Sergio Osuna

upto 15 mins : $ 8.00
upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 30.00

I am a latin actor living in Vancouver, Canada.
I have over 15 years of experience acting in the film and TV Industry and have worked on many US and Canadian productions.
Wether is to rehearse a scene, read for your self tape or offer my point of view into the script you are working on, I am here to follow your lead.
The goal is to have the most honest and truthful performance possible.
Drop me a line and we’ll take it from there!

Looking forward to working with you!!

Sergio Osuna was born in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora; Mexico. When he was eighteen years old he moved to Vancouver, Canada to study English and eventually pursue acting. He is an actor known for his recurring roles as 'Glen' in the last season of 'Colony', Netflix 's 'Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective Agency' and most recently, as 'Rafe' in the last fours seasons of SyFy 's 'The Magicians'.


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" Great reader! Thanks! "
" Thanks again Sergio!! Always such helpful notes, and very expressive reading! Love working with you :) "
" Very helpful! Thank you! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Amazing "
" My Fave !! Always the very BEST. "
" Sergio was awsome!! We knocked out the session super quickly!! Would recommend for sure! "
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" Such a gem! Adore Sergio. One of my all time favs. Present, reliable, professional, and generouss! "
" This is my GO TO Guy for audition, Try him and you'll find out why,,,,,,He's Really Good! "
" Great Talent to work with when you need it done the best you can right Now! "
" Lifesaver! Sergio speaks English and Spanish as a native, which is so convenient for me since I often have auditions in both languages, he is nice, patient, caring!! "
" Absolutely the lovliest. So great. Will definitely use him again. "
" Such a sweetheart <3 "
" I had a crazy end of the world scene and Sergio really stepped it up and delivered as my reader!! He was committed to helping me get the best take and for that I'm so grateful!! Thanks my friend!! "
" Always an Honor and a Pleasure to work on the craft with Sergio! "
" Sergio is a great reader! "
" Sergio is next level service! He worked with me on character understanding to find the motivation and deliver. Highly recommended. "
" Great read and insightful tips "
" Great! "
" Great advice! "
" Always peaceful, supportive energy! "
" Sergio was fantastic! Great reader and VERY helpful. "
" Once again Sergio does an amazing Job! "
" Amazing from start to finish with great direction! "
" Always the best! "
" Sergio was super helpful and fun. Great reader! "
" Sergio is great. I get alot of Spanish auditions and he's one of the few people on here who speaks native spanish and perfect english. Also a talented reader and actor. Thanks Sergio! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing reader ! Knows how to jump right into character! Will definitely book again! "
" Love Sergio! "
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" A great reader! open-minded with good ideas to share. "
" Great reader, actor, very talented> "
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" Fantastic "
" Sergio was so kind and patient. We worked together to fit the needs of the client. I really appreciate how he offered advice without ego. "
" Great energy. Get it done. Perfect. "
" Always great! "
" Book Him!! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Sergio! "
" Awesome Reader!! Excellent Pacing too!! "
" Great Reader as always "
" Great sport! Thanks for getting goofy with me and thanks for your feedback! "
" Cool! "
" He is the calm in the storm! "
" Awesome! So happy! Will reach out again! "
" EXCELLENT reader! Gets comedy/timing, gives & takes direction wonderfully if need be. Top notch across the board. "
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" Fantastic reader, very professional, gave me the space to work on my character and do a wonderful tape. "
" Great reader, as always. Will definitely use again an again! "
" Sergio is GLORIOUS!!! "
" Good listener and easy to work with! "
" My go-to reader. Thanks, Sergio! "
" He is supportive as an actor and reader "
" Sergio was awesome. Positive, worked with me, added some suggestions to get me through a constant stumble. "
" Sergio is such a nice person to work with. calm, grounded and gives great guidance to enhance your audition. thankful! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Sergio. "
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" I adore him! He's one of the best! "
" As gracious and kind and engaged as ever. Always a pleasure working with Sergio - and I recommend you try booking with him too! Thank you!! "
" Sergio is the man! Highly recommended. "
