Carme Boixadera

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hi fellow actor,
I am a professional actor and coach, it would be my pleasure to help you prepare for your auditions.

My biggest strengths are unlimited patience, a director's eye for shaping the scene, the innate ability for understanding the emotions and behaviors that thread the scene thanks to my psychology/ coaching background.

But if you prefer no notes and just drill lines, I'm here for whatever you need!

I speak Spanish and can help with translation/Spanish auditions.

To set up a time to rehearse you can email me at:

Currently living in New York. Have studied with Bob Krakower, Eric Reis and Susan Batson.

Languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan.

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313 Reader Reviews

" The best "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Amazing! "
" Extremely professional and helpful. "
" As always a joy to work with. "
" Lovely. patient efficient AND fluent in eng and span xxxooo "
" Awesome! thank you Carme "
" Fabulous! so easy to work with. very productive and fun session. "
" It's always a pleasure working with Carme, She always gives out outstanding notes and feedback! "
" Carme was great! Great notes! A real pro! "
" I’ve read with Carme more times than I can count. She’s the real deal! Her notes always take my work up a notch. Choose her! "
" Great!! "
" One of my favourites here on WeAudition. Do yourself a favour and book Carme :) "
" Carme is amazing as an actress and as a reader "
" AMAZING! Highly recommend "
" Awesome as always!!! "
" Great to work with!! "
" Thank you! Amazing reader. Book her. "
" Awesome as always! "
" The BEST!! I've gotten callbacks and directors sessions from the tapes I make with her. "
" Carme gave great notes and a few really good adjustments. She has an excellent eye. I can't recommend her enough. "
" I keep coming back cause she’s just SO GOOD!! Excellent reader. Always gives notes that elevate my work. "
" Great reader! "
" My Go To For Auditions, Very Great!!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Loved it! "
" So incredibly sweet. "
" Carmen is THE BEST!! She brings so much to the table. She delves deeper into the lines with you and has suggestions that make your tape look better visually. 10/10! "
" So much patience and gives so much as a reader!! 10/10 highly recommend!! "
" Book Her Guy, Now!!!! "
" Great! "
" Always comes through w/the best pivots! "
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" Patient & Supportive reader! "
" Wonderful!!!! "
" Such an amazing reader and so many helpful suggestions for finding great little moments within the script! Will book her all the time :) "
" She was so great to work with and picked up on the story which enhanced my performance! "
" Great! "
" Great!! "
" Great!!! "
" Excellent! "
" Helped me find all new ways to deliver! Thanks so much! "
" Carme was a pleasure to work with- she has great input and did just what I needed- thank you! "
" Carme was incredibly insightful and brought such amazing ideas to the text. She really helped make it come alive! Great coach, great reader, and SO friendly - highly recommend!!! "
" Carme was immensely kind and helpful. She helped me quickly break down the scene. And provided me with a read that was easy to work off of. I am immensely grateful! "
" Wow! I mean she helped me look at my script with the whole new perspective and Reminded me to just be natural!! "
" Huge help! Thank you!!!! "
" Carme was very helpful and gave me specific adjustments to the scene that brought it alive! "
" Fantastic reader! Incredibly helpful and kind. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Carme. She has great energy and helpful notes. Highly recommended! "
" Awesome reader! Great feedback and super friendly and professional :) "
" Bella! "
" Carme is just nothing short of amazing! She's quite great! "
" A wonderful reader and so thoughtful. She helped me with the Spanish lines that I had so feared. What a joy! Book her!! "
" Loved working with Carme!! "
" Carme is the epitome of talent, kindness and hard-work. When I started to get stressed out, she hit me with a motivational quote and got the show straight back on the road - honestly, if you're looking for a talented and compassionate, but also a no-nonsense yet loving reader, she is your gal'! "
" Carme is excellent! She's smart and patient and has terrific ideas. Will definitely look for her again next time!! "
" She's the bomb! Really helped me get my audition to a solid place that was unpredictable and fun! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you for helping me to add to my self-tape. I appreciate all of your suggestions, direction and generosity. "
" Carme is a great coach and very patient. Schedule her. "
" Lover her! Helpful, talented, and positive. "
" Love her suggestions, super great to have her read for me! "
" She's fantastic. Her feedback was amazing. "
" Thank you for your patience, professionalism, and great read. "
" She is consistently amazing. She is very pleasant to work with. Very professional and fast. She knows what she is doing. "
" Awesome, always. "
" Great working with her. She was fast and efficient. "
" Amazing. Carme is the BEST BEST READER ever. So helpful and supportive. "
" Carme helped me with my spanish accent and reading lines. This meant she needed a lot of patience---which she delivered! Thank you for everything! "
" Amazing! "
" Excellent! "
" Really great! learned from her! "
" Carme Is always lovely to work with. She really thinks about the scene, reads well and gives a solid, positive energy!! "
