Matthew Gonzales

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 7.00
upto 60 mins : $ 10.00

Hello I'm here to be your reader for rehearsals and selftapes.
I've added a external Thronmax MDrill Pro Microphone for better audio quality.

I have experience working in Theatre, Film and Television as an actor.
I really enjoy watching fellow actors come alive in a scene.

I can also help by being your partner in breaking down sides; script analysis or whatever you do direct me to do to help you in your creative process.

My goal as a reader is to help to make everything real for you while playing your role. Whether it's doing improv and repetition exercises with you or just giving you time to establish your relationship to the environment and the given circumstances, i'm here for you.

To request me to turn on my beacon or to prepare sides in advance :

P.S. ( I do this for the LOVE of the craft, prices listed are just suggested tips which is always appreciated.)

Matthew Paul Gonzales is an actor, known for Killjoys (2018), Animal 2 (2008) and The Angel Inn (2013).

KB ARTISTS MANAGEMENT 50 Carroll St. Toronto, ON M4M 3G3 Email: Phone: 416-302-6632

101 Reader Reviews

" Matthew was awesome! Gave me great notes when asked, and got me several good takes! "
" Excellence read and perspective! Highly recommended!!! "
" Really great guy! Helped me get the perfect take. "
" Matthew really helped me to visualize the script, thank you! "
" Great actor. Patient. Provided great feedback. Would definitely recommend. "
" Very patient and extremely helpful! "
" Great reader, very flexible! "
" Matthew is a great reader! He was thorough with the sides so that we could be on the same page and improved with me before the scene to get us into the circumstances. Thanks Matthew!! "
" Appreciate you, Matthew!🙏🏾 "
" Matthew was great and patient - thank you again! "
" So Great!! thank you "
" Very patient and a good reader! Professional! "
" Very helpful "
" Matthew was patient and very helpful. I highly recommend! "
" Matthew was great! Jumped right into it! Thank you! "
" Matthew is a great help! "
" Great help! Made the taping super easy. "
" Very good reader. "
" Matthew, this awesome guy was amazing! Great reader and very nice! I recomment working with him again. I really enjoyed how patient he was. "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Matthew is a great reader & is always ready to jump right in with me! He's great to play off of and talk deeper about the script. thanks Matthew!! Def recommend! "
" So informative, great reader "
" Good "
" Amazing "
" Patient and super helpful as always:) "
" Matthew puts you at ease, and genuinely wants you to do good work. Can't ask for more than that! "
" I really enjoyed reading with Matthew. He has a very gentle and calming energy which helped me focus in on my scene. Thanks Matthew!!!! "
" Always super helpful and patient. Thanks, Matthew!:-) "
" Matthew - Greater reader to vibe and improve off of, Thanks a bunch. "
" I will let you all know it was a delight to read with MATTHEW! i am. so grateful for your pacience and great insights for my character!! see you soon for another readind!!!!!!!!!! "
" GREAT!! "
" GREAT! "
" He is a dope reader! My sides had a very difficult southern dialect and he did great "
" SUPER HELPFUL in helping me breakdown the scene! Thanks again!! "
" Easy to work with! "
" Always a pleasure. "
" Great Reader and Super Helpful :) "
" Matthew, you are a gift. Thanks so much for collaborating with you on my audition scenes. I so appreciated your genuine interest in understanding what was happening with my character, what was happening with your characters and how I worked. Also appreciated your feedback and direction. Folks, Matthew is a keeper! "
" Mathew is always a great person to rehearse with! "
" One of the best readers, if not the best reader. "
" Matthew is an awesome reader who really cares. His mission is to help you get the best tape you can get. I really valued the time spent working with him. "
" Love working with Matthew! "
" Great reader! very nice. :) "
" Great reader! We really dived into the scene together & was able to play off each other! Found new discoveries and new ways to explore the text! Def recommend! GREAT "
" Kind, patient, and experienced! Very helpful and supportive scene partner. "
" Matthew was so patient and so helpful with reading and coaching me through my audition. He really emphasized making me feel comfortable, which for a shy actor like me, is very very important! Will definitely use again! "
" I really appreciated him allowing me the time and space to get in my zone and block. He even improved two different situations for me so I could have two different takes. I hope I get to read with him again. "