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" Amazing reader!!! "
" Just such an excellent reader. Perfect pacing. Always such a pleasure to work with. "
" Thanks Sergio for jumping back on again to flush out some new ideas with me. "
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" Just a great actor and scene partner. Grateful to finally work with you Sergio. "
" Great reader with super helpful notes. Thanks Sergio! "
" Awesome reader and super knowledgeable! "
" Sergio rocked it once again. Thank you! Always friendly, supportive, and confidence-building...juuuust right! :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" 5 Star Reader!!! Sergio is so supportive and grounded and gets exactly what is needed for each genre and tone. "
" Awesome and very insightful "
" Truly the best. Super helpful feedback and a very giving reader! "
" Sergio is amazing every time! "
" Great reader "
" Keep coming back <3 "
" Sergio helped me return to the moment and helped to honor my natural instincts, had a gentle energy when I so needed it and truly helped me stay grounded. Always such a Pro reader. Do yourself a favor and book him! "
" So wonderful to work with. Will use again and again. "
" Gives fantastic and descriptive feedback! "
" Sergio was great as always! Thank You! "
" Sergio is awesome and on point! Really great time reading with him! "
" It's really fun collaborating with Sergio! Thank you so much! =) "
" Knew the genre. Brought the gravitas. Lovely to work with you! "
" Excellent reader! He gave me so much to work with and bounce off of. He also kept up the pace of my sides beautifully! "
" Amazing coach as always! I feel so safe to explore and emote with Sergio! "
" Great "
" Amazing as always!!! Thank you Sergio!!! "
" Sergio is fantastic!! So patient and knowledgeable with different genres. 5 stars!! "
" Nice, understated and some great feedback! "
" Awesome!!! I loved working with Sergio: he gave great feedback and direction! "
" Perfection. What are you gonna do? Love Sergio. "
" Sergio is hands down the best reader ever! He’s so incredibly patient and kind - and he is great to collaborate with!! "
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" Sergio is amazing! "
" Great reader and helpful. "
" Great reader! thanks! "
" Sergio is literally the best reader on this platform. LOVE HIM!!! "
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" AMAZING! Super nice and gave lots of great tips and input. "
" Great, natural reader with good feedback. "
" Great reader! "
" Great time. Great accent. "
" Great all around!!! Awesome reader! A+ "
" Seriously so kind and an instinctual reader. Gives actors exactly what they need to do their best! "
" Amazing reader! Incredible notes! Book him immediately! "
" Not just a pleasure to read with but a full out pleasure to chat with, and share stories with. Thanks as always! "
" Awesome! Really kind and easy to read with. Thanks for creating a comfortable workspace! "
" Awesome and super helpful and patient! "
" The best!!!!!!!!!!! "
" The best! 🙌🏻 "
" Great reader! "
" Sergio is always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone! "
" Very down to earth and a joy to work with! highly recommend! "
" Love working with Sergio! He's my go to! "
" Stellar. Sergio is on point and super fun and knowledgable. He read for the opposite character in the scene so he was able to give me some great insight, and his thoughts were actionable and concise and smart. Will def work with him again! "
" Great reader! Thank you so much! "
" He’s amazing! "
" Incredible as always! "
" He was super awesome as always and very helpful. BOOK HIM!!! "
" OMG Sergio is AMAZING! I can't wait to work with him again. Book him! "
" Sergio is by far one of my favorite people to work with on this platform. He's so kind and so intentional and tactful with his help within scenes. "
" Bookk him! "
" Second time reading with Sergio and I could not recommend him more. Thank you thank you!! "
" Thank you so much! Excellent as always! "
" Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Very patient and kind! "
" Fantastic reader, great notes and feedback. Thank you! "
" Great reader as always "
" Great instincts! Great cold reader "
" Always awesome!! "
" The reviews are RIGHT. Sergio is so fabulous. Thanks a million. "
" Lovely! Super professional and great. "
" Excellent as always! True diamond. Its always seems effortless working with Sergio. Highly recommend! "
" Sooo patient and gave great ideas for second takes. Wonderful reader!! "
" Always a blast with Sergio! I planned to do 1 scene but ended up doing 2! Very easy to work with and efficient too! "
" Definitely one of my fave go-tos. Love his ENERGY - love his feedback! "
" Sergio is an awesome reader. Helped me hit the tones and kept the pace perfectly. "
