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I love love love reading scripts with actors! Happy to run them into the ground until they are forever etched into your memory, or dissect them until we find the stuff that not even the writers realized they wrote so that you look like a genius in the audition! Just let me know which road you want to go down!

Most people know me from American Horror Story. I also just finished shooting on "The Burial" with Tommy lee Jones, and a film I just shot called BLACK MASS is playing at Cannes.

B.A. in Theater, minor in dance. I've been acting for over 20 years. I started coaching actors after my agent asked me to become a manager. Instead I became a coach for her clients. Managers have too much paperwork.

Currently study with Pruitt Taylor Vince,
Previous teachers include: BGB Studios, Michael Laskin Carolyne Barry, Scott Wisner at ASG, Jef Cohen, Robin Brown, Toni Cobb, & Gregory Allen Williams
I have also studied Improv at the Groundlings and UCB

Venmo @jenniferlynnwarren - You'll see a pic of a crazy looking black cat!

Actress Jennifer Lynn Warren broke out in the industry in her portrayed of Borquita LaLaurie in American Horror Story. Her character was so convincing, Kathy Bates told her that her screams gave her chills. Jennifer's character was only supposed to be on one episode, but her talent and professionalism on and off set had the show bringing her back for five more episodes.

Jennifer Lynn Warren spent years in New York training and doing theater before her career brought her to Hollywood south and New Orleans. It was there she booked her first role in the film Creature, produced by Sid Sheinberg (Former head of Universal) and Paul Mason, who remains a friend and mentor. The film was shot in an actual swamp in Baton Rouge Louisiana. On that day, despite dealing with real gators surfacing, and being overcome with exhaustion and hypothermia which caused her to drown and need resuscitation, Jennifer never let filming stop and made sure her role in the picture was completed. It earned her the respect of line producer Mike Cuddy and director Fred Andrews, whom remain close to Jennifer to this day and have brought her into several other projects.

While in Louisiana, she worked on a play called The Clean House, director by Emmy award winning actor Pruitt Taylor Vince. They became thick as thieves, appearing in two films and a web series together. Vince convinced Jennifer to move out to Los Angeles, telling her that with all the actors he's worked with, she was more than talented enough to be competitive in the big market, so she made the big move.

Her first job in LA was working for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, performing for years on the occasional skit, and even making her way over to Conan's show.

But Jennifer's career as a performer does not stop there. She is a dedicated belly dancer, and believes that an actor must live life to the fullest and gather as much experience as possible in order to bring life to her characters.

Her dedication to the industry has led her to being a convention fan favorite, and a well sought after career coach, launching new actors onto the correct path. She see's it as a karmic venture that also holds her accountable towards working on her own career.

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, you'd expect her to have a girl next door persona. She's sweet as pie when you meet her, but her dark sense of humor, love of all this horror and post-apocalyptic adds to the mystery to her characters she portrays that makes you wonder, what deep dark secret she may be holding.

To contact me personally: Landrum Arts LA +1 318 742 6554 phone +1 866 757 8786 fax

