Carme Boixadera

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upto 60 mins : $ 35.00

hi fellow actor,
I am a professional actor and coach, it would be my pleasure to help you prepare for your auditions.

My biggest strengths are unlimited patience, a director's eye for shaping the scene, the innate ability for understanding the emotions and behaviors that thread the scene thanks to my psychology/ coaching background.

But if you prefer no notes and just drill lines, I'm here for whatever you need!

I speak Spanish and can help with translation/Spanish auditions.

To set up a time to rehearse you can email me at:

Currently living in New York. Have studied with Bob Krakower, Eric Reis and Susan Batson.

Languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan.

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495 Reader Reviews

" The best! "
" The Best!!! "
" Amazing as always! "
" The Best! "
" Great! "
" Love!!!!!!! her shes the best "
" I love working with her "
" Great "
" Always a pleasure "
" Carme is everything they say. Great reader and solid feedback to tweak the scene to where it needs to be. Look forward to working with her again! "
" The Best🌸🌸🌸 "
" Thanks for the great help and attitude, Carme! "
" She helped me so much when I got worried abut lines, and gave me tips on creating a cohesive backstory "
" AWESOME. A professional coach, use her for that intense emotional material. "
" Helped me find the flow of the scene. Great reader! "
" Brilliant! "
" Shes the best! "
" Thank you! You are the best! "
" Carme was extremely helpful with a last minute self-tape that I had! She was very patient and had great suggestions and feedback! "
" Wonderful to work with. "
" The Best!!! "
" Carne was unbelievably gracious and helpful. She coached, gave me great ideas and insight into the character and even the audition process! Muchas Gracias, Carme! "
" :))) "
" Carme is just so amazing! I can't even recommend her enough "
" Carme is a great reader. Very patient and gave great advice. Definitely recommend! "
" Carme is kind, approachable and helpful. I really appreciated her guidance and available energy in my quick process for this particular short self tape audition. Muchas gracias! "
" Great Listener "
" Thank you so much, Carme, your feedback and helpful tips were invaluable! "
" Great read. very nice lady! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Always great working with Carme :) "
" Carme was super patient and ready to play when needed and gave a tid bit that helped explore the scene "
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" Carme is one of my regular go-tos! She’s so good at what she does and today she easily slotted into four characters seamlessly in a very pacey scene. Definitely recommend! "
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" WOW...what a pro "
" Always great working with her, highly recommended as always!!! "
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" What a wonderful person and great reader! she also gave fabulous ideas to try in each take. A coach and reader in one! I highly recommend working with Carme! "
" She's so good at what she does. I always try to rehearse a session with Carme before taping because she always gets me in the right frame of mind to tackle the piece head on. Her text analysis and understanding of what the tape needs is always so bang on. Definitely book her! "
" Carme is great! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing direction and so so helpful with guiding the action descriptions on the script! Thanks so much Carme!! "
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" Carme was fantastic! It's been a while since I had an audition in Spanish. She was on point with the beats and helped me with any pronunciation I might have stumbled upon. I highly recommend her as a reader for auditions! Thank you, Carme! :D <3 "
" Amazing reader!! Gives really good notes and tips to help the scene come alive. Thank you! "
" Carme was excellent! Gave great direction and was lovely to work with. "
" Thanks for your helpful notes and great reading!! "
" Great reader. I asked for suggestions and she had some helpful ideas I will definitely be using in the scene. "
" Carme is an EXCELLENT reader and gives fantastic suggestions..very relaxed and comfortable with her! "
" Carme was fantastic. She was present and responsive, gave great notes, but also moved quickly. Will definitely request her again. "
" Great calming energy and insightful! "
" Always great working with Carme, fun and super productive. Book her. "
" Carme is absolutely wonderful!!! Helped me play while staying in the story. "
" Carmen was great! Friendly and helpful :) "
" Grest reader and listener!! :) "
" So quick so efficient! Thanks! "
" The best! "
" Amazing as usual. My go to reader. Hesitant to write such a good review because I don't want her time being taken up so I cant use her! "
" Divina "
" Always a pleasure reading with Carme! "
" Wonderful read - lots of energy and patience. Thank you Carme! "
" Well... last time I BOOKED THE ROLE! And it's because Carme is so grounded, centred, and has such an excellent eye for the scene. I teach acting professionally, but realise it's always good to get another eye on the scene and I respect her opinion hugely. Book her.... She'll elevate your performance without a doubt. And she's a cool human to top it all. I'm immensely grateful for her and this platform generally for the amazing people it's led me to and the opportunities that are coming as a result. <3 "