" Sergio is amazing!!! I had so much fun working with him! His experience and professionalism are tangible... His timing is spot on, and he just gets it! He completely understood the tone of my audition and gave me everything I needed in a reader! I cannot wait to work with him again! If he's available, book him! <3 <3 <3 "
" Fantastic! Can't wait to work with him again! "
" Thank you "
" My FAVORITE reader on the site "
" It's been a minute since we work together but boy am I happy to be back with you! Absolutely always a pleasure keep up the excellent energy! "
" Sergio is a great actor, reader, and scene analyst. Super helpful. Grateful for my time with you. "
" Very quick at catching what you need as a reader!! "
" Initially I was nervous, however Sergio put me at ease. He has a calm energy, patience of a teacher, and brilliant at notes/interpretation of the scene. I highly recommend! "
" Great work good feedback "
" So great! Very kind and patient. "
" Sergio is a great guy to rehearse with! Super patient, great with choices and offering advice, and very encouraging! Highly recommend working with him. "
" Great! "
" Thank you kind sir! "
" Excellent! Thank you so much Sergio! "
" Always a pleasure. Thanks, Sergio. "
" My fave reader on here! "
" Love reading with Sergio!!! "
" SUCH a lovely guy. Engaged and so so warm all the way through. Thank you, Sergio!! "
" Absolutely amazing reader. Always great working with him. "
" Great reader as always "
" Sergio's one of my go-to readers. He's awesome!! "
" Always amazing! "
" Sergio is a great reading partner and super helpful with the creative process. Highly recommend!! "
" Awesome as always. "
" I am so happy that I got the chance to work again with Sergio! Such a fun collaboration! Thank you so much Sergio!!! "
" The best! if you get a chance to read with Sergio take it! He always has great notes! "
" Sergio is great! Book him, you won't regret it :) "
" Excelente! He made me feel at home, playing with freedom:) "
" He's great!! "
" Such a pro "
" Love reading with Sergio; it's always a pleasure "
" Always a pleasure working with you, thank you, looking forward to reading more scenes with you. Forever!!! "
" The best! Super patient, great reader, very supportive! "
" Sergio is just one of those people that you can be completely vulnerable with, knowing he will hold space and respect both your process and your heart. Had to work through a very emotional scene and working with Sergio made it feel so natural and safe; and his (asked for) notes were gentle and precise. Thank you, as always, dear friend for your genius. "
" GENIUS... "
" BRILLIANT! Such a fun, productive session "
" Sergio is such a PLEASURE to work with. Gave great feedback, is genuinely supportive, and has great insight to the acting process. Thank you Sergio!! "
" Very Thoughtful :) "
" Sergio was a gem! He read so well, brought a grounded feeling to the scene and gave great notes. Will definitely be calling him again! "
" Sergio was so so kind, gave amazing notes, and was an awesome reader! I was feeling self conscious about a scene that wanted me to "cry on cue" and he gave some really valuable insight that I will take with me :) Thanks, Sergio! "
" Thank you so much! Wonderful reader and loved the feedback. "
" Very grounded and gave excellent advice! Will definitely be booking again! "
" New favorite reader! really natural and grounded which helped me be more natural and grounded. Also gives great notes:) "
" Great read and great energy! Highly recommend. "
" Great! "
" Sergio is fantastic! "
" Sergio is one of my favorites, I just love working with him. Always such a pleasure. "
" Great read and kept up an amazing pace!! "
" Sergio is so kind, patient, and wonderful to read with. Gave such helpful notes that helped ground me throughout! "
" SO MUCH FUN! Love love love love love. "
" The best. "
" My soulmate on WeAudition! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Sergio was great. Helped me go from zero to a great take. So patient and helpful with lots of great insights. Book this man. "
" Another wonderful and uplifting session with Sergio. He's not only patient and kind, but we talked through my character, including stories about his own relevant experiences. He's terrific...yup, an MVP! :) "
" Always a joy! Thank You!The feedback and suggestions were on point. BOOK SERGIO! "
" Sergio's love and understanding for the craft astound me each time we work together. I truly appreciate everything that he brings to the table. "
" Always good!! "
" Sergio is always the best! Warm, kind, a great giving reader, and gives good notes. Book him! "
" WOW! A-game! Such great notes. Very present and connect. Gave me a lot to work with and felt collaborative. 10/10 "
" Always offering a collaborative, energetic, and inspired energy! You will not go wrong with Sergio's help, especially with comedy! "
" Sergio, what a pleasure. Thank you so much for a beautiful read and for your friendliness. Hire, Sergio,'ll be quite pleased! :) "
" Great as always! "
