!! "
" Thank you so much!! Patient and kind! "
" JD is Amazing, and gave me a lot of helpful tips! "
" The most PATIENT reader! Always makes you feel at ease <3 "
" JD is an excellent reader!! Thank you! "
" The ACE. The Nurturer. The Patient One. JD Shows Up for You with epic energy, and literally gives you everything and more as a fellow artist reading with you. Thank You Sir!!!! "
" JD is one of my favourite on here.Thank you so much for your patience. "
" Great as always "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Great reader! So supportive and patient. Very thoughtful and a great listener. "
" As usual another great read. "
" I love working with JD he's amazing can't wait to work with him again soon "
" Absolutely great to work with, really lovely and warm "
" A great reader and just an all-round lovely person to work with! Would recommend. "
" Amazing reader...great energy...really supportive..Thanks so much JD!!! "
" Amazing and so kind as always! So talented! "
" Always my favorite. Creates such a safe, loving space for you to do your best work. <3 "
" JD was awesome! He really had a great understanding of story and was able to help further my understanding and play with different choices that fuel me! Thanks JD! "
" Awesome Reader! JD's energy is very positive and uplifting. He did an amazing job and he was very patient. "
" Great as always!!!! "
" Very Patient and kind! "
" Very supportive reader! "
" JD was sweet and wonderful to work with! "
" JD is fantastic! "
" Fantastic! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Absolutely phenomenal - Taped with another reader and felt to go deeper. Hit up JD and he got me there. Thank you! He knows his worth! "
" Awesome as always! "
" A blessing! "
" Patient, attentive, insightful. A no brainer if you needed to do a reader. "
" Phenomenal reader, with fantastic notes will definitely work with again "
" I’ve had my first experience with JD and he was just fantastic!!! He got me into the right mood, he gave me enough time and we pulled off a really really good job I think. I am super grateful and very satisfied! "
" Lovely as always! "
" What a wonderful actor and human being! Thank you JD for your great energy, generosity and insight. "
" JD the great is what I call him. Thank you "
" Lovely vibes "
" LOVE HIM! Great reader and wonderful person. "
" Just the most patient, sweet, and talented reader. Will continue using him again and again... "
" Great actor and amazing reader! "
" Amazing! Thank you so much, JD!!! "
" JD is so amazing, so positive, kind, perfect reader & actor, and just a great person! Thank you so much!!! "
" An absolute pleasure as always. Great reader and super supportive and encouraging. "
" WOW!!Thank you! "
" Amazing! truly incredible, love how he helps with the over all scene and direction, great reader and very patient. "
" JD was so helpful with not only running lines, but helping break down the story & character's motive. "
" Amazing guy! really good advice that will take me a long way in my career. "
" What a lovely guy! Pleasure working with him. Would absolutely do it again! "
" JD is such a generous reader and very helpful. I enjoyed working with him and his ability to play multiple characters with different voices. He's truly a gem. Thank you so much. "
" Great as always "
" Always there to help. AMAZING! "
" This guy is a legend! Great advice, super patient, so much fun to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Such a professional! A pleasure to work with as always. "
" Always so lovely and so great at asking questions and re-orienting me... thank you Mister! "
" Excellent reader! "
" JD is a true and honest Gem! I'm always so honored to work with him. "
" Incredible reader - asks brilliant questions to really elevate my tapes! "
" So happy JD was avail to help today! "
" Great reader! Great energy! Useful feedback and suggestions! And lovely human! "
" Always great to read with! "
" So patient and supportive! Always a pleasure working with JD "
" What a lovely guy! As a reader, JD is just perfect. Then his suggestions are simply bang on. Thank you so much, JD! "
" Amazing reader! Very patient, and gave excellent advice. I highly recommend :) "
" JD was AMAZING Super funny and really patient !! Hope to see him again soon !! "
" Always the best!!! "
" We killed our read together. Thanks JD "
" GREEAT!!! "
" JD is amazing and gives great insight to the sides, helping me find new things. "
" Fantastic reader!!! Will definitely work with JD again soon!!! "
" Always fantastic "
" Fantastic partner "
" Great like always!!! "
" A true and honest blessing! "
" As always, I ADORE JD. BOOK HIM! "
" My favorite "
" JD is great to read with. A true professional actor who helps me get my best take!!! "
" If there were 6,7,8 stars for a rating that is what JD would get. 5 is not enough stars for this man.!!!! He ROCKS!!!!!!! "
" JD is a helpful reader, he analyzed a difficult scene which helped me make distinct choices for the scene. JD is a pleasure to work with. Glad to have met him. "
" Amazing reader - asks brilliant questions to help really lift a scene - highly recommended! "
" My favorite "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Super kind and helpful! Really appreciate his notes and advice. "
" JD is so encouraging and talented. "
" Great reader. Fantastic notes. Definitely use again. "
" A fave for sure! "
" Wonderful! kind, smart and giving! "
" JD is super encouraging! Love him! "
" Always the bestttttt!! "
" JD is the best! Read with him "
" JD was so much fun & he brought a great energy to the work. We jumped right in & he was very present with the scene. Adding him to my last of favorites! "
" JD is such a talented reader! Definitely a go to in my book "
" JD is my go to. What a great actor and a pleasure to work with. "
" Always a joy. "
" He is a fab reader! Thank you! "
" Always super helpful and I love getting his opinion on tricky scenes! Thank you! "
" JD brought really fun energy to the work! I'm a fan. :)))) "
" JD had a lot of good advice for me as a first-timer with self-taping. "
" JD was a wonderful scene partner as always. I highly recommend him! Thank you JD. "
" He's a wonderful actor and a lovely warm person! Joy to work with. Thank you. "
" So incredibly helpful. A star "
" Great Personality! Will request again "
" You want the best, JD is the man. No question! I was having trouble with co-star scene. JD helped me with that. His advice was SPOT ON. Thank you, brother! "
" Amazing reader!! book with him ASAP!! "
" Thoughtful, helpful, present. Always helps to understand the script. Bring different colors to the scene. Thank you ! "
" Lovely, patient and attentive reader. Great notes as well!! "
" JD is always so great "
" JD (Jamie Dillan) is a fantastic reader and all around person. The initial conversation we had was already excellent energy and he made me comfortable, safe and supported in exploring the work before we filmed it. He also did not make me feel rushed in the slightest, and provided many helpful suggestions as we made our way through the taping. Big ups to JD, he's a real mate : ) "
" Amazing Reader! Amazing energy! 10/10!!! "
" He’s so dope "
" Jamie is amazing! So patient helpful and fun to work with as always! "
" Much love for helping me with my scene and giving great notes as per usual!!!! "
" JD was awesome! Great energy and his American accent is on point! "
" Great reader with super useful feedback between takes. Thanks again for your help! "
" I love you as always thanks for reading with me and giving me feedback and being awesome "
" Very insightful!! Provided choices to play with. "
" Love him "
" Personable and patient! Great reader thanks so much! "
" He's the best!!! Thank you for sorting me out and getting my scenes into great shape!!! "
" JD always ALWAYS makes me feel so comfortable, makes the scene so fun to play with and gives me great constructive notes throughout. Love you JD! "
" Always the best! JD knows his stuff! Booked him to pick his brains about something and he delivered by the bucket load! "
" Amazing reader! Definitely assist with getting to know your character! "
" Great as always, Thank you JD :) "
" So friendly and so helpful! "
" Gave very good, inciteful suggestions. "
" Always a great session where I not only grow as an actor but also as a person! "