" Carme is the best. She is so patient and insightful and always encourages actors to be their best. "
" I’m always happy to see Carme’s face in the reader cue. She’s a GREAT reader with wonderful ideas. "
" Amazing as always "
" A true joy to work with, collaborative and imaginative and a real support while taping! "
" Great listener and great reader. We knocked it out of the park on this Callback. Gratitude. DC Sprinkles!!! "
" Awesome as usual! Thank you =-) "
" Always good reader. "
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" Carme is the best! So intuitive and helpful! "
" Awesome!! "
" Great reader! She was attentive and helpful, and gave great notes. "
" Adore her "
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" I LOVED working with her! She has a very keen eye and gives great notes. Excellent reader. "
" Carme is a joy to work with. Smart and savvy and helpful "
" Carme as usual is a great coach and teaches a lot of technique work. Thank you "
" Carme is a revelation. Fantastic reader. "
" Thank you for the reading, you are wonderful! "
" Patience, great script breakdown and works with you until u get it right "
" Tremendous reader and helper. she got me center and pulled out the best for my audition "
" Awesome Reader!!!! "
" Carme was wonderful to work with and provides great notes :) "
" Excellent! Skilled reader, kind, and had a fantastic note I was able to incorporate. "
" Carme is one of the best readers you have! Love her. "
" One of the best readers that you have. Fabulous! "
" Always great working with Carme. Hugely productive and tons of fun. "
" Awesome! "
" Lovely reader! great feedback! "
" Awesome as usual! Made sure I got the best take =-) thank you! "
" Fantatic amazing!! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Great reader who was very generous with her time and curated a great self tape. Adjustments felt like we were in the room! "
" Love her "
" Carme is amazing! Great suggestions and wonderful reader. "
" Great enthusiastic and insightful reader. Really takes her time and optimistic energy! "
" Great Reader, Highly Recommend! "
" Great work. Thanks. "
" Carme is fabulous as always!! She's so wonderful when it comes to fine tuning the moments and making the scene your own. "
" Love, love LUV - Carme! "
" Superb. Great tips as well on a very funny scene "
" Excellent reader, very sharp! "
" Perfectayo "
" Great! "
" Phenomenal!!!! "
" Lovely Energy. Sweet. Focused. Great eye for nuance and detail. Wonderful suggestions for adding detail. Professional. Collaborative. I will definitely book again!! - Thank you Carme! :) "
" Carme is excellent as always!! So helpful with finding different colors to play. "
" She is great! "
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" Has an incredible eye for detail. Really knows how to dissect a script! "
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" Amazing! So talented, generous and helpful. "
" Carme is always amazing! "
" Carme is a pro. She knows the gig and knows how to best help you prepare! "
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" Carme... definitely a GO-TO! One of the best. "
" Truly a Godsend... LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - Carme "
" Such a fantastic reader! Book Carme!!! "
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" Carme - EXCELLENT "
" Gracias! "
" Wonderful "
" Carme was patient, helpful, and an amazing reader!!! She gave insightful technical and acting notes . I loved working with her! :) A+ "
" Always a pleasure!! My self tape is so much better for having worked with her. "
" Amazing! I love working with Carme. I highly recommend her! "
" Lovely energy. Helpful ideas! "
" If you want variety in your reads, she is the best! "
" Great. I'm glad she's up early like I am. "
" Terrific! "
" Lovely "
" Carme has the perfect balance of helping stay word perfect and getting the right energy in a scene. I've booked her more than once and will again! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Love Carme! Everyone book her! "
" Great reader. Great notes. A pleasure. "
" Awesome as usual! Always brings out the best take. Thank you so much "
" Great! Super talented at helping to break down a scene! "
" Great to work with. Very Professional! "
" Carmine is a lovely reader! "
" THANK YOU SO MUCH CARMEN great working with you, great reader ! "
" Carme is The Best!!! "
" Fantastic. Thanks, Carme! "
" Awesome reader "
" Carme broke down the script wonderfully. She is very patient and gives great advice. "
" Carme is wonderful as a person and as a reader. "
" Great adjustments! "
" The best! "
" What can I say, Carme was great. patience, took her time with, great script analysis breaking it down and genuinely a number one acting coach. "
" Absolutely wonderful! She helped me relax, and she even gave me outstanding direction / tips throughout the entire session. If you want to get a great take for a self-tape, then I highly recommend working with Carme! "
" She was reallly helpful! "
" Great "
" So lovely! "
" As always Carme helps me find the moments to help me get more grounded in the scene. "
" Carme is fabulous as always!! "
" I am so thankful to work with Carme! She is always so encouraging and helps me get so specific!! "
" Carme is wonderful to read with "
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" Always fabulous! "
" Carme is the best!!! She is always so helpful in finding all the nuances in the script. "
" Fantastic "
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" Carne always helps me find the most interesting choices! "
