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Hi! I'm Annabelle, an actor born and bred in Vancouver, BC. I've garnered multiple film credits in popular productions such as Yellowjackets, Superman & Lois, A Million Little Things, and Fort Salem: Motherland.

I love working with other actors whether it is reading for an audition or workshopping a scene for class. I thrive off the sense of play when reading and welcome all ideas. As a reader, I do not generally offer unsolicited advice, however, I am happy to offer notes/my opinion or make suggestions if I feel we are on the brink of something magical. I'm here to help you!

I hold a diploma in Film and Television Acting from School Creative (previously known as Vancouver Acting School). I've also trained at other credible institutions across Canada such as Railtown Actors Studio, Jeb Beach & Associates, Armstrong Acting Studios, Actor Van Studio, Professional Actors Lab, Austin-Tuck Studios, and Sears & Switzer.

When not acting, I work at a highly-regarded, bi-coastal PR agency as a Project Manager. I frequently split my time between the office and audition rooms.

If you'd like to book a reading session with me when I'm offline or would like to connect with me in general, feel free to reach out to me directly.


IG: @belle_loi

Annabelle Loi is an actor born and bred in Vancouver, BC. She is best known for her roles in Yellowjackets, Superman & Lois, A Million Little Things, and Fort Salem: Motherland.

Annabelle graduated from School Creative (formerly Vancouver Acting School) with a diploma in Film and Television Acting. She has since trained at other credible institutions across Canada such as Railtown Actors Studio, Jeb Beach & Associates, Armstrong Acting Studios, Actor Van Studio, Professional Actors Lab, Austin-Tuck Studios, and Sears & Switzer.

When not acting, Annabelle works at a highly-regarded, bi-coastal PR agency as a Project Manager. She frequently splits her time between the office and audition rooms.

