Lucy Jackson

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upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

Lucy Jackson is a British actress, known for The Innocents (2018), A Game of Two Halves (2021) and Isabella (2018).

I love this industry, I love what we all do and I love to 'play' so I'd love to help you with your scenes whether that means, self taping, learning lines, character work or help with accents.

My Skills:
I'm a great sight reader and I'm very good at understanding the story behind a piece and can help you do the detective work behind a scene.
I am very good with accents and would love to help you find your British, London, RP accent!
Also skilled in General American, Californian, Irish accents as well as conversational Spanish
I'm happy to give direction and collab with you or to just read as you tape for your audition.
Need help learning lines? I'll drill them in with you

I trained at:
The BRIT school of performing arts
Middleweek and Newton screen acting academy
Identity Drama School London
GoHub weekly drop ins
Actor's centre London
Mixing Networks Screen acting

Lucy Jackson is an ambitious, fresh-faced young actress that sprang out of The BRIT school for performing arts, at which she had studied all styles of theatre. She also studied at Identity Drama School, The Actor's Centre and has now turned her hand to screen and is quickly establishing herself as a professional and exciting performer to look out for having a co-lead role in upcoming feature film 'A Game Of Two Halves' and independent short film 'LATE'

DBA London, UK and US

481 Reader Reviews

" She's Great! "
" Awesome. So helpful and patient. Great energy. Very supportive and just calm presence "
" Thanks for another amazing session Lucy! "
" Lucy is a true professional! Would gladly work with you anytime Lucy, gracias. "
" Great reader, great notes and direction! "
" Lucy is my girl!!!!! I always read with her! "
" Lucy is fantastic!!! Book her. "
" So helpful. Really good actor! "
" Simply the best! "
" Lucy was amazing as always! "
" Amazing as always -- definitely would recommend. "
" So fun!!!! Excellent reader - helped me feel free to play. :) "
" LOVED working with Lucy! Fantastic notes and she really helped me find the character and her quirks. "
" Awesome possum "
" Lucy is the best!! Always happy to see when she is online as she is so encouraging and gives amazing performances as a reader :) "
" Wonderful with a keen eye as always!! "
" Lucy was wonderful! Terrific reader who zeroed in immediately on the tone of the scene and helped pull it off. Thank you! "
" 10/10 "
" Lucy is first rate!!! "
" Ok whoa. Like...mind-blowing wow. GREAT notes, really insightful advice and help about this audition, things I did not think about at all. Thank you SO much, Lucy! "
" Thank you so much for your help - great naturalism! "
" She was Great! such a fun time! "
" Amazing reader!! "
" She's Greatt! "
" Always a pleasure to read with! Really helpful with analyzing and helping me lock in the character. Would definitely recommend and will keep using for future auditions! "
" Really lovely read! Spot on, super helpful. Thank you so much, Lucy :) "
" Thanks again, Lucy! "
" I made much better progress learning my scene with Lucy's help. Thank you so much! "
" Lucy was a great reader, she gave a natural read that gave me plenty to work off. Would definitely recommend her for your self tapes! "
" Super patient, great read! "
" Lucy is such a calming presence and such a wonderful reader. Highly recommend! "
" 10/10 "
" One of the best! Thanks for another incredible session Luc! "
" So great to massage things out with. I really appreciate it. Thank you! "
" Lucy brings a professionalism and ease that allow for the work to flow. Gracias Lucy! "
" Always a beauty "
" My GIRL! amazing actor, reader, killer instincts and super smart! book her! "
" Lucy is absolutely phenomenal! My go-to...just book her to see what I'm talking about! "
" She was SOOO helpful. We worked on my British accent and getting to the energetic core of a script . Love working with her! "
" Lucy was so very helpful with her suggestions. Highly recommend!! "
" Lucy is the real deal! "
" Thanks so much Lucy! "
" Gave some great notes on a callback I got a bit last minute. Helped me create a much stronger scene -- will use again! Thanks Lucy "
" Lucy is great! Very intelligent and articulate reader. Had really good notes that were very helpful. "
" Gave great advice for a British accent. Thank you! "
" Great Reader! Thank you ! "
" Brilliant actor, instinctive and great reader Thank you Lucy! "
" Very very nice! :) no judgment or awkwardness and a great reader! "
" Amazing!!! Helped so much with notes and great feedback! "
" Best of the best! "
" She was great to work with! Super helpful in refining my British accent :) "