" J.D.... Enough said! "
" JD is awesome! He helped me with a quick audition and was super friendly and fun. "
" JD was fantastic to work with, very helpful and encouraging! "
" Jamie is so helpful with coaching and adjusting to bring out the best in you! Also just so much fun to play with! THANK YOU! "
" Great reader was very very patient with me... "
" SOLID! JD was PERFECT! Book this guy #Clutch "
" Amazing reader!! Wonderful energy. Fantastic actor! "
" JD is my absolute fav to work with! It just feels like play and just a space of creating beautiful lovely moments whatever scene we maybe working! As always, can't wait to work together again! book him if you get the chance!! "
" I ask for JD's help as a reader every chance that I can! He's so warm but also gives very constructive notes. Highly recommend!! "
" Thank you ! Great actor! Very connected and helpful! "
" Great! "
" Basically.....he's the best "
" JD is great! "
" Very helpful on getting the best performance "
" Wonderful! "
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" Great reader who offered excellent feedback!! It was a pleasure to work with him! "
" Always a pleasure to work with - excellent notes! "
" Awesome as always ! "
" JD is a fantastic reader. Great ideas to add into the role. Thank you so much, JD! "
" Once again, Jamie was excellent. Fantastic reader and great notes. "
" Great fun! Thank you me dear "
" Such an excellent helper, good advice and just a lovely chap! "
" JD Hunt. Just the best. Great feedback, great energy. "
" Super awesome! Even did an accent for a different role in the script. Thanks!! "
" Can't say enough great things. JD is just wonderful!!! "
" Jamie is just brilliant. He had to read about 5 parts in two very confusing scenes and he took it all in his stride. He also gave me lots of really useful direction. I can highly recommend him. "
" Fantastic reader and human! Incredibly grateful, highly recommend! "
" 2nd time with JD in quick succession cause he was just that good! <3 "
" JD was fantastic! Really invested in understanding my character, my tape and the scene. A director, a reader and a fellow actor all in one! xx "
" Trusted him to help read through something precious to me and he not only did it well he did it with notes and gentility. THANK YOU. "
" Who doesnt love Jamie?..thank you always my love!! xoxo "
" JD is such a wonderful, patient and generous reader with his time. I would always choose him to work with as he's so helpful and great! "
" Brilliant reader, so friendly and helpful "
" JD is a professional. I needed a fast self-tape before running out the door and he jumped in and made it work. And he's also hilarious. "
" Always gives me so much! Such a great reader. Love reading with JD "
" Believe the hype, JD gets it done! "
" Amaze! "
" JD has such a lovely light and energy that I can feel through the screen. There were a few issues with background noise that were out of his control but overall I got a great take from him. "
" JD is MVP in every sense of the acronym "
" JD is super sweet and so easy to work with! Highly recommend :) "
" He's an A class reader!! "
" As always, JD is a fantastic reader and great person in general! Huge thanks for your help!! "
" So so helpful! Thank you JD! "
" Very humane. Absurd yet flaccid. All kidding aside, JD was great as always. Book him!!! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Always says just the right thing to elevate your work! "
" Goldddddd! "
" Great, as always!! "
" He was great. Patient, kind, great energy. Highly recommend. "
" Always the BEST!!! I work with him every time I can <3 "
" I wanted to do a pick up and JD was so supportive and helpful! "
" Such a great eye, amazing energy, love working with JD! "
" Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Great notes and direction too. One of the few readers who actually cares and offers really valuable contributions. "
" Lovely fellow - with valuable input. JD is clearly cognizant of character development and was generous in helping me find those much-needed nuances. "
" One of the best! So helpful and kind. JD picked on something on the scene that added great value. Thanks JD! "
" JD is always the best and super helpful with my tapes:) "
" From Heaven! "
" I'm grateful to connect with him, he is best here "
" JD is such a great reader. I love working with him to help me prep for my auditions. I have a reader who gives it his all. "
" Amazing!Always so wonderful to work with.thank you!!X "
" Such a Wonderful Reader.......LOVE HIM!!!!! "
" 5 star reader! Highly recommend! "
" He's awesome. Personable and easy to work with. Great ideas! "
" Amazing! Easy to work with, great supporting ideas! "
" Great!! "
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" Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! A beautiful soul to work with and hammer out the process to nail it. "
" The best!! "
" JD IS AWESOME! Great notes and really relaxed. "
" Great as always! "
" Very kind and helpful reader! Thank you ! "
" Jd= Light. Awesome energy. And Pure Ease as a fellow artist. The only regret about my taping session with Jd is that it had to end. Many Thanks JD "
" As always a great reader with astounding energy "
" JD is an excellent reader! "
" Great "
" Very kind, patient, and helpful. Gave me great advice and positive energy! "
" JD was super helpful, sweet and also had some wonderful ideas to add to the scene! "
" JD was INCREDIBLE. So friendly, fun, and put me totally at ease. Will definitely use him again! "
" Amaaaazzziiiiinggg "
" An awesome reader as always! "
" He is brilliant..his inputs are awesome..always give inputs .. "
" Literally the BEST! Such a fun reader and I can't wait to book him again :) "
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" What a star as always!! "
" Brilliant "
" Always great to read with jd ! "
" Always my favorite reader! So honest and supportive. "
" <333333333333333 "
" JD is awesome and really helped focus my attention on the right circumstances. loved working with him, will do so again soon! "
" <3 "
" JD is so kind, patient, and helpful! Thank you for a great session! "
" Thank God for JD. He always sticks with me so supportively when I have long tapes! "
" The best reader! Highly recommend! "
" Simply the best. "
" He's the best! The best reader ever! "
" Super chill reader ! great energy! "
" AMAZING! JD is such an MVP! Great questions, redirection, suggestions, excellent scene partner. Also, he made me laugh! I'm such a fan!!! "
" Amazing person! "
" Love this guy! "
" Excellent, great advice. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fab as always. Chilled and fun!!!! "
" HE DA MAAAAN. Get him! He is the best "
" JD is awesome. Such a talented and friendly guy. I wanna work with him again "
" Just the absolute best!!! what a gem of a human and so so smart and so so talented. "
" Jamie is truly phenomenal, honestly not only is he immensely talented but he is super kind and generous within the scene! "
" So much fun! What a fantastic reader. Damn! Thank you for everything I look forward to next time!!! "
" Great reader and so much fun to work with "
" Wonderful to work with! Super friendly and great reader! "
" Amazing feedback working with JD. Positive energy and very friendly. "
" Awesome reader and actor! "
" Patient and friendly, JD just went with the flow made things easier because of it. book him, duh. "
" My go to! "
" JD was the MOST friendly person who offered GREAT creative advice on what I was looking for! Super positive! I recommend! Thank you! "
" Great! helped me get it together fast! "
" Amaaaaaazing seesion! "
" Great scene partner! "
" Wonderful sense of play, great advice, was a perfect reader for a complex self tape. Will book again! "
" Brilliant "
" Brilliant as always! JD is an amazing actor. So much talent and kindness. Thank you Thank you Thank you "
" Once again JD came through when I needed it the most. Great feedback and direction. I will continue to use JD's services. Thank you!! "
" JD was amazing! He contributed a lot of great ideas and helped me to see my scene from a fresh perspective. I'll definitely work with JD again. Thank you! "
" The Best... just the energy you need! "
" This was my very first time using We Audition and I just say it was wonderful. JD was very friendly, professional and easy going!! Can't wait to use him again! "