" So pleasant and such a great reader - really supportive! "
" Wonderful, as always "
" So kind and professional. Great feedback! Will definitely use again. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" So helpful. Was able to get in and get it done. Thank you! "
" Sergio really is the MVP I swear. LOVED him, we made great audition magic together. Thanks so much! "
" Great reader and Human! Always a pleasure. "
" What else can I say that are nothing but compliments For you. Thanks again. Always brilliant "
" My go to!! Love working with Sergio! Amazing input and patience. "
" Sergio provided great insights to my audition and was patient throughout my session. I highly recommend. "
" Sergio was a wonderful reader. I felt safe to be vulnerable and open and experiment. He had great notes to help ground the scene and help me find my way. "
" What a gift it was to work with Sergio! Talented!!!! Kind, patient, reassuring, and incredibly fun to read with. Thank you so much!!!! "
" Awesome! "
" Great Help!! "
" Sergio is so helpful, really uplifting, and has great notes! Please book!!! "
" Sergio is fantastic! Great actor, very insightful, and very professional "
" Fantastic reader - happily did two takes of a long scene for me and made the audio self tape really come to life. will be using Sergio again "
" Sergio is my FAVORITE reader I've worked with on WeAudition. Always has great, imaginative suggestions and presents them in a gentle way that respects the work that you as the actor have already done. Thank you Sergio!! "
" Amazing and very patient ... loved working with him! "
" Awesome reader, positive , & awesome to work with! "
" Every time I log on to WeAudition, I look for Sergio first. Great reader, wonderful insight and he always has fun little bits of direction to offer. Thank you, Sergio!!! "
" I would lip sync "Simply the Best" to this man. ..What a great scene partner <3 "
" Great!!!!! "
" My MVP 4 lyfeeee "
" Sergio was amazing again! Super helpful in giving tips and suggesting new ideas. "
" Sergio was an amazing reader and gave me very helpful tips to make my self-tape more natural and fun! "
" There's a reason I wait around to read with you! And it's cuz you're awesome. Keep up the lovely work "
" Sergio was amazing and extremely helpful. Would work with again anytime! "
" Fun and easy read with Sergio! "
" Sergio is a fantastic reader. Perfect reader for what I needed!! "
" Had two quick "5 and under" scenes to crank out in a short time and Sergio was so great! Patient and ready to roll with me! Thanks, Sergio--you rock! "
" Love him!!! Book with Sergio "
" 3 scenes down and still killin it! "
" A dream reader!! "
" Lovely!!! "
" He was awesome, very patient, gave me some great ideas to enhance my takes. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader!!! "
" He's the best! Always consistent and a go-to reader for sure "
" I really enjoyed reading with Sergio, he is patient, provided great feedback. "
" Fantastic! Haven't read with Sergio for a while and was delighted to see him online. "
" Sergio is a very focused, attentive and helpful reader with a lot of ideas to help you craft a scene out of a simple self tape request. Highly recommend. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" What can I say...just book him. He's the best. THANK YOU, SERGIO!!! "
" So supportive and a great reader! "
" Great notes, picks up on subtle ques. helped tremendously! "
" Fantastic reader! I'm so glad I got Sergio to read with me! Really helped me to do my best work. Easygoing, chill reader. "
" My trusted go-to. You are in good hands with Sergio!! "
" Sergio was so giving and collaborative. I will definitely reach out again in the future! Thank you Sergio! "
" Truly understands the characters behind the script. "
" Awesome reader "
" Excellent, nuanced reader! "
" Sergio has become family. He is sharp on his notes, gives great feedback and creates. Dynamics to support your best performance . I highly recommend him! "
" Total pro with a very vulnerable scene! Really chill and fun and easy to work with! "
" Once again you never disappoint! You are without a doubt one of the best readers on this site I hope we got to meet in person one day and hopefully work together as well. "
" Definitely the best reader I've encountered on here. Incredibly grounded and astute. Picked up on so many nuances within the subtext of the scene itself. "
" Love him so much! "
" Sergio was AMAZING. Thank you!!! "
" Thank you Sergio!!! He really helped me do a self-tape I am proud of and was so easy to connect/work with. His notes were extremely helpful and I am so thankful to him! "
" Great reader. Positive energy. Thank you! "
" Nice! Great to work with and solid notes. "
" AMAZING! He really became engaged with the material and it really helped me out. I will be sure to use him again! "
" Stellar Reader! "
" Sergio is a rockstar! Favorite for sure! "
" My go to FAVE!!! ❤️ "