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90 Reader Reviews

" Amazing - helped me figure out the sense of the scene and offered such useful direction. Would definitely use Annabelle again. "
" Annabelle is super helpful! She helped me analyze and interpret a couple of scenes I'm working on for a workshop. "
" So great, she gave lots of helpful notes. Helped me make sure and keep my choices in character, and gave me so much to work off of <3 "
" Annabelle is always great!! Excellent reader and scene partner. One of the best! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Annabelle has tons of patience and is passionate in her suggestions without being overbearing. She and I worked together to create a nice spectrum of takes for 2 very important auditions. Recommend her 100% "
" So great to work with as always and so fun! Knocked out a commercial and tv audition quickly and easily today. Feels like I've known her for years! "
" Annabelle is FANTASTIC! Will definitely book her again :) "
" The best! I keep coming back! "
" Awesome reader! "
" She's the best! "
" She is a very good reader. Thank you! "
" Jumped right in! Had informed notes and high energy! "
" The best! Love working with this Queen. Great reader and always so many useful and intelligent suggestions. "
" FANTASTIC READER!!! Gives great notes and suggestions. 10/10 "
" Annabelle was so amazing! She noticed some really key items that brought a whole other level to my tape! "
" I'm coming back alot to work with Annabelle. Pro active, nice, and great insight into scene work... "
" Annabelle was great! I'm very new to scene study, and she taught me a lot about how to approach a script, and gave some great feedback. "
" Annabelle is one of my favourite readers on here! Such an amazing reader and always has such great pointers. She particularly knows her sh*t when it comes to reporter/newscaster roles and really helped me nail my audition for one. "
" Annabelle is the BOMB!! She's not only an excellent cold reader, but she also gives great ideas if you're looking for a different perspective on a scene. Easy to work with, attentive and patient:) Thanks again, girl! Book a session with her! You won't regret it! "
" Highly skilled reader/performer !! super friendly and gives you great energy each take to work with! DEFF RECOMMEND !!!:D "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome experience, quick an clear diction. Loved it! "
" Incredibly sweet, sharp, and intuitive. Great reader "
" So helpful. So supportive. "
" Absolutely loved working with Annabelle! Highly recommend her for all your reader needs! "
" Great Reader. Dedicated to the craft and working on the material. "
" Coolest! "
" Great reader, great notes, super helpful "
" Annabelle is excellent! Patient, respectful, great energy, personable, and super helpful with notes when you need them. Also a fantastic reader who made the script come to life. Book Annaelle now! "
" Thank you again! "
" Annabelle is always great! One of my favorites! "
" Really helped getting the nerves out and allowed to play with the word in the sides "
" Annabelle is a fab reader! Book her! "
" Amazing reader, played around with the scene and found some great moments! "
" Amazing reader! Definitely a gem. Thanks so much :)) "
" Annabelle was amazing!! What a fantastic reader and actor! Thank you! "
" Great reader and so sweet and fun to talk to. Would definitely recommend! "
" She's incredible, really able to connect with the character.! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Annabelle is excellent. Gives helpful notes and direction if needed. "
" Great reader! Gave great emotion to help the scene roll along. BOOK ANNABELLE! "
" Perfect! "
" Excellent Excellent Excellent reader! A+, thank you! "
" Wonderful! Gave great feedback with an outside perspective! Helped me get out of my head! "
" Wonderful!!! gave me great direction! Thank you <3 "
" Annabelle is such a great reader. She gave me great notes and helped me really put together a tape I was proud of. Highly recommend! "
" Amazing reader. Amazing energy! "
" Super friendly and supportive. Annabelle brings great enrgy! "
" Always a great audition with you. Hope I get pinned for this one too. Thanks again! "
" Annabelle was fantastic!! Really incredible with feedback and super encouraging. "
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" Great reader. awesome vibes and absolutely loved her insight on my sides. 10/10 reccomend! "
" Good reader, kind professional, and I value her feedback. Cheers! "
" My go to audition mate two nights in a row! Love the coaching and the energy that she brings. Ace! "
" Maybe the best. And so enjoyable working with her. "
" Amazing!! Loved her!! Would highly recommend! "
" Great Energy, "
" Amazing such a cool person "
" Repeat greatness! Thank you so much, Annabelle! "
" What a pro! Annabelle was such a joy to work with. Excellent reader and gave great notes. Got me out of my head and was really patient in working with me to break down the scene. Will definitely book again! Thanks, Annabelle! "
" Annabelle is an amazing reader. "
" Great to work with. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader! fun to work with! "
" Annebelle was awesome to work with. Great personality, great reader and great ideas and suggestions. Will definitely look out for her again. "
" So sweet and so patient! thanks so much for reading with me!!! "
" Such great, warm energy. Would read with Annabelle again in a heartbeat! "
" Sweetest ever!!! so kind and gave great feedback as well!! thank you so much! "
" Amazing Read from Mz. Annabelle.. gave her a emotional scene and she ran with it . "
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" Great reader! So helpful! "
" Easy going - Great with cold reading - Thank you, Annabelle 🙏🏻 "
" Annabelle was awesome! She had amazing energy and gave some great notes that I had missed that really helped to elevate my tape. Would 100% use her again! "
" Amazing reader, so patient and helpful! "
" Great Reader! Thank you "
" Annabelle is amazing!! GREAT reader and So good to work with!! Book her! "
" Sooooo good. helpful, kind and just enjoyable to talk to! absolutely gonna use her again "
" Amazing reader!!!!! "
" I LOVED working with Annabelle! She is incredibly helpful, patient, and accommodating and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great self-tape session! "
" Annabelle was SO helpful and accommodating! She is an absolute pleasure to work with! "
" Anabelle was awesome! She's an amazing reader and she was able to give insightful notes that really pushed the scene into great tapes. BOOK her! "
" Easy to work with and offered great suggestions! "
" Annabelle was so great to read with. A great actor with such good energy. Will definitely book her again! "

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Motherland: Fort Salem
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