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Hello We*Audition Community!
I'm multi-lingual (English, French, Spanish, Italian), can do many accents and take direction very well; if an actor prefers more or less engagement , pointers or not.

Looking forward to working with you as your reader and potential co-worker on set in the future.
Thank you for your reviews & contributions!

I have been helping friends with self tapes for 10 years and have been working on both sides of the camera for over 14 years.
As an actor I believe this platform is great practice and networking.
It started with make believe, then impressions and accents turned into classes & workshops and bookings in improv, drama, comedy, commercial, horror, stage, indies, cable and network.
I have developed a love for performing a range of material and digging into a script. Connecting to the tone of the story and bringing all the elements through a journey of authenticity and vulnerability.
Incorporating Strasberg, Adler, Uta Hagen, Larry Moss, Stanislavsky and Meisner.

Principal / Theatrical - Lisa Meuser -The Meus Talent - ------------ Montreal- - Sylvie Beaulac Agency

583 Reader Reviews

" Anthony is awesome! Responsive, insightful and gave me the exact energy I needed to succeed in this scene...and in French! "
" Thank you! Great help! "
" Amazing! "
" Anthony was an amazing patient reader. "
" Great "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Excellent as always. Anthony is a go-to if he's available. Book him! "
" Awesome and quick as I needed to rush! Thanks, Anthony! "
" Anthony is truly one of my favorites. So calming and a wonderful reader! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Always nice to see Anthony - nice guy, nice reader. Thank you! "
" Anthony is just wonderful. Book him! "
" Great work as usual! Thanks Anthony! "
" Great to work with! "
" Thank you! "
" Anthony hit it out of the ballpark again! He jumped right into script and scene. Super reader! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Thanks Anthony! "
" Really great! Nice energy and catches on to pacing and tone quickly! "
" Very Easy to work with! Thanks Anthony!! "
" Very easy to self tape with; patient and solid "
" Very intuitive! Picked up the nuances immediately! Will definitely read with Anthony again! "
" Always great. Thanks Anythony! "
" Great reader, nice guy with good tips when I asked for them! "
" Great reader and super patient! great to improvise with! "
" Great reader! Thank you "
" Great! "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks for the help. Great reader as always "
" Phenomenal reader! Such a calm and supportive energy. Highly recommend. "
" Great stuff - thanks! "
" ANtHONY is the BOMB! "
" Wonderfully patient, very helpful with improv. Excellent sound and took direction well. A+ "
" ANthony is the BEST!!! "
" So sweet and easy going! Awesome reader "
" Awesome as always! "
" Great. thank you!! "
" Anthoy was Excellent! "
" Solid! "
" Great reader!!! "
" I had an improv scene to prepare with Anthony and he was so game. His warmth and kindness really made me feel comfortable to play around. Thank you, Anthony!! "
" Always a pleasure working with Anthony. Thanks for a great read! "
" Baller reader per usual! "
" Total pro, lovely to work with! "
" Worked with Anthony consistently over a year a now and he's one of my favorite scene readers I've ever had. You do your best work when you're comfortable and an actor like Anthony makes that easy! "
" A lovely reader, as always. thank you so much anthony!! "
" Excellent reader and super patient!! Thank you so much, Anthony! "
" Thank you Anthony! Fantastic Reader! "
" Very helpful! Talented and flexible reader. Gave very helpful notes! "
" Great reader "
" I had a very difficult script to work with and Anthony was so patient and attentive! He was amazing and incredibly open and available for the extremities of the scene. I was deeply impressed and can't wait to work with him again! "
" Really helpful and able to provide great French accent help "
" Great reader "
" Anthony is probably one of the best readers here. I absolutely love working with him. Book him asap!! "
" Always so great and helpful! Great reader, great direction! "
" Anthony helped me in a pinch, greatly appreciated! "
" Life saviour at 8 am! Thank you sir A+ "
" Anthony is always excellent to work with. "
" Anthony killed it. Use him. "
" Great energy, great reader! "
" Thank you! "
" Anthony was a pleasure to work with. He was generous, patient, and insightful. "
" A great reader. Calm, collective, and very present. Thank you Anthony "
" Excellent reader! "
" Awesome! Thanks for your help! "
" Great reader, as always! "
" Help me prep for my first in person audition I really appreciate all your suggestions. "