" Perfect as always! "
" JD slaps. Just an absolutely phenomenal actor to work with! One of my self tapes required improv and he was perfect! "
" Professional and an extremely lovely person, immeidately puts you are ease and has great suggestions to mix it up. The best! "
" JD is always awesome! Great sense of humor as well as a wonderful actor. "
" I've seen so many reviews about how great JD is, and wow, they were right. Amazing energy, so encouraging and easy-going. Can't wait to tape with you again!!! :) "
" It was an absolute pleasure working with JD. I'll definitely be reaching out to him again soon for another rehearsal! "
" Awesome reader and good feedback@ "
" JD is a very kind and experimented actor (you can tell), as well as a great reader! Fabulous partner, I highly recommend booking him for your gigs! "
" Awesome. Great work. Good Advice. "
" King "
" JD is great - rolls with the punches, gives great feedback, and is kind. Love working with JD! "
" JD is the best!!! Always gives me so MUCH to work with to bring out my best work. I love taping with him!!! "
" JD was extremely professional! Our reading went smoothly. "
" Super friendly and helpful as always :) "
" Yes! Lovely and helpful with my accent! "
" Great session - thanks so much bro! "
" Amazing reader!Great energy and brilliant ideas with the script.5 stars from me! X "
" JD is just AWSOME! Patient, kind and very knowledgeable :-) "
" JD is everything you could want in a scene partner. I'm delighted and lucky I got to work with him again! Thanks, bud! "
" The most beautiful spirit to work with! Love JD!!! "
" JD is the best sight reader in sight. Blown away by his work! Well done and massive thank you's "
" Just OUTSTANDING! He is so easy to be in the moment with and make you feel comfortable with the character! "
" Awesome as always. "
" Always a great experience "
" Always my favorite! So playful and easy to tape with "
" Awesome! "
" Super helpful and nice!!! "
" Excellent as always "
" Awesome!! "
" Fantastic reader...and person! Thank you JD! "
" Second time working with JD. Always a pleasure "
" Book Him!!! What a pleasure!! Such great notes and incredibly helpful with getting the best work out of me!! "
" GREAT reader!!! JD is always ready to help with a big smile on! Thank you so much for your help with my callback today "
" Excellent! "
" JD was awesome! Great personality and so fun to read with! "
" Asks the PERFECT questions to elevate your work. SO.GOOD. "
" Awesome as always! Can't go wrong with JD! Thanks a bunch! "
" Needed advice on how to shoot my scenes and JD was super helpful! Always knows what the tape needs! Thanks JD "
" Amazinnngg "
" Hes the beeeest "
" Such incisive notes, great eye, phenomenal reader!! I HIGHLY recommend and will be reading with him as often as I can! Also just a great person :) "
" JD is an excellent reader! Will reach out to him again for sure! "
" So good "
" JD is wonderful! A great reader and very patient! "
" JD is always such a joy to work with. A true gem on here. Thank you sir! "
" The best reader. Thank you for your help. Always the best adviced. "
" Awesome dude! great session :) "
" AMAZING Reader with great feedback! I highly recommend! "
" This guy is truly amazing and is a pleasure to speak with, I also learned quite a bit from him, so if you are looking for a great reader and all-around fresh person....JD is your man! "
" Super helpful, great naturalism! "
" Bloody Brilliant! Pip pip Hooray! and all that good chap! and a spot of tea! An amazing actor and generous reader! "
" Amazing "
" A true Gem! "
" Consistently on point as a reader. "
" Super fun reader! "
" Loveeeeee JD!!!! Brilliant "
" Great reader and coach. A huge help ! "
" JD gave great advice and tweaks to my audition reads. He had a calm and supportive demeanor. It is a pleasure to work with him. "
" JD gives you such great energy and positive juju. Definitely my new go to on accent 101. "
" Amaze!! "
" Great energy. Its was a proposal scene and because of JD I believe in love again LOL "
" JD was awesome!! So much fun and added things to help me see new things about the scene. "
" Another great session! "
" Great reader, great energy that makes scenes and auditions feel as natural as real life. Definitely recommend ! "
" Always a PRO! "
" Always love working with JD. Great insights and ideas. Cheers! "
" Thanks JD. Always open and receptive. "
" What a PRO! Amazing energy and excellent scene partner!!! "
" JD is honestly a gem! The most accommodating, patient and enthusiastic reader to help you nail those selftapes! "
" My fave, like usual!! "
" As always, JD comes through! He was such a great and supportive reader in helping me learn my lines, run them and feel more confident about them. He also really helped me work on my British accent, which was required for the lines I was learning, and gave me great tools, resources and warm ups I could do to enhance my performance and feel more natural. Thank you JD! Always look forward to working with you! Highly recommend him! "
" Always great "
" Wise. Kind. Professional. He's a stellar reader who stands alone. Thank you JD! "
" Always fun with JD! "
" He's wonderful! "
" Amazing! "
" Awesome Reader with helpful feedback! "
" JD was very helpful and a great reader! I really enjoyed rehearsing with him! "
" Ah, what can I say. Jamie is the MAN. So skilled, genuine and real - a true pleasure to work with. I will definitely be using him again "
" Amazing! "
" Very willing to help me with the technology of setting up to become a reader. JD was patient, friendly and articulate! "
" Phenomenal scene partner! Super patient and an ultra reliable source for the craft of acting. If you see him, book him, do yourself favor. Thanks JD. "
" JD is amazing as always. Thank you so much, you've been a great help :) "
" So sweet! And so fun to work with! "
" Soooo good! JD offered such valuable feedback to my scene. He offered a simple tip that added another beautiful layer to my scene. Thanks JD! "
" Fantastic reader! Uber professional, incredibly helpful and super fun! "
" GREAT! "
" AN amazing reader. Thanks!!! "
" Amazing! As always JD is such a great help. Thank you so much :) "
" Really helpful feedback which helped me to have a deeper understanding of the scene. This helped to improve my performance and gave me confidence :) "
" Worked with my and my scene and gave great notes! thanks JD!! "
" JD was AWESOME, AGAIN! Thanks buddy! Patient, extremely helpful and efficient while I was trying to get it done down to the deadline. "
" JD was SO FUN to work with. :) A+ Reader. :) :) :) "
" Excellent actor and reader. "
" Great energy my first time on this and he delivered amazingly they should add 6 stars for him personally. "
" JD is always the best person to work with. Helps me find some really good stuff! "
" Great cold-reader and had great feedback! "
" JD is amazing and very Knowledgeable, I can see why he is an MVP! "
" JD is a superb reader! Incredibly kind and helpful, throws in lots of ideas and suggestions to help take your performance to the next level. Thank you again! "
" He is INCREDIBLE!!!!! One of the best, if not the best reader I’ve had to date. Looking forward to working more with you! Thank you so much for being super awesome! "
" JD is an absolute joy to work and play with on scenes! I was frustrated and dissatisfied with not being able to get to stakes of the scene and he gave me really helpful ideas to think about before starting the scene, we also did some improv before starting the scene. He was encouraging with his words and understanding of being in that space as an actor. I adore you for being a light! Can't wait to work together again! "
" Wonderful and very helpful reader "
" Awesome Reader!! Definitely will book again! "
" Super great!! I have been struggling with deciding what direction to take this audition for a few days and he helped me get on the right track! Would 100% recommend. "
" Beautiful energy and a great reader - highly, highly recommend! "
" Legend "
" JD is my favorite reader on WeAudition! 5 stars every time. "
" JD is one of my favorite people on this platform! Very kind and thoughtful! "
" Amazing, so helpful and has such a great attitude he really made all the difference in my audition. He also had great notes, and i dont say that lightly! "
