Monika Miles

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I'm a professional British actor living in London, UK experienced in Film and TV . Very good with drama scripts.
I'm happy to help with a self-tapes, be a reader or just shoot something for fun.
If you have any questions about agents, casting directors, scripts... I'm happy to share what I know.
I can give feedback or direction if it is something you'd like.
I've been told I'm pretty good at breaking down scenes. Love analysing text.

I studied in several places: RADA, Acting Temple, NYFA - LA , currently coached by MJ at Michealjohn Academy (LA) .

If I'm not online, feel free to DM me on Instagram to schedule a time: @themonikamiles


Monika Miles is known for her work on War Games (2011), Taggart (1983) and Brawl.

UK Agent Elizabeth Stocking at The Narrow Road Company E: T 0161 833 1605 F. 0161 833 1605

136 Reader Reviews

" Really great reader and notes. Thank you !! "
" Monika was fantastic per usual! "
" Had a lovely time with Monika ! Great reader and gives great advice ! "
" Great, except for the fact the WeAudition is broken. "
" Monika is great! Patient. Good energy. Helpful notes. Will definitely seek her out again. "
" Amazing! "
" Monika was super awesome! Great feedback and great timing as a reader. Will definitely request her again! "
" Great reader! tnx ! "
" Great! Natural easy read "
" Monika was full of enthusiasm for the script and made my job as an actor so easy. Highly recommended! "
" Wonderful reader. Monika helped me with 3 different scenes and nailed all of them. "
" Monika was an excellent reader. She gave me great ideas to try and I feel confident going into my callback today! A+! "
" Quick Session. Thank you, Monika! Great Reader! "
" Super nice and helped me with a last min tape "
" Thanks for the help! "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Great to read with. She gave me all I needed. Thanks Monika! "
" Thanks homie, great reading with you :) "
" It was a very enjoyable session with good tips to get into the character. "
" Concise, clear, and helpful. Loved Monika! "
" This was my first time using We Audition, and Monika was so nice and helpful. I loved her feedback, redirect, and ideas and tips for my scenes I was taping. "
" Excellent reader! Thank you for your time. Book her!!! "
" Monika is an excellent reader! She is amazing with European accents and very funny. She gave me good notes and also exercises that helped me so much with my delivery. "
" Amazing help!!!! so much appreciate you getting me out of the whole of confusion.Now I can act in clarity! "
" Super lovely with tons of great ideas! "
" Super helpful and easy to work with! Thank you! "
" Monika was great and provided very useful feedback. "
" So helpful, as always. Thank you! "
" Monika is always my go to. Great reader! Thank you again and again. "
" Fab! "
" Monika is a great reader with full of ideas. Thanks! "
" Picks up scene fast! Was a lot of help! "
" Monika is a SUPERSTAR, so patient and helpful, totally put me at ease with my first WeAudition self tape!!! Loved it. "
" Monika is so great to work with. Always a pleasure. Thank you for your your time & energy. "
" Life saver!! Thank you!! So many amazing ideas ! "
" Always a pleasure working with Monika. Thanks so much. "
" Loved her energy! Great reader "
" Monika is such a pleasure to work with; generous & fun. A blessing as always. "
" Very nice and gave some great feedback! "
" Great reader and very friendly! "
" Monika is always excellent & helping me break down the text, the characters & get off book. She rocks. "
" Great reader, thanks again Monika "
" Monika was lovely to work with.Great energy and excellent ideas.Thank you!X "
" Monika is wonderful, generous & a pro as always. "
" Monika is great :) "
" Great and easy to work with! Thanks again! "
" Monika is amazing and very fun to work with! Thank you :) "
" Excellent Reader, great script analysis. Highly recommend. "
" GREAT! Excellent reader - really helpful insight as well. And sooo lovely and kind. I definitely recommend Monika! "
" Thank you Monika! "
" Thanks so much! Great reader, was perfect for my scene "
" Monika is one of the best reader on here! Thank you Again! "
" She's very helpful.. so book her "
" Thank you Monika! Lovely reading! "
" Monika was very happy to check my setup for me and listen to me waffling about writing. "
" Super helpful! Enabled me to memorize super quickly "
" Monika is amazing! Such a great reader! Beautiful energy! "
" Awesome as always. Thanks Monika. "
" Thank you so much again and again. Such a pleasure to read with you. Great reader guys! A Real Pro:) "
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" Monika is such a pleasant and committed reader - pleasure to have your help! "
" Excellent as usual! "
" Always amazing! Great energy, and fast cold reader. "
" Monika is really great, intuitive and generous! "