" Lucy is one of the best readers I've ever had. She gives amazing and incredibly helpful direction while also being chill and comfortable to work with. Looking forward to working with her again :) "
" Rockstar Lucy. "
" Awesome "
" Lucy is my go to reader!!~! I email her when I wanna read the best scene "
" Fab! Really chilled and encouraging reader and lovely person to chat about the industry with! "
" Loved reading with Lucy! She's very kind & great reader! "
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" Excellent! "
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" 10/10 "
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" Wonderful reader! Very natural, grounded, and committed. Thanks again! "
" So helpful. Great energy. Thank you!! "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Bestest in ze worlddddd x "
" Great reader. Would use again! "
" Lucy was great! She created a very relaxed atmosphere and gave very useful pointers! "
" Killer reader "
" She was so great! Definitely would love to work with her again! "
" Very kind and professional! "
" So professional. Great, grounded reader! thank you!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Picked up the cold reading very quickly "
" A kind human - Definitely knows the know :-) "
" The best "
" Thank you! "
" Thanks so much!! Super helpful notes "
" Excellent reader "
" Awesome ideas! "
" Queen!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Lucy was patient and gave me a superb read. Thanks again Lucy! "
" Wonderful scene partner!!! Patient and warm with her generosity. "
" Incredibly helpful, patient and insightful! Book her! "
" Had a wonderful self tape meeting with Lucy! She is wonderful, radiant and soo lovely. Thank you Lucy for the amazing direction and advice. I appreciate you and I wish you all the very best in every area of life! I'm rooting for you! Cheers! "
" Lucy's great! "
" SO SO lovely. Gave such wonderful advice and was so patient and invested. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading with Lucy <3 "
" Amazing work every time "
" I'd give 6 stars if I could! Lucy is a top-tier, multi-faceted talent who's great at breaking down scenes and providing constructive feedback. She's also an incredible accent coach. Can't recommend her enough! "
" So good! really love working with her "
" Lucy is a pro!!! always a pleasure! "
" Supportive, great advice "
" Great partner "
" Really amazing! she gave me such good feedback and notes :) "
" She's great! "
" Super sweet and gave helpful feedback! thank you!! "
" She-hulk! "
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" Lovely and supportive as always <3 thank you, Lucy! "
" She's fab! "
" Great ! Thnak you "
" So cool! "
" Awesome as always! Great thoughtful feedback "
" Always good work accomplished when working with Lucy. She gives a good read and you feel connected to what she is giving you and your character. ¡Gracias Lucy! "
" Thank you the audition came out great! thank you "
" Lucy's is a terrific, grounded reader. Helps it all go easy and smooth. "
" Magnificent reader! Lucy connected instantly and gave me the energy the scene required. ¡Gracias Lucy! "
" MY GIRL!!! for whenever i need a female reader she is my top choice! "
" Always the best! "
" Excellent reader, thanks Lucy! "
" It is ALWAYS a treat to work with Lucy. Dedicated, generous, insightful... It's simply a joy. Thanks, Lucy!! "
" Great! "
" Oh my god, Lucy is SO wonderful, so talented and intuitive and an awesome support. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Lucy! "
" Lucy is SUCH an amazing reader!! She made such a big difference in my audition and gave me helpful advice along the way, which really allowed us to experiment with the material to make for an interesting audition. Looking forward to working with her on another scene soon! :) "
" So wonderful, experienced, great reader, gave me so much to work with and picked up the scene immediately. Thank you Lucy!! "
" Lucy is incredible and keeps it simple. love her "
" :) "
" Lucy is a champion. My go to! "
" Amazing as always!!! "
" She's a STAH!! "
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" Lucy's brilliant, very chill, very patient and excellent at site reading! "
" Fab as always "
" Fabulous as always "
" Excellent reader!!!! "
" Absolute gem! Great reader guys. A+ "
" Lucy was incredibly helpful and had knowledge of aspects of the scene content I was working on,. Incredible insight and notes given - thank you so much! "
" Lucy is FANTASTIC, lots of great notes and helped me make the audition fully fleshed out. She really cares and wants to make sure you get the right take! "
" Wunderbar! "
" Fantastic! "
" Never showed up waited for 3 mins "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Lucy is fantastic! "
" Really amazing! Helped with my accent so much! Definitely will book again! "