" Incredible script analysis. So kind. So insightful. So fun! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing reader with great tips! "
" Really appreciate the patience Carme with me today. I had lots going on in the background here at home and she was super professional. Gave me a solid note that helped a scene immensely. "
" Thank you ! Amazing as always! "
" Carme was great to read with! Jumped right in and helped me learn lines for a callback! Awesome! "
" Fantastic!!! "
" Great "
" This was my first time using WeAudition and I had a great time recording my Selftape with Carme! She is patient and gives great notes. :) "
" A true gem! "
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" Absolutely stellar reader! "
" Thank you so much Carmen! You are so talented. "
" So lovely and sweet. "
" She's so great but then again I knew she would be - Just look at her reviews! Can't wait until next time. "
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" Great notes always "
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" Lovely person and had great notes, thank you! "
" Carme was Fabulous! So patient and the perfect scene partner to work on an accent with! :-) "
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" Amazing! So patient and she gave great notes! Always great to find a good reader in Spanish "
" Working w/Carme is definitely recommended. Always the best feedback and redirection. "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Great as always! "
" Carme is great!!! "
" Love reading with Carme. "
" Carme was such a joy to work with. I got some really good notes and can't wait to play during my self-tape. "
" Such great story telling instincts, patient, and such great feed back ! "
" Delightful "
" Above and beyond! Thank you so much, Carme! "
" Carme is awesome!! I had so many technical difficulties and Carme was so patient and still gave great reads and feedback "
" I love working with her ! "
" Awesome reader! Very helpful "
" Love "
" AMAZING! So kind and helpful! "
" Thank you so much they were so funny! "
" Carme had great notes and feedback that helped me to get my scene where it needed to be and she is an awesome reader. I will definitely be working with her again! "
" AMAZING! very patient with great feedback! "
" Carme was terrific. Patient, warm, and supportive. :) "
" Great reader & coach! "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Thank you so much Carme! Incredible coaching notes, such great insights and instincts. I felt like I had a teammate that really wanted to see me do my best. "
" Great !! "
" Carme is the most understanding and patient reader you can find. She comes up with great ideas and has an amazing instinct. She can tell what works and what doesn't, and how to get you to a point where you'll be SO happy with your performance and Self Tape! I highly recommend you to book her!!! Thank you so much Carme!!! "
" SO AMAZING! Very patient and thorough and she really wanted to help you achieve your best audition! "
" Carme saved me! Thank you! Book her! "
" The best! "
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" She is gifted and checks all the boxes as a reader "
" Carme was absolutely amazing she gave me all the notes and tips I needed to succeed on this app being new it was immediate vibes as we connected lol :) "
" Hadn't used this before but I got a last minute self tape with ten pages and Carme was awesome! She totally helped me understand the arc of the scenes, and helped me set up with the teleprompter app so now I feel set for my audition! Thanks Carme! "
" So sweet and focused. "
" Probably my favorite reader here. Perfect all around. "
" Great reader! "
" Patient and helpful reader. "
" I work with Carme all the time. She’s so sharp and always has great notes. Choose her! "
" I LOOOOVE working with Carme. Fabulous reader. "
" She was AWESOME! This was my first time using We Audition and she was very helpful. I'll definitely be using this platform and Carme more in the future. Thank you Carme! "
" Thank you so much! I really enjoyed working with you❤️. Have a fantastic day! "
" Carme rules! 10/10 recommend. So lovely. "
" Good observations! "
" Carme was a very generous reader, and also was kind in helping with my technical problems. Would definitely recommend! "
" Lovely! So sweet and warm. "
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" Wonderful as always! "
" Amazing! "
" Extremely professional and helpful. "
" As always a joy to work with. "
" Lovely. patient efficient AND fluent in eng and span xxxooo "
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" It's always a pleasure working with Carme, She always gives out outstanding notes and feedback! "
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" I’ve read with Carme more times than I can count. She’s the real deal! Her notes always take my work up a notch. Choose her! "
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" One of my favourites here on WeAudition. Do yourself a favour and book Carme :) "
" Carme is amazing as an actress and as a reader "
