Tashimah Lanay Evans

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Hi there,

I am a NYC based actress. I am an Alumnus of Maggie Flanigan Studios 2-year Conservatory in NYC. I also have my BA in Mass Media Arts with a Film and Television concentration.

I love helping Actors connect with the truth of moments. I am available to provide feedback, ideas, help with workshops, or rehearsal. I have helped Actors secure callbacks and book straight from tape.

I love finding the truth of the character and helping Actors create vivid behavior for their self tapes🎬

Let's work together and book your job 🔥

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Venmo: @tashimah-edwards

Tashimah is full of sugar and even more spice. Tashimah was born and raised in South Jersey, but her dreams led her to Atlanta. There she received a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media Arts from Clark Atlanta University. While there, she appeared in stage productions, indie films, and National commercials. Let me just say, it has been a journey. A beautiful one.

Her love for Art led her to New York City. Tashimah trained at Maggie Flanigan Studios Conservatory in their two year program. At Maggie's, she developed a diverse toolbox of Acting training that has fully prepared her for her life on the screen and on the stage. Tashimah believes that life provides opportunities to learn our greatest lessons if we are willing to be a student.

Tashimah enjoys painting, singing, dancing, and working out. She loves to laugh, spending time with loved ones, and traveling. Tashimah loves hip hop, but also enjoys quiet moments listening to Sabrina Claudio. More than anything she just loves living her best authentic life.