" Super kind and attentive!! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Anthony is AMAZING. We had great fun today and I am grateful that he and I were able to work through the scene and explore it together. Such a great scene partner. "
" Anthony was a great, connected reader! "
" Patient and has a fantastic voice! Thank you! "
" Great Guy! Loved working with him! "
" Anthony is always an excellent scene partner. "
" Wonderful reader and so kind! :) "
" Anthony is always the best! "
" Anthony was so helpful!! Great reader "
" Anthony is great! Super patient and calming; gives advice when asked! Loved working with them! "
" Great, thank you! "
" Anthony is a great reader :) "
" Wonderful energy, wonderful man! "
" Great! "
" He had great ideas and helped me so much with my self-tape! "
" Great help and extremely patient with me in this Self tape Scene! Thank you so much Anthony 🙏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "
" Great guy. Exactly what I needed for my read. "
" Great reader, very nice and supportive and friendly. I would definitely hire him again. Merci Anthony! "
" Always love working with Anthony, patient reader who totally gets pacing and tone! Thanks so much! "
" Great reader. easy to work with! "
" Great reader as always, thanks Anthony! "
" Excellent reader, thank you! "
" Great reader and a lovely person. "
" As always, fantastic. "
" Super supportive and knowledgeable! thank you "
" Can i always read with anthony? "
" Chill, present, smart, generous...helped me do my best work :) "
" So so great! He was patient and kind. Thank you. "
" Awesome<3 "
" Great reader "
" Great reader-so helpful with great feedback/suggestions :) "
" Terrific. Just plain terrific. "
" Great reader! "
" He is great! "
" Thank you again sir. Always a pleasure to read with Anthony ! "
" Really kind, nice, great reader, super flexible and game! "
" Anthony is the best! Such a calm presence and so easy to work with. "
" Anthony is surely one of the best here! So patient and really works with you on the truth and layers of the scene. Thank you for all your help :) "
" Love working with Anthony. He's efficient and he has a GREAT voice! Adding him to my favorites. "
" As always, Anthony was great! "
" Smart, intuitive, fun! Great reader. "
" Excellent ! a Pro reader! "
" So awesome! "
" Really great first experience. So friendly and easy to work with. I definitely will use WeAudition again and Anthony. Thank you again! "
" Really nice to read with! Great timing and notes. "
" Anthony is a great reader. Always a pleasure to work with. "
" Amazing "
" Love him! He's a great reader. "
" He was definitely helpful and more than just a reader! Very insightful on notes along with advice on different choices to make. "
" So Warm and so Fun to read with. I've added Anthony to my favorite. I truly enjoyed working with him! "
" Anthony was great and easy to work with. "
" Great reader, wonderful feedback! "
" I felt very comfortable with Anthony! And he offers great guidance. Definetly recommend will pair for multiple scenes 100% "
" Great reader and very supportive! Thank you so much Anthony! "
" Excellent Reader!! very easy to work with. "
" Great! "
" Dope "
" Easygoing and a great reader! warm and friendly "
" Anthony made my whole first experience with WeAudition so positive! He has a calming, professional and generous energy. The offers he made truly allowed me to get out of my head and created a nuanced tape. Super excited to keep working with WeAudition now! "
" Awesome quick helpful Thank you! "
" Wonderful! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Exactly what I needed. Greatness. Thank you! "
" Always great. Thank you! "
" I saw Anthony on the available readers after I had read with him the day before. I picked him brainer! I highly recommend Anthony! "
" Excellent! "
" I scream "yesss" every time I see Anthony is on!!! "
" Anthony was so awesome!! His smile and patience comforted me PLUS his advice to improve saved my day. I forgot I was supposed to include it, lol!! I will definitely look for him in the future! :) "
" Fantastic as always! "
" Great reader kind and professional ! "
" Lovely working with you! Generous and open reader. "
" Anthony is a pro!! Sure knows how to make the scene nuanced. Thank you. "
" Awesome! "
" Yet again, Anthony is the best. Such an efficient and lovely artist. "
" Back to back! Anthony has such versatility and gives so much in the scene. Thanks brother! "
" Always reliable and solid. Thank you! "
" Great "
" Anthony once again offers a fantastic read. He’s a pro and can suggest a different take from his perspective that is welcomed "
" Excellent reader. "
" Anthony is so sweet! He helped me run lines and get off-book within a half an hour! Thanks Anthony! "