" Fantastic, patient, full of advice! Thanks Carme !! "
" Carme was amazing!! She gives awesome feedback and such a good reader! "
" Love reading with her!! "
" Fantastic read! Thank you so much!! "
" Had a really tough scene with very little prep time. Felt so comfortable to really go for it with Carme. "
" Super helpful and gave great tips to help my audition stand out. "
" Excellent reader of two roles. Used different speaking types to distinguish between them. Added natural humor to the scene. Also explained the process for me, a first-time WeAudition user. "
" Thank you so much! I had a great time playing with you!! "
" Carme was awesome! "
" Thank you so much Carme :) "
" Carme was so incredible. Top notch reader and also gave great, actionable feedback that improved my performance. I definitely recommend her and will work with her again! "
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" Great ideas, excellent direction. I'll be back "
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" Carme was so intuitive as to what would help me get into the moment! Thank you! "
" Excellent "
" Superb reader and actress "
" Great reader "
" CArme is a wonderful reader. I return to her again and again. "
" Fantastic "
" Excellent reader. Awesome actress "
" Great Reader/ Scene Partner.. note and adjustments were on point! "
" Amazing as always! Thank you! "
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" Carme is always a pleasure work with!! "
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" She is indescribably awesome as a reader. Wonderful actor and coach as well , if you want those services. "
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" Always a great reader!! "
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" Amazing as usual! Thank you! "
" The best "
" Fabuluous "
" A phenomenal help, her insights are top-notch, will definitely be back! "
" Fantastic reader. Made my first time a really lovely experience. Will definitely work with her again. Thank you, Carme! "
" The best. Wonderful, smart, helpful. Really listens. "
" Brilliant :) "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Phenomenal reader. Wonderful actress. Caring human. "
" Carme is always amazing to work with! Very efficient and makes sure to get the best take. Thank you! "
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" Wonderful reader. Invested in our success. "
" Carme is always a pleasure to work with! "
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" Good reader and gives you real insight as to how your audition looks overall. "
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" Carme was terrific to work with: she gave excellent feedback and helped me work on different ways to play my scene. "
" Excellent reader with great ideas:) "
" Great job! Thanks for being a warm, giving actor. :) "
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" Carme is amazing every time! "
" Lovely "
" LOVED HER!!! "
" Really helpful!!! "
" Perfect for what I needed:) "
" Amazing!! So patient and kind and really good notes and worked with me for a very long time. Thank you! "
" So patient and insightful!! "
" Carme is always amazing and an excellent cold reader "
" Fantastic to work with--encouraging and engaged! Can't wait to work together again! "
" So great! ALWAYS LOVE HER! "
" Fantastic reader and coach "
" FAbulous. As a coach and a reader! "
" Fabulous "
" Grade A! Like always. Love her!! "
" Excellent reader and she helped me find really great moments in my script that I didn't catch. Thank you Carme! "
" Wonderful rehearsal partner! "
" Fantastic! "
" Really great, easy to work with. She picks it up (The scene) really quickly. Had a lot of great insights. "
" Carme helped me so much!! She really cares and had great advice. She's awesome! "
" Great notes and very helpful subtle tweaks to my self tape. Thank you!! "
" Excellent reader. Knows her stuff. Highly professional and well trained "
" We had a great time working. Got lots of material covered and Carme had some very helpful ideas! "
" Y "
" Great. "
" Carme is AMAZING!!!! "
" Carme is very genuine and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Carmen was so very helpful. I wish I could give her 6 stars. She came to my rescue. Very friendly and informative, "
" Super helpful and so fun to talk to someone so knowledgeable about the nuances of the use of Spanish in European vs. Latin American films! "
" Always helpful! "
" She is very professional and great! I highly recommend her! "
" The Best! "
" Always helpful and insightful "
" So helpful! Really gives great feedback. "
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" OMG she is amazing! I highly recommend her. I fairly new to self taping and she walked me thru the whole thing. "
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" Awesome! "
" Loved reading with Carme! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Always great! "
" Awesome girl and reader!!! "
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" The best "
" Thank you for your help! Gave me a wonderful self-tape idea as well. "
" Absolutely amazing! Would recommend anytime! Super helpful! "
" Wonderful reader, very helpful, beautiful feedback! "
" She'ss awesome "
" Carme is an excellent reader!! Helped me a lot with my self-tape :) "
" Awesome! Patient and insightful!! "
" So kind and willing to give notes/feedback! Great reader "
" Amazing! "
" Lovely person. Lovely reader. "
" Carme is a wonderful actress and a very sweet person "

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