" Killer reader! "
" I'll call her lucky Lucy. She's AMAZING! "
" Great!! "
" Unmatched! "
" Wonderful scene partner! "
" Awesome!! "
" Lovely to work with 👍 "
" Such a wonderful reader and coach!! Lucy is incredibly, patient and knowledgable. Looking forward to our next session! "
" Fantastic reader as always! So nice and patient. Thank you so much! "
" Great! "
" Great stuff thanks. "
" Very helpful and cool "
" Awesome, Lucy was able to read Spanish very well! She's wonderful to work with. "
" I Love Lucy! (Pun intended) "
" Always amazing! "
" LITERALLY AMAZING! Helped me work through a scene I found extremely difficult and was so patient with me. "
" Lucy is a fantastic actor, you should totally book her :) "
" SO GREAT! Lucy is incredibly talented and a very generous reader. Book her! "
" Lucy is the best!! Love love love working with her! Such lovely suggestions as well :) "
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" Absolutely phenomenal "
" She’s always the best "
" Really generous, patient and helpful reader! great notes! "
" Lucy was great and I most importantly BOOKED the role!!! "
" Lucy is great! Just what I needed. A good sense of play and a great read "
" An absolute joy and so helpful with dialect work. A+ "
" Great reader - have used her before and will do again! "
" Lucy is such a gem as a reader! So intuitive, insightful and intelligent! I'm so happy I got to work with her again! "
" Lucy is fantastic!! Brought great energy to the scene! "
" Great "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Always feel better about my scenes after working with Lucy "
" Amazing as always!!! "
" Lucy was a huge help! 10/10 recommend "
" Worked with Lucy before, she's a great reader and actor. Super helpful notes! "
" Love working with you! "
" Thank you, Lucy! A great listener. Script analysis was spot on! "
" Great reader! Thank you very much! "
" Lucy is a legend. Great as always. Book her people! "
" So so lovely. Will definitely request Lucy again! "
" Awesome reader! Thank you very much! "
" Another totally calming and successful read with Lucy!!! "
" Favorite Reader/Coach "
" Awesome reader! Very honest and encouraging. Had a great time taping with her, got my audition done faster than usual with her :) "
" Thanks for helping get my scene off the page. Great working with you. Thank you for the pointers with my scene as we worked through the scene. "
" Great energy and totally professional! "
" Lucy is one of my favorite readers! "
" I will always use Lucy anytime she's on. "
" Great for British accent work! Very easy to work with. Thanks so much Lucy! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Lucy was a total pro, as always! I'm so glad I got to work with her again! She's great! "
" I absolutely love working with Lucy! You gotta book her!! "
" Lucy is incredible. So giving, so easy to work with, such a light.. Will certainly work with her again. "
" I would definitely recommend Lucy if you're auditioning with an RP accent. She was so constructive and helpful to me. "
" Lucy overall is a fantastic reader! Provides amazing energy, excellent notes and she is wonderfully patient! I highly recommend! "
" Lovely strong reader and presence "
" Great reader! Very instinctual and goes the extra mile for your self tape! "
" Brilliant reader, couldn't have asked for better! "
" Phenomenal reader! "
" Lovely as always!! Thank you so much, Lucy <3 "
" Vibes x "
" Great Job! "
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" Super nice and very helpful! "
" She's fantastic!!! "
" Amazing vibes! Highly recommend! "
" Lucy was great! Quick, pleasurable read, and she was very adaptive. "
" My go to Gal! tnx luv "
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" That was the bomb-diggity of a reading! Book her! "
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" Simply the best! "
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" WeAudition glitched out on me but I will hope to connect with Lucy again as her reviews are awesome! "
" INCREDIBLE!! Very fun energy and made me feel very comfortable. "
" Da ish! "
" Unmatched! "
" Ummm she's great, keeping this one in my back pocket. Use her. "
" Lucy was such a wonderful reader and help as I built my audition! I was very lucky to work with her today. "
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" Great reader!! Super patient and really changed my audition tape by giving great notes here and there. Thank you! "
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" Super amazing reader! So nice and helpful. Thank you very much Lucy! "
" Best "
" Excellent Work! "
" Speechless! Just read with her. You won't be dissappointed! "
" Enjoyed my first time very much and I think it will be a good partnership, Thanks. Judith chandler "