" Anthony is lovely patient and full of good ideas "
" Anthony sure wants you to get the best take and helps you find strong objectives. Great with improv as well. Thank you. "
" Amazing time with Anthony! So welcome, relaxed, and helpful!! He gives great tips, adjusts well per your direction, and has great energy. "
" What a super sweet and friendly person and easy to read with! Thank you Anthony! "
" Patient and great reader "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you Anthony! Great notes and very affordable :) "
" Always wonderful. "
" Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! Such a good reader! "
" Great to work with and had fun suggestions. Very positive! "
" Thoroughly took his time with me and let me do my scene as many times as I needed during my selftape. Thank you Anthony! :) "
" Great reader, Anthony jumped right in with new pages and gave a great read and really helped me get my tape done quickly and efficiently. highly recommend! "
" Really great reader! Quick, easy and helpful! "
" Always so great! A real Pro. Thank you sir A+ "
" Anthony is brilliant! Brought loads of energy, great acting, and great suggestions "
" Great reader, was east to work with! "
" Awesome reader again!! Thank You!!! "
" Wonderful reader!! Came with a French accent which is what his role made authentic! "
" Anthony is the bomb! "
" Great reader and super easy going and friendly! "
" Anthony is so wonderful! I wanted to practice a scene in French and he was a perfect reader - not only pointed out 1 or 2 French words that were off that I otherwise wouldn't have noticed, but also he's a wonderful actor and scene partner to work with! Highly recommend reading with him - thanks Anthony! "
" My first time using WeAudition, and had a wonderful experience with Anthony! Would highly recommend! "
" High quality reader! Thank you for the support, Anthony ◡̈ "
" Great reader, really quick at picking up the script "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you for your help Anthony! "
" Anthony was great!! Knew exactly what the story needed from the beginning and was phenomenal. "
" Fabulous & patient reader! Highly rec! "
" AMAZING!! Book him! "
" Always the best "
" Excellent! "
" Really sweet reader! If you are looking for someone patient and calm, he is your guy! "
" Anthony is a great reader! Easy to work with and kind "
" Great energy and solid reader as always. "
" Anthony was awesome! Put me at ease and was a great reader! Will definitely work with him again! "
" Totally understands the scene and how to be a good reader! "
" Awesome reader "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Perfect! Pleasant, sweet and ready to work! "
" Anthony was patient and gave helpful suggestions for enhancing my performance. "
" Very helpful once again. I like that you gave me variations on the scenes. Will certainly work with you again if I see you online. "
" Great Reader! Great guy "
" Anthony is great! Great suggestions for the scene. "
" Great reader and scene partner! has a fun way of brining his character to life. easy going and fun. Highly recommend, will book again soon! "
" So fun to improv with!!! "
" Thank you so much once again! Anthony is great! "
" Anthony was awesome! Great reader, super patient, thank you so much for all your help! "
" Fantastic! Offered some fantastic input and was so much fun to improv with for a comedy commercial audition. "
" Awesome! "
" Great British accent work! "
" Wonderful reader! Really appreciate it! "
" Awesome reader and great inputs. Highly recommend! "
" Great guy! Good Energy "
" Anthony was a great reader! Thank you! "
" What a kind patient and helpful soul. gets the job done and well! "
" Great Reader :)) "
" Great! "
" Gave me exactly what I asked for! "
" Fantastic multilingual reader, Anthony gave me all I needed in perfect French :-) "
" Great as always. Thanks Anthony! "
" Terrific reader! "
" Quick & easy "
" Always a pleasure working with Anthony. Give great feedback and friendly and supportive. "
" Anthony is wonderful. "
" Anthony was amazing! Super efficient, wonderful reader who gave me something to work off of, and great to work with overall :) Thanks, Anthony! "
" So kind! "
" Nice and awesome!!! "
" Very intelligent helpful and talented reader! "
" Anthony was friendly and efficient! I had a quick turnaround a commercial audition and he was perfect. "
" Very patient ad a great reader! "
" BIG HELP! Thank you :) "
" Great to work with "
" SO GREAT!!! "
" Anthony is always great to work with! He jumps right into the scene & really gets into the moment & the story with you. He makes me a better actor! "
" Wonderful job! Kept me on top of the script! "
" Great reader! Really quick with world of the show, helped me tighten my read, and let me play. Very easy-going, communicative and facile. Thanks, Anthony! "
