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Hello All!
My name is Tryphena Wade. I'm a professional actor of 20 years and have performed on stages internationally, regionally, Off-Broadway, and on Broadway! I portrayed Queen Sarabi πŸ¦πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ in Disney's The Lion King on tour and on Broadway for 10 years (Yes! A decade!) and have recently made the leap from NYC to sunny LA! I'm also an author (The Heart Works: A Collection) and writer, currently in a festival run for my film SOLOMON'S MOOD (it's a love story! #BlackLove)
Check out the trailer here πŸ‘‡πŸΎ and there πŸ‘‰πŸΎ


🎬 I recently filmed two commercials; one for Spectrum and another for Welch's. Look for them soon!!

🎬 Currently in a festival run for SOLOMON'S MOOD, a film that I wrote, Executive Produced, and starred in. Producing is no joke but I learned so much on the journey!! We're so close to the finish line!! Check out the trailer here:

🎬 You may have caught my most recent commercial for Valspar. Check it out over there! πŸ‘‰πŸΎ

🎬Just finished shooting a new thriller called "Trapped In The Farmhouse"

🎬 KEEP/DELETE, a short film I shot in 2021, has gained distribution on HBO Max! You'll be able to watch it later this year!

🎬 Last October (2022) I shot the pilot episode of "The Promised Land", a show that takes a comical approach to the re-telling of Moses and the Israelites after they've escaped Egyptian captivity. Think "The Office"...but a Bible story! It's hilarious! I play Zipporah, Moses' wife.

🎬 Last year (2022) I shot the lead role (#1 on the call sheet, y'all) in a brand new horror franchise! Look out for BOOHAG coming to you in 2023!

I truly enjoy the craft of acting, both on stage and screen. I also love digging into the scene and helping an actor find and craft new and exciting moments without fear.

πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ When not making magic onstage and on screen, I work as a Life Coach (Master Certification) with an emphasis on Fearless Living. My favourite phrase is Fear Is Stupid and I work to embody that phrase in performance and life.

It's my pleasure to be your reader, whether it's just for rehearsal or an audition. Let's connect, have fun, and get you booked!!

Connect with me in other ways:
IG: @tryphena_wade
YouTube: Tryphena Wade

Hello All!
My name is Tryphena Wade. I've been a professional actor for 19 years and have performed on stages internationally, regionally, Off-Broadway, and on Broadway! I portrayed Queen Sarabi πŸ¦πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ in Disney's The Lion King on tour and on Broadway for 10 years (Yes! A decade!) and have recently made the leap from NYC to sunny LA! I'm also an author (The Heart Works: A Collection) and writer, currently fundraising to produce my film SOLOMON'S MOOD (it's a love story! #BlackLove)
More info here:
- fundraising/info video to the right πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ


🎬 UNRAPTURED, a short film I shot in 2021 is currently on the festival circuit and has been accepted at:
*DC Black Film Festival
*San Antonio Film Festival
*Jxn Film Festival
*Hip Hop Film Festival NYC
*and more to come!!

🎬 KEEP/DELETE, a short film I shot in 2021 is currently on the festival circuit; screened/awarded at:
*Women In Film (WIF) LA
*MVAAFF (Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival)
*Micheaux Film Festival
*New Filmmakers LA
and MANY more!!!

🎬 Earlier this year (2022) I shot the lead role (#1 on the call sheet, y'all) in a brand new horror franchise! Look out for BOOHAG coming later this year!

🎬 I recently completed a beauty ad for Eighth Day Skin

🎬 You can catch me as Grace in "Abduction Runs in the Family" (the drama is real!) on Lifetime Movie Network.

🎬 I'm the voice and face of equal pay for the UKG Equal Pay Initiative. Check out the commercial spot to the right. πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ

I truly enjoy the craft of acting, both on stage and on screen. I also love digging into the scene and helping an actor find and craft new and exciting moments without fear.

πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ When not making magic onstage and screen, I work as a Life Coach (Master Certification) with an emphasis on Fearless Living. My favourite phrase is Fear Is Stupid and I work to embody that phrase in performance and in life.

