Patrick Chang

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****RECENTLY coached a client on Weaudition, we created a FANTASTIC self tape and they BOOKED an amazing role on the Quantum Leap reboot on NBC!!***

Hi there! I'm Patrick a professional SAG-AFTRA actor from NYC (Korean American)

Best Known For Playing:
Agent Hsiao on EMERGENCE (ABC)
Louis on (NBC) hit show NEW AMSTERDAM.
Spokesperson for SAMSUNG QLED 8K (The Samsung Guy)
Dozens of commercials and National campaigns with major brands like MCDONALD'S and VISA to EBAY and BMW

I want this to be the best self tape EVER!! We can do as many takes as you want in fact let's do ALL the takes I'm in!

You need help with...?
-A reader for auditions
-Rehearsal Partner for class/upcoming performance
-Memorizing lines
-Scene Study/Coaching
-Industry Advice

Venmo: Patrick-Chang-15

To book ahead :
609 760 9975

Patrick Chang is a professional SAG-AFTRA actor best known for his recurring roles as Agent Hsiao on the short lived ABC Thriller series, "Emergence". As well as his latest as Nurse Louis on NBC's hit medical drama, "New Amsterdam."

Patrick also has a long list of Commercial work with brands From McDonald's and Samsung to Ebay and Angry Birds.

Patrick is confidently building a career of playing multifaceted and stereotype-breaking roles as an actor. Whether on stage or screen he continues to train and hone his craft, evolving as a performer while breaking down barriers and stereotypes of the Asian American male.

Eris Talent Agency Amy Lord Posey ​212. 865. 3091 | 310. 980. 6260 Bohemia Group Michele Peacock +19734646902