" Super patient and kind and always makes sure the scene is believable. Thank you. "
" Anthony knows how to make any scene nuanced. Thank you. "
" Great! So patient! Thanks Anthony "
" Anthony has been my good luck charm! He was my reader for a December co-star which has now turned into a January recurring, thanks for being an awesome reader and for the awesome rehearsal! "
" Super patient. Efficient. Lovely "
" What a wonderful and calming reader! Will definitely work with Anthony again!!! "
" My go to "
" Anthony was great! Very professional, patient, and supportive. "
" Anthony was wonderful to work with! "
" So great!!! "
" Anthony was SUPER helpful! "
" Ahhhh!!! Thanks so much Anthony for helping me with the first audition because it got me BOOKED!!! And I so appreciate your patience in rehearsing with me! You rock! Will definitely book again! "
" So awesome! "
" Always wonderful working with Anthony! He's patient and fun to work with - thanks so much! "
" So Patient!! Great reader! "
" Really great energy and adjusted well when I needed something particular in a delivery! "
" Anthony was so friendly made me instantly comfortable and gives great re direction "
" Great. "
" Always a pleasure read with Anthony. Gives great support. "
" Awesome reader! very professional and friendly! "
" Such a great energetic reader! "
" Once again great reader, attentive and patient :) "
" Thank you!!! "
" Wonderful! "
" Awesome working with him!! "
" Solid and extremely easy to work with! "
" Great read! Always fun to read with Anthony "
" Great reader!! Very nice and I work would with Anthony again! "
" So good and efficient!!!! Helps get the job done! "
" So sweet and patient!! thank you anthony!! "
" Super helpful tips! "
" Love reading with Anthony! so supportive and encouraging! "
" Great reader! so many great voices! "
" Thanks so much Anthony for being a supportive reader! Love being able to work with you again! "
" Great! "
" Great Reader!! "
" Anthony was a wonderful reader and super patient and easygoing! Definitely recommend. "
" Awesome reader. thank you "
" Excellent! "
" Patient reader. Very helpful in a pinch. "
" Terrific reader with thoughtful and precise notes! "
" So kind and helpful! Awesome first WeAudition experience with a great reader who made me feel at ease. Yay! "
" Excellent reader with great feedback "
" Cool guy , great reader "
" Can't say enough great things. Anthony is not only lovely and accommodating, but such a great reader and brings a joy to the work. can't wait to play again. "
" Thank you! You're Amazing! "
" Awesome Reader! Will definitely be looking out for Anthony! "
" Super fun and easy going reader "
" Anthony rocks!!!! "
" Super awesome reader !! legit helped me with getting a good tape in like 15 minutes !! Very good on que's and made sure I followed my audition instructions !! "
" Super chill awesome dude and reader!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Anthony is so awesome to work with! His energy is great & he's so helpful at getting you grounded in the scene "
" Fantastic! "
" Great read!! "
" Great reader. Very helpful w/ input when I got stuck creatively. I would recommend him to everyone. "
" What a JOY. So supportive and wonderful. BOOK HIM! "
" Such a great reading, and good timing! "
" So wonderful!!! thanks so much for your help with this audition. Barkley and I loved working with you! "
" Great reader! "
" Anthony was a great, great, great reader! Loved working with him! "
" Great again "
" So sweet and great, great suggestions for alternative takes. "
" Brilliant - patient, playful and some fantastic layers to add to your scene!! 11/10 "
" Anthony is a wonderful reader ! Committed and enthusiastic, giving you great feedback ! "
" Great reader! "
" Such an amazing reader with great ideas for this long fun scene that we worked on. Thank you for all the help :) "
" Anthony is always such a good reader and is very understanding! Definitely great to work with. "
" I Loved working with Anthony! He was so helpful and full of energy! I would recommend him as a reader, he was awesome! Thanks so much Anthony! "
" Extremely helpful and Playful on short notice! Thank You Anthony!!! "
" Anthony is super helpful. He brought the character in his reading, which really helped me act more realistically as well as believe my character even more. He also gave me great tips to make my takes better. Now I have good takes to choose from to send to casting! Thanks Anthony. "
" Very sweet, patient, and helped me so much in a pinch. Thank you!! "
" Thank you for helping me break down the script!! Huge help! "
" Fantastic "
" Excellent as always "
" Anthony is always a big help. "