It's my pleasure to be your reader, whether it's just for rehearsal or for an audition. Let's connect, have fun, and get you booked!!

Connect with me in other ways:
IG: @tryphena_wade
YouTube: Tryphena Wade

Anthony Leones, Manager Shushu Entertainment 310.363.0777 ext 101 @anthonyleonestalentmanager

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" Great rehearsal swapping ideas - thanks for the thoughts and suggestions! "
" Fantastic! "
" Always a pleasure. Always always! Consummate professional. And incredible scene partner. Easy. Natural. And ready to work. And always so supportive "
" Fantastic and supportive! "
" Tryphena was such a lifesaver for this last minute commercial. Talented, collaborative and kind. Book her!! "
" Amazing once again! "
" Absolutely amazing! Really got me out of my head and made me more confident! gave a great note to help me play with the scene more. Thank you so much, I'll be back. "
" Patient, Knowledgable and energetic. She was a breath of fresh air. "
" As always! THE BEST "
" Excellent reader! "
" Always a pleasure working with her "
" Good instincts, great reader, lovely person on the other end of the camera. Would and shall work with her again! "
" Always a pleasure. One of my go-to's "
" Fab! Just fab! "
" Awesome job! Just what I needed! "
" Trphena is awesome to work with...Book Her! "
" Tryphena did a stellar job yet, again! I'm so excited every time I see her on the board when I need to self tape. I highly recommend this truly talented actor!!! "
" Whew, Tryphena is a DOLL! She hangs in there even with the longest of scenes. She is the bomb dot com. "
" 10 out of 10!!! "
" Gave great feed back "
" Amazing!!! great for a late night read. Exceptional feedback :) "
" My gawd she’s so AMAZING! Her reads are always everything! "
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" Definitely the best reader on this platform, by unanimous decision! "
" What a gem! Lovely energy, great notes, will book again! "
" Ahhhh such a beautiful soul....great read and great feedback. Really helped me hone my character in and got some solid takes. Thank you so much, Tryphena! Adding to favorites! "
" Like seriously one of the best! She always gives the right vibes and helps settle down the crazy scenes I get. And I’ve booked off her, so I’m happy! Lol "
" Fantastic reader! So helpful for my rehearsal. "
" Love this girl! Knows the tone of a scene, knows how to get you to where you need to be, and it's laughs, encouragement, gems, support, and an amazing read along the way!! Thank you so much Tryphena. "
" Thank you! Thank you! Will definitely book a session again. Appreciate the time and feedback. "
" She is an excellent reader "
" Great to work with you, thank you for the great read! "
" Love love love her "
" Tryphena was great! Gave me exactly what I needed for this quick audition, book them!! "
" Amazing as always "
" She's fantastic!! Gave great notes and was really insightful! "
" So kind and absolutely patient with me as we worked late, thanks for being a supportive reader! "
" Always fabulous with the clutch notes!! "
" Really dope reader! "
" Tryphena did a awesome job helping me with this self tape, especially when she gave me some very on point advise to help with me with american accent, thank you Tryphena ! "
" So generous and talented. Thank you! "
" So *bleeping* fantastic. Like trust her! I booked a possible recurring role off of her notes. She will not steer you wrong! "
" Such a great reader! So patient, highly recommend! "
" Tryphena is awesome. She helped me prep my lines for a shoot the following day. We just played. I absolutely loved working with her. "
" Excellent Reader. Definitely want to read with her again "
" Thank you!! "
" Tryphena was awesome to work with. Great energy! Thank you! "
" Tryphena is an excellent reader with great feedback and very easy to work with "
" Wonderful! Thanks so much, Tryphena!!! "
" 5 stars wonderful as always! "
" So fun to read with! Great scene partner :) "
" Great reader! Great energy - thank you! "
" Great reader! Committed right off the bat and really helped me settle into my scene. Definitely will look for her on here again! "
" Patient and gave great adjustments "
" Very helpful "
" Tryphena was a lovely to work with. she provided me with a different direction that made me tap into some vulnerable depths that i didn't want to go to...but hey....what did i have to lose. her heart smiles when she's working and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not have her grace your self tape audition. shall reeeeeeturn!!! you can bet that on chica!! "