" I think by now we all now what a superstar Jamie is, no? So helpful and such a lovely person to be with. Thank you for your help. :-) "
" Amazing as always!! My favorite. "
" Wonderful as always! Thank you! "
" The best, most helpful always! "
" Always a pleasure. So honest, kind and aware. A superb scene partner. "
" Jay totally put me at ease today with a very last minute tape. He also read with me last week and I got the job! Thanks JD X You da best! "
" Soooooooooo AMAZING and FRIENDLY! Also, a great actor and easy to work with. Makes you feel VERY comfortable!!! Thank you! xo! "
" JD always delivers....One of the best on here for sure:) Thank you sir "
" Such a joy to read with! Picks up scripts in the blink of an eye! And has a vast knowledge of tv series if you ever need a quick backstory/explanation of what the heck is going on! :) "
" Always my favorite person to work with! So patient and gives the most helpful notes :) "
" Very helpful. had some connection issues, but when it worked it worked well "
" Love talking to JD! Awesome person! very insightful! "
" Fantastic reader, will book him again! Got a lot further with a complicated script, by working with Jamie. "
" Amazing as always. Great reader, so patient, and a wonderful friend of mine too. "
" Great work as always "
" Awesome, amazing guy. Great actor/reader! Highly reccomend. "
" Love JD!!! Very quick to pick up scripts and have fun with any character! Great reader, great human--what more could you ask for? "
" Great reader! Thank you JD! "
" Awesome "
" The absolute best! "
" THE BEST!!!! Thank you, JD! "
" You should definitely book JD. He's amazing as usual. He deserves more stars, so I'm giving you 10 stars :) "
" As usual JD is fabulous :) "
" You're the absolute best, JD. Thank you for all the advice and the lovely conversation :) See you again, of course!!! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Fantastic Reader and lovely human. This was my first experience on weaudition and a great first impression. JD is excellent with cold reading right off the bat! "
" Lovely person and extremely helpful!!! "
" JD's insights are always extremely helpful. Thanks JD! "
" JD JD JD... always such a pleasure sir! Thank you again! "
" Very helpful! "
" JD was very helpful and gave me good feedback, thank you!! also did a great improv! "
" JD is amazing as always! "
" JD! Wonderful as always :) makes you feel super comfortable on gives constructive criticism where needed x "
" JD is was great! So efficient and he gave me exactly what I needed from him. "
" Excellent! "
" Awesome in every way! Very observant. Gives great notes. "
" Fab! Patient. Generous. Gave great notes and suggestions. Great reader. "
" Awesome Reader!!! Thank you for your patience and professionalism. "
" Super cool and had a blast!. Great energy! "
" Great reader in the UK. Good for early morning US sessions. Very giving. "
" The best! "
" JD was an absolutely phenomenal reader! Thank you so much! "
" JD is great and professional. Very helpful! "
" Amazing! what a joyful, generous energy JD has. made the audition super easy and fun. "
" Lovely guy, great reader. Thanks so much! "
" Great job once again. "
" JD always knows what to say to me. He is honest, supportive and has an excellent eye. He is also a real professional at having chats! Thank you for your help and support! Book this man "
" Very helpful!!!! "
" <3 "
" An amazing reader, really helpful too!! "
" Brilliant! "
" Greeeeeeat "
" JD is tremendous! He is warm-welcoming, kind and very VERY patient. I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to connecting with him again! "
" The best always!! "
" So grateful for JD! It's my first time using WeAudition and he helped me get some technical things sorted. Incredibly personable and time much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
" Great, just this site is not functional "
" JD was excellent :) Very friendly and he gave me really helpful advice. Will definitely connect with him again. "
" So glad to be back working with JD, he's my number 1 on this site and always has great ideas. Thanks lovely! "
" JD is a true Gem!!! Great reader with such positive energy! Lovely to rehearse with you again sir! "
" Always awesome! "
" Made my first time on WeAudition amazing and stuck with me through technical difficulties! Thanks so much JD! "
" Amazing per usual "
" Always amazinnnngggggggg!!! loveeee JD! Thank youuuuu so much! "
" Always love JD. Great with suggestions and giving you what you need to be your best self. "
" Simply the best "
" A joy as always! "
" Lovely Chap "
" The man "
" He is literally the best reader. Great feedback and suggestions for scene objectives. "
" Great reader who will offer his thoughts and ask all the right questions. Also very good sense of humour! RECOMMEND!!! "
" MVP ! MVP ! "
" Mvp "
" Jamie always brings the goods - book him!!! "
" Thank you so much! Wonderful!! "
" Really helped me find my character’s motivation, was very active and energetic. Took my rehearsal to a new level! "
" Always the best . "
" JD was very professional, patient, and offered wonderful suggestions for creating variations in my takes. "
" JD really helped me get the realness and the heart out of each scene I did. Every take only got better and more personal. "
" One of my favorite people to read with! Always a gem "
" I'm pretty sure he's the best on this platform! "
" Second time I've used Jamie. As before, unbelievably patient, helpful and encouraging. You couldn't want for a better reader, particularly if ,like me, you are new to self-taping and could do with some much needed advice while trying to work your way round self-taping. "
" My favorite to work with! Always patient but great insightful notes. "
" He's the type of reader that turns into your friend b/c you request him so much lol.... Great every time. "
" JD has such positive energy. A joy to read with. Great reader and gives you just the right amount of feedback, Thank you sir! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Very professional reader and was very flexible. Nice to work with you JD! "
" Love working with you JD! Thanks for your help! "
" Always helpful! "
" Great read with and gave great tips! "
" JD is wonderful. Very patient, insightful and kind. A pleasure to work with. "
" JD is SUCH a pleasure to work with; he made the process fun and easy! "
" JD is fantastic to work with, full stop. He has so many great ideas and notes. It shows the depth of his training and passion for the work. Bravo! I will definitely use him again. "
" Such an incredible human to read with. And tbh, he is also an incredible Friend too! Anyone who needs a reader,Jamie is awesome! "
" A perfect reader, as always. "
" Awesome reader! "
" JD, honest and provided great feedback on script and character based on my casting type. A world of information, definitely helpful. Thanks JD "
" JD is not only an amazing reader, but he brings fresh ideas to the scene that help build it into something more. Highly, highly recommend him as a reader. "
" I just wanted to get JDs thoughts will regards to a script I was sent over for self tapering, I feel much clearer on where i want to go with the script now, Thank you! "
" Wonderful! Very present and gives great direction. Thank You! "
" JD is such a great reader. So fun and professional all in one! A true Gem! Thank you again sir:) "
" THE BEST!!! "
" Lovely! "
" Awesome "
" One of the best readers, I really enjoy working with him. "
" Always fun -- even when I start laughing during a VERY SERIOUS POLICE SCENE! "
" Love JD's energy! Great reader! Helpful notes! "
" Love working with JD! "
" Stellar reader. Stellar! Thank you JD! "
" His comedic timing is great! "
" JD is awesome!!!! Always have such a great time reading with him and he gave great advice and feedback to nail the take :) "
" He is the best! "
" Always the best! "
" Helpful as ever! Always love hearing JD's thoughts! Thank you! "
" The best and most patient! "
" Love working with JD! "
" EXCELLENT READER! Also, he provided some great ideas about the 2nd take that I wanted to do that I didn't think of. THANKS SO MUCH, JD! He very patient while there were some technical difficulties going on that I have not ever encountered before. He even helped me get that ironed out, too. "
