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Lenique Vincent is an actor and writer. She has relished in playing numerous characters on Nickelodeon, especially in her role as Isa the Iguana on "Dora the Explorer." She is also known for her work on PBS Kids’ “The Electric Company,” ABC’s “What Would You Do?” and for several on and off camera commercials. In 2012, Lenique was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and has been striving for a win ever since. In 2019, she graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a double major in journalism. There, she completed her primary training at the Stella Adler Studio for Acting; and advanced training at Stonestreet Studios. Currently, Lenique is working on becoming an A-list actor and philanthropist while building her fashion and lifestyle brand/publication, Things You Haute to Know (TYHTK). With hopes of collaborating with fashion houses and charities, Lenique also has longterm aspirations to release annual TYHTK magazines; targeting innovative young adults interested in the fashion and entertainment industry.

I'm working for you! As your reader firstly, and your feedback partner; but only if you ask. My goal is to make the most of our time together and to create great work. I'll treat your audition as if it were my very own (under your direction, of course!) Good luck and remember: You were perfectly made with purpose.

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Email: leniquev@yahoo.com
Instagram: @lenique.inc

Hi! I’m Lenique Vincent, an actor, writer, foodie and curious perfectionist.

I have played numerous characters on Nickelodeon, my most notable being Isa the Iguana on Dora the Explorer. I’ve also had the pleasure of working on PBS Kids’ “The Electric Company,” ABC’s “What Would You Do?,”and have featured in several on and off camera commercials. In 2012, I was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and have been striving for a win ever since. In 2019, I graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a double major in theatre and journalism. Currently, I’m working on becoming an A-list actor and philanthropist while building a fashion and lifestyle brand/publication called Things You Haute to Know (TYHTK).

I can't wait to collaborate with you!

Rep: Stewart Talent NYC

Stewart Talent NYC IG: Lenique.inc Twitter: LeniqueVincent

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" Lenique is always great! A+++ reader. Highly recommend :) "
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" So patient, and such a great reader! "
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" I messed up my framing and Lenique helped me retape and was SO COOL and supportive about it. she holds space for you to do your thing and i am so grateful "
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" Wonderful read! "
" Very nice and helpful, quick at pinning down accents! "
" Stellar reader. She really pays attention to the script and gives great feedback. So patient! Also very kind! I strongly recommend!!! "

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