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I've worked in various facets of the Film and Television industry, on both sides of the camera, since 1996. I spent 10 years as an AD, working with actors such as Al Pacino, Sam Elliot, and Isabella Rosellini, where I spent every spare moment I had on set watching these actors work and learning about their process. In 2007, I refocused myself solely on my acting career, where I've appeared on such shows as Altered Carbon, The Flash, Impastor, and Psych. I also appeared opposite Halle Berry and Stellan Skarsgard in Frankie and Alice.

In addition to acting, I'm also a screenwriter, with a feature in development and a series pilot I'm currently shopping around. A few years ago I started branching out into the world of stunts, appearing on shows like Supernatural and Man in the High Castle. I believe my many years in the industry and the various areas in which I've worked have given me a strong sense of storytelling and character.

I want to work with you and provide a safe and engaging space to allow you to do your best work. I will give as much or as little feedback as you desire and am happy to make adjustments to my own performance to give you what you need to work off of.

If you'd like to book me, but don't see me online or book a specific time with me, you can reach me at:

VENMO: @Troy_Rudolph

I've worked in various facets of the Film and Television industry, on both sides of the camera, since 1996. I spent 10 years as an AD, working with actors such as Al Pacino, Sam Elliot, and Isabella Rosellini, where I spent every spare moment I had on set watching these actors work and learning about their process. In 2007, I refocused myself solely on my acting career, where I've appeared on such shows as Altered Carbon, The Flash, Impastor, and Psych. I also appeared opposite Halle Berry and Stellan Skarsgard in Frankie and Alice.

In addition to acting, I'm also a screenwriter, with a feature in development and a series pilot I'm currently shopping around. A few years ago I started branching out into the world of stunts, appearing on shows like Supernatural and Man in the High Castle. I believe my many years in the industry and the various areas in which I've worked have given me a strong sense of storytelling and character.

Vancouver: Rebecca Strom - Connekt Creative Los Angeles: Laura Walsh - Central Artists Agency

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" Spot on! "
" Great reader and scene partner! Book him! "
" Thanks so much for practicing my lines for my audition with me! You made my rehearsal feel so comfortable and my time was well spent thanks to you! "
" Solid read, nice guy, professional actor. thank you. "
" Lovely and nice! "
" So solid!!! Thank you!! "
" Great help, very friendly "
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" Very knowledgeable and experienced "
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" Wonderful insight into the industry and a great reader as well "
" Easy to work with and had great notes. "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Very patient - good reader "
" Troy is so easy going and jumps right in. Really appreciate his input on questions and analyzing the script. THANK YOU! "
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" Troy is an awesome reader!!! "
" Troy was wonderful!! Great reader, very patient "
" Great to work with! "
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" Super helpful. Very patient and kind. I will use Troy again! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Patient. good "
" Troy is an amazing reader! We actually ended up getting the take after 2 tries. He is very insightful and somebody that I deeply appreciated talking to even after our session was done! Best of luck to you Troy, and don't let anyone take away that sparkle of yours, or hair dye haha. Much Love!! "
" Great, as always :) "
" Troy did an excellent job! "
" Thanks for rehearsing with me! "
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" So lovely and kind. Great to work with! "
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" Do not hesitate to use Troy!! He's great!! "
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" Spent 15 minutes NAILING my audition lol! Great reading partner - thank you! "
" Troy was very understanding and easy to work with. He understood the character description quickly and made adjustments quickly as well. Thank you, Troy! "
" Amazing and kind! "
" Sweet, efficient, and positive! Would definitely work with him again "
" I always love working with Troy. Such a pro! "
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" Great we were interrupted earlier by a worker on my end. Troy picked right back up where we left off. We finished strong Thanks Troy!!!! "