" Kind, thoughtful, smart, helpful- highly recommend. "
" Hi NOTES ARE THE BEST...besides his reading "
" Amazing reader! Great energy and insight. "
" The BEST! I needed someone who could do a quebecois dialect and Anthony made himself available for me. The best reader. "
" Another script, another great read by Anthony. Love how much he dives into reading. "
" Thanks Anthony!! "
" Great reader! "
" Anthony is a go-to! Great energy and ready to dive in! "
" A great reader thanks for the connect. "
" So awesome! "
" Freaking awesome! "
" Had good energy and is an amazing reader! "
" Thank you ! awesome! "
" Amazing!!! mic drop. "
" A ton of patience! Worked with me to get the lines before we got some solid takes, highly recommend!! "
" Always great! Exactly what I needed. Thank you! "
" Excellent and responsive reader "
" Awesome Reader! Very helpful tips and pointers "
" Perfect reader. Thank you so much for your help! "
" So good at accents!! And great reader! "
" Perceptive, supportive, with helpful, insightful comments "
" Anthony's awesome! Friendly and very easy to connect to and work with "
" Great reader! Very easy to connect with. "
" Awesome! Very helpful and pleasant. "
" YAYYYYY!!! Thank so much Anthony for your notes and support as a reader in such a difficult physical scene! Made it that much more fun!!! "
" Super nice reader :) tnx! "
" Total pro...kind and patient...great following notes and really supportive "
" Super friendly and generous. Good, solid reader. Thanks, Anthony!! "
" Very friendly, with some good solid notes. I enjoyed reading with him! "
" Wonderful! "
" Really great work. I appreciate it! All the best! "
" Lovely Reader "
" So great! So fun, perfect reader for a quick comedy run through :) "
" Great reader! Very helpful! "
" What a gem! See you next time! "
" Anthony was super fun to work with. I was in a tight crunch but we got some extremely high quality takes and he was able to offer his expertise as well! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader, gave me some great suggestions "
" Anthony was a great reader! "
" Great experience "
" Lovely working a weird lil piece with Anthony! "
" Great Session. Easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader and gave a great note that was totally fitting for the scene. Thanks Anthony!! "
" Always solid... I mean always! "
" Great working with Anthony again "
" Easy to work with and really present reader. Thank you! "
" So ready and full of life! thank you Anthony! Awesome reader. "
" Great reader!!!! so good for my medical scene "
" Anthony is so easy to work with and gave me great interaction! "
" Thank you again sir! Amazing as always! "
" Anthony was great to work with!! Definitely will work with him again! "
" Great reader!! "
" Needed to rehearse lines and Anthony was on it! Jumped right into the scene. Thank you!! "
" Excellent! "
" Anthony was great to work with! A very accommodating reader! Thank you! "
" If he's on I always read with Anthony. Great reader! Thank you again. "
" So sweet and patient. Gave great ideas for other takes too! "
" He is fantastic! One of my go to whenever I am on here. "
" Always great to rehearse with Anthony. Thank you again sir! Merci "
" Such a great cold reader! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Excellent reader, thoughtful and so positive. Book him!! "
" Cool Reader! "
" So easy going, gave me everything I needed! "
" Anthony is awesome as always! He jumps right in and gives super helpful feedback! "
" Awesome, as always - thanks, Anthony! "
" Excellent reader "
" Amazing as always! :) "
" Anthony is an incredibly skilled and patient reader. He gave some super helpful feedback! "
" He is great and is awesome at redirects if I needed something additional for tone. "
" Great reader. Understood the material off of a quick cold read and gave valuable insights to enhance my performance. Thanks Anthony "
" Anthony is a great reader! Super helpful and easy to work with. "
" Was able to change tone perfectly, and was very patient while a garbage truck interrupted recording. "
" Anthony is a wonderful actor, super switched on and gave me so much to work with right from the start that recording my self-tape in two takes was a piece of cake. Thank you! :-) "
" Always very helpful! "
" Fantastic all around with bringing it for a cold read! "
" So patient and great suggestions - even stayed longer when I got a last minute audition. My new Canadian bestie who saved my butt today!!! "
" Anthony is THE BEST! So grateful he was online today. He has such great notes and is such a joy to act with. Thank you! "
" What a gem!!!! Great reader and he gave me wonderful notes!!!!! "
" Great feedback. Always a pleasure to work this dude. "
" Anthony was so kind and patient with me! "
