Alya Lei

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I would love to help you - as a reader, for rehearsal, self-tapes, auditions, coaching. You just let me know what you need from me!

I'm an American actor (theatre, film and tv), host of The Actor's Resource podcast, and improviser. I'm easy-going, have a kooky sense of humor and consistently work on improving my acting and improv skills.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to schedule a rehearsal/self-tape in advance. Email:

Thank you! :)

America/Los Angeles & San Francisco

Alya Lei (ah-lee-ah) is a SAG-AFTRA actor & improviser.

"The woman who is late to the party and first to the bar."

Alya's essence is: the love-baby of funny Margaret Cho and amiable Anna Faris.

Alya is best cast in roles such as:
• the eccentric neighbor
• neurotic mother
• enthusiastic co-worker without a clue
• woman pushed to the edge and loses control

America/Los Angeles & San Francisco

RAGE Talent Agency - LA Theatrical Agents: JoAnn & Michelle email: phone: (818)225-0526 (Office) BAC Talent Inc. - LA & NY Manager: Brandon Cohen (908) 907-1904 email:

77 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic "
" An Awesome reader! Thank you so much! "
" Alya was wonderful and sweet, please check her out! "
" Relaxed, comfortable reader. "
" She did was a joy and a fine actor. "
" Thank you so much Alya! Such great energy. "
" Alya was a doll! Patient with all my crazy technical difficulties and cheered for me. I could tell she cared and she was very sweet and fun! Thanks Alya! "
" Lots of fun to read with. "
" So positive, great ideas, so much fun to read with. "
" Alya is great! "
" Great! "
" Awesome reader :) Great coach too !! Thank you Alya ! "
" Awesome job! "
" Wonderful. so patient, so helpful. "
" Great reader! "
" Alya was so supportive and exactly what I needed for my quick little taping! Excellent energy- thank you Alya! "
" Alya was great! I needed a last minute reader to help me run lines and she was there to help:) SO grateful. Thanks Alya! "
" AMAAAAAAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!! what a great coach. highly recommend her "
" What a wonderful, kind and supportive reader! Thank you, Alice! "
" Wonderful and fun reader! Thank you Alice! "
" Alice was very supportive and kind! "
" Alice was so kind and easy to work with :) "
" Alice is a wonderful reader and scene partner. Highly recommend her. "
" Alice is a fantastic rehearsal partner and reader! Thanks so much. "
" Super sweet and helpful! I highly recommend! "
" What an awesome job. Great reader and motivator. I felt really relaxed and at ease. "
" Having issues. "
" Really enjoyed having Alice as a reader. Incredibly positive and really encouraging! Will definitely look to read with her again. "
" Great reader, friendly, professional, on the material and cues perfectly - a joy to work with! "
" Great reader and so patient! Thank you! "
" Another great session with Alice! She's awesome. "
" Great reader. Very sweet and accommodating. Thanks Alice! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Alice was GREAT! SO helpful. Book her!! "
" Warm. Great energy. Good suggestions. "
" Very nice & helpful! "
" Fantastic reader, warm, professional, bright, helpful. "
" Lovely person and a great reader! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Lovely effective and efficient "
" Such a gem to work with. Thank you:) "
" Awesome reader! Absolute delight and such lovely energy. "
" Alice, you're so great! I have a last minute co-star audition later today and Alice gave great notes and coaching during our rehearsal! "
" Fantastic again "
" Fabulous reader. I return to her again and again "
" Fantastic reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Alice is the best! So fun and supportive! "
" She was great. Had great energy and very prompt. "
" Alice is GREAT! "
" Fabulous. great reader. "
" Fantastic! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Super friendly and gave great notes! Would def want to read with Alice again. "
" Very positive, fun, and reads in character! Wanted to have a longer session but she has to leave- she's that good! "
" Alice was super friendly + helpful going through everything! Thanks Alice! "
" Alice is great! I felt immediately comfortable working with her, and look forward to working together again. "
" Excellent! "
" Alice, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for helping me calm my nerves and for running my scene through 3 times! I feel like I'm really getting it down now. Yay! 😁 "
" Great reader. patient. pleasant, good actress. good price "
" Alicce is a wonderful reader "
" Very nice & encouraging! "
" Awesome! She's the best! I'll use her again and again. "
" Alice was great and so easy to work with! "
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" Great energy and relaxed reader "
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" Wonderful and fun!!! "
" She's super nice and great! Loved her! "
" Super seasoned! Great help! "
" Great reader. Very positive "
" Fantastic reader and great feedback! Thank you so much "

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