" Troy was great excellent reader, Great insight and lots of experience. Book him if you can. "
" Great reader!!!!! "
" Troy was very helpful and easy to read with! "
" :D "
" Committed as always "
" A great reader to work with! Troy is Totally easy-going and made me feel confident and comfortable and I truly think he brought out the best in me for my self tape! Will use Troy again and definitely recommend!! "
" Troy was such a great reader. He even jumped in and offered some help with the dialect I was using, and used a pretty spot on Scottish accent as my reader. I felt like I got a strong tape and I also got to have a lot of fun. Thanks Troy! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Troy is awesome. Great reader. Very easy going and friendly and reliable. Thanks Troy! "
" My go -to guy!!!! "
" Great reader! Very easy to work with and had such a calm vibe. "
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" Patient and took direction well. :) "
" :D "
" Great experience! "
" Really enjoyed meeting Troy. Great and experienced actor and reader. "
" Brings so much experience and an expert eye to his sessions. Great feedback as well! "
" Wonderful as always!!! "
" Helped me find different colors with my character. Awesome. "
" Troy was very professional and efficient. I got my audition done in record time! "
" Great and efficient. "
" Great!! hilarious and patient "
" Troy was great!! And really funny! "
" My man kills it every time! Just got a callback for the tape he helped me with yesterday! "
" Great, thank you!! "
" Great, fast reader. Very supportive. Definitely a great hire. "
" The best! "
" GREAT! "
" As always, one of my favorite readers. Patient as a human and great as a reader! Thanks, Troy! "
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" Fantastic reader! great energy and great performances "
" Always fabulous! "
" Great notes and coaching. "
" :) "
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" Thank you troy! "
" Troy was amazing! "
" So helpful as always! "
" Great reader and a pleasure to work with !! "
" Great reader! "
" Spot on with extremely detailed feedback. I really appreciate the thoughts and ideas he had, and him catching all of the little things in each take. Thank you, Troy! "
" Thanks again! "
" Nice seeing you again! Great as always "
" Troy is superb! He is extremely easy and fun to work with, gives great notes, and I truly couldn't have asked for more from a reader. Bravo! A top-of-the-line class act. Would work with him again in a heartbeat! "
" Thank you Troy! "
" Troy has always brought incredible insight to the work, a nuanced read, and fantastic emotional support as and actor and fellow artist. I highly recommend!! "
" Absolute pro! It was like he already knew the material. great reader! "
" Great reader. Friendly, supportive and very helpful! "
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" Amazing reader - will definitely book again! "
" Conscientious and supportive reader - recommend! "
" Fantastic reader with great experience and insight! "
" Troy was warm and pleasant and such a gentlemen. Love how he added some depth into reading and help bring me to life. Thank you buddy. I appreciate your wonderful soul! Wish you all the best in this beautiful life! "
" Never fails! Troy is just the best! "
" Always super helpful!! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Awesome as always "
" Wonderful reader with the best energy and help. Thank you, Troy! :) "
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" Very helpful reader, as always! "
" Always a pleasure working with Troy! "
" Super on point! Great tone and very friendly as well! "
" So nice and good!!!! So helpful - perfect balance of comments when I needed/asked, yet laid back. Smart about which takes were good and for what reasons. Considerate to ask if I needed anything more (which I didn't). And last but not least - a really good reader! Thank you Troy!! "
" It was such a pleasure to work with Troy. I felt so comfortable with him right away. I hope to work with him again in future. Highly recommend! "
" Terrific! "
" Troy is always great and patient! "
" So lovely and a fantastic reader! Hopped right into the scene with ease and I felt so comfortable! "
" Great Reader! "
" Running lines with Troy was fun and helpful! I also asked for his input/analysis of the scene, which was helpful. I would definitely work with Troy again. Thank you! "
" Troy was super helpful as a reader. Thank you!! "
" Troy is a great reader and easy to work with! "
" FANTASTIC!! Simply SUPERB!! Thank you for being both a great reader and person to jump ideas off with! "
" Great as always! "
" Always the epitome of caring, invested reader. A joy to work with each and every time :)) "