" Anthony is fantastic to work with. I got so much out of his reading. He's definitely a great actor. "
" Fantastic Reader. Thank you for stepping in and supporting me with a really clean read. "
" Great reader. Helped me out a bunch! "
" Second time reading with him - great reader- very patient and helpful "
" Super sweet, great reader! Will def use him again!! "
" So supportive with a warm collaborative spirit! "
" Awesome reader. Delivers exactly what you need. Looking forward to working with Anthony again "
" Excellent reader! "
" Very positive and quick to pick up a full scene :-) "
" So sweet, and such a strong reader. Thank you! "
" Anthony was so helpful! I was working on commercial copy (which can be tough!) and he helped me think outside the box. Thank you!! "
" So helpful and kind! "
" Anthony was great. Instantly was able to read 4 characters at once, very patient and easy to work with. "
" Yay! Such a great session! Anthony was so helpful rehearsing with me and helping me with ideas! "
" Quick and excellent reader! "
" Great guy really cool energy great advice! "
" Anthony is a really grounded reader and very easy to connect with as an actor. Excellent! "
" THE BEST!!!!!! Can't say enough great things. Made my morning. Thank you, Anthony. "
" Cool guy and good reader! "
" Anthony was an awesome partner, someone I instantly connected and worked well with. I highly recommend him! "
" Brilliant - very calming, professional, great notes, very helpful. Thanks Anthony - will be back! "
" So much fun to read with Anthony - Thank you! Nice to be prepared for my audition now! And great tips "
" Great as I was having some tech issues with my camera. Nice and will use again. "
" Very helpful! And great reader! "
" Great reader with great suggestions and direction "
" Anthony is an excellent reader. Super patient, and a great actor! "
" Anthony was so patient– we had to try to do takes in between construction vehicles passing by my apartment :'( but we got a great take and he was so helpful! Mahalo! "
" Great reader:). "
" Thank you again sir. Always a pleasure. "
" Great rehearsal !! "
" Awesome reader :)! Really helpful. "
" It was awesome working with Anthony, so efficient. "
" Awesome as always! "
" Anthony's awesome, my go-to every time! "
" Anthony is awesome to work with! He's super fun and positive and gave me a ton of great ideas to play with to elevate my scene. I definitely recommend working with him! "
" Very pleasant, professional, and flexible on how to approach the roles. I really enjoyed working with Anthony! Thanks, man! "
" Thank you! "
" Anthony is awesome! super patient, knowledgeable and experienced!! the best! "
" Really nice guy, great reader! Super flexible and accommodating "
" Anthony is a pleasure to read with and has a very friendly demeanor. Would love to read with him again. "
" Great to work with and so nice!! "
" Anthony is great! Super patient and helpful! "
" Love working with Anthony, bundles of patience & a great reader. Thank you again. "
" Anthony is amazing! So grounded and great reader. He gave me exactly what I needed. "
" Awesome to work with. Gave good feedback. Look forward to the next read "
" Anthony is the Best. Super helpful and great to work with. So happy I found him! Definitely makes getting tapes in a lot less stressful! Definitely recommend him. "
" Awesome dude, really chill "
" Awesome helpful laid back reader! "
" Great reader! Very helpful and I enjoyed the feedback as well. Thank you! "
" :) "
" Anthony is always a responsive scene partner. Whenever I ask him for advice or input, his suggestions have a great impact. "
" Really kind and gave good ideas. Will definitely use again! "
" Anthony was great - present, patient, all the goods!! "
" Love this guy! So great! thank you again sir! "
" So Nice and professional! Will be back~ "
" Awesome reader! "
" Anthony is dope! Very patient and friendly! Will definitely be connecting again. "
" Very patient and giving! Thanks! "
" The best "
" Thank you so much Anthony!! "
" Anthony was an amazing help! Great insight that really helped me. Great reader and very nice and easy to work with. Super cool! Thanks Anthony for being my angel reader tonight! "
" Anthony is a fabulous reader! Would definitely book him again. "
" Excellent help! "
" Great reader as always. Thank you again and again monsieur! "
" Really friendly and awesome! "
" Wow! Great connection/engagement. Infused my audition with so much color, and it was very short! Thank you, Anthony!!!! "
" Was sooooo patient while I got offbook and taped simultaneously! Thank you for a great read and for you patience "
" Anthony is always a great reader, no matter what I need to work on. "
" Thanks for rehearsing! "
" The best "
" Always there for me when I need him. Thank you again sir! "