1079 Reader Reviews

" Patrick is so amazing and great to work with- I had a really emotional scene and I needed someone who was talented and that I can trust and that is Patrick! I wish there were more than 5 stars :) "
" Great reader and gave excellent suggestions! I will be booking again! :) "
" Thank you! My go to!! Amazing as always!! "
" Great as always - thanks for the input and feedback "
" Fantastic as always "
" The best of the best thank you again!!! Patrick always makes me tapes better from his advice to his reading! "
" Patrick was an excellent reader, and had good feedback! I definitely recommend him. "
" Honestly my FAVORITE reader that I have worked with on WeAudition. A true professional. Smart. Diligent. Thoughtful and also just a great scene partner who can work with adjustments on the fly. Always 5 stars to Patrick "
" Great reader!!! "
" Patrick is a fantastic reader. Great notes! "
" Patrick is awesome! A laid back pro with great natural energy "
" One of the best! "
" Incredible reader as always!! Thank you! "
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" So positive! The best energy! "
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" WOW! With Patrick's patience and expert guidance, we were able to do some amazing takes under technically challenging circumstances! Patrick is the best reader! Thank you so much!! "
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" Thank you, as always "
" Great, very patient and gets in character for you! "
" Consistently good! "
" Patrick is a great reader I always try to work with him when he is available. "
" Wonderful to read with Patrick always! "
" Patrick was great!! Really appreciate his patience and notes that he gave me helping me with the sides. Made for a great audition. "
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" Awesome as always! "
" Great reader as always! I've had Patrick as a reader a couple times now. Definitely one of my first picks! "
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" Great reader!!!!! "
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" He's the best! "
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" Amazing as always! "
" Always great working with Patric k : ) "
" The PERFECT Reader! Such a great actor! "
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" ABSOLUTELY a dream to work with. Great reader very helpful and encouraging. "
" So easy to Read with thank you for being so patient with me!!!! "
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" Patrick is the most rock solid reader, and the most kind, fun person. He helped me with some interpretative tweaks that needed attention. You really should book Patrick! "
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" THE MAN!!! SUPER Comfortable and Encouraging "
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" Best reader in the game "
" Patrick is my go-to reader! Always reliable and puts me at ease! "
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" Always great, I've read with him a few times now and I always get what I need. Thank you! "
" Legend, thanks for your patience bro 🙏🏽 "
" A real pro. Great reader "
" I really enjoy working with Patrick. Since he's primarily involved with TV/Film, he gives me pointers on blocking and camera viewing, as well as being a wonderful reader. "
" AWESOME READER!! Felt really at ease and got through my script quickly for my self tape. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - WILL BOOK AGAIN x "
" Patrick was fantastic! Great energy and notes! "
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" Always a fun time! Knows the right moments to pull out and great with giving permission to play within the tone of the piece. "
" Patrick is next level, patient, helpful, thanks bro! "
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" Amazing as always! Patrick helped me break down a very difficult and emotional scene! "
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" Perfect 10 out of 10!! "
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" Great reader! Patient. Focused. Positive vibes. Thanks Patrick! "
" Patruci is a wonderful scene-partner. He always has a different or new idea to bring my work to life. He's also patient and professional. thanks so much! "
" Sorry for the internet issues on my side "
" Super flexible and great notes! "
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" I love Patrick. He's becoming a go-to for me. Always, has great energy and great notes and he's a super quick study. Thanks again dude! "
" Great! Took all my little notes perfectly, had great ideas, gave clearly different personalities for each character he had to read for ,.... killed it :) "
" Great reader. Enthusiastic and fun. "
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" Great! "
" Patrick is the best! "
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" Professional and supportive, would recommend! "
" Amazing as always! Such a great reader with great notes "
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" Thanks Patrick!!! So friendly and great notes! Love him! "
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" Great reader with great advice as well. Was easy to just be myself "
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" Patrick is great! SO patient and great ideas when I needed help with an alt take :) "
" This is my second time working with Patrick. I highly recommend him! "
" Great, natural actor. Easy to play off of, great notes. Made me feel confident about a hard audition. Use him! "
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" This guy is solid gold "
" Patrick is the G.O.A.T.! "
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" Another amazing session with Patrick! He helped me navigate a very complicated scene with lots of blocking and physicality. His help made my final take SO much more refined! "
" Thank you!!!! "
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" Great reader! Super professional, useful feedback - will definitely work with Patrick again :) "
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" Great as always! Patient, present reader-insightful feedback. One of my weaudition faves :) "
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" THE BEST !!! "
" Expert reader. Knows how to pick up a cue and very much put me at ease. "
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" I always love working with patrick, he's one of my favorite readers on weaudition! "
" Awesome!! "