" Good reader. "
" Such a good reader and offered incredibly insightful feedback. Will use again! "
" Always fantastic!! "
" Always great reading with JD! Excellent reader and gives great advice. He also helped me with my British accent--which I much appreciated. Thanks JD! "
" JD once again Thank you! "
" My favorite!!! "
" JD was so helpful with my Animation VO audition. I feel so confident now thanks to his input on this character! Thank you sir:) "
" JD is always a pleasure. He gave me some wonderful direction on the scene and really found the heart of it. The MVP of MVPs on WeAudish "
" Great reading and catching up with Jamie!! Always a pleasure! "
" JD was great, so kind, so helpful, and such a joy. "
" As always; a fantastic reader, full of insights and suggestions to make the scene great and so easy-going and relaxed that it makes the session fun regardless of what the scene may be about. Huge thanks as always JD! "
" Such a fun experience having JD as a rehearsal partner, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great reader. "
" Amazing every freaking time. love JD! "
" Love reading with him! "
" JD is the bees knees "
" Awesome as always. "
" JD ROCKS AS ALWAYS...We should all be so lucky to receive his great reading, astute insight and of course, fun and kindness! "
" Literally had the best time with him! Gave great feedback and made me feel extremely comfortable. "
" So so wonderful! Thank you! "
" Wonderful! Great ideas and amazing actor! "
" Very patient and kind! thanks JD! "
" JD was amazing!!! "
" Always amazing! "
" Finally got to meet JD on here and he gave me a slight redirect that now I get to play with a bit mjore- thanks for the scene love! "
" Amazing reader. Very helpful "
" Great reader. Very funny. "
" We all need a JD to help us be successful. BLESS YOU "
" Always love using JD! So patient and great notes "
" JD is such a wonderful and pleasant scene partner. "
" Great guy with great advice!! "
" Fantastic reader, can't get much better than JD. He gives amazing feedback as well. So lovely working with you again! "
" JD was a pleasure to work with in rehearsal. Every rehearsal builds confidence and working with different readers allows me to react differently and play with the material in an unplanned way. Thank you again for being here JD when I needed you. Mahalo :) "
" Great "
" Loverly "
" Wonderful! Jumped right into a complicated scene and was great. "
" Clutch as always. Nickelodeon since you'll be listening.. Book JD too! "
" Thank you JD for continuously giving me incredible energy and reads! "
" I cant rave enough about how amazing and helpful JD was! Thank you! "
" Once again he was fantastic! "
" Amazing, incredible, lifesaver! I was very overwhelmed and JD helped bring me back down to earth. So incredibly helpful! "
" JD is the man! great notes. great reader. "
" So fabulous, kind and patient. An all around great dude! "
" As usual JD was great however, I didn't get the opportunity to pay him for some reason, it did not go to my PayPal screen. I know he doesn't charge but I still like to give him something for his time. I guess I'll just have to pay him double next time! "
" The best "
" Always great! "
" Great reader and lovely energy! "
" JD is amazing! "
" Excellent reader, very helpful! "
" Consummate professional. Amazing insight and ideas. Pleasure to work with! "
" Another amazing session with JD, he is the best of the best. So smiley, lovely, warm, patient, understanding! A dream of scene partner :-D "
" JD is my go to guy on here! He helped me stop procrastinating my line-learning and really supported me in getting off book in a calm, chilled space. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for help, advice or just good vibes! "
" Really fantastic reader! Had a lot of wonderful ideas on how to flush out the relationships and discover different layers to the scene. Would recommend has a partner for your self-tape 110%! "
" JD is amazing as always! The best! xx Thank you...thank you! "
" JD is the best! "
" Incredible reader and such helpful feedback! "
" Awesome reader! Loved working with JD. "
" You should just read with him! Trust me! "
" JD is the best! "
" JD is so warm and always makes the work fun. We ran my lines and then had a lil industry chat. He knows his stuff! "
" My best friend on We Audition!!!! "
" Lovely as always! "
" Charismatic, present and energizing. Wonderful, experienced reader. "
" I’ve worked with JD a couple of times and I can always trust that he’ll give real solid advice. He’s very creative and offers good suggestions that can transform the scene but also work with whatever I bring to it. He helped me with a 9 page audition with a 24 hour turnaround and I ended up with a strong tape. I trust him for acting notes and industry advice plus he’s the nicest guy!! "
" A really great reader and he helped me last minute for my selftape !!! I def. recommend him :) "
" Always challenges with good questions that improved my performance. Thanks, JD! "
" Unbe-read-able! "
" Incredible reader, fun, great ideas and a lovely amount of patience! "
" So helpful and nice! Book him! "
" JD is fantastic, gave me some great pointers! Thank you :) "
" Wonderful reader! JD was so great with notes and helping me connects the dots between my lines to make the scene tighter. Highly recommend! "
" Stellar reader he is. Stellar! "
" What can I say? I keep coming back because JD always delivers! Thanks so much for your help getting this tricky scene in the bag! "
" Absolute GEM! Do yourself a favor and read w/ JD! "
" He's on my payroll at this point! Always a relaxing vibe - helps me to focus in. Thanks JD! "
" Thanks JD :) "
" You saved my audition, thanks. "
" The best "
" Thank you for your superb and absolutely professional help as a reader! "
" Another one down. JD IS AWESOME! "
" Amazing reader! JD helped me so much with my accent, he even gave me tips and books to read to continue practicing on my own. I am really grateful he is in WeAudition! "
" What a star JD is! The most thought provoking questions that were exactly what I needed to ask my character. He played the roles perfectly. So excited to share this tape after working with him! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Incredibly helpful - absolutely made the difference between understanding the character and not. "
" I had so much fun reading with JD. He made me feel super relaxed and gave great suggestions. Great reader! "
" Amazing as always "
" Wow, such a helpful and cool session, thank you very much, I learned a lot. Excellent reader, great insights and suggestions. Big thank you. "
" Great reader, calm and supportive. "
" Amazing "
" JD is amazing as always! glad to be able to call him a friend! Thanks a bunch sir! "
" One of my new favorites! "
" Awesome reader! I can't wait to read with him again. "
" This guy, awesome guy, wish there was another better word to describe him, but awesome seems pretty accurate. My favorite reader on the site, highly recommend him! Super professional and friendly 5 star reader "
" Great as usual "
" Have you read my reviews yet? Just scroll. I'm booking this one thanks to JD's help! "
" Love working with JD!!! Greatest! "
" This guy is consistent. Always does a great job and I'm alway glad to see him online. Easy choice. Thanks JD! "
" JD aka Mr. Clutch! Thank you for being available and such a supportive and professional reader! As always! He's done it again folks! "
" Always a delight to work with JD. We have fun and get the job done!!! And I booked the last gig he helped me with. Bam!! "
" "He was fun, fun, fun. Just like, fun. " "
" Amazing as always! "
" THEE BEST!!! "
" Simply the BEST! "
" Great reader! "
" Always a fun and helpful experience! :D Super friendly and skillful! "
" Thank you for helping me with scene work as well as reading in. Amazing partner! "
" JD is absolutely brilliant. So generous with his time and worked with me to find different ways to come at the scene and give the character more depth. Would love to work with him anytime! "
" Fabulous as always. Gave me invaluable direction as well as being such a giving, present reader. 5 stars always for my buddy!! "
" Awesome "
" JD is a superstar. He makes everything fun. It's like you're not even working. Book him! "
" JD is AWESOME! Kind, fun, thoughtful, will be back to read again with you! Thank you so much! "