" Terrific voice & timing. Thank you Tryphena! "
" Fantastic Reader! "
" Exceptional as always! Thank you and looking forward to the next time!! "
" Working with Tryphena is always a pleasure! "
" Tryphena killed it yet again! I'm so grateful for her amazing insights and guidance. She's a stellar talent and I highly recommend her. Looking forward to the next time!! "
" She's a joy to work with! "
" She's the best! "
" Amazing to work with, very intuitive and talented. Understood the text quickly! "
" Great reader gave me a lot to work with "
" Thank you, Tryphena! Good reader. Patient & helpful. Knocked out my tape fast! "
" Great Notes "
" Thanks, Tryphena! Gave exactly what was needed with pinpoint feedback! Would definitely work with her again! "
" Great Reader! "
" Tryphena is so wonderful! Love working with her. "
" OMG - MY FAVORITE LADY !!!!! love love love love love her. We did a film together and then I saw her gorgeous face on WeAudition and she came in clutch SUPER LATE AT NIGHT (a literal life-saver). LOVE HER - 20 out of 10 recommend. xoxoxo thanks Tryphena "
" Amazing as always "
" Great reader! :) "
" Gave very insightful tips. "
" Awesome! "
" AWESOME! Such fun energy, loved reading with Tryphena! "
" A+ reader! :) "
" Very gracious and allowing. Let's you discover and play "
" Amazing "
" Super great reader! She understood the tone, the characters and had great vibes! REHIRE! "
" Great "
" Tryphena is awesome - great reader and gave me great direction for my self tape! Thank you! "
" So patient & amazing eye! "
" Great energy - great actor "
" Fantastic reader and so intuitive. Thank you Tryphena "
" So wonderful and a really great reader. Intuitive and great with pacing! "
" Such a great reader!! Thanks so much "
" Always great to work with! Pushed me to work on bringing more to the scene. "
" Much appreciated! Would def love to read with Tryphena again. "
" Thank you "
" Always a true joy to work with Tryphena...such a talent!!! Thank you. :) "
" Always a pleasure to run into a Howard Alum....HHHHHHHHUUUUUU We are all 5⭐️ star artists!!! BOOK HER! "
" Thank you, sweet and helpful! "
" Tryphena is awesome! Very intuitive and giving reader! Book her! "
" Stellar "
" Great "
" Thank you for your help! "
" She's SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! "
" She is wonderful. Ready to jump in and give her all from the first moment. She is kind and sweet. Would absolutely work with her again!! "
" One of the best readers and coaches ever! "
" The Myth! The Legend! Thank you Tryphena xx "
" Provided me with great feedback. Thanks for your patience! :) "
" Tryphena is a great reader! We only worked on a short scene, but I can tell she knows her stuff and is super passionate about the craft. I hope to work with her again! :) "
" Thank you "
" Great Reader!! SO ready to jump in with me and read! A total pro! Thanks Tryphena! "
" Very helpful and straightforward. Thank you! "
" So glad I got to read with Tryphena! A present, supportive and insightful scene partner. Will definitely be requesting again. "
" Simply, Wow! "
" Tryphena was the most patience and helpful for giving me advice on my very first read with someone else. I look forward to working with her again. "
" Very patient and great to work with "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you. "
" Yay! we got to play! thank you so much Tryphena❀️ "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you. "
" Great feed back "
" Tryphena is so wonderful! She is extremely patience and gives excellent notes and advice! Can’t wait to work with her again! "
" The best reader, such a pro, and such a pleasure to read with such an experienced professional actor. Great read, great notes 10/10 "
" Thank you "
" Always AWESOME!!! "
" Tryphena is wonderful! Very useful and relevant suggestions that took my scene to the next level! "
" Tryphena was great! Super helpful and gave a great read. Thank you!! "
" Thank you!! "
" Yessss all the way!!! great reader, great energy, and so easy to work with. BOOK HER!1 "
" Excellent. A real pleasure to work with! "
" Amazing notes. Such great feedback "
" Absolute mastermind and so kind and generous with her time. Thank you so much Tryphena for making a stressful self tape so simple and easy! BOOK HER NOW! "