" Got me far in the casting process for a bway show ! I had to come back so I can get BOOKED ! Get at him ! Super helpful all around. "
" Always so dependable and giving - thank you! "
" Awesome as usual! super great notes! Thank you! "
" :D "
" Patrick is amazing!! Immediately knew the tone of the project we were working on, gave great ideas, was fun to work with, and is an overall awesome reader. Thank you!! "
" Super cool guy and a seasoned reader/actor for sure. Nice enough to give me some career advice as well. Highly, highly recommend my peeps! "
" Great "
" Patricks my favorite! "
" One of the best! "
" Great timing, great energy, understood the scene immediately! "
" Patrick was great. Responsive, supportive, patient, and easy to work with. "
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" EXCELLENT, always! "
" One of my go-to readers. Always a pleasure! "
" Thanks friend!! "
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" Always delivers :) "
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" Great as always! Thank you!! "
" What a Pro! Such a pleasure : ) "
" Excellent reader, would love to work with him again! Patrick let me take my time, really responded to what was going on and made me feel like I was working with a real scene partner! "
" Patrick was awesome! "
" Patrick is a go to with practical notes as always. Thanks again!! I had so much fun :) "
" Patrick consistently brings so many new ideas to the table when going through sides. Thanks again!! "
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" Always clutch "
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" He was wonderful to work with! Thank you, Patrick! "
" Great tone and pacing-- made it so easy to get a quick, creative audition done! "
" This is my second audition with him this week! Always available and kind. "
" Such good energy!!! MVP! "
" Patrick is so fun and helpful. I booked one of the scenes I shot, thanks in large part to his advice! "
" I've worked with Patrick many times--he's always supportive and always professional. "
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" Wonderful! "
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" By far one of my favorite dudes! Total pro! "
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" Yayyy, can always count on Patrick to help me run a quick callback/tech rehearsal, thanks so mcuh!!! "
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" Amazing and positive! Thanks Patrick. : ) "
" Super fun, brought a little improv to the scene to give it some flava! "
" Patrick patiently helped me think through the character's intentions and find many more layers to the scene I worked on. Thank you again!! "
" Fantastic read with some great contributions with a sound effect that moved the scene along. "
" Patrick's fantastic as always! Very encouraging and effortless to read with. "
" Had a 30-minute session with Patrick and I walked away with many new ideas diving into the script. He gave great advice and quickly picked up on the tone, relationships, and dynamics of the scenes. Thank you! "
" Patrick always delivers. I booked the last one he read with me. With this one, he helped me hit the sweet spot. "
" Patrick was so supportive and gave great notes and was a really supportive reader! Thank you so much!! "
" GOAT "
" Great notes, extremely positive, very supportive! "
" Patrick is literally my go to guy! 100% reccomend "
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" A++++ "
" My favorite reader!! "
" Thank you! "
" Always so great to work with and gives so much from the other side. Book Patrick! "
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" Great! "
" Love, love Patrick's energy, so patient. Great as always! "
" The damn best. Love working with Patrick; book him y'all! "
" Patrick is a superstar reader and always love booking him whenever I can! It worked out perfectly that he auditioned for the same project so he was already familiar with the material. Thanks so much Patrick! "
" Great!! "
" Always happy to be able to audition with Patrick! "
" Patrick was incredibly patient and helpful! "
" Natural and enjoyable person to read with! Highly recommend! "
" Always wonderful reading with Patrick!! Helped me find specific beats and had great ideas. "
" I've used Patrick before to read. Great as always! "
" My favorite!! "
" Wow what a fantastic reader. Innate sense of timing and character. Thank you! "
" Gret "
" Patrick was inspiring and worked so hard with me on a procedural. His notes were spot on and he was so fun to talk to and workout my acting muscles with! "
" So great, so helpful and supportive. Wonderful energy as well! "
" Patrick is amazing. Super helpful, supportive and patient! "
" Patrick is awesome! Solid suggestions and a lot of fun. "
" AWESOME!!! "
" Love this dude "
" Great reader as always "
" Great reader as always, such a fun time working with Patrick! "
" Great working with Patrick! A+ reader and suggestions "
" Excellent reader and coach! I needed help with a Bronx accent and he was great and helping me understand the nuances of it and feedback! Thanks! "
" Patrick is WONDERFUL! Coached me through a difficult audition "
" Love his notes as always! Really gives you permission to go for it! "
" Awesome per usual! "
" Great reader "
" Really enjoyed working with Patrick. I always get nervous with people, but he made me very comfortable and at ease. Thanks for the support! "
" Amazing reader! Great human! Book him! "
" Patrick is my go to! excellent reader and great with rehearsal. "
" Patrick is always exceptional! "
" Quick and to the point! Love it! "
" Amazing as always!!!! BEST READER!!!! Thanks again Patrick!! "
" Great as always! Patient and offers great feedback. Patrick is the man! "
" SO fantastic! Awesome reader, even cooler guy! Improvised with me a bunch and we had some good laughs. Thanks Patrick!! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Wonderful to work with! Easy going, switches it up, and patient. "
" First time using Patrick and he is such a gem. Will definitely use him again. "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Always amazing <3 "
" So Helpful & Amazing, definitely will go to him next time I need a reader! "
" Great energy, one of my favorite readers. "
" Great reader! A wonderful scene partner to play off of, gave helpful feedback and brought an encouraging and positive energy into the room. Highly recommend! "
" Patrick you are awesome! "
" Cool reader. Patrick has such a wonderful personality and had a great understanding for what I needed in my tapes :) "
" Excellent help and advice for a novice with no experience. "