" Very supportive reader! Recommend! "
" Always fantastic ! "
" Troy is wonderful to read with and I really appreciate his patience and added insight and catches as well!! Thank you again! "
" Brilliant AGAIN "
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" A real pro- great work troy! "
" Solid! "
" Thank you very much! "
" Fabulous. Enjoyed working with Troy. "
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" Super chill dude! It was my first time using We Audition and he made me feel totally comfortable and supported! "
" Awesome reading indeed. "
" Absolutely excellent!!! "
" Awesome reader as always "
" Troy was great and really helped me work through some wordy dialogue "
" Nice read. Thanks "
" Great reader "
" Great Reader. Patient and Great Feedback! "
" Great reader, knows what's it like to both have fun and be professional. "
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" Great reader, thanks so much! "
" Fantastic! Helped me with a commercial audition---great suggestions for 2nd take. "
" The very best! "
" "Always a pleasure, never a chore" is exactly how I feel working with this wonderful human. Appreciate you! "
" Wonderful!!!! "
" Friendly, professional, solid Reader & actor. "
" Nailed it again! "
" Excellent!!! THANK YOU :-) "
" A real pleasure! Perfect delivery! "
" Lovely and super helpful with great suggestions. "
" Exceptional. Gave great notes. Really understood the tone of the scene. "
" Always great! "
" Great read...Endless patience..Thanks Troy "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great energy and great feedback as always. Thanks Troy! "
" GREAT! "
" Amazing coach!!! So cool and really helped me out. Thanks so much Troy! "
" A BREEEEEEEEZE to work with! 12/10 "
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" Not only an amazing reader, but also an amazing British Accent! "
" Great as always "
" 2nd time! "
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" Very patient and awesome direction;) "
" Always awesome, 5 stars, Service is great and was even comped a free a dessert! Really though, Troy kills it! "
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" Troy came through again for me- such a calming energy and made me feel safe to get where I needed to go. Very supportive. Thank you~ "
" Wow, Troy, thank you so much for the extra help of suggestions to switch the take of the character up!! I needed that and you gave me exactly what I asked for!! 100%!! "
" Troy is great as always! Thank you sir!A+ "
" Thanks so much for the awesome read!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! So much patience, thank you! "
" Awesome energy. easy going and talented. funnest reading in a while. highly recommend him "
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" Always a Great Reader! "
" Troy was fantastic- on point and helpful. Really appreciated you~ "
" Great "
" Great ! "
" So fun! Catches on to the story really quickly and offers great energy. "
" Thanks! Personable and ready to work. "
" Another fanatastic session! "
" Wonder wonderful "
" Troy is fantastic reader. He helped simplify my character's wants/stakes. Would definitely book him again. Thank you! "
" Wonderful "
" Wonderful voice and wonderful reader and actor. "
" Brilliant "
" Always my go-to on here. Fantastic support and insightful feedback. "
" Troy was incredible! Jumped right into the character I needed- so much fun to play off of "
" Troy is awesome as hell! Super cool, super easy, super on point. 6 Stars "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Patience and nice notes. "
" Great to collaborate with! If you're feeling unsure about a scene and want someone who is capable of giving some guidance, Troy is your guy. "
" Always great to read with Troy! Thank you sir "
" Simply solid solid solid solid solid. Troy's a true pro and a lovely person to read opposite :) "
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" Awesome! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Super easy to work with! "
" Great reader 10/10 thank you! "
" Great with comedic timing! "
" Troy just helped me with a callback. The last time he did that I booked the part. Obviously, I highly recommend him as a reader. "
" Lovely person, great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Honestly such a great help! He has such good advice and helped with the little details technically that really make a difference in quality when self taping. Definitely will keep in my top reader list! "
" Present, kind and super helpful "
" Great! "
" Good session! Thanks Tony! "
" Really great and helpful reader! "
" Awesome and so patient with my infinite line trip ups! "
" A terrific actor and reader, very happy!!! "