" Always awesome! Thanks Sergio!! "
" What a beautiful human being! Gets you out of your thoughts and into your heart every time! Thank you!! "
" Amazing, amazing, amazing! Sergio is such a great talent, and even more so a great reader. Absolutely grateful he was able to help me with my audition. Highly recommend! "
" Amazing reader !!! Book him ASAP! "
" Amazing reader !!! Book him ! "
" I've read with Sergio several times now and it's always a fun and easy read with him! "
" El mejor!!!!!! "
" Ah! SO helpful! He has such great knowledge about TV scripts and offers wonderful feedback that you can really use in your work. "
" Sergio was amazing and a great reader! I will definitely be working with him again. :) "
" Tremendously kind, encouraging and giving. I appreciate Sergio's openness to share his process and point of view as a bilingual actor, which was inspiring for me to hear. He is a wonderful resource for this community. Thank you Sergio! "
" A good egg :) Super grounded actor. "
" An absolute delight! Great partner! A++ "
" I love him so much! so gooood. great energy. just amazing! "
" Terrific! "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Great!! Was an amazing reader even with my super long/confusing sides! "
" Simply the best "
" Always love working with Sergio. A true gem on here!A+ "
" As always, You're simply the best I always feel super comfortable every time I take with you it was great getting to chat with you even after "
" Sergio is great! Always a good time. "
" Great reader! Exactly what I needed for this audition. Very easy to work with. Would gladly use him again. "
" My 'Go To' and Fave!! Gracias Sergio ❤️ "
" Always amazing "
" Dope hat! Awesome personality and easy going reader. :) Thank you! "
" Sergio gave great notes and was a very helpful reader! "
" Great reader!!! "
" My all time favorite reader for ALL the reasons. Talented, thoughtful, & smart cookie. Professional and good vibes always. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Sergio is incredible. So sweet, positive, expressive. He gives great notes and feedback. I ended up nailing my takes sooner than I thought I would. "
" Always a delight to work with! "
" Amazing. helpful. And had amazing insight and thoughtful advice. "
" Love him! Read with this man SO SO SO SO gooooooood!!! "
" WOW!!! Sergio is the best, don't hesitate to ask him to read with you. He was so supportive, had an immediate understanding of the sides/ story/ characters and offered some wonderful bits of direction throughout that led to some of my favorite takes. Thank you, Sergio!! "
" Can't say enough positive feedback for Sergio. Just a wonderful, safe and supportive energy to work with. A true professional with excellent insight and reading ability. Highly recommend! "
" Always super helpful :) "
" I cannot sing Sergio's praises enough! He allowed for me to find this character with him and was supportive, encouraging, and offered amazing feedback and notes throughout our process! I'm so happy with what we created through this audition and feel so lucky too have found him to work with! All that being said, you definitely want to work with him! "
" Sergio is the best! "
" Sergio was so awesome to work with! He was not only very professional but also super knowledgable! It was great to get his input and I wouldn't have been able to get my audition taped without him! "
" Super pro - great notes - kind heart! "
" I specifically waited to read with Sergio because I knew that you would have great suggestions to make my self tape and upcoming audition much more exciting "
" My first read on WeAudition. Sergio made me feel oh-so-comfortable and I think I did a good job with his help :) Thanks! "
" Excellence incarnate! He was fantastic. So nice! A GREAT reader and gave GREAT notes. What more can you ask for? "
" A pleasure, as always :) "
" Super pro! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" AMAZING!!!! "
" Quick and easy! "
" A pleasure, as always! "
" Great! Don't hesitate to book! "
" Great as always!! "
" Fantastic reader and coach as always! "
" A pleasure to read with! Highly recommend him. I needed someone for a self-tape in Spanish and Sergio was super accommodating and spoke perfect English and Spanish. He was so patient, gave great notes, and helped guide our time together. "
" Great reader as always - one of my favorites "
" Such a great reader, as always :) "
" So nice to read with Sergio .Great ready as always.A + Book HIM!!!! "
" Sergio is awesome! He helped me get over the nerves of a clunky last minute TVC audition. He has a calm and humble energy that I appreciate and recommend! "
" This was my second time reading with Sergio and I'm sure there will be more in the future! "
" Lovely, as always! "
" Great reader and great to work with! He gave me good feedback and notes as well! "
" Great as always! "