" Fantastic as always. Gives so much. "
" Awesome "
" Great reader! Super helpful! "
" Great reader, fantastic actor, even better human ! "
" Awesome as always! Patrick is always super encouraging and thoughtful with his feedback! "
" Great reader!! "
" So much fun! Played around with different variations. Recommend. "
" Thanks so much! really great natural reader "
" Excellent as always "
" So fun to work with! Really helped set the tone for the scene and got me into character by his specific and strong choices. "
" He’s the best! Very intelligent and has a good eye for small moments in the scrips. Thanks Patrick! "
" Great reader, thank you Patrick! "
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" Guided me through the auditions and made it come to life! "
" Incredible reader and offered great coaching notes also. Book him! "
" Patrick's the best! In the little scene we were recording, he gave me great ideas for bringing my character to life. "
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" Thanks for letting me use some extra time - this was a tough one and I really appreciated your support! "
" Awesome as always! His taste is on point and he gives me so much to work with as a reader. "
" Brilliant Reader & Actor! "
" Great reader! Will read with him again "
" Amazing reader! Thank you "
" Amazing as always "
" One of Go-To guys on here! "
" Aleways use Patrick when I can! "
" Excellent for Comedy auditions, really understands pacing "
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" Super kind, warm, encouraging, and patient while I tried to get off book for a couple of auditions. Thanks, Patrick! "
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" I know we throw 5 stars everywhere on this app, but Patrick is ACTUALLY the goat! 99 tomatoes! "
" Patrick was awesome! Great reader and very nice and accommodating. I had issues with the webcam and he was very cool about it. Also gave a few different reads to give me something to play with, which was very helpful. "
" Perfect reader for the tone and pacing of this self-tape, stellar insights, and incredible actor. Gracias Patrick! "
" Thank you! "
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" Great support, suggestions and feedback. Thank you Patrick! "
" Amazing! Extremely patient and an absolute pro. Highly recommend! "
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" Patrick was a wealth of knowledge. So professional and also very encouraging! "
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" So fun as always! "
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" Great energy and made my audition scene feel so organic! Thanks Patrick! "
" Thank you!!! "
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" The best! "
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" Best reader Ive had, so so great! "
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" SO kind, gracious, & amazing at what he does. Can't wait to have him as a reader again! "
" My first session on WeAudition and meeting Patrick was the best thing I've done. Thank you for all your input and advice, and I look forward to working with you again, Patrick! "
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" Patrick was incredible! He really helped me find some comedy in a scene I was stuck on...which I needed!! "
" Always the best "
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" Great reader, very patient and picks up on what the scene needs immediately. Highly recommend! "
" Really cool guy, he gave me some great advice on how to approach this audition. Highly recommend!!!!! "
" I was looking for a last minute reader and I'm so glad I found Patrick. Excellent Reader, thank you so much! "
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" Patrick was so encouraging and offered so many great ideas. Patrick really helped me tap into the physicality of the scene that I typically shy away from. Can’t wait to work with him again. "
" Always a good time, thanks "
" So patient and supportive. Great pacing. Patrick is awesome. "
" As always, one of my favorite readers! "
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" Amazing as always! "
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" Thank you! have a great weekend!! "
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" Always a pleasure! "
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" Patrick is incredible! Absolutely love working with him and he is my favorite reader by far! We did a fun scene today and he really helped me capture that energy up for the take! "
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" My absolute go-to reader once again! Just always gets me the best reads for my heaviest of dialogues for tapes! Thanks Patrick! "
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" Wonderful reader! "
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" Fantastic! Patrick has amazing energy, feedback and is open to feel scenes out. Such a delight! "
" Thank you for your input! "
" Patrick has helped me so much this week! "
" Patrick has been utterly supportive of my auditions and I so appreciate his quickness with material and insight. His patience and empathy helps so much when I feel like I'm in a rush too. Thanks so much1 "
" Clutch again "
" Always come in clutch! "
" Amazing. Thank you !!!!!!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Patrick was phenomenal! I had a very intense scene for a director I am super excited to audition with, and Patrick was fantastic. He gave me the best feedback and working with him definitely brings out my best material! "
" Great guy! Great reader, very supportive. Asked him for a suggestion, and he nailed it! "
" Such a supportive and empowering actor & reader for me, and a joy to work with. Really helped me feel confident in my scene and work. "
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" Patrick is outstanding! Truly an all-star reader. Very encouraging, incisive with feedback, and a phenomenal reader. "
" Great guy. Awesome sense of humor. Highly recco. "
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" Thank you for the help! Great reader :) "
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" Truly a gift! I really enjoy Patrick alot <333 "
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" I'll never run out of awesome things to say about Patrick, great with pacing even with technical difficulties and helped me tackle an 11-pager, you rock! Thank you! "
" Fantastic! "