" He was awesome! "
" Troy is super kind and friendly! Really lets the reader have fun and do their own thing :) "
" Troy is such a great reader "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent excellent excellent! Great reader with a lot of energy. Will definitely read with him again! "
" Wonderful - best reader - calm and collected great voice too "
" Such a kind reader, engaged and on it!! Recommend!! "
" Amazing reader. Thanks Troy "
" Really helpful and great on timing! 10 Stars "
" Excellent reader "
" Great reader! "
" Had another excellent session with Troy. Went above and beyond. I needed a little time to help lock into the rhythm of a scene and make some discoveries. "
" Quick and efficient, it was great working with Troy! "
" Terrific---!! "
" Great reader! "
" A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. READER! Generous and helpful!!!! Thank you! "
" Truly an incredible actor and reader, will definitely use again! Great insights as well as a read on point :) "
" Great session!! "
" A really really good reader with very helpful insight. "
" Troy helped me ground my character. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing and super patient with an emotional scene! "
" Troy was great. we knocked out a quick scene with time to spare! "
" Wow, Troy was great. Made me feel really relaxed. Great reader "
" Troy was a great reader. I would recommend him to anyone. "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Amazing! "
" Top notch, very professional! "
" Excellent and kind reader, great actor! "
" Reluctant to try anyone else on here now that I've got Troy! Thanks for another great read. "
" Troy is Fantastic to work with! A true character actor and pro. Thanks Troy! "
" An hour with Troy and I feel 1000% better about my audition tape. Thanks so much! "
" Hes awesome! "
" Fantastic reader! Such a big help before heading into my workshop! 5 stars!! "
" Really great! A terrific reader. "
" Troy was an awesome reader!! Thank you!! "
" Troy was great! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Troy is a great reader. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing! So a breeze to work with! "
" Troy was bomb! He easily did a fantastic job and I got my tape in with a whole few minutes to spare! "
" Troy was extremely helpful and helped em to get through the scene with ease and have it sound very natural. I enjoyed working with him. Thank you so much. "
" Super pro! Very helpful to work off of for prepping a next day shoot. "
" Important audition for me and Troy really did a great job on the scene with me. "
" Great energy!! loved working with him! "
" Awesome reader! Very professional and gave great adjustments like a mock audition. Great teacher and actor. Thank you! "
" My go-to! Troy always brings the goods. Grateful to have found such a solid reader on here. "
" I'm very thankful that Troy was up for a late night audition. He was up to speed immediately and helped me get some solid takes very quickly. Definitely recommend. "
" Excellent read! "
" Enjoyed reading with Troy! "
" Nailed it! "
" He was so great! Really helped bring my scene to life!!! "
" Rock solid. Such a great reader -- couldn't ask for better! 10-stars :) "
" Wonderful read with Troy! Super patient, great energy! Thank you so much! "
" Troy is a definite favorite. SUCH a great Actor and Reader! "
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" Great reader "
" Troy to the rescue again!!! "
" Just what I needed! Thanks, Troy!!! "
" Troy was wonderful! Patient and on point. So appreciated! "
" Patient. Kind. "
" As always a great read with Troy. His background behind the camera was tremendously helpful on this scene. "
" Great working with Troy again! Professional and easy to work with. "
" Fantastic! So helpful and patient with wonderful advice all-around! "
" Highly recommend, thoughtful suggestions that went a long way! "
" Perfect - Easy going reader and gave great insights! "
" Second time working with Troy - always a pleasure! Great simple feedback and an excellent reader. "
" What a gem. Loved every minute of working with Troy. "
" Amazing read "
" Loved reading with Troy! "
" AMAZING READER!!!!!! So calming and insightful. "
" Super experience! Great reader. Very kind and patient. Will recommend him to everyone. "
" Troy was fabulous! This was my first experience with WeAudition and he made it easy and encouraging. He zeroed in on the tone of the scene instantly and was a super supportive reader! "
" Troy is excellent! "
" Picked up on the tone of the scene so quickly, really helpful! "
" Fantastic reader, supportive, helpful. "
" Tony is wonderful - very patient and offered great suggestions! Looking forward to working with him again in the future. "