" Super collaborative and so easy to talk to, Sergio made me feel at ease instantly. Great at bouncing ideas off of as well. Highly recommend. "
" So great and patient and chill. Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" It's always a pleasure to work with Sergio. He always has great insight! and feedback!! He knows the tone of the various networks, which is super helpful. He always gives great suggestions too!! What a gift to be able to work with him agin!! Thank you so much!! "
" Super super helpful on my read!! "
" Great Reader! "
" Had fun as always! "
" Sergio is great! Had a great time reading with him! "
" Sergio was super friendly and helpful! Thanks again man :) "
" Always love working with Sergio! He gave amazing guidance, and I felt that my self tape was a lot stronger as a result. Many thanks! "
" So Great! Thank you! "
" Awesome reader, great notes!!! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Always super helpful to work with!! "
" Amazing amazing!! Thank you sergio!! "
" WOW! such a freaking delight!! I had felt the task ahead of me to self tape was a daunting one... to self tape scenes in the confines of the camera's frame , when the genre is musical theatre, and the medium the stage. But Sergio was a great scene partner, so all that getting in my head shit went out the window when i realized all I had to do was what we alway gotta do. LISTEN. THANK YOU SERGIO! "
" Solid work session "
" This guy, man... one of the GREATS! "
" Sergio is a very wonderful actor to work with. He is creative, encouraging and give useful notes! "
" Sergio was a pleasure to work with! He caught on to the tone of my audition immediately and had great insights. The read was short and sweet AND really fun (which is most important)! I can't wait to work with him again! :) "
" Always a great, EFFICIENT, session with Sergio. Great notes, and a veteran reader! "
" Loved having sergio as a reader! He was professional and gave really great redirects! Thanks again buddy!!! "
" Super helpful reader :) Got me to a very vulnerable place. "
" Great reader with awesome energy!!!! "
" Great! "
" Sergio gave me some great notes! "
" Fave!!!! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Great reader. Lovely guy! Would definitely use him as a reader again!! "
" Sergio was awesome! Gave me some good tips, would def read with him again! "
" Great partner with honest feedback and support! And a delightful human as the cherry on top! "
" Sergio is literally the best!! "
" Great notes, partner, to the point, exactly what I needed!! "
" America's Favorite Canadian Actor! "
" THE G.O.A.T. "
" Great reader. Gives very good notes. "
" As always, Sergio was fantastic! "
" Amazing Reader, Gave awesome feedback. cant wait until the next one "
" Sergio is definitely one of my favorite readers! "
" Sergio! The Best!!! ✨✨ "
" Sergio was great! Thanks so much for your help. "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader and actor, thank you! "
" The GOAT. "
" Sergios is absolutely amazing and so creative!!!! He helped me book a film!!! I couldn't have done it without his help, He's very versatile, the film he helped me book is a drama and he just helped me knock out a sitcom audition. He has so many great suggestions! I always look forward to working with him. I'm grateful. Thank you!! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Reader!!! Thank you my friend ❤️ see you again soon 😊 "
" One of my favorite readers on We Audition. Patient, giving, easygoing, and an excellent actor. "
" Absolutely LOVE working w/Sergio. He really gets me. "
" Sergio is an intuitive actor and an amazing reader "
" SO Kind, Playful, and Professional. BOOK Sergio!! "
" Excellent! Wonderful feedback and great ideas. Thank you! "
" Sergio was an absolute dream to work with!! Thanks for making me feel calm and for your feedback on my tape!! Fingers crossed! "
" Sergio is amazing! He has great notes and really lets you play in the characters back to back to let you breathe life into them. Highly recommend!!! "
" Sergio is always spot on! Just what I need tonight. A+ "
" Once again, you were absolutely the best person to read with. Incredibly patient, very insightful notes, and overall just super friendly energy that I look forward to doing more scenes with you. "
" Sergio made my first time using weaudition so relaxing and comfortable. Huge fan! "
" The G.O.A.T. "
" Fanastic reader! "
" Got the takes! awesome reader! "
" He creates such a safe space to fall on my face and then have fun and play. Thanks Sergio! "
" I love working with Sergio! He's amazing!! He helps me to create a much better scene than I could ever imagine. He is such a great reader and has great ideas!! Thank you so much!!! "
" Sergio is a great reader. It was fun working with him. Very patient and gives very helpful feedback. "
" Great getting a chance to work with Sergio again. Fantastic reader with wonderful insights! "
" Sergio is awesome, great advice and insight into the scenes! "