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" Great to work with!! "
" Thank you! Amazing reader. Book her. "
" Awesome as always! "
" The BEST!! I've gotten callbacks and directors sessions from the tapes I make with her. "
" Carme gave great notes and a few really good adjustments. She has an excellent eye. I can't recommend her enough. "
" I keep coming back cause she’s just SO GOOD!! Excellent reader. Always gives notes that elevate my work. "
" Great reader! "
" My Go To For Auditions, Very Great!!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Loved it! "
" So incredibly sweet. "
" Carmen is THE BEST!! She brings so much to the table. She delves deeper into the lines with you and has suggestions that make your tape look better visually. 10/10! "
" So much patience and gives so much as a reader!! 10/10 highly recommend!! "
" Book Her Guy, Now!!!! "
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" Always comes through w/the best pivots! "
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" She was so great to work with and picked up on the story which enhanced my performance! "
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" Excellent! "
" Helped me find all new ways to deliver! Thanks so much! "
" Carme was a pleasure to work with- she has great input and did just what I needed- thank you! "
" Carme was incredibly insightful and brought such amazing ideas to the text. She really helped make it come alive! Great coach, great reader, and SO friendly - highly recommend!!! "
" Carme was immensely kind and helpful. She helped me quickly break down the scene. And provided me with a read that was easy to work off of. I am immensely grateful! "
" Wow! I mean she helped me look at my script with the whole new perspective and Reminded me to just be natural!! "
" Huge help! Thank you!!!! "
" Carme was very helpful and gave me specific adjustments to the scene that brought it alive! "
" Fantastic reader! Incredibly helpful and kind. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Carme. She has great energy and helpful notes. Highly recommended! "
" Awesome reader! Great feedback and super friendly and professional :) "
" Bella! "
" Carme is just nothing short of amazing! She's quite great! "
" A wonderful reader and so thoughtful. She helped me with the Spanish lines that I had so feared. What a joy! Book her!! "
" Loved working with Carme!! "
" Carme is the epitome of talent, kindness and hard-work. When I started to get stressed out, she hit me with a motivational quote and got the show straight back on the road - honestly, if you're looking for a talented and compassionate, but also a no-nonsense yet loving reader, she is your gal'! "
" Carme is excellent! She's smart and patient and has terrific ideas. Will definitely look for her again next time!! "
" She's the bomb! Really helped me get my audition to a solid place that was unpredictable and fun! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you for helping me to add to my self-tape. I appreciate all of your suggestions, direction and generosity. "
" Carme is a great coach and very patient. Schedule her. "
" Lover her! Helpful, talented, and positive. "
" Love her suggestions, super great to have her read for me! "
" She's fantastic. Her feedback was amazing. "
" Thank you for your patience, professionalism, and great read. "
" She is consistently amazing. She is very pleasant to work with. Very professional and fast. She knows what she is doing. "
" Awesome, always. "
" Great working with her. She was fast and efficient. "
" Amazing. Carme is the BEST BEST READER ever. So helpful and supportive. "
" Carme helped me with my spanish accent and reading lines. This meant she needed a lot of patience---which she delivered! Thank you for everything! "
" Amazing! "
" Excellent! "
" Really great! learned from her! "
" Carme Is always lovely to work with. She really thinks about the scene, reads well and gives a solid, positive energy!! "
" Carme is the best. She is so patient and insightful and always encourages actors to be their best. "
" I’m always happy to see Carme’s face in the reader cue. She’s a GREAT reader with wonderful ideas. "
" Amazing as always "
" A true joy to work with, collaborative and imaginative and a real support while taping! "
" Great listener and great reader. We knocked it out of the park on this Callback. Gratitude. DC Sprinkles!!! "
" Awesome as usual! Thank you =-) "
" Always good reader. "
" Yaaaay! "
" Carme is the best! So intuitive and helpful! "
" Awesome!! "
" Great reader! She was attentive and helpful, and gave great notes. "
" Adore her "
" Carme was a joy to work with! She had such great energy and her suggestions were on point! We were done in half the time I thought it would take. I definitely look forward to working with her again! <3 "
" I LOVED working with her! She has a very keen eye and gives great notes. Excellent reader. "
" Carme is a joy to work with. Smart and savvy and helpful "
" Carme as usual is a great coach and teaches a lot of technique work. Thank you "
" Carme is a revelation. Fantastic reader. "
" Thank you for the reading, you are wonderful! "
" Patience, great script breakdown and works with you until u get it right "
" Tremendous reader and helper. she got me center and pulled out the best for my audition "