" Great reader! "
" Tryphena is phenomenal and did a stellar job! Look forward to working with her again!! "
" Excellent reader! Great energy! Awesome feedback and input! Loved working with her! "
" She was great but the connection made the session useless. "
" Tryphena was amazing as always!!!! I can't recommend her highly enough!!!!!!!! "
" Great to work with! "
" Excellent! "
" Amazing! "
" Tryphena has an incredibly calming energy and is a lovely reader! Thank you! "
" Great suggestions "
" Tryphena was super helpful and patient with me. She's very level-headed, knowledgable, and professional. I would book with her again for sure. "
" Uber helpful at helping me develop the characters back story and his relationships "
" Great insights, fabulous reader "
" Very solid reader! Brings good energy into the scene and brain storm ideas to bring life into it. "
" Great Reader! "
" Good to work with! "
" Great to work with "
" Super easy to work with! "
" Very helpful! Allowed us to record several attempts "
" Awesome reader!I was doing a rehearsal and she gave really great feedback and definitely made the scene better :) "
" Great reader, makes it her own, and is great with pacing "
" Tryphena is an expert actor, reader and so easy to work with--gives great feedback too "
" Great "
" Great reader with a great voice Thank you "
" Great and patient! "
" Tryphena always comes through, she is super awesome! Book her! "
" Tryphena is the right person for the job! Thanks for helping me navigate this scene...just right. "
" Tryphena is a truly exceptional and talented reader. She offered incredible insights, feedback, and made me feel so at ease. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her!! "
" Tryphena is amazing! She is an excellent reader and scene partner! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Tryphena is a true PRO and it shows...she's warm, kind, and patient while also knowing the ins and outs of what casting directors are looking for in a good self tape. She's generous with her positive feedback, while also offering suggestions for improvements on takes. She's just the best and I will DEFINITELY book with her again. Thanks Tryphena! "
" Such a great reader!! "
" Great reader and thanks for the notes!! :) "
" I cannot recommend Tryphena enough. Smart, talented, clever, nuanced, and incredibly easy to talk to. She is a stellar scene partner, coach, and reader. I will be using her again 1000%! "
" Amazing reader- great insight - so helpful!!! "
" Awesome! "
" Professional. A clear understanding of story and craft of story. She fun to work with and will give you a great read "
" Such an amazing reader!! True professional. So incredibly helpful and patient. Would highly recommend. "
" Great feedback and awesome reader! thanks :) "
" Tryphena was gracious and wonderful :) Loved reading with her! "
" Wonderful! Love her voice and she is so patient! I had a great time working with her. "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader thank you!! "
" Damn good reader! "
" Easy to work with! Worked on different variations of a short scene. "
" Great! "
" Thanks! "
" Awesome reader and super cool "
" Wonderful!!! Tryphena is delightful, positive and gave me really fun notes to play with. "
" A+ reader! :) "
" Great! Patient and insightful. "
" Great reader!! Thank you so much Tryphena! "
" Such a professional and collaborative reader. She takes the time to figure out what you want and really get to know the scene. If you haven't booked her yet do so now!! "
" Most amazing first weaudition experience ever! Such a gem. "
" Tryphena is AMAZING! So generous with her time and talents! Thank you. "
" She's so lovely. Wonderful to work with and talk to! Appreciate her work, truly! "
" So patient and giving. She is a wonderful Reader! "
" Great notes, great reader! "
" HIGHLY recommend! So natural and quick to get the gist of scene... that indeed it was like a real back and forth conversation. Great feedback too. As other reviewers said - she is patient. It's nice to have a pro by your side! "
" Great energy and a fantastic reader. Gave me what I needed without making it HER scene. Thumbs all the way up! "
" Amazing patience! "
" Excellent reader. "
" Amazing read. Will definitely be back! "
" Wow!! Such a powerful session! Working with Tryphena always reminds me of why I love this craft! Thank you. "
" Excellent reader and lovely to work with. Very patient in doing repetitions! "