" Super patient, friendly, skilled! "
" Very patient and thank you being an awesome reader!! "
" Matthew is such a nice guy and a great reader. Don't miss an opportunity to read with him! "
" Great actor and reader. Very patient and gives great adjustments. Five stars! "
" Willing to take the time to take the read to the next level - thanks Matthew! "
" THank you Matthew, he worked with me technically and with script analysis, found some deeper thought. Appreciate you. "
" Matthew was so patient and invested! He really took the time to help me feel as connected to the material as possible. "
" Patiently works with you to give the best read... "
" Awesome reader!! great notes "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent reader! Matthew really takes the time to understand what's going on and get your mind and body into the scene! He's freakin awesome!! "
" Incredible reader!!! great suggestions- use him!!! "
" Waw!! Matthew is such an amazing Reader!! So glad to have found you!! Thanks much!! "
" Absolute legend! So patient and playful - Matthew brings great energy to every scene. "
" Excellent reader. Really helped me direct my script with lots of helpful feedback. Understands script analysis and actors process. Highly recommend. "
" Loved working with Matthew! Hes great! Thanks man! "
" MASTERCLASS ACTOR/READER !! trust me he is the reader for what your self tape NEEDS ! highly professional, super insightful, and so friendly you can't beat it ! he makes scene work a walk-in the park and offers the BEST advice. Till next time boss! "
" Thank you!!! "
" First time working with Matthew and he gave me what I needed plus a bonus tip for identifying the takes I liked for editing. Thank you so much! "
" Matthew was so great to read with! "
" A+. Thanks Matthew! "
" Absolute pleasure to work with...was willing to play and gave me so much in the scene. Appreciate you Matthew!! "
" Amazing and so patient :) "
" Really knows the basis of good audition tapes and will help you get yours there!! highly recommend "
" Matthew is my new go to!! "
" The best! "
" Matthew is on point doing everything that's asked of a reader. His delivery doesn't outshine the acting of the person auditioning and he makes it a smooth process. "
" Excellent guidance! Matthew is the man! Thank you! "
" Matthew was so helpful and gave me amazing notes. Definitely recommend! "
" Nice reader "
" Great! Thank you :) "
" Easy reading! Thank you, Matthew! Will book again! "
" Mathew is great! He came with great and important questions that got me reconnected to stakes and objectives. Great person and reader. "
" Very in tune and helpful breaking down the scene. Great reader! "
" Matthew is awesome, and really help get me connected to the scene. "
" Matthew was fantastic. He helped me so much with the takes today. He was a great Reader and Actor, and showed me a technique to really get my objective across and strong throughout the scene. He was a delight to work with and very detailed in his approach. Thanks very much Matthew. !!I really look forward to working with you again. "
" Matthew was so kind to hop back in with me when my takes didn't work out due to technical issues! He brought the same concentration, presence, dedication, and kindness - just so consistent all the time! He is fantastic, book him! "
" Matthew is so wonderful! So kind and an amazing reader; gives great tips and encouragement. I really recommend him and am excited to have the chance to work with him again. "
" Thanks Matthew! "
" Super helpful and let's you take your time/makes you comfortable! Thank you "
" Phenomenal reader! Thanks Matthew "
" Matthew has been my favourite reader yet! Thank you so so so much!! Highly recommend "
" Matthew was great. He had some great suggestions and came to play! "
" Huge help, gotta start calling Matthew Coach Matt! "
" Enjoyed him incredibly!!!!!!! really great vessel "
" Life saver. Ran through Tech difficulties on my end but he worked with me, gave me great feedback and got exactly what I needed. "
" Good reader and good ideas for the scene "
" Matthew is just great. Natural reader who gave me technical and acting advice that will help me in the future. "
" Picked up vibe of the scene well, thank you for rehearsing! "
" Great reader! Super helpful! "

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2018 [IMDB]
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
The Strain
TV Series
2013 [IMDB]
The Angel Inn
2012 [IMDB]
Air Aces
TV Series documentary
2011 [IMDB]
Paranormal Witness
TV Series documentary
2010 [IMDB]
TV Series documentary
2010 [IMDB]
2009 [IMDB]
Buck Wild
2008 [IMDB]
Animal 2
writer: "Sinful Life"
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