" The best readers hands down. "
" Anthony was an awesome reader! "
" The best reader ever!!!! Super chill and can cold read his butt off!! He did better than me! I will be calling him back for sure. "
" Thanks!!!! "
" Utility man! Gets the job DONE perfect reader does it exactly how you need. "
" Anthony's great. Got to run lines for a film role that he helped me book a couple week's ago. Gets the energy of the material and brings it. Merci! "
" Good sport and great fun! Will be requesting Anthony again. "
" Fantastic actor and director and reader. I got way more out of our session than I ever bargained for! He was the perfect Harvey to my Donna! "
" Just a great great reader! Always! "
" Man You are the Best!!!! Thanks a lott!!!! "
" Anthony was the best! Super professional and helpful, will definitely use him again. "
" Thank you Anthony!! He is so wonderful with notes to add that "something" to the scene :) Awesome reader! "
" Great per usual! "
" LOVED LOVED LOVED reading with Anthony!!! He jumped right in and we got a great tape out of it. "
" Fantastic reader, as always. Thank you so much, Anthony!! "
" Awesome reader very patient "
" Super great reader and gave awesome suggestions! thank you! "
" Anthony was super clutch and efficient for me! Highly recommend!! "
" Amazing! "
" Thank you kindly! "
" Thank you so much Anthony!!! Such a kind reader :) "
" Awesome and great "
" Anthony is a supportive reader and easy to work with !!!! thank you!!! "
" Great energy! And a really wonderful reader. Thanks for the help! "
" Anthony got right into the lines & brought a great energy to the scene that made my job even easier! Will definitively be booking him again. "
" Anthony is very punctual, easy going, helpful and professional, recommended. "
" A pleasure to work with! "
" Anthony is so kind and awesome to work with! "
" Great reader, as always! Thanks again, Anthony! "
" Wonderful to work with! Patient and really helpful getting me to something more grounded in a heightened scene. Casually slipped into a flawless Italian accent, too. "
" Another great session with Anthony! He's a wonderful collaborator. "
" You were awesome Man!! Thank you so Much!! "
" Great reader. Very insightful. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Anthony was an excellent scene partner. He took direction well and it was easy to do several contrasting takes with his help. "
" Anthony is an awesome reader!! He provided feedback when needed on how to evolve the scene and take it in a different direction. He was engaging and perceptive to what I needed for my performance. Thank you, Anthony! "
" Came back for more from Anthony! Good scene partner. "
" Great reader! Solid work and easy to talk with. "
" LOVED IT! Thank you so much Anthony! "
" Amazing help! Just what I needed "
" Great reader! "
" Second time booking Anthony! Thanks for being an awesome reader! "
" Anthony is a great reader! "
" Always such a great reader. Thanks for making my self tapes look great sir. "
" Excellent Reader. Very fun and professional. "
" Patient, generous, and gives great ideas! "
" Anthony was amazing! Soo calming for my nervous energy! He made me feel at ease and gave great suggestions. He also had the patience to do several takes until I felt good about it, encouraging me to take my time. Such a kind warm energy! Thank you so much! "
" So on point! Such a beautiful natural read. Anthony brought exactly what I needed for the scene and gave some great helpful direction also. Would 100% recommend. Thanks Anthony! "
" Anthony was so great! He was a wonderful reader and had great ideas. Thank you! "
" Anthony was fabulous! He jumped into a difficult script with ease and was great to play off of. Thank you! "
" Anthony always delivers. Great actor and cold reader! Thanks for your patience with these two self-tapes! "
" Awesome! As always! "
" Very patient with me as I figured this dang thing out haha "
" Amazing super cool "
" Excellent reader!! Absolutely, highly recommend!! Thank YOU! "
" Anthony is great as always. Thank you sir. Always a pleasure! "
" Super sweet...Great to work with...Great reader! "
" Anthony gave me some great direction and was an awesome reader!! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader with good ideas! Caught onto my scene super fast "
" Anthony is such a great reader: he was really patient and helped me do my best :) I am glad I picked him for my self-tape! "
" Anthony was great, even helped me with some accent work! Is a truly versatile, generous actor and reader. "
" Anthony was a lovely, dependable reader. He had great feedback, and was a super attentive listener. Would definitely read with him again. "
" Anthony is awesome. Thank you. "
" Great reader. Very professional. Patient and devoted to serving the scene. "