" Tryphena is a JOY to play with. Thank you so much! "
" Kind, positive, helpful and gave good tips on my camera set up. "
" She is great patient and has the best feedback!!! "
" Thanks again! Did our second scene. Much obliged. "
" Great reader, strong actress, nice energy. Thanks! "
" Wonderful reader! Very patient and friendly :-) "
" Tryphena is an excellent reader--eaysy to work with and great feedback "
" Sooo good and helpful. Book her! "
" A+ reader! Super fun. :) "
" Fantastic reader! I had just a simple short repetitive scene and she gave exactlly what was needed, as well as some great notes. Book her! "
" Great working with you. Thank you "
" Awesome reader! Great energy and very helpful! "
" Fantastic time working with Tryphena! Great energy and presence. Good person to talk the scene through with. "
" Tryphena is my new go-to coach! SUPER helpful, we picked apart the text to find the peaks and valleys. I'll be booking Tryphena again real soon1 Thank you. "
" Friendly and on it every beat and moment! "
" She was very good at helping me to interpret my character, and gave great notes. I will definitely use Tryphena again! She was super helpful....thank you Tryphena!!! "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Thanks "
" Great feedback and fun to work with! "
" A fabulous collaborator! Great way to up your game! "
" Great reader, wonderful suggestions, very patient and made me feel at ease. :) "
" Great reader. Highly recommend "
" Tryphena is terrific--excellent reader with excellent feedback "
" Tryphena was amazing. A fantastic actress, and great to work with!! I hope to work with her again. "
" Thank you for helping on my quick audition! Very friendly and great suggestions. "
" Great reader! Helped me to work through 3 scenes, and provided great feedback to improve the scenes! "
" Great reader!! And very patient as I was dealing with street noise while trying to tape! lol! "
" Kind and professional! "
" Wonderful reader with great feedback! "
" So much fun to read with!!!!! warm and kind reader; brought so much to the table "
" So sweet and a great partner to read. "
" Amazing! so patient! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" WONDERFUL! Really dived into the scene and gave great suggestions. Thank you so much "
" Thank you so much!! "
" Tryphena is AMAZING. Jumped right into the material and helped me knock out my audition. Thank you! "
" Amazing reader ❀️ "
" Great reader. very helpful "
" Sooo so friendly, professional and wonderful to work with. I was also eager for some direction, and since she has worked so much and knows what she's talking about, she gave such great feedback that helped me get a lot of different takes. Thank you!!! "
" Tryphena was amazing as a reader! Will definitely book her again for future sessions! "
" Always the most insightful and energetic reader. You can tell that she knows and loves the craft. Thanks again, Tryphena! "
" Best reader. Consummate professional. Great notes. "
" Tryphena was awesome! Loved her energy even for a quick audition! "
" Tryphena was super supportive and made space for me to flourish in the moment. She allowed the magic to happen in the most organic way! I definitely recommend working with her! "
" Thank you so much! "
" A true gem and a true artist. Very knowledgeable and great at dissecting a script. Highly recommended! "
" Great energy! Awesome reader. Thank you. "
" Amazing and suuuuch a great reader ! "
" Warm spirited with great feedback! "
" Fantastic reader! So kind and positive! Really makes you feel like you can do your best work! Super professional and got the character immediately! "
" Tryphena is not only an excellent Reader, she's so on the ball because she noticed a 2nd scene which I did not! I highly recommend the engaging, smart and sharp Tryphena! John Gerard Healy "
" Nice notes! "
" Great reader/scene partner. will add her to my favorites. "
" Top notch, great reader and actor! "
" She's awesome. Love in its pure form. How could that not help? "
" Perfect! So helpful and encouraging with tons of helpful tidbits! "
" Tryphena was SOOO helpful and such a positive reader! Lots of energy and understood the scene better than I did haha! Great actress too! "
" Stella, why would you use anyone else!! "
" I really enjoy reading with Tryphena. She's more than a reader she becomes the character which is very helpful. "
" Amazing reader!!! :) "