" Awesome Reader!!!! "
" Carme was wonderful to work with and provides great notes :) "
" Excellent! Skilled reader, kind, and had a fantastic note I was able to incorporate. "
" Carme is one of the best readers you have! Love her. "
" One of the best readers that you have. Fabulous! "
" Always great working with Carme. Hugely productive and tons of fun. "
" Awesome! "
" Lovely reader! great feedback! "
" Awesome as usual! Made sure I got the best take =-) thank you! "
" Fantatic amazing!! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Great reader who was very generous with her time and curated a great self tape. Adjustments felt like we were in the room! "
" Love her "
" Carme is amazing! Great suggestions and wonderful reader. "
" Great enthusiastic and insightful reader. Really takes her time and optimistic energy! "
" Great Reader, Highly Recommend! "
" Great work. Thanks. "
" Carme is fabulous as always!! She's so wonderful when it comes to fine tuning the moments and making the scene your own. "
" Love, love LUV - Carme! "
" Superb. Great tips as well on a very funny scene "
" Excellent reader, very sharp! "
" Perfectayo "
" Great! "
" Phenomenal!!!! "
" Lovely Energy. Sweet. Focused. Great eye for nuance and detail. Wonderful suggestions for adding detail. Professional. Collaborative. I will definitely book again!! - Thank you Carme! :) "
" Carme is excellent as always!! So helpful with finding different colors to play. "
" She is great! "
" Carme! SO amazing! Book her pays so much attention detail! Will book again! "
" Has an incredible eye for detail. Really knows how to dissect a script! "
" Again! Amazing! I feel so comfortable and I powered reading with her! "
" Fantastic! Helped me get the best take possible! "
" Amazing! So talented, generous and helpful. "
" Carme is always amazing! "
" Carme is a pro. She knows the gig and knows how to best help you prepare! "
" Carme is always so stellar and helpful with reading and brainstorming a scene. Thank you so much! "
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" Carme... definitely a GO-TO! One of the best. "
" Truly a Godsend... LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - Carme "
" Such a fantastic reader! Book Carme!!! "
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" Carme - EXCELLENT "
" Gracias! "
" Wonderful "
" Carme was patient, helpful, and an amazing reader!!! She gave insightful technical and acting notes . I loved working with her! :) A+ "
" Always a pleasure!! My self tape is so much better for having worked with her. "
" Amazing! I love working with Carme. I highly recommend her! "
" Lovely energy. Helpful ideas! "
" If you want variety in your reads, she is the best! "
" Great. I'm glad she's up early like I am. "
" Terrific! "
" Lovely "
" Carme has the perfect balance of helping stay word perfect and getting the right energy in a scene. I've booked her more than once and will again! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Love Carme! Everyone book her! "
" Great reader. Great notes. A pleasure. "
" Awesome as usual! Always brings out the best take. Thank you so much "
" Great! Super talented at helping to break down a scene! "
" Great to work with. Very Professional! "
" Carmine is a lovely reader! "
" THANK YOU SO MUCH CARMEN great working with you, great reader ! "
" Carme is The Best!!! "
" Fantastic. Thanks, Carme! "
" Awesome reader "
" Carme broke down the script wonderfully. She is very patient and gives great advice. "
" Carme is wonderful as a person and as a reader. "
" Great adjustments! "
" The best! "
" What can I say, Carme was great. patience, took her time with, great script analysis breaking it down and genuinely a number one acting coach. "
" Absolutely wonderful! She helped me relax, and she even gave me outstanding direction / tips throughout the entire session. If you want to get a great take for a self-tape, then I highly recommend working with Carme! "
" She was reallly helpful! "
" Great "
" So lovely! "
" As always Carme helps me find the moments to help me get more grounded in the scene. "
" Carme is fabulous as always!! "
" I am so thankful to work with Carme! She is always so encouraging and helps me get so specific!! "
" Carme is wonderful to read with "
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" Carme is the best!!! She is always so helpful in finding all the nuances in the script. "
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" Carne always helps me find the most interesting choices! "
" Fantastic, patient, full of advice! Thanks Carme !! "
" Carme was amazing!! She gives awesome feedback and such a good reader! "
" Love reading with her!! "
" Fantastic read! Thank you so much!! "
" Had a really tough scene with very little prep time. Felt so comfortable to really go for it with Carme. "
" Super helpful and gave great tips to help my audition stand out. "
" Excellent reader of two roles. Used different speaking types to distinguish between them. Added natural humor to the scene. Also explained the process for me, a first-time WeAudition user. "
" Thank you so much! I had a great time playing with you!! "
" Carme was awesome! "
" Thank you so much Carme :) "