" Always a great experience! :D "
" Wow! JD was AMAZING!! I had so much FUN! Great feedback and tips and extremely pleasant to work with! He really made the self-tape audition process FUN! Great personality! Friendly and professional! ...and a great actor! :) "
" What a wonderful reader and very friendly. :) "
" Always delivers a quality read and so personable! Can't wait 'til we meet in person or better yet work together on set. xoxoxo "
" So amazing, patient and helpful. Thanks, JD "
" Awesome dude JD is! Always gives me the confidence I need for the material! All-round star! Thank you! "
" Great reader! JD gave me some useful reference for this role who are so far different from myself. Great reader!! "
" Patient, focused, and incredibly helpful! Can't do much better as far as readers go. "
" I CUT YOU OFF AGAIN I'M SORRY!!! JD you are my favorite. So kind, so helpful and so major. Thank you always!!! "
" Always Awesome! "
" Super thoughtful advice "
" So kind and helpful "
" Awesome, helped open up the character "
" Thanks JD! I really appreciate it as always! "
" JD was a great help. Gave me several nuisances to ponder on throughout the scene, which will add depth the the character. Thanks JD! "
" Amazing reader, great energy!!! thank you! "
" JD is my go to guy when I need advice on something; so supportive, fun and happy to spend time making sure you get what you need out of the session! Would 11/10 recommend. "
" JD is so super sweet and helpful! All the other reviews are no joke y'all, book this guy!! He's down for anything you need help with, and I guarantee you'll have a nice laugh by the end! It was so nice to meet you, JD!! xo "
" Amazing ! JD is really patient and helpful ! "
" JD is always so great for when I have questions or need advice - calming, reassuring and a lot of fun to chat to! Definitely book him if you need help with reading, or if you're look for some quality advice! "
" Great session ! JD was very helpful with a very nice energy! "
" The besssstttttt "
" Great reader "
" JD is great! Absolutely recommend to any and everyone! Cheers! "
" Stellar as always! JD helped me record a self tape that I'm so proud of and gave me great notes about intention and objective. "
" This was my first rehearsal on WeAudition & I cannot thank JD enough!!!! So kind, so playful & incredibly helpful to understanding and exploring the scenes & characters. He happily went over the allotted time and recorded my self-tapes with me. Big love to him. "
" Wonderful as always. My secret weapon "
" Thank you for your help! "
" I love running ideas by JD! He has so much knowledge and insight! Thanks for being the best! "
" As always JD was super helpful, patient and gave great notes "
" As always, really patient and always keeps a great reading atmosphere! If you haven't yet; definitely book JD :) "
" Amazing reader and super patient! Loved him! "
" Greart reading with JD "
" Jamie is a WeAudition legend - it was my first time taping via the platform and he could not have been more helpful. Super friendly and a great read. THANKS! "
" Thanks again JD - friendly and a great reader, and good notes! "
" Such an incredible and supportive reader! Highly recommend! "
" First class! What a great guy. He had so many good ideas and choices and was totally open to playing around with the scene. JD genuinely likes working with actors and I never felt like he rushed me or wanted to get off the call. I'd use him every time if I could! "
" JD always gives amazing advice! thank you for being a star, always. Book this guy! "
" Excellent!!! "
" I ADORE JD! I always get a great work session with him WeAudtion should hire him! "
" WHAT A LEGEND. That was the most wonderful expeience with Jamie and We Audition. My first self tape using the service and I could not be happier with the process- and most of all with the fantastic Jamie who was helpful, and kind, and really helped with the direction. A million stars. "
" JD is such a wonderful soul. So thoughtful and kind. My first day on here and JD has been beyond helpful and very patient :) His knowledge; expertise; energy and humour are fantastic. Thanks so much JD. See you soon! "
" Love it! "
" So friendly, professional, brilliant understanding of the context and scene right away. Would highly recommend! "
" Jamie was amazing as always:) Loving our new audition mantra....Breathe In, Breathe Out and go BOOK THE JOB!!! "
" Another great session with JD, always on point "
" Amazing reader, so insightful and intelligent. thank you! "
" Will always use JD! The best! "
" One of my faves "
" Very patient and helpful! "
" Fantastic actor as always! Full of great insights to bring out the best in a scene! "
" JD gave such great feedback!! He made sure I was breathing and helped me talk out my choices and get more specific! Thank you thank you thank you! "
" Great Time JD Thanks! "
" What a wonderful human! JD was such a help to me today. I am new to we audition and he patiently guided me around and helped me enormously with my self tape. He gave me some spot on notes, super tips on a tricky accent, and lifted the energy I brought to the scene - THANK YOU! "
" What a lovely lovely person! So helpful and friendly and gave me a great suggestion to try something I had not thought of. Would def use again. "
" Great reader! thank you! "
" Great "
" Super awesome reader!!! Really patient and helpful with the whole process. Thank you so much. "
" Understanding, helpful. This was my first time self-taping and I could not have asked for a better reader. Jamie has the patience of a saint. If you're nervous about self-taping you couldn't ask for a better reader. "
" JD was a delight - He was an excellent reader and was very helpful navigating the system. His pacing is on point, very natural and real. You will love his energy! "
" Thanks JD - great reader ! "
" My favorite!!! SO patient and helpful "
" Thx "
" Awesome as always "
" JD is my favorite human. Book him! "
" Always a pleasure to work with JD! Very patient and delivery was bang on! "
" Thanks JD !!! i was soo nervous (about being nervous) but you allowed me to keep control !! "
" JD is one of the lovliest readers on Weaudition! So great! Thank you, JD! "
" JD was great, he was patient and gave great advise. "
" My favorite MVP "
" He was absolutely fantastic! "
" So patient with great notes! "
" Great self-tape session! JD was patient with my technical stuff, and really helped me understand a tricky point in the script! Thanks, JD! "
" . "
" Wonderful reader loved him! Gave great suggestions too! "
" Fantastic! "
" Always happy to see his face on my screen! He gave me a suggestion that was actually my first choice and it worked brilliantly. Thank you JD!! "
" JD helped me film a great last minute selftape! Can always count on him! Till next time! "
" So lovely.What a fantastic reader. Brilliant!Thank you!!Xx "
" JD is amazing! Great reader, great actor, so much talent and help me so much with the sides. So grateful! Always a pleasure to work with you. Thanks! xx "
" Great energy + Great reader! Fun to interact with and read with, helps you feel out your scene and will help pull the best out. Thank you JD! "
" JD is awesome! He is definitely a pro to work with. "
" So patient and helpful every time! "
" Well. I finally did it. I braved the WeAudition..."audition" waters. Thanks to JD steering the ship, I had a great time. JD was laid back, actor friendly, supportive, and professional. Winning recipe in my book! Thanks JD! I'll def see you again soon! "
" Personable, professional, and charismatic! Every read is better with an assist from JD. "
" JD is sooo great! And so patient and an extremely generous acting partner. I highly recommend him! "
" Professional, charming and oh so helpful! Love working with JD. "
" As always, he's a gem to work with. Did I mention I've booked a role based on his self tape alone! "
" The best always! "
" First off, JD is a WeAudition MVP and all around Champion of a human being. Finally met in "person" today and I see what all the rave is about. JD helped me learn the platform from an audition perspective and I can't wait to work with him soon! Read with this guy! "
" Such a great reader! Gave very helpful feedback "