" Thank you again! Great Reader! Always so positive with great notes to give. "
" Monika was great! Super helpful, great energy and a terrific cold reader! She helped me find new angles for my scene, understand the character and was more than happy to run it with me several times. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking! "
" Great reader as usual! Thank you for prepping me for my zoom callback! "
" Monika, is so supportive, patient, fun to work with & give such aazing, inspiring & helpful feedback. She is awesome. "
" Great reader and really helpful! "
" Great reader with great ideas, super helpful! "
" Great again, thanks Monika! "
" Thanks once again Monika - great reader! "
" So giving and willing to help!!!! Thank you!!! "
" Amazing! Very good with cold reading, and dramas. The most relaxed and friendly personality too! "
" She's great, despite technical problems stayed on to help and asked me god questions to help ground me better "
" Monika is so great to work with as always. "
" Excellent reader, very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Monika is an amazing and natural reader. Had a lot of fun. Definitely recommend! :) "
" Awesome "
" Monika is my fav on here! Great reader. Thank you again:) "
" Thanks again Monika! Great reader and easy to work with. "
" Monika was really friendly, easy to work with, and a very good actor to rehearse lines with - thanks Monika! "
" The best! "
" Great reader! enjoyed it! "
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" Monika is so lovely & easy to read with. Book her. "
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" Great "
" Monika has great instincts for playing the scene, is so supportive & an awesome reader. Thank you. "
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" Always finds a new angle for a scene "
" Monika is really nice and supportive! Great reader, thank you so much! "
" Fantastic ideas and direction. Very friendly. "
" What a pleasure to work with this pro! Full of energy and patience. Thank you for being such a great reader:) "
" Thank you Monika for your generosity, patience and helpfulness! Had a lovely session! Definitely recommend! "
" Awesome! So generous and kind and present. "
" Lovely as always! "
" Always great to work with. Great reader, great suggestions! "
" Always a pleasure "
" So fun to work with!! "
" Monika was very patient with my process and tremendously helpful in getting a new scene on it's feet. Thank you Monika! "
" Great "
" Great help! "
" Monika was wonderful! Very helpful, gave great advice and tips. She gave me a whole other perspective on my scene and it was awesome. She makes you feel comfortable and it was a great experience. Thank you! "
" It was a pleasure to audition with Monika today. As a newcomer to WeAudition, I am pleased to say that she was very patient with me while I got used to the controls. Additionally, she had just the casual, relatable persona required by the audition script. Two thumbs way up. "
" Monika is kind and present! Just lovely to read and work with. Look forward to having her again! "
" Monika was so patient and comfortable rehearsing the scene until I felt I got the result I wanted. I would totally work with her again! "
" Best "
" Monika was great, Lovely input and amazing reader! "
" Great "
" Great "
" Wonderful reader! Super patient, encouraging! Highly recommend. "
" Monika's boundless talent, energy & patience makes her such a great reader. Book her & you will be glad you did. "
" Wonderful reader. Great energy. "
" Great "
" Great! very nice reader! "
" Monika is a great reader. She also adds a lot of choices for the character. She is the real thing! "
" Monika is simply excellent! She gave me a very good note and a pertinent tip that helped me shift a scene I was struggling with considerably. Would work with her again and again. "
" Really helpful! "
" Monika is so great to work with she was very helpful and patient with me during my self tape she gave me great feedback, and she also felt the same direction about the lines that I asked her to say which was lovely. it was a pleasure to talk to her! "
" Great ! Lovely energy! "
" Went back twice! Fantastic reader "
" Monika's a fantastic reader, makes you feel very comfortable and gives great feedback. Definitely recommend "
" Simply the best. Better than all the rest. "
" Awesome again "
" Great reader gave some awesome suggestions on how to make the scene more interesting!! "
" Lovely and patient with me when I had such terrible tech issues. I absolutely plan on working with Monika again! "
" Monika gave me some great tips and advice on questions I was having. Thanks! "
" Fantastic, such a pleasure. "
" Amazing and patient. She helped me to understand my script. Thanks again. "
" Such a joy to work with, she is extremely positive and helpful. Would love to work with her more. "

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