" Lucy is wonderful!!! I love her enthusiasm and energy..Please use her as your reader and guide!! "
" Lucy is amazing! If you haven't booked her already, do it! She helped me with RP accent. So patient. Thank you "
" Fantastic reader. Super nice and helpful. Gives good suggestions. Thank you very much Lucy! Highly recommended! "
" Great reader, had very good and useful feedback and helped with adjustments. Very patient "
" Very sweet and great reader "
" I had to do an English accent and she was so sweet and gentle as she helped correct a few things . Much appreciated!! "
" Such a sweetheart and so patient! Thanks Lucy! "
" Lucy was fantastic! Spot on with feedback and a supreme reader. 12/10 highly recommend. Thank you, Lucy! "
" Phenomenal! Picked up the scene effortlessly! Would recommend! "
" Great help gave great tips and helped me think outside the box. all around great session "
" Incredibly talented! Super fun to read with! "
" Love working with Lucy, great fun. "
" OMG, not only is she a sweetheart, but Lucy is such a generous, in-the-moment reader. Cannot recommend enough - Lucy's ah-mazing!! "
" Efficient, professional, Rock Star! Got 4-5 solid takes easy. Thanks, Lucy! "
" Lucy was great! she got me off book super fast! "
" Lucy is an excellent, supportive reader. Asked her for some ideas and she came up with some great alternatives. "
" So kind and talented and fun! GREAT! Great American accent if you need it! "
" Present, kind, wonderful to work with!! She understood the tone of the piece, and helped me run the scene three times in a row with no cuts, so I could let the natural emotions flow without stopping! Grateful for a great reader like Lucy. "
" Always the best!!! "
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" Thank you so much Lucy, always great fun reading with you and the notes were amazing! "
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" Lucy was wonderful. Fantastic reader, gave me fab pointers on my accent and really insightful feedback when I asked for it. Highly recommend. "
" Lucy was fantastic and really easy to work with. A real 'actors helping actors' kinship right from the get-go. It was so great she already knew the play as well! Thanks SO much Lucy! "
" Always great working with Lucy. Highly recommended. "
" Super sweet, professional, and great reader! "
" Great "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" A PURE all star. EASY to work with and was able to give just the right amount of feedback. I look forward to working with Lucy again. "
" So amazinggg! My GO TO! "
" Just what I needed for my British scene. She is so helpful. I thoroughly recommend. It was great fun! Helped with my accent! "
" I always love working with Lucy!!! She is the absolute best!!! She is calm, patient, she has great ideas and suggestions, extremely helpful, and great with script analysis!! What more can you ask for!!! Thank you so much!! "
" The greatest! "
" Lucy is a gem! "
" Fantastic! "
" Such a wonderful reader! 10/10 recommend "
" Lovely reader, had a great conversation about the industry as well :) "
" Super patient and kind, great reader, thank you! "
" Excellent reader! and patient! "
" Lucy is very excellent and quick reads and getting characters all the time. "
" Thank you so much for keeping me out of my head and being a great scene partner! "
" Lucy's a great reader, very professional and flexible! "
" Fantastic Reader! "
" Excellent reader! got very close to booking a great lead role in a film with a callback with Lucy! "
" Omg my new BFF. THANK YOU!!!! "
" Just so amazing!!!! Great advice!!! "
" I love working with Lucy ,as always. Such great energy and she's always so helpful!!! I appreciate her!!! Thank you!! "
" Very very professional and experienced . Highly experienced "
" Excellent spanish reader, patient, supportive "
" Very quick in getting down to the bones of it, (it was a very confusing attachment.) But Lucy just got straight down to it. Will defo use again!!! "
" Lucy is so great! So incredibly giving and great suggestions on how to do a trickier tape! "
" Thank you! I love reading with you! "
" Very professional! w/ great input! 10/10 y'all. Wait, I mean 5 / 5 stars. Whatever you know what I mean. "
" Fantastic!! "
" Excellent as always! Thank you! "
" Amazing as always!!! "
" She does an excellent job . great to work with "
" Great reader, very helpful "
" Great energy to be around!! Fantastic reader, would definitely recommend. "
" Lucy was awesome!!!! "
" Fantastic reader and great instincts! "
" Fantastic!! "
" Thanks Lucy, super helpful "
" Fantastic reader!! "
" What a friggin PRO! Lucy is genuinely talented and open to messing about with the work. What fun. Such an enormous help. Thank you Lucy! "
" Thank you superstar "
" Brilliant as always thank you "
" Lucy's phenomenal. Great tips very intuitive. Very helpful at keeping it fresh. "