" Thanks so much, Troy! Great read! "
" Always brings in great energy and feedback - thank you, always! "
" Awesome! "
" Love this guy! Thank you so much. Third time in a day!!! A+ asalways "
" Always so great! Thank you again for your patience today! A+ "
" Troy is awesome. Great reader. Just what I needed today! "
" Thanks for the help! "
" Great! "
" Great!! "
" Excellent reader "
" Troy is great reader and was very helpful with my lines as well! Thank you! "
" Troy was a great reader and very helpful! Thank you, highly recommend! "
" Fantastic! "
" A lovely man and reader. Ever patient, ever generous, ever ready. Thank you, Troy!!! "
" Troy was awesome! This was my first time using We Audition. I'll be back! :o) "
" Excellent Actor and reader! "
" Troy did a great job. I would highly recommend him. "
" Super easy! I felt really comfortable with Troy. "
" Thank you so much Troy! "
" Good fun and energy!!! Thanks Troy! "
" Troy was awesome! Gave me such good direction and feedback. "
" Excellent reader. Very helpful. "
" Great reader "
" Always a pleasure reading with Troy! "
" Great as ususal "
" So GREAT!! Easy and comfortable to work with. Very professional and generous. Will def work with him again! "
" Troy was FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend! Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader !!! "
" Very patient calm and had my back on a load of dialogue "
" Fabulous when a reader nails it and helps me too, thank you Troy "
" Awesome reader and great actor! "
" Great energy! Thank you "
" Troy came through for me tonight. His demeanor and approach were clutch! "
" He's great! "
" Great reader. Troy is patient, very helpful and a great listener. Highly recommended. "
" Troy was excellent! A very capable reader with great insights when asked. A pleasure to work with! "
" Troy helped me film a self tape audition. he was very helpful, very focused on helping you get it done, and just overall a nice guy! Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Really helpful! "
" The best. Love working with Troy! "
" SO PATIENT AND HELPFUL! Thank you so much Troy for helping me with this read!! "
" Troy is awesome! A great reader and very patient "
" Thank you always, for your help! Great reader as always. :-) "
" Great reader that I can always count on! :-) "
" Wonderful reader! "
" So helpful on the lines! Many thanks! "
" Troy was absolutely awesome! Love his energy and keen tips. "
" Troy always brings the good stuff. "
" Amazing!! Such great energy, kind, and gave great directions to play around with in the scene. Thank you Troy! "
" Great reader and super encouraging! we kept it real and grounded (: Thanks Troy!!! "
" Great read. Thanks Troy!!!! "
" Had good suggestions! Was fun to work with "
" Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me! great partner to have! "
" Troy is a fantastic reader - very grounded, great feedback. He helped me a lot. I highly recommend him. "
" Thanks so much Troy for helping me run lines for class! You rock! "
" Great reader! Very helpful and patient :) "
" He was so kind and helpful! First WeAudition down!! "
" Troy is very talented and very helpful. He helped me out figure out my role. I really recommend him "
" Troy is really kind and easy to work with! "
" Wonderful reader with great energy and insight. Thank you, Troy! "
" Troy is the idel reader--a fluent reader, brilliant in his suggestions-hope to work with him again "
" Troy is amazing!!! "
" Excellent work! Exactly what I needed. Thank you Troy! "
" Always a blast working with Troy! "
" Great reader. Very patient and helpful. "
" Great notes dude, awesome reading with you - thank you! "
" Fantastic as always <3 "
" Great reader! Thank you for helping with my audition! "
" Troy was such a pleasure to work with! He gives great notes and really just lets you go with what you've prepared. I'd definitely work with him again! "
" Troy is a great, easy solid reader. Definitely on your team. Highly Recommend "
" SO great, made me comfortable and at ease while reading and bounced ideas back and forth! "
" Troy's great to work with, very helpful, good suggestions. "
" Wonderful reader! Patient, kind, great all around! "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Gives great notes! "
" Troy had great feedback and was very patient with the process! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader. Friendly, to the point and just the right energy I needed. 10/10 would recommend. "
" Great energy and reader! Thank you for your time! :-) "
" Great reader and lovely to work with! "
" Quick and Efficient! "
" Wonderful actor and so collaborative! "
" WONDERFUL reader!!!!! "
" Easygoing natural reader. "
" Excellent reader!! thank you! "
" Great reader and super helpful! "