" Always a great partner with super helpful feedback. Thanks, Tryphena! "
" Well well well, Tryphena does it again! Can't recommend her enough. I came in with an idea, she helped me produce what I wanted without even knowing. Something natural and true. I feel like i put it all on my tape and I am so so grateful to have worked with such a giving and understanding actor! "
" Tryphena is AMAZING!! Her patience and energy were exactly what I needed. She a PRO folks!! Thank you Tryphena! "
" We WORKED honey!!! Love this lady and she gave me great insight, feedback, tips for my callback (all asked for). "
" THE BEST!!! If i could give 10 stars I would. Always a fun time with Tryphena and we get the work done!! "
" Just amazing. Great tips all around! "
" Great read! "
" Friendly Reader! Thank you! "
" She's amazing, very helpful! "
" Tryphena was so amazing. Patient, kind, and had great feedback to help me get through some scenes that was a major stretch for me. "
" She was wonderful, so sweet and full of great ideas. "
" She was great! Thanks Tryphena.... "
" Excellent! Very professional and patient. "
" Amazing performer and reader! Absolutely stunning!!! "
" Tryphena is so sweet and chill. Love her vibe. Rehearsing with her is very relaxing and I love the notes she gave. Awesome person to rehearse with. "
" The best reader that I've worked with on WeAudition. I've been an acting coach and teacher for twenty years, Tryphena really knows what she's doing. Very skilled read, positive, supportive, enthusiastic. "
" Always a pleasure. Great with helping to analyze the scene and find objectives and opinions. BOOK HER "
" AMAZING reader!! Such a pro, so cool, very easy to work with and gives greatly to the scenes. Thanks so much Tryphena! "
" Loved speaking with Tryphena - not only is she a supremely talented coach, she's also a wonderfully kind person and someone who you feel safe to explore with! "
" Top tier!! I can work with her over and over! "
" Tryphena was such a gem to work with. I couldn't ask for a better scene partner! 10 out 10! "
" Amazing reader! Patient. Gave great notes that elevated my audition. Thank you Tryphena! "
" Incredibly helpful! Clearly knows her stuff! "
" She was amazing!!! So patient with me and in it! Thank you so so mcuh. A joy working with you! "
" Tryphena is the BEST!!!!! She is such a fantastic reader and coach - she gives the best advice and is just all around FANTASTIC!! I feel so confident in my audition thanks to her!!!!!! "
" Tryphena was an excellent reader. Very attentive and efficient. 10 out of 10 recommend. "
" Great energy!! "
" So awesome!!!! Will definitely work with Tryphena again! "
" Tryphena is my go to person!! She makes sure you are in the scene and situation! "
" She was amazing!! "
" Super personable...gave great feedback and suggestions! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Love reading with Tryphena! Definitely knows how to jump right on in the scene! "
" Tryphena is amazing! Great actress and a wonderful at cold reads. xo! "
" Engaging and wonderful to read with! "
" Great as usual, Tryphena always makes sure you're IN it!! "
" BOOM! And the winner for Best Reader of 2021 is (drum roll) TRYPHENA!!! Fantastic as usual. THANK YOU! "
" Really grounded, so helpful, great feedback and suggestions "
" Working with Tryphena was truly a LUXURY. She jumped into a scene full of verbiage and made it seem easy, and her feedback made all the difference in helping me work the scene. Can't wait to work with her again!!! "
" GREAT dropped-in reader and such a wonderful energy!! "
" Fantastic, present, sharp and generous "
" Thank you again!!!! A caring thoughtful reader!!! "
" Thank you Tryphena! very present and helpful reader. Just looking at my tape now and happy with how it turned out :) "
" Great read, such a pleasure to work with "
" Delightful as always, She asks all the right questions!! "
" Extremely skilled read, very professional, excellent notes, confident, calm, supportive, I'd read with her again in a second. "
" Excellent to work with. ON POINT as a scene partner. "
" Amazing reader and so helpful with her ideas! "
" Always great brainstorming. "
" Great advice. Thank you "
" Booked Tryphena to rehearse a few sides and then again to self-tape those sides. I'm really proud of the performances I ended up with and working with her felt like I was back in those rehearsal rooms I miss so much. She's a gem. Book her! "
" Awesome always "