" Excellent Reader. Thank you so much! You get the scenes really fast! "
" Five stars! brilliant thank you "
" She is great! "
" She's great! "
" So fun to shoot the proverbial ...and to run lines. Def would work w her again! "
" Lucy is great! So good, been working with her on multiple self tapes and her direction and reads for them are all spot on!! Recommend!! "
" My trusty one. I trust her, always. "
" Really lovely and fab reader! Highly recommend! "
" What a great time I had taping with Lucy today. She was on the ball, a sharp reader, humorous, and even helped out with some suggested direction as well. Thank you, Lucy!! :) "
" Wonderful experience with Lucy! "
" Lucy is amazing - great reader, great notes!! loved working with her again - Recommend!! "
" Mt favorite! Lucy is sweet intelligent and charming! BOOK HER! "
" She is the most kind and gracious and intelligent reader I’ve had! "
" Lucy is amazing breaking down and analyzing the beats of the scenes. She pays attention to small details and gives you helpful feedback. "
" Lucy is the best! go to her! "
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" She's amazing! Use Lucy! "
" Excellent reader! She helped me with a last-minute self-tape and made it so painless. Thanks, Lucy!! "
" Fantastic reader! Great ideas and fun to read with! "
" Thank you Lucy! I got a callback on the film we worked on. "
" Great notes! I'm new to self-tapes and really needed help. Lucy definitely relieved a lot of the anxiety I was feeling and helped me to better understand my character/script. Would definitely recommend! "
" Great! "
" Great reader. Great Notes "
" Great! "
" Excellent reader "
" Da Ish!!! "
" Excellent Reader! Thank you so much Lucy! "
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" Excellent reader with great insight! "
" Great reader, great actress, great coach. Wonderful insight. Thank you Lucy. "
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" Wow. A revelation! Wonderful reader, quick thinker, perfect feedback. My new go-to. "
" I really appreciate the notes and feedback you give! "
" Wonderful reader! Thanks Lucy! "
" Wonderful to read with, she gives great feedback and easy to have a conversation with. "
" Such a joy to work with, highly recommend! "
" Super pro. 10/10 would recommend. "
" Always great working with Lucy :) "
" If you can't tell by the number of times I've reviewed her by now, Lucy is my go-to!! Love her, she's such a great reader!! Thanks again, Lucy! "
" Brilliant "
" Lucy was so kind and friendly to work with. A really lovely reader!! "
" Great "
" Lucy is just amazing. She really helped me drill the lines for an audition with a speedy turnaround. Many thanks! "
" Lucy is so patient and sweet. Allows an easy space to work in. "
" I absolutely adore Lucy she is a wonderful reader and a wonderful actor. We had to do a funny tape and she killed me I completely cleaned and on her for this tape. Book this lady! she will rock it! "
" She kills it every time! "
" Great reader! "
" Lovely, warm, and great feedback! "
" Amazing reader and she had great direction as well. Thank you Lucy! Will definitely book again! "
" Awesome!! So helpful "
" As always, Lucy was fab!! One of my fave readers, I will always come back!! Thanks for your help!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Was great to work with! Very sweet and a great reader. Thanks! "
" <3333333 "
" Great Reader! "
" So patient, helpful, and talented, pick lucy!!! "
" Lucy is phenomenal! Great feedback, great reader, super helpful, and knowledgeable. Looking forward to reading with her again soon!! "
" Lucy is the absolute best!!! She shared so many gems and knowledge about the craft, the industry, and wee did script analysis. She's genuinely supportive and I look forward to working with her again!! I came to her in a wonky headspace and ended the session feeling great about the scene and my character. Thank you so much, Lucy!! "
" Absolutely wonderful reader as always "
" She's great - catch her when you can! "
" I adore this woman. Fab reader, talented actress, lovely human. Book her! "
" WONDERUL! love reading with Lucy "
" Thank you so much... "
" Terrific as always! I just wanted to run a scene for a class coming up, and Lucy was perfect for my partner. Good ideas and always present. Book her! "
" Great session with Lucy going over script and character breakdowns. Highly recommended :) "
" Great! "
" Theeee Greatest!! "
" Great!! "
" Very patient and professional with good insight into the industry. "
" Lucy was awesome! She also does a great American accent, if needed. Thanks again Lucy! "
" Speechless! "
" THANKS!! "
" She's the BEST!! So good at coaching for the British accent. Very supportive and helpful. If you need help with the British accent or just beed a good reader, BOOK LUCY!! :) "