" JD saves the day again! He was my go-to for technical assistance today, but whether it’s tech help, industry advice, a reader, or just someone to bounce lines or ideas around with, he won’t let you down! Great for chats too! "
" Great great great :) "
" Lovely as always and so good at improv to help you get in the scene. "
" Amazing! I am so glad to have been able to work on a self tape with the talented JD. He provided productive feedback. Additionally, I had a French line in the sides and he even reached out to one of his French friends to help make sure I was pronouncing correctly!! Thank you so much!! "
" Really good to work with "
" JD is the best, so patient and such good notes. "
" Great energy, great cold reader! "
" JD is an amazing reader! A talented actor himself and gives really thoughtful notes. "
" Always a pleasure "
" This dude is the best! Highly recommend! "
" Always so friendly and helpful!!!! "
" Thankfully, JD was up late watching TV. Always a pleasure and a good session when we read together. Highly recommend and will certainly partner with him again! "
" Amazing as always. "
" So nice. and talented! "
" Always great to work with. Excellent reader with good suggestions to enhance the scene. "
" JD is exacting, helpful and delightful to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Love JD!!!! He's my buddy and I'm always so happy when I am assigned an audition or scene so I get to work with him. He gives me such helpful notes and is a fabulous, giving reader too. Yay!!! "
" JD is my good best friend and I love him to pieces. "
" Such good concise notes and so supportive. JD is the bomb! "
" The best every time! "
" JD is great! Very helpful! "
" AWESOME. So helpful, friendly and knowledgeable "
" JD is awesome as always, such a fun guy to work with! He creates a really relaxing atmosphere that helps you just get the best out of your performances. Highly recommended! "
" JD was fun to "play" with for a piece I rehearsed for class. He was thoughtful and generous. "
" Amazing yet again. He really makes you feel at home and brings out your authentic self. "
" Amazing as always. So happy to consider JD a good friend now, and he consistently is such a giving, gifted reader with very helpful adjustments as well. Will always recommend him! "
" He's so passionate and generous in giving information. That is an honor to have a session with him "
" Hes so great!!! "
" JD was super helpful! Great notes and great reader "
" JD is a STAR! Always super helpful and ready to jump in! Thanks again! "
" What a absolute treasure of a performer. Goes above and beyond to help, really very proactive would be a asset to any production. great reader 100% "
" JD is always a pro! "
" Amazinggggg thank you "
" Gave me loads to ork with on a self tape and great feedback to use "
" JD's a great help for practicing your lines! He's really good at making you think outside the box and giving you different scenario ideas - he's a highly skilled actor who can easily switch up a character by playing around with different possible scenarios for the background of your script! This really helps you think about it more in-depth! "
" JD is so talented. He truly gives you a lot to work with and to play off with the other characters! Try him, seriously it'll be great. "
" JD is absolutely AMAZING!!!! He was soooo helpful with all of the problems I was having with my self-tape🙏 I can't say enough nice things about his generous nature and thoughtfulness 🥰. Thank you, thank you., thank you JD, and god bless🙏😘 "
" I could write a book on how great he was but I’ll keep it short. He was Awesomely AWESOME🤩 "
" JD thank you so so so much for helping me tape my 3 three scenes. I was sooo stressed and nervous and you were so helpful!! thank youuu "
" So helpful. Really had some great ideas for the scene and inner life of the character after just reading the sides once or twice. Highly recommend. "
" So good to work with. Such a nice guy. All smiles and good advice. "
" Excellent as always "
" So insightful and patient - top reader! "
" JD is so amazing. He's always down to read the scene with me as many times as possible until I feel prepared. And he has a great understanding of shifts and beats in the scene. Will always recommend him to anyone!! "
" Bommmmmbbbbb diggidy reader & person & thank youuu "
" Once again, such a great experience working with JD! He worked with me so well on my monologue, helped me remain calm for the audition I was preparing for and was so great at helping me find little moments and beats to play that just elevated the performance! Thank you! Book him for sure! "
" JD is an amazing reader! He was super insightful and supportive. He did not only a great job reading the lines but also giving tips. "
" Super lovely guy, really relaxed as we ran lines and took all the pressure off. "
" Great guy to read with! Great ideas if you're open to them! Should be an acting teacher as well LoL "
" Brilliant as always. Full of great ideas to get the scene on a new track! Book him! "
" Very helpful "
" Wonderful to work with! Great pointers! "
" He is amazing.. Not much more to say! He is a fountain of knowledge "
" Always a pleasure to have Jamie as my reader! Thank you for your insights! you are the best! "
" Freaking awesommeeeeee "
" Always a pleasure chatting with JD, he gives such great advice and is so good at keeping you calm and collected. Would 100% recommend him for anything you may need help with! "
" Great time with JD! Calm, ask the right questions about the scene/character and lovely energy. Thank you "
" Nailed another selftape with JD! You are the best "
" Always a pleasure having Jamie read for me! You are a star! THank you "
" Really helpful and great advice! "
" Insightful, encouraging and patient - all I could ask for in a reader! "
" Such a wonderful reader! Gave me amazing notes to play with my scene. Beautiful energy "
" JD was lovely! "
" OMG!!!! JD is fantastic! Great actor! Thank you. "
" Nothing better like some Shakespeare to start of the day with! JD is awesome! Has a wealth of knowledge (and books) to help you get into any text! "
" What a legend!!!!! 5 stars all the way! "
" Super awesome guy and phenomenal reader xx "
" Fantastic reader and amazing energy. Gave me exactly what I was looking for. "
" Absolutely amazing guy, JD was so easy to talk too and gave great advice and opinions! If you haven't booked this guy yet, you're missing out! "
" Love working with JD. He's fun and energetic. "
" JD was awesome! He gave me excellent tips and guidance, as well as asking important questions to build the scene so it worked effectively. Would read with him again anytime. A+! "
" JD is very professional. As a reader-actor he helped me reach the emotions I needed at the top of the scene for a self-tape audition. "
" JD is so good! Awesome reader:) Thank you sir! "
" OMG! He's the BEST. Thank you JD for the amazing and fun session. "
" Awesome as always, very helpful with physical actions and how to best film them. Great reader! Book him! "
" Another fabulous session! JD is such a great partner to read off of and then also gave me some super helpful direction that really helped me immerse myself in the scene more. And then we had a nice buddy chit chat afterwards because he's just the most fun to be around. Will always recommend JD! "
" Another awesome session, thanks JD! "
" Lovely as always! Very patient while I have a musical intermezzo! Thank you again good Sir! "
" Lovely chat about career steps and ideas! He is a lovely man! he knows what he's talking about! "
" Greaat "
" A M A Z I N G ! "
" Superb! "
" Awesome guy, Awesome reader, Awesome actor,! Book him "
" Another great session with JD, thank you! "
" Amazing! JD was so encouraging and he has fantastic instincts. I will definitely be using him as a reader again! "
" Extremely patient and helpful! You rock JD "
" Great insights as always! Great direction! Great reader! "
" Such a great talk I had with JD about race and inequality! I'm so grateful for his time and how he explained! Thank you for this! "
" Honestly such a superstar! So patient and helpful with so many great ideas and pointers to get the best out of the scene. So pleased with how my tape turned out. Thank you JD :) "
" Always soo much fun to have Jamie as reader! Lovely energy and great insights! until next time buddy! "
" Such a great guy and reader! "