" Tryphena is an excellent reader. She brings skill and insight to each scene you work on, asks great questions, and makes you feel like you're a team shaping your audition to that bookable level. Will absolutely work with her again. If self-taping makes you nervous, book Tryphena and shake out all of those nerves and uncover those money moments! "
" Tryphena is an excellent reader and has such a warm presence! "
" Great feedback! "
" Tryphena was an A+ reader! Supportive, fun, really great to work with! "
" Great reader. Highly recommend!!! "
" 2nd trip in tow with Tryphena. Always a pleasure to work with. "
" Great reader and discovering key moments in the scene. "
" She is great, wonderful voice! "
" Tryphena was such a wonderful reader! She had awesome ideas and insights when I asked for them and it made all the difference! "
" Loved her! So patient and kind. Just what I needed to help me with my scene. Give Tryphena a try! You won’t be disappointed. "
" Great energy and feedback! Helped me dig a bit deeper into the tone of the scene. "
" Awesome "
" Awesome and easy to work with :) "
" Great suggestions! Solid reader. "
" She is awesome and her suggestions make worlds of difference!! "
" I am sooo glad Tryphena suggested we do more than one take of a very simple scene. Really got some good stuff because of her suggestion. Excellent note! "
" Amazeballs!! such beautifully specific direction and notes "
" She’s the shit "
" Always a pleasure! I love it when I make her laugh. Especially if it's a comedic role. lol "
" Very helpful and sweet! "
" Tryphena is so professional, Very sweet, welcoming, and supportive. Can't wait to work with her again. "
" Tryphena was great. My neighborhood had an internet outtage, so I lost my connection and couldn't reconnect with her. I definitely recommend her! Thank you. "
" Another 5 star reader on this platform!! Only the best on WeAudition. "
" She's amazzzzing "
" Just so good "
" Warm and friendly! Great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Kind, supportive, with helpful feedback. Thanks so much! "
" I Had a wonderful session with Tryphena she was so helpful and encouraged me with great feedback!! My Go to for Reading and Advice on scripts. "
" Thank you very much for your help. You were super patient and thoughtful with suggestions. Look forward to working again with you. "
" Very patient. Thank you! "
" Amazing Amazing! Super helpful "
" Best reader "
" Tryphena is a wonderful reader! Really quick with the material and very thoughtful suggestions. "
" She's very helpful and kind "
" GREAT! "
" Sooo helpful! very patient and friendly -- really worked the scene with me and helped me block it out! Thank you Tryphena! "
" She had such great energy and was so Supportive!!!! You will be lucky to have her "
" Great read! Perfect energy "
" Tryphena, is such a wonderful reader to work with. Will definitely use her services again. "
" Very helpful "
" Amazing reader. The best on this site! BOOK HER NOW! "
" Amazing reader "
" Tryphena's comedic timing was spot-on! Offered great suggestions for variety. I hope to read with her again, and certainly recommend her. "
" Tryphena. Thank you for your help tonight. You were the anchor I needed to get through taping this scene. "
" Excellent reader with great notes! :) "
" Always a good time with Tryphena "
" Amazing reader! Really cool person with a singing voice like an angel. Thanks Tryphena! "
" Tryphena is so much fun to read with! She made space for me to expressed myself, I very much appreciated such a supportive environment. "
" Super fun and personable! Great reader and she gave me a good adjustment. "
" Very supportive and adaptable. She has great advice! Will book again. "

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Solomon's Mood
Writer/Actor/Producer HER
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2021 [IMDB]
Her Deadly Boyfriend
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Abduction Runs in the Family
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The Announcement
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Dear Carefree Black Girl
2010-2020 [added]
The Lion King
North Am. Tour Sarabi/Shenzi cover
City of Love
The Three Phases of Isa
The Case of the Christmas Diamond
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The Student
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The Promised Land
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