" So good I had to comeback for more! It is a pleasure to work with Lucy. "
" Lucy is lovely and supportive! Great actor and coach! "
" Lucy was super grounded and has a great american accent "
" She Da Bes!!! "
" Lucy is so helpful with learning accents! I am so GLAD I'm not going into this audition with an exaggerated British accent. lol. Thanks again, Lucy :) "
" An incredibly knowledgeable and experienced actress to read with. Makes me shine. "
" Holy moly! What a gem I found! New favorite on here. Excellent actress who knows how to audition and read supportively. "
" Lucy is really good and helped me a lot with the scene that I had. If you are looking for a reader, I would recommend her and you will get a lot out of your scene. "
" Lucy was so helpful with my British Accent and finding natural and organic moments. A real Pro! Thanks Lucy! "
" Thanks so much for your help! Great reader, accent, naturalism and detective! "
" She took the piss out of it! She killed it! Love Lucy! She always great to read with! "
" Amazing!!!!! "
" Talented and incredibility perceptive- great feedback! "
" Lucy is always so great to work with! Thank you!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great reader great energy will book again "
" Brilliant - really wonderful person and helped me find things in the scene. "
" Lovely! Absolutely lovely! PLUS great reader and fellow actor! "
" Amazing reader!!! So helpful with lines and super great to work with. Thanks so much Lucy! "
" THEE Best! "
" Lucy is awesome! Gives great input and helped me take the scene to another level. And so fun to work with. BOOK HER! "
" Thank you Lucy!! Super amazing reader! Ready to just jump in and she has superb reading skills! Thank you again!! You're awesome! Book her! "
" Great to read with :) "
" A gem. All around "
" Fantastic as usual! Thanks Lucy! "
" Dope! Great reader "
" Thanks Lucy, Great Reader!!!!! "
" Terrific all around. Strong reader and smart actor. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Guys work with Lucy!! So personable, kind & a great scene partner "
" Lucy! You're wonderful as always. Thank you :) "
" Thanks Lucy!! "
" Uh-mazing! Such a pleasure to work with always! "
" An absolute gem, through and through! "
" Amazing reader! Nice and helpful. Thank you very much! "
" Amazing reader! Super nice and provides very useful feedback. Thank you very much! :) "
" You need a real pro to read with you? Look no further. Lucy is it! "
" 100% would book again she's great!! "
" ... "
" Great ideas and a great scene partner! "
" Patient reader, and made sure I got the takes I wanted! "
" Lucy! So insightful and encouraging <3 "
" Great reader ! "
" Gave me great feedback "
" Legend. Need I say more? "
" It was such a pleasure to read with her and she was so great to talk to. "
" So easy working with Lucy. Effortless! Thanks Lucy! "
" Great reader! She offered some great suggestions to keep the scene fresh. "
" Speechless. "
" Helpful reader! Pleasure to work with throughout! "
" Such such such a wonderful scene partner and radiant human being. Will be back!! "
" Lucy had a lot of great feedback and helped me knock out a couple of sides for class! Thanks Lucy(: "
" Lucy is such a great reader and collaborator! Natural and super insightful! "
" Great! "
" Lucy is fantastic. She's a terrific actress and a great reader, "
" Wonderful reader! Gives her full energy. "
" A real treat to read with. Amazing actress and amazing human being. Thanks Lucy! "
" Very Happy. Lucy is a great "
" Lucy, is very patient and gave some lovely steers. Thank you. "
" Thanks so much Lucy;) "
" LUCY!! Such a great reader/scene partner with wonderful notes and great vibes. Thank you for your help, time, and conversation! BOOK HER!! "
" Lucy was fantastic and super friendly!! Amazing cold reader and even read with me in Spanish! Thanks Lucy! "
" Working with Lucy was so easy. I felt comfortable to experiment with my scene and trust that she'd "go there" with me. A talented actress and a wonderful reader. Thanks, Lucy!! "
" Lucy is a detective! Shes great at breaking down a scene. Definitely read with her! "
" SUPER PATIENT AND KIND!! Thank you!!! "
" One of the best readers I have had. So talented and easy to work with. Lucy is my new go to! "
" Great reader. give really insight helpful advicement! great energy to work with! "
" Lucy was absolutely lovely. Super on top of drilling lines with me & great energy. Thank you so much :) "
" Thank you! "
" Very nice reader - Great cold read - Awesome human! Thank you, Lucy :-) "
" Fantastic reader! So kind, helpful, and supportive. Gave me everything I needed to feel good about the tape! <3 "

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2020 [added]
The People Of The Secret
2019 [added]
Short film Tina
2018 [IMDB]
The Innocents
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
A Game of Two Halves