" Cool, calm and collected. "
" Great Reader! Thank you so much! "
" Anthony is awesome. A great energy as a human & reader. The patience of a cross continetal King & a pleasure to work with. "
" He’s great! So perfect for line running. Gets right in there when you’re In a quick pinch. "
" Anthony is such an awesome dude!! He makes documentaries and gives great advice, thanks! "
" Anthony’s ideas and advice is ON POINT! Awesome Actor, gives great direction and is very easy to work with. Thanks Anthony. "
" Tremendous and funny! "
" A wonderful help! "
" Thanks so much, Anthony! Very chill and dialed in. Great scene partner. "
" Great reader. Took direction well. "
" Anthony was fantastic. He pointed out something that I was misreading in the script and made the whole audition much better. Book him if you can!!! "
" Anthony gave me great notes and it was a lot of fun taping with him! "
" Very cool reader. Supportive, friendly, and dives in. "
" Anthony is awesome! Love having him as a reader :-) "
" Great energy! Always fun to read with Anthony :) "
" Anthony thank you! "
" Wonderful! "
" He was so helpful. So nice and generous with his time. Thank you so much "
" Great first go! "
" Super FUN to work with and explore the sides with! "
" Fab and Kind and generous with his time! "
" Great Great Great "
" Amazingly great as usual! Thank you so much sir "
" Excellent reader and super nice guy! "
" Great reader!! Fun :) "
" Great reader and very friendly "
" Anthony came to the rescue! Thank you again! "
" Thank you Anthony! So easy going and lighthearted, I appreciate you! thank you thank you "
" Amazing read-through of a full short film script! "
" Anthony was an awesome reader! Super helpful and patient and gives great ideas. Thanks again for your help Anthony!! "
" Really great! "
" Loving the energy work! Thanks again! "
" Helpful and fun! Thank you! "
" Awesome notes "
" Anthony is so patient and kind, thanks for reading with me! "
" Anthony is always very helpful. Great reader and super nice guy! "
" Anthony went ABOVE and BEYOND to help me. From guiding me through an Italian accent (+ giving me a brief lesson in how to speak Italian, because apparently this man can do everything), to splitting the sides for me and sending me the edited version, to get giving me notes on how to mould/get the best out of the scene - honestly I recommend him 100% and feel that he will get the next level out of your performance! "
" I love this man, he is amazing. If you are in doubt, stop being in doubt, because he is the best "
" Great reader with fun suggestions! "
" Amazing again!! Thank you so much!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Anthony is an Awesome guy and great reader. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Very patient! "
" Anthony was so much fun to work with! He really helped me make a rather weird, partially non-verbal audition work for me! I'll be coming back to find him to work with me again!! "
" Excellent reader! Very flexible. "
" Thank you Anthony!! "
" Such a helpful and fun reader, and so efficient! "
" So nice and helpful! "
" Anthony was fun and flexible! I would certainly hire him if I have an audition to tape. "
" Anthony was a great and supportive reader! "
" Anthony is a great reader guys!! So glad I met another Canadian! Merci encore! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great reader, gave me a lot of enthusiasm and flexibility to add another 15 minutes to my practice session for three self-tapes. "
" He was so mild mannered and encouraging. Would definitely read with him again! "
" Great spirit, and fun to read with! "
" So wonderful, as always. Thank you Anthony!!! "
" A helpful, able reader, easy to work with, gives great input "
" Anthony was so great to work with! Super helpful direction, positive energy, and made the self tape process very fun! "
" Great second read too! "
" Anthony is a phenomenal reader. He is very fluent with the material despite reading through it only 3 times. We read with stage directions and then did a speed-read without the stage directions which helped me discover that the essence of the scene is all there even without over-adhering to the stage directions. Highly recommend working with Anthony! "
" Thanks so much for your time!! I appreciate it! "
" Anthony has genuinely terrific and specific ideas for the scene! Really gave me a new way to see the action and ideas for business that made the scene come alive. Well-done. Book him! "
" SO SWEET AND LOVELY AND HELPFUL! Great reader, good pacing. Collaborative. Highly recommend. "
" Anthony is very easy going and a great reader! Thank you! "
" Anthony is a FANTASTIC reader! Lovely energy and a pleasure to work with! "

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