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" Jennifer Lynn Warren is the most generous actor I've worked with on WeAudition. Her input, inspiration, and patience are greatly appreciated. <3 "
" Jennifer is a steadfast great scene partner. She picks up the scene immediately, and her input is always well aimed. Perfect. "
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" So so helpful and great with Southern accents!! "
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" Jennifer was remarkable as always, and particularly helpful in figuring out options for a second take. My highest recommendation! "
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" Excellent, as usual--really pushed me to develop this character--come up with stuff especially since in this monologue there is what the character says and NOTHING else. "
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" Very helpful reader "
" An absolute treasure of a human and an artist. Don't sleep on Jennifer! She has a lot of valuable understanding and shares it in the most supportive way possible. "
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" Super helpful! Gave me great notes on my different takes to make it awesome! "
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" Fantastic! Has experience as a reader for a CD and had a lot of insight. "
" Jennifer was so great! It was my first time using WeAudition, she walked me through how it all worked and made me feel very comfortable. She had great advice for a scene I was a little nervous about bringing to a workshop. Will absolutely use her as a reader/line runner again! "
" Jennifer is so astute! This insights and perspectives she brings is priceless! "
" Jennifer was outstanding! Really got into the role and gave me something to work with. Thank you!!! "
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" Excellent cold reader. Lots of creative ideas. "
" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I could not have lucked out more grabbing Jennifer as a reader! I had a movement/ combat heavy self tape and she does lots of stunt auditions! She redirected me and made me so much more comfortable in my body and scene. Thank you a million!! "
" HONESTLY THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! I had so much fun with Jennifer and she was so helpful with notes. I cannot wait for when I next work with her!!! "
" Jennifer is passionate and wise with insightful perspectives. So enjoy working with her. "
" Very patient, great insight in style, tone etc. "
" Super friendly and awesome! Thank you "
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" Jennifer is all sort of awesome, book her if you see her online. "
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" Good cold read! "
" The most loving hard-butt wakeup call--she pushes and HELPS. :-) She cares too much to let you get by with shoddy work. Book her. "
" Jennifer is a tremendous partner to work with "
" I love her!!! She is such a joy to work with. I told her I wanted to play and find different colors in the scene and she was so open to it and gave me different directions to play with. Thank you so much!! "
" Awesome reader! Helpful and patient! "
" Jennifer had such a nice eye for all the little moments in this scene I'm working on and now I feel 10x more confident for the callback & ready to play :) Thank you so much!!!!! "
" Amazing. Awesome.Fantastic.Thank youuuuu! "
" As usual, Jen is the best! "
" Awesome! Great advice! She makes sure you book the part! Will use again! THANKS GIRL :) "
" Got on here with a really bad written script for a stereotypical character and she gave me good industry advice on how to tackle it in different ways. "
" Great reader, very helpful and fun! "
" Great as always! I've used her multiple times and she does not disappoint. Great pace, and picks up the meaning of the scene first run "
" Really great notes, has lots of different life and industry experience that adds to her coaching and reading with you. "
" I needed advice and Jennifer was a well of knowledge!! "
" Jennifer is all sorts of awesome, if you see her on line, you should totally book her. "
" Great suggestions and letting me run through as many times as needed! "
" Lovely reader! Helped me break down a last minute scene with great advice! :) "
" Amazing! Super friendly & easy to work with. Helped so much with range of character & script. "
" So much fun! Really pushed me to explore my boundaries. "
" So patient. Love my reads with you. Thank u "
" Great, firm, undeniable advice. "
" Another awesome session with Jennifer! super great "
" Easy breezy, like sunday morning. "
" Sweet human and great reader :) "
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" Amazing. Again. Thank you. Again. "
" Jennifer was a wonderful reader and has helped me tremendously with auditions I had this morning. She's patient and so caring! "
" Great Again! "
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" OMG Such a treat to work with her! So knowledgeable :) "
" Phenomenal suggestions, amazing reader! Thank you!! "
" Great! "
" Jennifer was so helpful! She was so patient, and her insight and feedback helped make the scene more believable. "
" Jennifer was an awesome reader and gave some helpful tips for the scene! Loved working with her. "
" Great insights. Great give and take. Turned a "work" session into something very fun as well as productive. Thank you. "
" A. MAZING. "
" Amazing reader! Thanks so much Jennifer! "
" Jennifer offers terrific insight on scenes. She picks up on nuances and asks challenging questions. Great reader. "
" Jennifer is so amazing and patient. Gives a lot of amazing pointers "
" Super great in making my audition something I can be proud to send in! "
" The best!!! We worked a fun self tape one liner together. "
" Really helped me talk through the scene so I could find the nuances and have fun with the character "
" Jennifer is amazing and so kind! Thank you so much! I needed some advice on accent and she provided a ton of helpful tips. "
" Jennifer was super supportive and fun to work with! Great insight and experience that she shared with me, will be sure to work with her again soon! "
" Awesome reader, thank you! "
" AMAZING! gives great feedback "
" Amazingly concise notes and a genuine joy to work with someone who loves working a script. "
" Super patient, great direction! Love her! "
" Amazing and kind reader!!!!! "
" Jennifer was great. A great reader and so warm and patient and supportive "
" THE BEST!!! Not just a wonderful, engaged reader, but an excellent director with very helpful notes and guidance. Can't wait to work together again. "
" Jennifer provided a great deal of feedback on the character and script. She is amazing and takes her time and gives instance recommendations on other methods to use for character development. Worth your time, great reader, quick pick up. "
" Very positive attitude! "
" Jennifer is lovely. Patient, passionate with very insightful feedback. Thoroughly recommend taking advantage of her reader skills. "
" Jennifer is fantastic. Great reader with great advice! Thank you so much. Book her guys! "
" So generous, so kind, so smart and so honest. :-) "
" Yeah... Jennifer just sent me into a complete existential crisis. And it's epic. You ever go in to work a scene then get your entire worldview tipped on its bum? Me neither til I worked with her. I've been a 'good student' actor, now working to break through into an actor who is there to love the process, say fuck the bastards, and really take risks. Jennifer challenged me in a way where I now have 15 different paths to grow. I honestly can't thank her enough for that. Whew. Gonna go take a shower and journal. Would work with her again in a heartbeat. "
" Jennifer is AMAZING! Like seriously, she not only provided great coaching for my audition, but she added time and gave some awesome tips about the industry in general. Just book her (lol) but seriously. "

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