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I am a German actress and voice talent. I speak German, English and French. I am based in London and Berlin. I can speak with a British , American, French and German accent.

I recently wrote and shot a romantic 8-minute-short-film named "INSTABELLA" which got selected and won several awards at festivals. The microshort "700 years" premiered in August and also is quite successful in film festivals.

My shortfilms "Lucas", "The crochet man", and "Louise - Technically Human" will be shot after this "situation".

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I am an expert in voice over. You can ask me about the different genres, dubbing, equipment, platforms, price negotiation and much more. I am happy to share my experience!

Have a lovely day!


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" Jeanne is great! Not only did she go out of her way to make time for me, but she really helped me nail the scene. She was gracious to allow me the space to do the scene multiple ways, allowing me to play and find out what works. Thank you, Jeanne. Will definitely work with you again! "
" Absolutely amazing reader, Jeanne not only makes the session fun with her great sense of humour and energy, she also brings fantastic script analysis and suggestions for the scene and her positive encouragement just makes the session fly! Definitely book Jeanne if you haven't already! :D "
" Jeanne is such a great reader! She is patient and really helpful! "
" Jeanne is so lovely! She helped me translating my script to German! Forever grateful! "
" :-) "
" Jeanne was so great to work with! Super patient with a first time user and I will definitely work with her again "
" So FUN to read with!!! "
" Jeanne was fantastic! I've been looking forward to having a read with her and she was so amazing and supportive during my scene, I'd recommend her to anyone!! "
" Jeanne was so generous with her time and gave me great advice on how to start doing voiceovers. Very experienced ad supportive, if you have any questions she is the one to go to! "
" Jeanne was amazing! I've been lightly researching how to get started in voice over and she gave me so many good tips and tech recommendations. She knows her stuff and is so friendly and willing to help! "
" great "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Brilliant German accent coach!! "
" Jeanne is such a pleasure to work with. So supportive & such a generous actor. Love working with her & you will too. Book her. "
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" Always great "
" Always great to work with her "
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" Jeanne is such a beautiful reader so patience and present! "
" Jeanne is just the best. Super generous with her time and she gives the best feedback! Found some great beats in the script due to her help! "
" Super sweet and great reader! "
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" Amaaazing experience absolutely loved reading with her. "
" Jeanne is such a wonderful person and reader! She invests herself with passion to help you distill the material. Thank you Jeanne! "
" Jeanne was super helpful, She had great insights in the scenes I wanted to rehearse! Lovely reader, Lovely person! Thank you so Much! "
" SOO Nice!! "
" Jeanne is great, so lovely & a pleasure to play a scene with. Book her. "
" Just shot a selftape with Jeanne for a commercial in French. She added lots of value. Thank you so much! "
" Thank you so much for your great help Jeanne! I needed a French speaker, and she's been of great value in preparing for my role. Tomorrow I'll book her again to shoot the selftape. "
" Very supportive "
" Fanatstic! Thank you! "
" Jeanne is a lovely reader, brings a great energy to help you get the work done "
" Lovely and cheerful time with Jeanne. She's great! "
" Jeanne was very good and patient and gave some notes i recommend her to anyone looking for a ready here... "
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" Jeanne is so sweet! Thank you again for taking the time to read a few lines with me at the last minute. :) "
" Fantastic reader who gave me new depth to my dramatic scene. "
" Jeanne is always a wonderful reader. I've received callbacks and avails from roles I've rehearsed with her! "
" She was great! "
" Lovely person and a great reader! "
" Great reader ,book her! "
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" best best best "
" She is so awesome! Love her! "
" Jean was so lovely and kind to practice with "
" Jeanne was so sweet and helpful in rehearsing lines with me. Thank you. "
" The sweetest person! Thank you so much for your advice on my FIRST DUBBING audition. You rock! "
" Kind, generous and patient! Thank you. "
" Super great reader and awesome feedback! Work with Jeanne! "
" Great reader and actress -- incredibly helpful with the platform as it was my first time. So helpful and friendly -- highly recommend Jeanne! Thanks Jeanne for making my first self-tape with WeAudition so easy. "
" Sweet and helpful :) "
" Great reader! "
" AMAZING. Jeanne is so delightful, patient and helpful. She was also knowledgeable about creating an authentic sounding British accent. I look forward to reading with her again. "
" Thank you so much, Jeanne - you're wonderful!! "
" Amazing reader!! Experienced in German knowledge etc. which is awesome as well! :) Thank you! "
" Awesome reader!! Really enjoyed working with her. "
" Always a pleasure reading with Jeanne. She has a positive energy that helps me see things differently and stay on the right positive track. "
" Very invested in the read and very cute dog! Thanks Jeanne! "
" So lovely and such a pleasure to read with! "
" Simply one of the best! "
" The best!!! "
" Very helpful! "
" awesome "
" sweet and supportive :) "
" Did a great job helping me with some VERY wordy copy! Thanks! "
" She's wonderful! So helpful. :) "
" Great reader! So nice to read with Jeanne. Book her! "
" Super sweet and helpful! "
" Great reader! Thank you Jeanne! "
" SHE WAS SO WONDERFUL! SHE WAS THE PERFECT READER! She literally took direction & better and gave me exactly the read that I needed. I hope to self-tape with her again! "
" Very nice :) "
" Fantastic reader, on point, friendly and very efficient. "

Credits Include

2023 [IMDB]
Ghostbusters Stop Motion Fan Film
2020 [IMDB]
2017 [IMDB]
2017 [added]
Mass Effect - Andromeda
Voice Over Multiple Roles
2016-now [added]
Voice Over Commercial Campagne Voice
2012-now [added]
89.0 RTL
2009 [added]
Professional Voice Actress
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