" Great read and coaching! "
" So lovely, warm and a total pro - fantastic reader! "
" Great reader! "
" So so lovely and very helpful! "
" Troy was a great help,i enjoyed every moment working with him "
" Very friendly and knowledgeable reader. I highly recommend Troy. "
" Absolutely, first rate, can't recommend enough. such a breeze with Troy "
" Great. Lot of fun to read with! "
" Amazing! Excellent energy. I'm really happy I chose him, I will definitely read with him again. 10 out of 10. "
" Great reader, warm personality to match :) "
" Amazing reader! Such a calming person and gives great notes when asked. "
" Troy was amazing, and immediately understood the character and the scene. Book him! "
" Troy was excellent!!! Great reader and very encouraging would read with him again ASAP! "
" Warm, super-calming, uber-professional reader. Made the session a fun, easy time (even as I was tripping over myself), haha! Thanks, Troy!! "
" Thank you! Amazing "
" The best! So helpful and great to work with! "
" Great as ever!!! "
" He is awesome. Very talented and great partner "
" Really insightful and fun to work with -- thank you Troy! "
" A professional. "
" Great reader. "
" He's really great! "
" Has a great eye for realism and is very patient! "
" Thanks! "
" So helpful! 10/10 would recommend =) "
" Troy is such a blast to work with! He is fun and positive and really helped me elevate my self tape. I look forward to working with him again. "
" Great help once again! "
" Troy is AWESOME!! He made me feel so comfortable and gave me great notes! "
" Excellent! So great to work with :) "
" So efficient! "
" Excellent excellent actor, super super helpful! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing reader! A Real Pro. Thank you sir "
" Great advice!!! Highly recommend. "
" So easy to work with. Fun to play off of. Professional, great notes. Book Him! "
" Great for comedy and brilliant notes on timing "
" Thank you! "
" Patient, supportive and a wonderful reader and listener! "
" Awesome reader. Great guy. Thank you so much!! "
" Troy was very helpful! He went above and beyond to help me get exactly what I needed for a great audition! Thank you!! "
" Super friendly, really helpful reader. Would definitely want to work with Tory again. Highly recommend! "
" Yesss, Troy is the man for awesome reads!! Thank you !! "
" Was a great help and patient. :) "
" So efficient, so cool! Thanks troy! "
" Thank you! "
" Great. Troy is totally professional! "
" Troy delivers again! Worked diligently with me to get me up to speed for an audition. Loved the support! "
" Troy was super fun and helpful. He was up to the challenge of making a 45 sec commercial into a 30 sec one, lol. He got it done though! Thanks Troy! "
" Troy is a great reader! "
" Great reader! Picked up scene fast and gave me some good blocking advice for my scene! "
" SUCH AN AMAZING READER!!!! When confronted with the most confusing scene of my life, he helped and aided and read wonderfully! A true pro "
" Super fun to work with. Great ideas. Thank you! "

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2021 [added]
Midnight Mass
TV Series Stunt Performer
2019 [added]
The Breacher
2019 [added]
A Dog's Way Home
2019 [added]
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Van Helsing
TV Series Stunt Performer
2018 [added]
The Magicians
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The Man in the High Castle
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Altered Carbon
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The Fixer
2018 [added]
TV Series Stunt Actor
2017 [IMDB]
An Instrument of Justice Trilogy
2017 [added]
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
TV Series Stunt Performer
2017 [added]
TV Series Stunt Performer
2017 [added]
Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval
TV Movie Stunt Performer
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Second Chance
TV Series
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When Calls the Heart
TV Series
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TV Series
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The Flash
TV Series Recurring
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Cedar Cove
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The Millionaire's Club
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Best Day Ever: Aiden Kesler 1994-2011
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Standard Action
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Frankie & Alice
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Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story
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The Hunted
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Tipping Point