" My Fave ❤️ "
" So great thank you Sergio!!!! "
" Sergio is awesome! A great reader if you need to really dig into scene work. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Sergio rocks! Will definitely work with him again! "
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" Great Reader! "
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" Sergio was spot-on with his directions and helped dissect/direct the scene together for a wonderful audition! Muchos gracias por todos! "
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" Always AMAZING! "
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" Thanks for the great feed back and suggestions! "
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" Ran out of adjectives a while back to describe Sergio but will say simply this, He provides a wonderful space full of nurturing, insight and warmth which allow you to bring forth some great work. Many thanks! "
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" Just what I needed. So fun, funny and great energy! <3 "
" Always such a relaxed and fun experience working with Sergio! Always excited to spot his mug on We! Highly, highly recommend "
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" Thank you for keeping me present in the scene! "
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" Amazing and super helpful!! "
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" Patient friendly awesome! :-) "
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" Saved my life....Great bilingual audition, and feedback on takes. "
" One of the best readers I've found, amazing direction and really knows his stuff. "
" Awesome as always! Great reader and some great notes. Thank you!!! "
" What a delight it was to work with Sergio! He gave wonderful notes and brought such a warm, lovely energy to the read. Highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again :) "
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" Favorite. "
" Sergio es fantástico. Me ayudó como lector, actor y analizador de escenas. Hicimos una escena en español y fue excelente para ayudarme a encontrar la atmósfera y los matices. "
" OMG, loved working with Sergio! Such a great read, and also so much light! Thank you brother! "
" Fantastic reader. Cant wait to work with him again! "
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" Genuinely so lovely and helpful and present! Will 1000% work with Sergio again. "
" Sergio was great, quick study and good ideas! "
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" Very good cold read "
" My go to Spanish reader! Incredible personality, super easy going, it's always great to work with you =) thank you Sergio "
" The BEST!! "
" Oh, gosh..Not sure I can say enough. Soothing energy, generous and present reader, and a fantastic coach. Not only do I highly , HIGHLY recommend but I'll be keeping an eye out to work with him again. Thank you!!! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" My very first day on this site!! I rehearsed my audition twice with TWO different readers, and let me just say....SERGIO is THE BEST. Not only was he helpful and suggestive, but he never once made me feel rushed and he gracefully followed my lead. Such a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much for your patience and kindness Sergio! "
" My favorite reader on WeAudition "
" Great as always. "
" Sergio is such a pleasure to work with! He is so kind, and helps pepper the scene with all sorts of fun moments. Would definitely recommend!!!!! "
" Well, I picked the right reader for this one!!! He was fantastic! It was easy to connect with him as a reader. Very friendly and great reader. I recommend! "
" Shooting self-tapes with Sergio feels like getting coffee with your best friend. He'll keep you focused and relaxed so you can bring your best self to your scene. "
" Great reader and brought a lot of positive energy. "
" He is top of the pops. Thanks, Sergio! Great actor, warm human, very collaborative and supportive scene partner. You're in great hands here. "
" It was a pleasure working with Sergio, very patient and professional! "
" HE IS JUST THE BEST. Love working with him. Thank you, Sergio! To many more times over! "
" He was an awesome reader! Gave some great insight as well! Definitely would recommend him! "
" Excellent again, and as always. What an awesome reader, and super talented actor. "
" Helped me get some smooth takes. Thank you "
" So nice and helpful, thank you!:) "
" Sergio is just fantastic--so open, welcoming and chill. A fascile, sensitive actor himself--what a delight! "
" Always spectacular. I've booked TWO jobs from my tapes with him! Truly grateful. "
" Sergio was THE BEST!! Definitely reading with him again. So present, so attentive, was a joy to work with. "
" Amazing as always =) book him!!!!! "
" Very professional Highly recommend ! "
" So nice and super helpful. "