" Lifesaver Patrick!!! I can always count on him to be ever so patient with me on big auditions and still maintains the same level of energy from the beginning of our session till the end despite it being so late of a night. Thanks for being a rockstar reader Patrick! "
" Super awesome and fun reader! "
" Great presence, inspiring enthusiasm, awesome actor - pleasure to work with you! "
" Amazing as always. Period! "
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" AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Lovely! Very helpful "
" Great notes and would love to read with him again, 10/5 would recommend "
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" Always love working with Patrick! He's so fun and is such a supportive reader for the different takes I need. Definitely book him!!! Thanks Patrick! "
" Great energy :) "
" Booked Patrick again because he's just so easy to work with. We ran lines and he helped put me at ease on knowing my dialogue. "
" Patrick is fantastic! I had a blast and he's just so easy to work with. An absolute pro for sure. "
" Dope reader thanks for coming in clutch "
" Read with Patrick the second time today because he's just that good! "
" Patrick was incredible! We had a tricky that involved him rapping and he killed it! Great reader, highly recommend. "
" Patrick is just the best. Great direction, patience, the perfect amount of notes. I wish casting could see all he was giving me while reading for me. "
" Patrick is a fantastic reader and has great ideas on how to play with the scene differently. We always have a blast when we tape! Highly recommend! "
" Fantastic person and reader "
" Patrick is always great! A real pro. "
" Patrick is the da man!! "
" Patrick is an amazing reader and a true partner for any scene. Self taping and audition should be fun and Patrick is always there to help in any way! A+++ "
" As always, great reader! Always fun to work with you! Thanks :) "
" Love working with Patrick! He is so helpful and brings amazing and reliable reads. We had a super productive session and I would definitely recommend. "
" Very generous reader who gave a lot for me to work off of! Thank you Patrick! "
" Patrick was so helpful and fun to work with. He gave great notes and we got a strong self-tape! :) "
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" Best reader I've had so far! "
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" MVP reader of the day "
" Great energy and voice! "
" The best reader ever! "
" Thanks so much for being an awesome reader and helping me improve my audition too!! "
" Best hype man ever! lol, thank you so much for your generosity of spirit. Thanks!! "
" ALWAYS A PLEASURE working with Patrick!! "
" IMO, one of the best readers on WEAUDITION. "
" Patrick was amazing! He had the perfect energy as a reader and matched the tone of the script. Very kind and generous with his time and suggestions. Will definitely be working with him again. "
" He's the best!!!! "
" Patrick was so helpful and brought some amazing ideas to the table for this scene "
" Such a helpful session. Thank you!! "
" Terrific as always! Thanks, Patrick! "
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" Really helpful and great energy! "
" Fantastic!! So helpful! "
" Patrick is seriously one of the best! Really great time reading with him! "
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" FANTASTIC collaborator! "
" Patrick is da man. He's not just a reader, he shows up for you as a true partner in the scene. A+++ "
" Patrick is the GO-TO reader, he picks up on the context right away and knows pacing and always gets me the best reads I need, thanks so much! "
" The best we-audition reader ever! "
" It’s always a pleasure to work with Patrick! Amazing experience "
" Patrick is extremely supportive, helpful, and just a fantastic person to read with. Highly recommend! "
" Love working with Patrick! Great reader, great person. "
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" Always gives me so much to work with - as an actor and coach. Highly recommend. "
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" Patrick was awesome! Asked great questions and gave excellent feedback I could incorporate into my audition. Very gracious, considerate and easy to read with. Thanks Patrick! "
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" Great reader! "
" Great collaborator "
" Patrick is awesome. Great reader. "
" So good so friendly excellent suggestions too! "
" Super! Smart, smooth and friendly. Looking forward to reading with him again. "
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" Nice meeting you Patrick! "
" Fantastic reader "
" Great reader. Cool guy. "
" Patrick is a very friendly and supportive reader "
" The MAN! So encouraging and collaborative! Up for playing and getting it DONE! On my list from now on! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great reader , good notes, works fast! "
" PATRICK WAS AWESOME!!!! Had too much fun and he was wonderful to improv and play with!! Will definitely book him again! Thank you so much!!! "
" Great as always "
" Patrick is friggin fantastic "
" Dope as hell! "
" Patrick is awesome. He's so charming and kind and supportive. Thank you, Patrick. "
" What a love. Kindness and skill both. "
" Goes with the flow and great to work with. Thanks Patrick! "
" Insightful & fun, thank you!! "
" Excellent as always! If Patrick’s available, he’s always my first choice. An amazing reader with great feedback and suggestions. "
" Patrick is a great reader! Easy to work with!! "
" Patrick is superb. Always great energy, enthusiasm, genuinely wants your self tape to kick a$$. He'll give you great ideas. Just a pleasure to work with. A++ "
" Great Reader! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Amazing thank you!! "
" Patrick is awesome! Happy you were reading for this audition and thanks for the helpful pointers! "
" Awesome energy and patient! "
" What a funnnn time taping with Patrick!!! Omigosh!!! He was just PERFECT and HILARIOUS for this comedy scene I just did. Thanks so much and for sure will book again! "
" Incredibly dependable, with a positive and motivating energy. Gives me the confidence to shine and do my best. "
" Such a great session! "
" He is the best!! Great reader and personality! "
" Fantastic, as always! "
" Wow Patrick is so great! Super-on-point & good energy. Would def work with him again! "
" Awesome! super helpful, great reader and very kind! "
" Excellent reader. Very friendly. "
" Super sweet, great reader, gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you! "
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