" JD was so helpful and had fantastic ideas of how to help me with all of the transitions within my scene. Thank you so much! "
" As always JD is super helpful! one of my favourites on the platform! "
" Great reader and easy to work with. Thanks for your patience sir! "
" Amazing! So patient, insightful and charming!! "
" Excellent reader! Patient, encouraging, highly recommend! "
" JD is an actor, writer, director, and friend all in one! Always give me helpful feedback like, pick up your cues here, try this color here, etc. Every time I leave my sessions with him I feel prepped and ready to go, and he's become a wonderful friend of mine too. Will always recommend him to people! "
" Great session with JD - he's so generous and helpful. He asked some questions which made me think about elements of the scene I hadn't thought of yet. Will definitely use again! "
" Wonderful! Generous with time and fun reader. "
" Greatttt "
" Didn't get to connect today, but he is great. Looking forward to more reads together! "
" Yessss awesome "
" A MA Z I N G per USUAL! "
" Excellent! "
" Always a pleasure to have JD read for me! he's a star "
" INCREDIBLE actor. FANTASTIC. Truly brightened my day. Thank you, JD. "
" Freakinggggg amazinnnngggg! loveeeee! such a great reader & offers great feedback! thank youuuu! "
" JD was awesome. Very helpful and gave great notes. Thanks! "
" Awesome! Another self tape with JD and what a pleasure it is to work with him. Love of Art, availability, Wonderful talent. Thank you so much "
" Wonderful and great tips! "
" Really helpful and full of advice. "
" This man is sooo generous with his time, talent and support! I was lucky to work with him for multiple sessions today and he is a star! #teamJD "
" Absolutely brilliant! "
" JD was superb from the start! Generous and kind, he used his free time to show me how I can make the most out of WeAudition. I owe you my future on here, if it wasn't for you twitt, I don't know where I would've started from! Very grateful for the lovely chat with you -CIAOOOOOO "
" JD brings so much energy and enthusiasm, it's infectious! Such an easy person to talk to with a wealth of knowledge. An amazing scene partner and an asset to this platform :) "
" JD was a fantastic partner during my session with him. He was calm, friendly, polite and reassuring, and gave very useful feedback. I would certainly work with him again! "
" Another fabulous session with JD! He might even have a future as a director because he has a great understanding of story and how to steer towards actor choices that better illustrate the story. So not only is he an incredible reader, I can always count on him to give me super helpful tips that help improve the scene. A+++ !! "
" JD was awesome! Great attitude. Very insightful with great ideas. Had a great time collaborating with him. "
" Very friendly and helpful "
" I've been on WeAudition for over a year now and JD is my favorite person to rehearse with! So easygoing and kind! If you can, book him! "
" Super helpful reader who stayed with me despite technical issues :-) "
" Fantastic reader. Great energy. "
" JD is just so patient and wonderful. After reading through two scenes, he literally sat and listened to my RP accent for almost an hour and gave me extremely helpful notes. It was 1:30am for him and if I hadn't told him to go to bed he would have kept working with me until I felt prepared for my gig. He is the most amiable and giving actor I could ask to work with and I will always recommend him! "
" Simply the Best - Tina Turner/Shanta Parasuraman "
" Seasoned, and great with intricate material. Super helpful and kind!!! "
" JD was AHHHHHMAZING.....so insightful, ready to play and patient as I tried to get off book. Would totally recommend him!!! "
" Great reader!! Definitely will book him again! "
" Amazing reader! JD was so patient and offered amazing notes to think about in my scene. I'll definitely be using him again. :) "
" JD is just the best. my third time using him, and he's terrific. "
" Thanks :) "
" JD was great. Responsive, available to bounce ideas off and committed to making it be right. Thanks "
" JD was awesome! He gave me a minor adjustment in the beginning that impacted the scene in such a positive way. Great attitude and energy. Pleasure to work with. "
" ;) "
" So awesome and patient! "
" JD is such an amazing actor. The support he gives is more than valuable. So much talent and love for art. I´m so grateful. Thank you...thank you...thank you... "
" Just the most patient and friendly reader I could ever want. Always up for doing more takes, giving encouragement, and offering helpful adjustments. 11/10 always! "
" OMG!!! This is my first time using WeAudition and I am so glad that I met with JD. Not only was he great at walking me through what I needed to do, but he also gave my new perspective on my scene that made it truly POP. Thank you for your kindness and your great perspective on the scene. "
" JD was so helpful! He gave me time to rehearse a bit with him, helped me navigate the site, because it was my first time, and is quite a good actor. He even coached a bit, but in a collaborative way. I appreciate his time and expertise so much. Plus, he has a lovely accent. I'm sure I have an accent to him too! "
" Amazing as always!! :) Thx, love! "
" So much fun! thanks for blazing through all those different sides with me "
" Super fun session with JD. Gives notes and feedback too. Fabulous reader!! Thank you! "
" JD is the Best reader we can have! Great reader and coach. So much talent. Thank you so much! "
" Very nice, patient, professional and cute "
" Patient and professional "
" Awesome reader, very friendly and good notes. Thanks so much! "
" JD is wonderful for both dramatic and comedic scenes! I had a very serious procedural script today and he gave me the exact right energy as well as very helpful suggestions for finding different colors throughout the scene. As always, 11/10!! "
" JD is such a generous reader! Very easy going and kind. Book him if you can! "
" So friendly and fun to work with! "
" JD is such a joy to work with. I've read with him four times in two weeks so far. He's not only a talented and generous reader but he offers wonderful insight and suggestions for things to try in the next take. He's also become a good friend of mine and I always look forward to catching up with him. Definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a reader!! "
" Thanks again!! "
" JD is so pleasant to read with. He has great energy and ideas to try out. I really appreciated his positivity and patience. "
" So nice meeting you JD! Thanks for your help! "
" JD is lovely! Super helpful with a kind peaceful vibe. Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Once again another great session :) "
" THE BEST. So kind and patient. Brilliant actor. You HAVE to work with him. "
" Awesome reader! Very helpful giving tips and feedback. Thank you so much! "
" My session with Jamie was brilliant! He is knows how to breakdown character and story so so well. Also extremely generous with his time and very patient. You will be glad you booked with him "
" Excellent reader. He was great in redirecting me to enhance the personality of the person for which I was portraying. I would call upon him again when given the opportunity. "
" Very kind and patient reader. Had fun working with him. "
" JD is AMAZING! Such a kind, wonderful reader, helped me so much with my self tape, was so very patient, amazing energy!! Thank you, JD! "
" Awesome ! "
" JD is awesome! I'll definitely read with him again! "
" So great and patient. Gave great feedback and helped in every way. "
" Great! "
" JD was awesome! He gives you great energy as a reader to keep you locked in the scene without being distracting and was wonderful to work with! "
" Awesome! "
" Excellent reader! Supportive and fun to work with! "
" Jamie was awesome! I loved the re-directs he gave me and he was so easy to read with. I enjoyed our session! "
" JD is the best!! Wow, what a generous, talented reader and he also gave me the such intuitive and helpful feedback/direction to really make my scene stand out. Will definitely be rehearsing with him again! "
" Fabulous reader! Really helpful and easy going to read with. Seriously.... ya gotta give him a try! :D "

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