" Sergio was AMAZING. His acting is sooo honest, and really grounded. My scene went from intimate conversation to a fight and it was really easy to connect with him the entire time. He also gave great insight into the bigger picture of a few of the important moments. Read with Sergio!! "
" Sergio was awesome! Warm, receptive, supportive, and very observant. He helped me knock out four scenes and gave just the right amount of feedback to help me along the way. Thank you! "
" Super helpful. Totally worth it! "
" He is just fantastic. Great actor, very insightful eye/ear, and kind, compassionate human. Really a joy. Thanks! "
" Amazing reader! Highly recommend him =) "
" Always super patient, and willing to help get the best performance! "
" Hard worker!!! Patient and FUN!!! "
" Sergio is so friendly and he's an amazing reader! I needed a Spanish speaker and Sergio was able to jump right in to help with my scene. Will definitely be coming back to him! "
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" Awesome reader!! "
" Super patient and non-judgemental!!!! "
" Sergio was a huge help on a high stakes scene!! :) Highly recommend. He's great. "
" Very kind and great feedback! "
" He was incredibly helpful, responsive, and intuitive. I had a fast turn around and his professionalism helped me get the takes I needed fast! "
" Infinite Stars!!! "
" Always amazing! He is a top choice for playing younger roles. He has great energy, always great feedback, and is super patient! "
" I always have fun when working with him! He always gives genuine, helpful feedback! "
" Sergio is a phenomenal reader. He is very wise to the specificities of self-taped auditions and gave great coaching around working like that. He is friendly and super professional! Highly recommended. "
" Just amazing!! "
" Always a pleasure running lines with him! He's super helpful!! "
" Great reader ! so helpful. Gave me some tips and had a comfortable vibe. "
" Sergio is awesome!! And he gave me a cool suggestion that I'll be using for other auditions! :) "
" Thank you so much, a pleasure to work with! "
" Sergio is an MVP; my first experience with this platform was with him and I am overjoyed. He was kind, present, calm and had excellent feedback and advice and definitely made the work better quality and of higher artistic value right from the beginning. I highly, highly recommend Sergio as a reader to anyone and I wish him all the best with his career moving forward, if his attitude and energy are any indication, he is meant for great things : ) "
" Sergio is so kind and so supportive! I had to do an improv, and he came with ideas and ready to play! Book him!! "
" Sergio is extremely patient and encouraging! Thank you for your help "
" Sergio will take you there! He pushes you gently to get the best take out of you, will def work with him again! "
" Great reader!! Thank you! "
" Very sweet and very intuitive. Sergio's a great listener, patient, and a great reader! "
" Highly Highly recommend! So fun to work with especially if you need help with comedy! "
" Such a great reader with great feedback. A warm presence. I Felt comfortable doing my best work. "
" Great reader, great experience. Loved my read with Sergio. "
" Amazing reader! He's a very professional and conscious scene partner "
" Wonderful reader! Great character insight. :-) Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader and super helpful "
" Awesome!!!! "
" Professional! Always positive, and has great feedback! "
" Sergio is very kind and gives great notes! He really helped me hit the nuances and tie together my choices. I will definitely tape with him again. "
" Great instincts on the go! Was able to jump in despite technical difficulties on my end. Highly recommend! "
" Fabulous! had great instincts and great suggestions "
" Great reader, supportive, thoughtful and clear notes, I'd read with him again anytime. "
" So great he's a fantastic Spanish reader! "
" Great Scene Partner Super helpful tips and feedback!! "
" Sergio was an amazing reader and allowed me to really feel at ease. He provided great direction with each take that allowed me to deliver an honest, engaging delivery that I felt good about. Bonus was how much fun I felt I had as well! "
" Always a pleasure working with him! He gives great feedback! "
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" A few things about AWESOME Sergio: 1) He rocks with you and helps you get warmed up and ready to rock n roll 2) He's nurturing and patient 3) He gives blessed tips and nuances to help you bring out your best in the character and make the scene ALIIIIVE 4) Sergio Is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 5) Lastly...THANK YOU SERGIO!!!!!!!!!! "
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" Such a nice guy and a great reader. Gave great notes as well! Will use again! "
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