749 Reader Reviews

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" Tashimah is great! The last time I worked with her I got a callback on a roll that I was so cold and unprepared on, I wondered if I should pass on the audition. With Tashimah’s coaching, when our session was over, I felt so happy and confident with the work. Now Tashimah is my go to reader! "
" Loved reading with her! Great feedback and ideas. "
" Thank you so much for help on this crazy audition! "
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" A+ reader! "
" Tashimah is great! "
" Absolutely amazing reader & encourager! We had the best time "playing" the circumstances making it fun and real each time. "
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" What a Gem "
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" Always great thank you ! "
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" Honestly so giving, so much fun & has such an incredible eye with the work :) "
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" Amazing as always! "
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" Excellent Reader. "
" Awesome! Always super professional, and encouraging, and just overall easy to work with! "
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" The absolute best! Will definitely come back when I need a reader "
" A blessing!! Thank you!! "
" Tashimah was great to work with and an amazing reader. I really enjoyed working with her and I would love to work with her again. She kept me on my toes. Thank you. "
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" Brillant to work with and a blast to bounce ideas with! Bravo, as always. "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Yay she is awesome!! Will def use her again. "
" Great session! "
" Great to work with. Always has ideas and input "
" Tashimah was GREAT!!!! She understood the scene and tone of the show and got me some great takes to send off Thanks Tashiman. "
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" SOLID! Really held me down and helped steer me in the right direction. Much appreciated Session! "
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" Love reading with her!! "
" Wow! Such a fun reader to work with, thank you again! "
" Tashimah is so much fun. She's understanding and helpful; a fun and talented reader. One of my faves! "
" Great help! Very nice! "
" She's excellent and super patient! "
" Ty "
" Amazing as always! "
" Tashimah is a lot of fun to work with. Super chill, relaxed with the awesome ability to add life to the scene with you. Thanks Tashimah! "
" Awesome and patient for a first timer! "
" Awesome! Thank you for being a great energy, a great human and a great reader! "
" Great reader, amazing notes "
" Great feedback and assistance throughout the audition. A++++ "
" Excellent "
" You have to read with her!!! "
" Tashimah is such a GREAT reader! Jumped right into the scene and gave me a great note that helped transform my audition. Thank you so much! "
" Patient and a great reader who also reminds you to trust your work!! Thank you, Tashimah!! "
" Super helpful! highly recommend! "
" Great! Gave me exactly what I needed! "
" Love her energy! "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Great reader "
" Really good. Her comments were spot on! "
" Great reader with great notes! "
" Tashimah is AWESOME! Very relatable, helpful, and easy to read with. Wonderful having her as my scene partner. "
" Excellent reader! Very easy to work with and gives you exactly what you need! "
" Thanks :) "
" Couldn't recommend her enough! Such a talented actress, thank you:) "
" OHHH! I loved loved loved working with Tashimah-- such a sweet, calm energy and such a talented actress. I look forward to getting a chance to read with her again soon. Thank you Tashimah! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Always great to work with her! "
" Always wonderful to work with!! Thank you!! "
" Tashimah was awesome! Lots of great input! made sure my accent was spot on! her feedback was great and honest which I loved! Thank you soo much "
" Love working with Tashimah!! "
" She's great! Book Tashimah! "
" She is wonderful and her notes help to elevate the scene. "
" Awesome! Really fun breaking down the scene with Tashimah. She's very insightful! "
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" Such a great reader and super insightful. "
" Incredibly helpful and so sweet and giving with her time! Highly recommend. "
" Excellent as always! "
" Shes great! "
" Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can. Tashimah is the best. "
" Amazing! "
" Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Thank you for always bringing it out of me Tashimah. DC "
" This girl gets into to character quick for your read! Much Appreciated!! "
" Amazing soul! Wonderful reader! "
" Such a good reader had to come back ! "
" So on point! "
" Awesome!! Thanks, Tashimah! "
" Amazing as always "
" Thank you MVP Tashimah!! Always great working with you!! "
" So so so freaking good "
" Yet another wonderful audition! Book with Tashimah ASAP! "
" Tashimah was my reader for a commercial that I was just put on first-refusal for today. She is my #1 go-to, all day everyday! "
" Great reader for my audition! thanks so much "
" Great feedback! Excellent reader! "
" AB-SO-LUTE-LY AMAZING! She is by far one of the best readers I've encountered in life. So willing to assist you in bringing out more of your authenticity and connecting with the scene in a genuine way. You slacking if you're not booking Tashimah as your reader! Heck, at this point, as your coach haha! "
" Love her!!! "
" Tashimah is vibrating on a completely different level. If you know, you know! "
" So thankful for Tashimah! She is very detail oriented and offers extremely helpful feedback. A go to reader for me. "
" Always awesome!!! "
" Fantastic notes! Really helped me ground my audition and find the specificity. "
" This was my second time working with Tashima. Once again, she was spot on! Her simple suggestions gave me the space to completely go for it. She is superb! "
" Awesome! "
" Tashimah is amazing. Supportive, smart, talented. "
" I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tashimah. She fostered a very supportive space that allowed me to flourish and find the sweet spot for my reads. I highly recommend her and will definitely work with her again! "
" Great directions and feedback( I asked) "
" Used her for a second take of the same scene and she really helped me differentiate the takes. wonderful "
" Absolutely fantastic! loved the notes and she really helped me flush out the scene as I was reading. thank you! "
" Tashimah was amazing! I needed to rehearse for lines and also got the benefit of rehearsing with an incredible scene partner who jumped right in and nailed the tone. Definitely recommend! Thank you! "
" Fantastic, great feedback, easy to work with. gave just what the script needed! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Tashima is always amazing and gives awesome and specific notes! "
" So Amazing and Specific. Really helped work out beats and intentions with me. Really patient and giving. Hope to work with her again. "
" So funnnn to read with and so helpful in breaking down scenes! Thanks, Tashimah :) "
" Tashimah is an MVP for sho! I love working with her every time. "
" 5 big old stars as always! Love working with Tashimah. Would love to do it professionally one day! "
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" Great read, which has led to mulitple callbacks and shortlists. She's the best! Great feedback, if you want it! "
" Extremely helpful! Will definitely be requesting again! "
" Great Reader!!!!!!! Will be booking again! "
" So great and so kind!! I came at her with such tricky sides and she nailed it!! "