" Carme was so incredible. Top notch reader and also gave great, actionable feedback that improved my performance. I definitely recommend her and will work with her again! "
" Fabulous as alwa1ys "
" Carme is always fabulous!! "
" Fantastic as always. One of my go to readers! "
" Great ideas, excellent direction. I'll be back "
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" Carme was so intuitive as to what would help me get into the moment! Thank you! "
" Excellent "
" Superb reader and actress "
" Great reader "
" CArme is a wonderful reader. I return to her again and again. "
" Fantastic "
" Excellent reader. Awesome actress "
" Great Reader/ Scene Partner.. note and adjustments were on point! "
" Amazing as always! Thank you! "
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" Terrific as always!! "
" Excellent "
" Fantastic reader. Great actress. Wonderful human. "
" Fabulous "
" Carme is always a pleasure work with!! "
" The best! "
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" She is indescribably awesome as a reader. Wonderful actor and coach as well , if you want those services. "
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" Always a great reader!! "
" Fabulous "
" Amazing as usual! Thank you! "
" The best "
" Fabuluous "
" A phenomenal help, her insights are top-notch, will definitely be back! "
" Fantastic reader. Made my first time a really lovely experience. Will definitely work with her again. Thank you, Carme! "
" The best. Wonderful, smart, helpful. Really listens. "
" Brilliant :) "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Phenomenal reader. Wonderful actress. Caring human. "
" Carme is always amazing to work with! Very efficient and makes sure to get the best take. Thank you! "
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" Amazing! "
" Wonderful reader. Invested in our success. "
" Carme is always a pleasure to work with! "
" Great reader! "
" Carme Is THE BEST!!! "
" She's patient and kind! "
" Good reader and gives you real insight as to how your audition looks overall. "
" Freaking fantastic reader. Intuitive, intelligent, and considerate. Carme is the one! "
" Carme was terrific to work with: she gave excellent feedback and helped me work on different ways to play my scene. "
" Excellent reader with great ideas:) "
" Great job! Thanks for being a warm, giving actor. :) "
" Carme is awesome! "
" Carme is amazing every time! "
" Lovely "
" LOVED HER!!! "
" Really helpful!!! "
" Perfect for what I needed:) "
" Amazing!! So patient and kind and really good notes and worked with me for a very long time. Thank you! "
" So patient and insightful!! "
" Carme is always amazing and an excellent cold reader "
" Fantastic to work with--encouraging and engaged! Can't wait to work together again! "
" So great! ALWAYS LOVE HER! "
" Fantastic reader and coach "
" FAbulous. As a coach and a reader! "
" Fabulous "
" Grade A! Like always. Love her!! "
" Excellent reader and she helped me find really great moments in my script that I didn't catch. Thank you Carme! "
" Wonderful rehearsal partner! "
" Fantastic! "
" Really great, easy to work with. She picks it up (The scene) really quickly. Had a lot of great insights. "
" Carme helped me so much!! She really cares and had great advice. She's awesome! "
" Great notes and very helpful subtle tweaks to my self tape. Thank you!! "
" Excellent reader. Knows her stuff. Highly professional and well trained "
" We had a great time working. Got lots of material covered and Carme had some very helpful ideas! "
" Y "
" Great. "
" Carme is AMAZING!!!! "
" Carme is very genuine and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Carmen was so very helpful. I wish I could give her 6 stars. She came to my rescue. Very friendly and informative, "
" Super helpful and so fun to talk to someone so knowledgeable about the nuances of the use of Spanish in European vs. Latin American films! "
" Always helpful! "
" She is very professional and great! I highly recommend her! "
" The Best! "
" Always helpful and insightful "
" So helpful! Really gives great feedback. "
" Great help "
" Awesome reader, so helpful and patient! "
" Great reader "
" Great Reader! "
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" OMG she is amazing! I highly recommend her. I fairly new to self taping and she walked me thru the whole thing. "
" Insightful actor, smart, and kind. Carme helped take my audition to the next level "
" She is amazing!!! I would highly recommend her!! Loved it. "
" Awesome! "
" Loved reading with Carme! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Always great! "
" Awesome girl and reader!!! "
" Awesome! "
" The best "
" Thank you for your help! Gave me a wonderful self-tape idea as well. "
" Absolutely amazing! Would recommend anytime! Super helpful! "
" Wonderful reader, very helpful, beautiful feedback! "
" She'ss awesome "
" Carme is an excellent reader!! Helped me a lot with my self-tape :) "
" Awesome! Patient and insightful!! "
" So kind and willing to give notes/feedback! Great reader "
" Amazing! "
" Lovely person. Lovely reader. "
" Carme is a wonderful actress and a very sweet person "

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House of Cards
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
Rack and Ruin
TV Series
2012 [IMDB]
Model Wife
2011 [IMDB]
I Want You
2011 [IMDB]
Flejos y reflejos