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Hello actors,

I trained at Drama School: Arts Educational Schools London. I have trained in many techniques including Meisner and Laban.

We have also been trained to become directors for ourselves and each other. I KNOW how gruelling the audition process is.

I am here to help, and share so many wonderful slices of knowledge I've been gifted through my incredible training. I am here to help you, direct you, lift you up, and above all else be honest wih you. All questions welcomed. Let's book that job!

Please reach out if you need to schedule a session ahead of time or if you don't see me logged in to WeAudition you can contact me on Instagram @cerianemma or email cerianemma@googlemail.com

*Just a note to say if you have requested me on here and there's a blip with WeAudition please try again, the likelihood is that I have confirmed the call but the blip has happened already. I haven't said no or not turned up :)

C. Y

Hello All!!

My name is Cerian Young. I have just graduated from Arts Educational Schools London with an Acting MA. The training at this drama school is insane, I have loved every moment of training, creating and performing there.

We are trained in Laban, Animal, Voice, Demidov, Meisner, Clown, Biomechanics, Singing, Le Coq and many more techniques.

I have a playing age of 22-29.

I have a mix of powerful and vulnerable given my height and features.

Feel free to get in touch cerianemma@googlemail.com

Rep'd by Pride in Performance cerianemma@googlemail.com Mob: +447576 155 655

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" Really patient and helpful. Great reader. "
" CERIAN is phenomenal! She is pure light, joy to get to act with. If you get to read with her, you're very lucky. She's a talented actress, engaged in the scene, and a lovely person to chat with as well! Thank you Cerian! "
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" Amazing reader! Such a talented actor, coach and reader all at the same time. Really loved working with Cerian. Thanks so much! "
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" The best experience. She was professional yet accessible. This girl will put you at ease with her gorgeous accent and thoughtful line delivery. I was able to figure out how to say some of my lines based on how she delivered hers. Thank you Cerian (Carrie-Ann) for a great experience, best of luck to you.! "
" She’s wonderful and brilliant. "
" Ceriun is a great reader. Fun and great direction. Thank you and will work with you again. "
" Gave me a lot of handy exercises to breathe new life into my monologue! "
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" Cerian is the best!! She offered very helpful feedback and was super easy to work with! "
" Cerian is amazing! Such a kind, sweet, and talented actress with great notes! I had such a great time really working on this scene and she helped a ton! Thank you!!!! "
" Helped me so much! Also, super pretty! "

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