" Tashimah was great. Technically there was some white noise and reverb happening which recorded on my self-tape but lowering laptop volume might help with that. "
" I love working with Tashima! And we booked a role I did a couple weeks ago. Bravo! "
" TASHIMAH ROCKS!!! And I will be requesting her again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "
" I had such a wonderful time diving into the script with Tashimah while she rehearsed with me for my audition. She helped me discover meaning in the written dialogue between the characters. So grateful to have worked with her! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Awesome! She gets it, fun and has a great perspective on all types of scripts! "
" Amazing Reader! Always helps me get there! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing "
" Amazing reader! Amazing notes! "
" Fantastic! Gave great feedback and suggestions! Work with this beauty, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Tashimah and don't forget to keep doing you and stay true to yourself. "
" She is such a great reader! She helped me a lot with my self tape "
" SO helpful - she really helped me deconstruct the scene and find really beautiful moments. HIGHLY recommend!! "
" Tnx Tashimah! "
" She's amazing! A wonderful actress! Coach, reader with a beautiful spirit to match! "
" Tashimah was fantastic- would definitely work with her again "
" Great notes, feedback and direction. Always a productive and inspiring session1 "
" Such a great reader! Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Was such a great reader and so supportive!!!! "
" Awesome scene partner and great coaching. Had a rough one today and Tashimah was super patient and helpful. "
" Amazing. Gives great feedback (if you ask), wonderful reader. Made my first film audition back after two years feel seamless. I will definitely be working with her again! "
" Super smart with excellent insight! "
" Tashimah is an excellent reader. Great advice and spirit. Our tape has been passed on to producers and led to callbacks...she's great! "
" Dope reader "
" Fantastic "
" Outstanding! Tashimah was really patient with me and helped soothe my anxiety through technical glitches, noisy neighbors and the actual work of the scene. "
" So generous and helpful...such a great person to work with. I'll say it again, BOOK HER! "
" My Fav! We always get good work done and gave a good time! Book her!! "
" Great reader and offered great advice! Thank you! "
" Incredible reader! Very patient and gives great direction. Her radiant personality throughout the session was a bonus- will definitely work with again! "
" Thank you for everything!! You are wonderful!!! "
" So specific, great eye. I highly recommend, Tashimah! "
" Wonderful reader!!!! "
" Super insightful! Great reader. "
" AMAZING READER! Really present and great to play off of. Highly recommend! "
" Tashimah delivered the goods again. My go to reader! "
" Tashimah was amazing as always! "
" Tashimah is excellent as usual! So much fun to work with. "
" Always great! "
" So helpful! "
" Great reader and lovely scene partner, open and giving with wonderful input and energy. Thank you! "
" Holy wow amazing notes! Definitely using her again! "
" Awesome, great reader for an odd self tape scene. "
" She is terrific "
" Great reader! "
" Great working with Tashima. She's so generous & fun to work with. Thank you. "
" Great reader and amazing suggestions! "
" Great reader! "
" What an engaging reader. Great at keeping you calm when you feel like you're losing it :D "
" Tashimah was so helpful! Book her! Thanks, Tashimah! "
" Tashimah was so helpful! Fantastic reader, worked through some tech issues purely of my own, and created some pitch-perfect takes. Thanks and hope to see her soon. "
" Excellent reader! Great suggestions! "
" Amazing energy!!! Great, dropped-in reader, perfect pacing. Love her as a reader. Looking forward to working with her again. Highly recommend!! "
" Amazing great to read off of. Would definitely continue to work with. "
" Thank you, Tashima! You helped me focus down to the essence of the scene and get to the authentic emotions going on. :) "
" Super helpful notes!! Appreciated her guidance, got some great takes! "
" Love reading with Tashimah! "
" Amazing reader! Very patient and super cool "
" Tashimah is awesome! Read through with me how I planned and then gave me great ideas for new takes. "
" Always a pleasure "
" Even Better the second time around!! Thank you Tashmah! "
" Excellent, artistic reader. Thanks for being grounded and insightful. Absolutely recommend. "
" Tashimah is the best! She helped me with a tape I had to get in quickly, but we were still able to talk specific details in a short time period. Always recommend! "
" Five stars, as usual. Highly recommended! "
" Always a pleasure "
" It was great working with Tashimah! She provided me with great feedback to improve my performance. "
" Always great! "
" Tashimah was great! She was a super quick read for a super quick scene! "
" Tashimah was fantastic! Helpful, professional, and engaging. Thank you! "
" Always a great reader with great energy!! "
" Wonderful and supportive reader! "
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" My connection was not great, but she brought the scene to life. "
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" Tashimah was very kind but due to my internet connection we had some trouble linking in. "
" Tashimah has such lovely energy! We worked on fast paced comedy and she nailed it every take. Def helped me step my game up. A fantastic scene partner :) "
" Tashimah is always the best to work with! So helpful! "
" The best!! "
" Amazing feedback that helped improved my self tape. She's wise and patient! Great cold reader as well! "
" I love working with Tashimah! I request her every time I'm on because she gives great notes and she's super patient! "
" Amazing "
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" Amazing! Gives great feedback and takes time so that you're satisfied! Thank you! "
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" If you want a Reader that is on point, in the zone, and a warm and wonderful energy then Tashimah is your one! Thank you for helping me smash through that tape! "
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" Tashimah was amazing! She was so warm and gave really helpful feedback. I hope to read with her again! :) "
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" So kind and welcoming, especially for a first time WeAudition user like me! Gave notes that helped add dynamic and range to my audition in the little time we had. Thanks Tashimah! "
" Excellent! Thanks again "
" Tashimah is AWESOME. So patient and gives the best notes. "
" Tashimah is awesome!! She helped me run scenes for a self tape tomorrow and I hope I can use her for the tape! "
" A FANTASTIC reader! so so fun to read with and so natural! it felt like two friends having a convo which was perfect for my scene. Thank you, Tashimah! "
" Spectacular. Literally no other words needed!!! "
" Tashimah is super talented and incredibly helpful as a scene partner! "
" So good! A lovely reader! Very talented as an actor, gives you so much to work with and a great listener! "
" Great reader! So much energy and gave me exactly what I needed! "
" A very great reader. Thanks. "
" Such great energy! Thanks for the read! "
" Tashimah was patient and absolutely wonderful! Will book again "
" Great reader with some great energy! "
" Great reader with some really helpful suggestions. Thank you! "
" Tashimah was a pleasure to work with! She gives great feedback "
" Tashimah is on point! Dropped right in. "
" Very patient. Had to cry for a scene, which takes me a minute to get into and she was a great reader! "

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